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0000165191 00000 n Traveling along the Grand Canyon, above the Yellowstone River, the North Rim Trail visits multiple vantage points including both Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls, Crystal Falls and Inspiration Point. Distance: 0.5 miles. This is the land of extremes. During hotter months (May - September), it is critical that hikers begin their hike well before dawn or after 3 p.m. 0000028254 00000 n For a table showing distances along the Tonto Trail view the following PDF file: Tonto Trail Distances. This is a delicate ecosystem, treat it with respect. 0000104051 00000 n Cliff Springs Trail 0000047428 00000 n Self-guiding nature trail pamphlets are available from a box along the trail. (Steep) The Hermit Trail offers hikes to Santa Maria Spring, 5 miles (round trip), and Dripping Springs, 7 miles (round trip). This Grand Canyon trail map shows Grand Canyon National Parks three most-used trails: North Kaibab, South Kaibab, and Bright Angel. The National Park Service does not endorse any group or message. Available for as long as State Route 67 is open; usually through November 30. At 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon is expansive with entry points at the North, South and West rims of the canyon. This one includes more details and topography, as well as inset maps for Phantom Ranch and the Upper Bright Angel Trail. The North Rim is only ten miles, in bird's flight, across the canyon. 0000028981 00000 n Whenever I hike the trails, even if Im only intending to go a short distance, I always bring the ten essentials. Trail begins at the southeast side of the Cape Royal parking area. / 4.8 km round-trip; 1.5 hours approximate round-trip hiking time. Click the image to view a full size JPG (500 kb) or download the PDF (3.8 mb). No water west of Bright Angel Lodge. Water available (year-round) on the North Rim outside the Backcountry Information Center. Hiking boots recommended. 0000104425 00000 n The Grand Canyon is so massive, and awe-inspiring that you simply must see it with your own two eyes to truly understand its scale. 0000142815 00000 n It gives information about hiking the Bright Angel, South Kaibab, and North Kaibab trails, as well as how to get a permit, trip planning, Leave No Trace, and Hike Smart information. The Rim Trail extends from the village area to Hermits Rest. In fact, its quite difficult to hike in the Grand Canyon during the summer and you should take care. On Thursday, December 1, State Route 67, and the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park closed to all vehicle traffic for the winter. 0000176801 00000 n Keep in mind, youll need permits to spend the night. By using the shuttle buses, you can customize your hike to meet your needs. A short walk on a paved trail to a spectacular view of the canyon. Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park: Gorgeous! Box 399 Grand Canyon, AZ 86023 (928) 638-2481 (800) 858-2808. Excessive hydration and insufficient salt intake causes **hyponatremia **-a seizure-producing electrolyte disorder. Coconino Overlook(7,450 feet / 2,270 m) South Rim Hiking Map: North Kaibab, South Kaibab, and Bright Angel Trails Revised Sep 2012 . Visit Grand Canyon Trail Rides' website or call 435-679-8665 for more information and to book a trip. Once you have researched your trip and are confident in what to expect on the trail, leave your itinerary with someone who will notice if you are overdue and report it to 911. Whether you're getting ready to hike, bike, trail run, or explore other outdoor activities, AllTrails has 43 scenic trails in the North Rim area. To browse some Grand Canyon lodging options, image to the right will open a interactive Grand Canyon lodging map. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash. Need more help? Bike Rentals + More Ride along the rim of Grand Canyon! South Kaibab Trail. Reservations for the North Rim Campground are required. Hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily. 0000161224 00000 n This North Rim Cape Royal map(150 kb) zooms in on Walhalla Plateau and where the road ends at Cape Royal, showing the Cape Royal Trail to Angels Window and the spectacular viewpoint. Pack plenty of water and stash some in your car too! Im doing my best to keep this site speedy and ad-free. Winds through the forest and along the rim from Point Imperial to the North Kaibab Trail parking area. Or you can choose to day hike into the canyon. A park store and bookshop are inside. Whats the Best Season to Visit Grand Canyon National Park? FIND YOUR WAY OUTSIDE is a trademark of AllTrails, LLC. Grand Canyon Conservancy has been the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park since 1932. The canyon offers hiking adventures for every skill level: from a rim-side stroll to a demanding hike below the rim on wilderness trails. Before heading out to visit the canyon, I obtained a permit