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), 100 Shots Crackling Tail to Titanium Salute and Crackling Bouquet (15 Sec. Show: Sort By: See our classic item Kennas Choice below for an example of a traditional cake. Review our Class B catalog here. 1.3G Explosives Formerly known as Class B special fireworks. But to give an example, cakes with up to 500g of gunpowder in them are Category F2 whereas those with over 500g are Category F3. CLass B fireworks cake - YouTube Skip navigation Sign in 0:00 / 0:19 CLass B fireworks cake 1,727 views Jul 8, 2009 408 shot cake kicks butt. 5" Silver Spinning w/Blue to Red Crossette Ring (Cylinder) 18/1. ), 65 Shots Fanned Silver Whirl w/Pink and Lemon Peony (16 Sec. Our representatives would love to answer any questions you may have about the process as well. (Single Item), 49 Shots Fan Red Tail to Red Blink (Single Item), 49 Shots Gold Blink Tail to Gold Blink Willow w/Blue Stars (24 Sec. (Single Item), 100's Quick Assorted Whistles (4 sec.) Finale - the last portion of a firework display. We Look Forward to Serving All of Your Fireworks Needs! With ACE Pyro's online ordering system you can now order with confidence! (Single Item), 25 Shots Fan Green Blink/Crackling/Wave Palm Pistil (16 Sec. Dyer, IN. They are an excellent way to cap off any large get-together like a festival or sporting event. 13 shot, 25 shot, 36 shot, 66 shot, 100 shot, 120 shot, and 400 shot available. w/Assorted Mines, 2.5" 36's Blue Peony w/Silver Tail (30 Sec. ), 36 Shot Brilliant Peony & Salute (30 Sec.) A great set of safe and sane fireworks. 100 Shot Lidu Thunder King aerial cake with Red, White, Blue Breaks with report (4/1 Case Lot). ), 150 Shots Silver Blink Willow & Color Pearls w/Color Falling Leaves w/Crackling Ti-Thunder (150secs. & Dragon Eggs (240 secs. PyroSpot Fireworks YouTube Channel Home Add to Wishlist America Praying 1-269-205-3799 ), 300's "W" Shaped Red, White & Blue Scenery, 300's "Z" Rainbow (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow), 300's Fan Cake Silver Glittering Crackling Crossette (40 sec. 238 shot HURRICANE - blue w/gold strobing, red w/white strobing, special gold w/blue w/green strobing, red head white strobing willow, purple w/yellow, gold crackling w/green strobing mine, gold crackling willow w/purple green, blue w/green, blue/color falling leaves, strobing crown mine, rain . Fireworks can highlight festivals, homecomings, Memorial Day, Labor Day, a day at the neighborhood park, grand openings, weddings, birthdays, or any event. (Single Item), 49 Shots Chrys Willow & Green Blink (25 Sec. w/Tail, Assorted Crackling Crossette & Golden, 10x10's Fan R/W/B/Thunder R/W/B/Thunder R/W Crossette (30 sec. You have not viewed any products recently. Next, try to drop one of your shells into the mortar tube. ), 100 Shots Fan Brocade King w/Brocade & Blue Bouquet (10 sec. by Kris Zambo | Apr 22, 2016 | Fireworks, Uncategorized |. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Bulk salutes are high explosives and must be stored in Type-1 or Type-2 magazines. About us CONTACT US Featured products Quick View ), 90 Shots "W" Shape Green Tail to Color Peony w/Crackling (25 Sec. $19.99 500 gram cakes, Also known as repeaters or multishots,One fuse ignites a chained sequence of barrages and timed burst events with many different special effects of bright colors and professional show style performance. 3"Sunny Asst w/Tails (B) 18/2 Orange to Glitter Peony w/Silver Tail, White Strobe Flitter & Red w/Red Tail, Green Stobe Flitter & Purple w/Green Tail, Yellow Flitter & Blue w/Red Tail, Lemon & Purple Peony w/Lemon Tail, Red Magic Ring w/ Red Tail, Red to White Strobe w/Red Tail, Purple & Blue Peony w/Glitter Tail, Silver Glitter w/Silver Tail, Green to Crackling Flower w/Tail, Variegated Color w/Silver Tail, Blue to Popping Flower w/Silver Tail, Silver Palm to Red Strobe w/Silver Tail, Silver to Red Peony w/Silver Tail, Red Peony w/Red Tail, Lemon to Red Glitter w/Green Tail, Kamuro w/ Red Tip w/Silver Tail, Silver Coconut w/Red & Blue Tip w/Silver Tail. Thunder King Strobe 25 Shot 1 1/4" (CASE ONLY) 4/1. Our cakes range from 13 to 665 shot. ), 2.5" 36 Shots Ti-Thunder w/Silver Tail (15 secs. ), 49 Shots Chrys Willow & Green Blink (25 Sec.) Because fireworks terminology is not standardized between states and municipalities, it is extremely important to check all relevant laws before making your purchase. Aerial Cake - 200 Gram; Aerial Cake - 350 Gram; Aerial Cake - 500 Gram; Aerial Cake - Hybrid; . 