[Register Now!] #DataScientist Now: February 14th – Open Day – Boot Camp Big Data @datasciencemsc – Fundamentals of Programming – Free registration

Data Science in Paris: MSc in Applied Data Science and Big Data  Programme  –  APPLY NOW

DataScientist Now: February 14th – Open Day – Camp Big Data – Fundamentals of Programming Free registration: click here

During this open day you will be given the chance to follow a day of the Spring 2018 Boot Camp, preparatory for our Spring 2018 Msc in Applied Data Science & Big Data entry.

The « Fundamentals of Programming » class will be given by Sebastien Corniglion. He will be teaching from our Sophia-Antipolis campus, in full interaction with our Paris campus and the world, using their HD telepresence system.

Free registration: click here

[News – DataScientist en 2018] Venez rencontrer DSTI au Salon Big Data Paris 2018 les 12 & 13 mars 2018 au Palais des Congrès

Futur DataScientist, DSTI vous donne rendez-vous Hall Paris, Zone C, Stand C37
Voir le Plan I Pass Gratuit pour le Salon
  I  30% de réduction Full Pass Conférences 

Les inscriptions pour la rentrée de mars 2018 sont bientôt terminées : intégrez le MSc in Applied Data Science & Big Data !

Le MSc in Applied Science & Big Data, enseigné en anglais, vise en un an à former des spécialistes en Data Science de haut niveau
Découvrez le programme  –  APPLY NOW

DSTI is quite my crush. This young institutes only trains Data Scientists »
Stéphane Hadinger Head of Architecture (AWS), Transformation Day, 8 nov 2017 – Paris

DSTI is the First French Postgraduate & Industrial Institution in Data: Science and Big Data.
With DSTI’s MSc in Applied Data Science & Big Data you will:

  • Learn how to understand the analysis, design, implementation & monitoring of IT & Big Data architectures
  • Get familiar with machine and deep learning algorithms with an industrial approach to applied mathematics
  • Learn how to deploy Big Data architectures and Machine Learning results into corporate systems and get familiar with data visualisation
  • Get awareness of the legal consequences of data handling, with a pinch of ethical thinking regarding the consequences of mining (big) data

Selected Courses
Applied Mathematics for Data Science - - - Calculus – Linear Algebra – Trigonometry & Complex Numbers
Advanced Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning CART and Random Forests and applications to Map/Reduce Features
Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning --- Data representation and distributed representations, Universal Interpretation Theorem
Algorithmics for Data Science – Optimisation Combinatorics and Complexity – Graph-based modelling & algorithms for discrete optimisation.
The Hadoop & SPARK ecosystem HDFS, scheduling & ressources management, Workflow management & ETL, Dataflow management...
Program details
24 Weeks of Lectures
600 Hours of Tuition
17 Courses
10 Real-Life Projects
2 Enterprise-Level Certifications
Be trained to and take two Enterprise-Level Certifications examinations:

  • Amazon AWS Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair
  • Preparation for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAS Institute The SAS ecosystem DSTI Chair
  • Preparation to SAS Enterprise Miner certification



This 6-month of classes and 6-month internship Applied MSc programme, with its two entries in Autumn and Spring, is designed to open your career to these Big Data Analytics jobs all industries are looking for.

Classes are given in English from the:

  • end of September to beginning of April for the Autumn entry;
  • beginning of March to mid-October for the Spring entry;

Classes for this Applied MSc programme are offered:

  • on a full-time basis from Data ScienceTech Institute campuses (around 5hrs a day) along with “Engineering Projects” and followed by a 6-month work placement.
  • through online education

If you are already employed by a French company and taking a sabbatical, tuition fees may be covered by the “Congé Individuel de Formation” scheme (see with your HR department)



  • Applicants with a 3-year BA, BSc or BENG degree: 3 years of work experience
  • Applicants with a 4-year BA, BSc-BENG or MA-MSc-MENG degree: Work experience
  • Applicants with a 5-year MA, MSc – MENG or Chartered Engineers: No particular conditions

If you are NOT a citizen and passport holder of a European Economic Area (EEA) country, Andorra or Monaco, you will be required to apply for a long-stay student visa. Please carefully read the requirements on our “Visa Procedure” page.


Career opportunities

They are virtually limitless since all organisations need expertise in data science. Also, in spite of the youth of the School, all our students have found industrial placements very easily.

Indeed, the intensive aspect of our programmes allows the students of DSTI to be trained on a wide spectrum of skills necessary for the different professions in data science. This allows each student to naturally specialise according to his or her skills and abilities in particular fields.

In partnership with Couthon Conseil, we have established the profiles of the 6 most sought-after jobs in Big Data and incorporated them into our the Applied MSc & Advanced MSc programmes.



Through our private platform dedicated to housing, students and prospective students can access student housing offers close to each campus of their schools.
Our solution fosters the network effect, allowing the students exchange tips and good deals, or find a flatmate.

More information: https://dsti.immojeune.com/en/


Applications for March 2018 entry are open!

ProgrammeBrochure  – Application processAPPLY NOW

 More information: https://www.dsti.institute/


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