to backpack into Cape Final and camp on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Buy the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map Pack for the South and North Rims of the national park plus native areas of Grand Canyon West and Grand Canyon East at Most hikes above the rim are fairly accessible and not too long in distance. Heres a North Rim visitor center area map(500 kb), focusing on Bright Angel Point, North Kaibab trailhead, Grand Canyon Lodge, and the surrounding trails, roads, campgrounds, and attractions. High elevation means alpine terrain. The water is delivered to the South Rim via a pipeline buried beneath the North Kaibab Trail (installed 1965 - 1970). Hard ice often conceals potentially hazardous passages. GRAND CANYON HIKER T-Shirts, Hats, & Mugs Hike Planning Kit Our Video Trail Maps Hike Planning Info Backcountry PermitsWhen you need one and how to get one. Experienced backpackers should check out the Nankoweep Trail. Water is NOT available at Roaring Springs. Pit toilets. I filed for a lottery six months in advance. -.m0/HO`]@ $wwn$n768h6rb \AaDb O The North Kaibab Trail starts from the Grand Canyons North Rim, an area of Aspen groves, Alpine meadows, and solitude - a very different experience from the South Rim National Megalopolis. 24 hour pay at the pump (only accepting credit and debit cards). facts hit the trail at grand canyon. Wander the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and enjoy sprawling vistas with a fraction of the people on the Widforss Trail. Emergency services to winter hikers and backpackers are provided by park rangers on duty. You can see how it connects to the South Kaibab and Tonto trails. falcon s interactive guides to hiking climbing and. This is a Grand Canyon Village map, located on theSouth Rim. 0000333264 00000 n There is something about the North Rim of Grand Canyon that invokes a sense of solitude and serenity. hb``(g````` If youre looking for a Grand Canyon map, youve come to the right place; currently Ive collected30 free Grand Canyon National Park maps to view and download. Trail conditions are tougher than the Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails. 0000181404 00000 n CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. Upper portion of the trail may be extremely icy in winter or early spring. / 16 km one-way; 6 hours approximate one-way hiking time. The Rim to Rim hike is a huge undertaking only the most advanced hikers and trail runners should even think of attempting this grueling hike in one day. Turning around may be your best option. 0000182941 00000 n However, the National Park also offers plenty of hiking trails that will leave you with breathtaking views and memories to last a lifetime. This time it felt like coming home. 0000006659 00000 n 3.0 mi. If you arent a fan of cold weather, September is an ideal time, since kids will be back in school, but the weather hasnt gone totally sour. Permits are not required for non-commercial day hikes. You can stay in the town of Kanab, which is approximately an hour and a half drive to the rim. 0000332993 00000 n A tiny pull-off marks the spot for this lesser-hiked trail. Get oriented with this map of the North Rim Grand Canyon hikes. Many years of experience have shown that hikers who proceed beyond this point during the hottest parts of the day have a much greater probability of suffering from heat-related illness, injury, or death. Rangers will staff an outdoor information desk daily at the Roaring Springs Overlook Kiosk. Printed high-resolution Grand Canyon map posters and other products are available at the Grand Canyon Maps store. The lodge is wheelchair accessible. trailer This trail offers a view of the canyon. Click the image to view a full size JPG (3.7 mb) or download the PDF (17.5 mb). 0000183584 00000 n South Kaibab Trail 0000167500 00000 n 0000430097 00000 n %%EOF Additional water bottle filling stations can be found on the Go "Green" and Refill Your Water Bottles web page. This is the newest Grand Canyon National Park map, and shows the entire national park including the far-flung less-visited locations. A hike to Roaring Springs and back is extremely strenuous and takes a full day (7-8 hours) - begin your hike before 7 a.m. Roaring Springs lies 3,050 feet / 930 m below the canyon rim and is 9.4 miles / 15 km round-trip. Generally considered a challenging route. Day hiking can be a safer and more enjoyable choice than an overnight trip into a difficult area that is beyond the capabilities of any single member of your group. Distance: 10.25 miles Difficulty: Strenuous Type: One way Read more Zion Narrows Distance: 16 miles Difficulty: Strenuous Type: One way Read more Salt Creek Distance: 24.2 miles Difficulty: Moderate Type: One way Read more Tonto Trail: Boucher to South Bass Distance: 30.5 miles Difficulty: Strenuous Type: One way Read more North Bass Trail West Rim Skywalk Unparalleled views of one of the world's