27383 May St, Edwardsburg, MI 49112, Get Super Cheap 4th of July Fireworks Online From Fireworks Plus Near Dallas, TX, For Cheap New Years Fireworks Online, Visit Fireworks Plus If Youre In Houston TX, 5" Super Kamehameha Wave Canister Shells 24/1, Fireworks Plus Offers Low Prices on Bright Star Fireworks Available in Charlotte NC, For Great Deals and a Large Selection of Mad Ox Fireworks, Stop By Fireworks Plus | Jacksonville FL, For Great Prices on 60 Gram Canisters Fireworks, Visit Fireworks Plus | Miami, FL, Brothers Pyrotechnics Fireworks Available from Fireworks Plus Servicing Dallas, TX, Buy Fireworks Online From Fireworks Plus Near Chicago IL. We guarantee orders to be exactly what you ordered with no substitutions when a non-refundable 50% deposit is provided to hold your order. (Single Item), 10x10's "RW" Brocade Crown w/Tail & Brocade Crown Mines, 10X10's Assorted Color Chrys. ), 100 Shots Green Tail to Titanium Salute and Brocade Crown Bouquet (35 Sec. OEM 15 Shots Cake Fireworks , 350G Salute Firework 20*25*200mm / 25*30*200mm. We are a professional and consumer fireworks wholesaler located at 11628 Indiana 46, Sunman, IN 47041 Map. (Single Item), 100's Purple Scenery (30 sec.) Zipper Cake:A zipper cake is similar to a sprinkler cake in that it fires shots back and fourth. Phone: (812) 623-0099 Email: sales . When you put together a show, you never want to see the same effects twice in a row. ), 49 Shots Brocade King (16 Sec.) I have a link you can use to sign up and we both get $5 when you use it! Formerly known as Class B fireworks, these are the very large fireworks and pyrotechnic effects used in professional fireworks shows. . Traditional Cake: A traditional cake will fire all shots straight up into the air, one at a time. ), 100 Shots Fan Green Glittering w/Golden Glittering w/Blue Comet, Three Layer Effects (20 secs. ), 100 Shots Flower Wave & Color Dahlia w/Color Tails (24 Sec. (Single Item), 36 Shots Crackling Tail to Crackling Willow (22 Sec), 44 Shots Fanned Gold Wave to Blue Mine (18 Sec. HE CAN BE CONTACTED BY PHONE AT 715-379-5598 OR BY THE EMAIL BELOW. ). Then fill out an Application for Explosives License or Permit (Form ATF F 5400.13/5400.16), downloadable at the ATF website, and attach your fingerprint card along with a 2 x 2 photo of yourself. & Titanium Salute (30 Sec. ), 50 Shots Fan Red Blink Bouquet/Ti-Chrys/Crackling Willow (Single Cake), 50 Shots Red Glittering Willow (22 Sec.) We Guarantee It! (Single Item), 49 Shots Fan Red Tail to Red Blink (Single Item), 49 Shots Gold Blink Tail to Gold Blink Willow w/Blue Stars (24 Sec. Some states have different types of licenses for different job classifications or types of pyrotechnics. So if you want great deals on class Fireworks and more in Chicago, IL, check out Fireworks Plus online today! ), 36 Shot Brilliant Peony & Salute (30 Sec.) You wont have to break your budget while trying to throw a memorable new year or 4th of July party ever again! Welcome to Pennsylvania's largest factory-direct, wholesale and retail fireworks outlet. We are a premier 1.3g and 1.4g firework wholesaler. Here are some common fireworks classes: Class 1.1G (Mass Explosion Possible:Pyrotechnics) UN0094 Flashpowder Class 1.1G (Mass Explosion Possible:Pyrotechnics) UN0333 Fireworks (Salutes in bulk or in manufacture) Class 1.2G (Projection but not mass explosion:Pyrotechnics) UN0334 Fireworks (Rarely used) Shop by: Any price All brands Dominator Fireworks Mad Ox Fireworks Winda Fireworks Shogun Fireworks Pyro Demon Fireworks . This merchandise must be removed from the state by the out of state purchaser. ), 2.5" 36's Pastel Peanuts (Pink, Lemon, Sea Blue, Grass Green) (20 sec. Professional Shells: Professional Cakes: Item No. At Dynamite Fireworks, we don't only sell top-quality, name-brand fireworks. ), 25 Shots Fan Brocade King & Crackling Willow (20 Sec.) We also provide the information you need to know to use them responsibly, legally, and safely. ), 120 Shots "W" Shaped Color Falling Leaves (Blue, Green, Red) (30 Sec. ), 100 Shots Green Tail to Titanium Salute and Brocade Crown Bouquet (35 Sec. Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm EST. (309)522-5136, 2023 Nostalgia Pyrotechnics, Inc. All Right Reserved. ), 150 Shots Brocade w/Falling Leaves (30 Sec. CONTACT US. People love these shows, and look forward to them every year. ), 8x10's "Z" Silver Whirl w/Red Tail (22 sec. Our online ordering system is automatically updated every 5 minutes to reflect our current inventory. Crown Pyro. In most of the country, 1.4G fireworks are legal to possess and use without any special training or permits. $294.90. There is a separate table for Consumer, Pro items, and 1.3 Display items. ), 2.5" 36's Peanut Red/Salute, White/Salute, Blue/Salute, 2.5" 36's Pink & Grass Green Chrys./Blue & Red Half Color Peony/Sea Blue & Orange, 2.5" 36's Red Chrys. Be sure to check on your local city and county ordinances as well. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at (219) 937-4090. Dragon Eggs - clusters of crackling sparks in the air. ), 150's New Color Tail to Happy Stars & Crackling Flower Tail to Variegated Peony, 150's Purple & Green Chrys w/Silver Crackling Flower Tail & New Color Crossette, 158 Shots Fan Chrys Comet/Blue/Silver Fish (15 Sec. ), 2.5" 36's Silver Peony w/Silver Tail (30 Sec. - E-Match and Fuse. Professional Shells & Cakes. We have landed several containers since July 4th, and there are many great items now available. (Single Item), 25 Shots Red, White & Blue Comet to Report (5 Sec. Whack Job Finale Cake; Star Spangled Banger Shells; 10-Ball Roman Candle; . ), 2.5" 36's Pink & Grass Green Chrys./Blue & Red Half Color Peony/Sea Blue & Orange, 2.5" 36's Red Chrys. Call (812)623-0099 or email today. However, a zipper will do this very rapidly. (Single Item), 25 Shots Fanned Gold Wave Palm w/Blue Bouquet(22 Sec. So you'll always know if we have what you need. 0 Dislike Share Save 12inchshell 5. ), 150 Shots Fanned White Blink Bouquets & Colorful Falling Leaves & White Blink & Magic Balls (90secs. Jake's Fireworks offer World Class brand America's Favorite, HD product videos, retail and wholesale sales, and information on the industry. w/Red Dahlia and White Blink Willow and Crackling Silver Spinnng Tail w/Brocade King and Ti-Chrys bouquet w/Super Crackling (43secs. As cake 1 is finishing, the firer lights cake 2 and moves over to cake 3, and the process is repeated through the sequence. Strobes: . ), 100 Shots Fan Brocade King With Blue & White Blink Bouquet (30 Sec. ), 100'S Assorted Chrys. Item Found 208 Page 1 of 1 < 1 > Item Per Page Item Found 208 Page 1 of 1 This classification is generally used by states and municipalities that ban or heavily regulate consumer fireworks. Electronic background checks are performed on all employees who submit the questionnaire. ), 100 Shots Fan "Z" Colorful Tail to Ti-Thunder (15 Sec. The effects we learn about today can be seen in consumer fireworks, but are much more impressive in professional fireworks (known as Class B fireworks). w/Crackling &Ti. (Single Item), 10x10's "RW" Brocade Crown w/Tail & Brocade Crown Mines, 10X10's Assorted Color Chrys. Just print out a copy and mail or fax it to us. ), 100 Shots Silver Blink/Green Blink/Blue/Chrys Willow (40 Sec. ), 49 Shot Instant Titanium Whistle (2 Sec.) Customer service is a top priority and we are always working to improve our site. ), 44 Shot Fanned Gold Wave to Blue Mine (18 Sec.) Class B fireworks are large display fireworks commonly used for large community displays and events. Fireworks Plus offers a variety of shipping options. See our top selling fan cake (also a sprinkler), Impressive as an example. Most of the firework manufacturers divide their cakes into two levels, 500-grams and 200-grams. 3 Cakes:A 3 cake uses all 3 shots, also referred to as a 3 rack by many. Please call first. Tommy Gun 300 Shot. ), 2.5" 36's Pastel Peanuts (Pink, Lemon, Sea Blue, Grass Green) (20 sec. Enjoying 500g Cakes by World Class Fireworks 71,099 views Apr 20, 2021 You can buy any of the fireworks in this video using the links below .more Dislike CodyBPyrotechnics 407K. If youve been following our blog, youve now learned the different types of effects you see as well. ), 25 Shots Red, White & Blue Comet to Report (22 Sec.) So you'll always know if we have what you need. Out of Season: Open for New Year's Eve Dec 31st 12pm- 8pm Otherwise You must call 847-722-6800 and arrange a time to shop, do not just drive to Boom Town Fireworks and hope we are available.. AVAIL SPRING. Although it is not required, professional fireworks certification is