Seven Natural Wonders await you at Grand Canyon West on Skywalk. Download PDF Map of the North Rim and Grand Canyon Lodge Find a visitor center, a lodge porch with a grand view, campgrounds, and hiking trails at this quieter side of the Grand Canyon, open seasonally. breath taking views review of grand canyon north rim. Hiking the entire North Kaibab Trail in a single day is not recommended, particularly in summer, as it would be extremely difficult to avoid hiking in the heat of the day. For those that want a more relaxed approach, most people backpack the route via the North Kanab Trail and the Bright Angel Trail over the course of 3 days. Sky Terrain Trails Map, Grand Canyon (Sky Terrain) The canyon is a mile deep (1.6km), 277 miles (446km) long, and an impressive 18 miles (29km) wide, so as you can imagine is a sight to see. 0000333106 00000 n Its a requirement here. Located right at the North Rim Visitor Center (well worth a visit too) and the Grand Canyon Lodge a luxury lodge right on the rim, youll find the famous Bright Angel Point. Difficulty: Difficult. CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. Temps easily reach over 120 degrees in the Grand Canyon. CLOSED FOR THE WINTER Please note some shuttles only run from March 1 - November 30 due to weather conditions. All hiking times are approximate. Be sure to check the Backcountry Updates and Closures page for current information on trail conditions and situations affecting the backcountry. There are plenty of things to do on North Rim's hiking trails. Begins 500 feet west of Hermits Rest. The views are continuously amazing and some of the best in the park. Self-guiding trail brochure available at trailhead. Free and available now. Its easily accessed, so if youre a photography geek, bring your tripod. A section of this trail enters the park near the North Entrance and roughly parallels the highway until it connects with the North Kaibab Trail, a distance of approximately 10 miles / 16 km. From there connections are possible to the Nankoweap Trail and U.S. Forest Service roads. 0000187042 00000 n 0000137575 00000 n Summer temperatures in the shade routinely pass 100F (38C). The best times to visit this trail are May through October. Even a short hike to Coconino Overlook (1.5 miles / 2.4 km round-trip) or Supai Tunnel (4 miles / 6.5 km round-trip) can give you an appreciation for the canyon's rich natural beauty and immense size. It takes you on a trail through narrow canyons and was a nice trail to just walk and talk on! 0000138927 00000 n Okay, so this technically isnt a hike (maybe 0.1 miles total), but this early wake-up call takes your breath away. This is a more scenic descent route to the bottom of the canyon than the Bright Angel Trail, as it follows a spectacular ridge. The Bright Angel Trail map (150 kb) highlights the Bright Angel Trailhead and the popular turnaround spots for dayhikes. People flock to Grand Canyon to take in its splendor via a hike. At an elevation of over 8,000 feet, this spot can be cold in the morning; the trail starts in alpine coniferous forest rather than the desert most people expect. 0000182637 00000 n Poop in bags. Cap off a day well-spent with a drink at the saloon, or relax on rocking chairs right by the rim. Prior to beginning your hike, check the Visitor Center or Backcountry Information Center for water status updates. Here hikers will find potable water (mid-May to mid-October) and pit toilets. Yet another easy trail the delivers big views, youll want to wander around this area for an incredible panorama of the Grand Canyon. When your feet get tired, simply hop on a shuttle bus and ride back to Grand Canyon village. According to, the longest trail in North Rim is North Kaibab Trail to Colorado River. Need to zoom out? For experienced desert hikers. startxref 0000096521 00000 n This trail passes through Havasupai Gardens (formerly known as Indian Garden). Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Roosevelt Point Trail Too little water leads to dehydration and heat stroke. Hike #1. 0000429777 00000 n This is the most popular campground in the park. With seemingly unlimited vistas to the east and west, it is popular for both sunrise and sunset. <]/Prev 676001>> Water is available (year-round) on the South Rim at the Backcountry Information Center in the lobby. 0000167593 00000 n Things open up again on May 15th (weather depending), so be sure to plan your visit between May and October 15th. Hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim is a bucket list adventure. Unleaded fuel, propane, diesel, tire repair, and some auto supplies are available at the North Rim Country Store (by Kaibab Lodge) 18.5 miles/ 30 km north. 0000027543 00000 n If youre going to be doing a lot ofhiking or any backpacking in the Grand Canyon, youll wanta detailed trail map like the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map, which includes the area between the North and South Rims (Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails). Water stations are available at North Kaibab trailhead and North Rim Backcountry Information Center. Grand Canyon North Rim Bike Rides The North Rim offers numerous options for bike rides and mountain biking. Distant features on the North Rim are shown at a smaller scale than foreground South Rim areas. < Return toList by State. North Kaibab Trail Always carry a way to treat water from the creek in case water stations are not functioning. things you should know before hiking in the desert. The Rim Trail offers excellent walking for quiet views of the inner canyon and for visitors who desire an easy hike. (2.5 MB PDF File) revised 2/2015 Shows Grand Canyon National Park in relation to Las Vegas, NV, Flagstaff, AZ, National Forests, Indian Lands, and major area highways. Here, take north (left) on Hwy.89, then ALT.89 west (left) to Jacob Lake and from . You can link trails or hike from viewpoint to viewpoint to make it tougher. To locate the Quiet Rim Side Trails and Roads at Grand Canyon! The hike out of the canyon will likely take twice as long as the hike down. Trails & Hiking Maps & Directions Lodging & Dining Weather. 0 See the bulletin board in the lodge for the schedule of services. With a fraction of the crowd comes solitude along some of the best hikes on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Energy Balance Pack Properly 25+ years experience in adventure travel. Both the South Rim and the North Rim offer rim trail hikes that have spectacular views of the inner canyon, some on paved trails. - See 1,075 traveler reviews, 1,238 candid photos, and great deals for Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park, CO, at Tripadvisor. Discover the North Rim's Thunder River Trail, the most adventurous and awe-inspiring trail in the Grand Canyon. This is where most of the hotels and the largest campground are located. Other options include booking a day trip to the Grand Canyon from Sedona, or riding the train from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. Driving from South to North Rim is more than 200 miles. Download the official NPS app before your next visit. Encounters between hikers and mules have resulted in injuries to packers and the death to mules. If you want to explore the park on foot, you can visit the Skywalk for a similar perspective to a helicopter view. This is the North Rim Campground map(200 kb), located at the well, its kind of obvious. For more information visit, Hike Smart Podcast 02 (07m:09s) The Ten Essentials Most people take 3 days to make this journey as its exposed, difficult, and requires you to carry your water. Adventure Tours. River Trail: The trail has little elevation variation and follows the Colorado River for 1.7 miles (2.7 km) between the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails. This trail is also used by mules. more information on current conditions picnic tables, food storage cans, pack poles, reservation required for food and lodging, junction with Tonto Trail (distance to Havasupai Gardens via Tonto Trail - 4.6 mi/6.6 km), 20 minute detour off main trail; NO WATER, water available mid-May to mid-Oct only; picnic tables, food storage cans, pack poles. Additional backcountry info can be found on the following webpages. Opt to spend one of those nights in the park for the fullest experience. Meanders down a forested ravine and ends where a chest-high boulder rests under a large overhang. Located on the access road leading to the North Rim Campground. The NORTH RIM SCENIC DRIVE IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. Heres a South Rim (east) topo map, showing the South Kaibab Trail, Phantom Ranch, and eastern part of the main developed area. 0000186162 00000 n This giant spring provides drinking water for every visitor and resident within Grand Canyon National Park. You can link trails or hike from viewpoint to viewpoint to make it tougher. Success and enjoyment depends on the amount of time spent planning ahead and preparing for all conditions. The web version of this publication is formatted to print on standard 8.5 x 11 letter-sized paper. Switchbacks continue to the massive cliffs of Redwall Limestone, where for long stretches the trail has been blasted out of the cliff. Step off the trail on the uphill side-away from the edge. For art prints, gift ideas, and souvenirs featuring other national parks, support this site and visitthe National Park Maps store; youll find items to bring on vacation, keep at home for the memories, or give to your park-enthusiast friends and family. Check the Weather Alternatively, there are a few spots that have cabins near the north entrance, as well as paid camping. Here the canyon transforms as the narrow walls of Marble Canyon, visible only as a winding gash, open dramatically to become "grand." Elevation change from rim to river is 4860 ft (1480 m), along a 6.3 mile (10.1 km) trail. 