available through the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI). Lasting 1 Minute Long A Show in a Box.Effects: Red tail purple green with silver spider,red tail purple. (Single Item), 600 Shot X Shape- Red, Green,Blue and Whistle (16 Sec. We also display fireworks. ), 49 Shots Red Tail to Ti-Chrys w/Ti-Chrys Bouquet (40 Sec.) ), 25 Shots Red, White & Blue Comet to Report (22 Sec.) Professional Display Fireworks (1.3G/Class B) Search this category. (Single Item), 25 Shots Fan Green Blink/Crackling/Wave Palm Pistil (16 Sec. Dealers should call for pricing of wholesale class - C14G & B 1.3G. Typically a cake will be square or rectangular in shape. Safe and sane is both a legal term used by some states and a general term used to describe fireworks effects that are considered less hazardous or risky than others. Consumer firework laws dictate that you can only have up to 500-grams of powder in a cake. Our entire inventory of low-priced commercial and consumer-level fireworks can be found on our website. Product Code: AT242. Your selected items have not been added to your order yet! Smaller events like these will benefit significantly from our excellent discounts on sparklers and firecrackers. When you reach out to our team, we will take the time to discuss exactly what you are looking for. w/Tail (30 Sec. PFX19FR-RAI Slice - 19s Fan slice that has the colors of the rainbow shot left . Contact Now. By spending some time on our website, you can see which items you like the best and can start building your own backyard show! ). Class B Fireworks. (Single Item), 65 Shots Fanned Silver Whirl w/Pink and Lemon Peony (16 Sec. PFX50MN-B Mine - 50mm Blue Mine 50/1. Search results for: 'Class b cakes' Search results for: 'Class b cakes' Filter. Questions? w/Crackling &Ti. Because the regulations vary so dramatically from state to state, it is very important to investigate your states laws before you begin the process of obtaining a professional fireworks license. (Single Cake), 100's Red Scenery (30 sec.) Air Strike. We always take every precaution possible to provide you and your event attendees extra peace of mind while enjoying the show. 4"Sunny asst color shells w/tails (B) 18/2 blue peony to silver strobe, purple to popping flower, red to blue peony w/silver palm core w/TI, red tip w/cracking TI w/TI, purple dahlia blue to twinkling kamuro w/TI red glitter w/big silver palm w/TI, red chrysanthemum, w/silver palm w/TI, green & purple dahlia w/TI, variegated color w/TI, glitter silver to red chrysanthemum, green strobe willow & purple w/TI variegated peony, silver palm ring w/red & green tip, gold strobe to green w/TI, red green palm, purple glitter to silver strobe w/TI, 4 sunny asst color shells w/tails (C) 18/2 red glitter w/tail, green to popping flower, orange glitter TI, w/TI, purple to kamuro, white twinkling w/TI red to silver strobe, purple TI peony w/TI, sky blue peony w/TI, golden wave to blue chrysanthemum, blue to purple palm w/TI, silver popping flower, green to gold strobe w/TI, purple to gold brocade, w/tail, yellow wave to crackling spider w/TI, purple saturn w/glitter, silver to red circle, variegated color w/TI, yellow to green strobe w/TI, red to popping flower orange dahlia, 4 Shenma asst shells (D) 18/2 brocade palm, gold strobe dahlia, colorful dahlia, colorful epony w/shite strobe pistil, green dahlia, crackling brocade crown, yellow dahlia, red wave swimming star, time rain crossette, red cycas tree, blue dark silver, sea blue peony, pink peony, purple to yellow, gold crackling willow, green falling leaves, gold strobe tiger tail, colorful peony w/coconut pistil, 4 asst color cylinder shell red to crackling, red to green peonym, red to silver peony, variegated spider, golden wave to blue to red, variegated chrysanthemum, silver butterfly fish, green fish, golden fish, red ring w/coco pistil, color scatter, red scatter, blue to silver crossette, green falling leaves, red wave to silver, purple flower rain, silver wave to red, 4 asst colors - peonies & chrysanthemums Jaeton China, 5 asst colors - peonies & chrysanthemums Liuyang China, 3 Ex-heavy titanium report w/tails (import) Italian style cylinder, 3 Ex-heavy finale string titanium report 3/10, 5 color cylinders shells serpents, thunder, whistle, Sticky Match (self adhesive igniter fuse).

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