0000119706 00000 n 0000159793 00000 n After a short distance, the trail breaks out of the pinyon/juniper forest at the North Chasm View, some 1800 feet above the river. 0000334098 00000 n Visit this webpage (updated daily) for the South Rim list of what is open and closed, hours of operation, and COVID-19 updates. Located in the Grand Canyon Lodge complex. However, there are several unique vistas if you still cant get enough. In fact, the North Kanab Trail drops down to the Colorado River and makes up part of the Rim to Rim hike a famous multi-day hike across the Grand Canyon. Hiking Into Grand Canyon (NPS, free) Rent ebikes, cruiser bikes, trailers, tagalongs, wheelchairs, strollers and more! There are a few areas where you can hike on a path out towards barrier-free canyon views if you dare. Next day hiked back to North Rim via South Kaibab to North Kaibab. Hiking it is a harrowing 21 miles in a two, three day trip. NOTE: Round trip to the Colorado River is 28 miles / 45 km and trail descends almost 6,000 ft. / 1,800 m. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hike from the rim to the river and back in one day! 25+ years experience in adventure travel. Close to the Canyon Village and the Grand Canyon Lodge, this is an easily accessible day hike . Seasonal water subject to pipeline breaks. You can make a weeklong trek between the North Rim and the South Rim or choose a more gentle canyon descent with the Bright Angel Trail. Difficulty: ModerateDistance: 9.1 milesElevation: 1,036 feet. Kanab National Forest borders the rim and offers plenty of free camping. Groups may not break into smaller groups on different permits to accommodate group size. DW = drinking water; TF = Toilet Facilities; EP = Emergency Phone; RS = Ranger Station. Download the official NPS app before your next visit, Lodge and campground open for the season on 5/15/2023. You will descend nearly one mile to the Colorado River and then climb back up the other side. Download Introduction to Backcountry Hiking (680kb PDF file). The two-mile hike to the single-permit campsite meant we had the entire area to ourselves. Use of private livestock (horses and mules only) allowed with permit only on Whitmore Trail and on designated roads and trails on the rim. You can see this amazing pipeline as it stretches across the Colorado River on the underside of the Silver Bridge from Bright Angel Trail. (Current Prices went into effect on June 1, 2018) No refunds are given due to inclement weather. 0000334134 00000 n Pro Tip: A lesser-known hiking trail leads north. This is the main Grand Canyon North Rim map a quieter, more laid-back version of the South Rim thats only open seasonally. 0000005057 00000 n Continue down the accessible path towards Cape Royal itself for some of the best accessible hiking on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. From July to September, monsoons can build large, violent lightning storms. An easy walk on a flat, paved trail providing views of the canyon, Angels Window, and the Colorado River. Distances between shuttle stops range from 0.3 to 1.8 miles. Took me around 4 hours to finish the trail. Permits are not required for day hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. Unsubscribe anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of your email. Difficulty: Easy to moderateDistance: 4 milesElevation: 495 feet. Scarce water sources. This easy trail passes through areas burned by the 2000 Outlet Fire and ends at the north park boundary. 7.5 Minute Quad, Phantom Ranch (USGS) Get inspired with tips about where to go and what to see on your national park vacation, delivered right to your inbox. An epic ride of a life time! Layers of red and black Precambrian rocks, not visible at Bright Angel Point, add contrast and color. When visiting the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Railway is a must do. 0.2 mi. Avoid hiking between 10 am and 4 pm, the hottest times of day. Seek shade. 2023 Reservations for Lodging are recommended. Here youll find trail maps, campground maps, shuttle maps, and several more. The entire hike is absolutely gorgeous, but South Kaibab was definitely the highlight. By Arizona Geological Society and United States Geologic Survey (USGS), Download the official NPS app before your next visit. (Very Steep) The Grandview Trail offers hikes to Coconino Saddle, 2.2 miles (round trip), and Horseshoe Mesa, 6.4 miles (round trip). 0000025972 00000 n The trail wanders through wooded areas with peeping canyon views and the occasional awesome lookout point. Details > . The North Rim Service Station is located on the entrance road into the Campground. It can cause permanent organ damage, especially to the kidneys, and death can result. Begins on canyon side of retaining wall at Grandview Point on Desert View Drive (12 miles east of village). Camper Store by Campground: General Store and Groceries.

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