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Developed for river traffic, today the city is tied to vehicle traffic . Why Can Family Court Discriminate Against Americans With Disabilities? , 2023-003510, 02/26/2023 @ 00:07:50, Stardust Dr US 61, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned035 Tripp, A M Entered ByC67 Chavez, M BGAdult MaleSuspect02/26/2023 PublicNarrative Traffic stop for speeding on Stardust/US 61. A warrant was issued on Saturday for Justin Sims, 32, after Anthony Migel Miller, 24, was found in the alley west, HANNIBAL, Mo. Unable to secure a way home, eyewitnesses last saw Whittaker sobbing and running out the back entrance of Sportsman's (via My True Crime Stories). 2023-000315, 01/05/2023 @ 06:18:05, 408 Center St G, HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned039 Lakenburger, C M Entered ByC85 Venker, M SAdult, HANNIBAL, Mo. The river also represents an ideal location for those considering suicide or homicide, as reported by Twin Cities. Quincy, IL 62301, Copyright 2023 Muddy River News All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy, 2023-003726, 03/02/2023 @ 00:14:07, Warren Barrett Dr S Arch, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned039 Lakenburger, C M Entered ByC74 Harp, A LAdult FemaleInvolve03/02/2023Adult FemaleSuspect03/02/2023 PublicNarrative Traffic stop on Warren Barrett at South Arch for an equipment violation. Hannibal, Missouri, bills itself as "Smalltown USA." 2023-000741, 01/13/2023 @ 01:24:49, 700 Broadway Block, HannibalNature of ComplaintDWIOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered, 2023-000676, 01/12/2023 @ 00:01:47, US 61 Fair Oaks Dr, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M Entered ByC75 Hunt, T MAdult FemaleSuspect01/12/2023 PublicNarrative Traffic Stop at US-61 Fair Oaks for speed. 2023-001857, 01/30/2023 @ 01:23:41, Market St Lindell, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned022 Benn, D J Entered ByC67 Chavez, M BGAdult, 2023-001818, 01/29/2023 @ 02:28:37, 1811 Pleasant St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Open LineOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D M Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdultCompl. Driver was released with a warning., 2023-001343, 01/22/2023 @ 00:15:06, S Main St Broadway, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC61 Jaworski, J MAdult MaleSuspectDWI: Alcohol/Drugs Cleared by Arrest-Adult 01/22/2023 PublicNarrative Traffic stop at S Main St and Broadway for fail to stop. As for Travis Blackwell, why didn't he wait up for the takeout Whittaker promised him? The initial appearances of defendants Robinson, Shaw, Cobb, Harris, Parrish, Dorsey and Jones were held late Wednesday in front of United States Magistrate Judge Noelle Collins. Users onReddithave theorized Whittaker could have drowned. Elliott and McCulley also, 2023-002390, 02/07/2023 @ 02:36:20, 4215 McMasters Ave , HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdultInvolveInformation 02/07/2023Adult MaleCompl. The official narrative from the PPD has evolved over the years. If Travis Blackwell wasn't involved in Christina Whittaker's disappearance, then what happened to her? HANNIBAL, Mo., (KHQA) Six people from Hannibal were arrested in two separate drug busts this week. PUBLIC CORRUPTION COMPLAINT FORM Only submit this form if you witness criminal acts by a public official and the city police department or county sheriff's office with jurisdiction has a direct conflict of interest in investigating the matter. Upon, 2022-023815, 12/29/2022 @ 02:02:28, 100 N 11Th 6th floor, HannibalNature of ComplaintArsonOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC75 Hunt, T MAdultInvolveArson First 12/29/2022AdultVictimArson First 12/29/2022Adult FemaleSuspectArson First Cleared by Arrest-Adult 12/29/2022Adult MaleWitnessArson First 12/29/2022 PublicNarrative Arson at 100 N 11th. Why didn't police learn of her disappearance sooner? 2022-022151, 12/02/2022 @ 00:48:59, 4300 Stardust Dr , HannibalNature of ComplaintHarrassmentOfficer Assigned048 Grimes,, 2022-022072, 12/01/2022 @ 01:14:39, 721 S Hayden St , HannibalNature of ComplaintAssist DFSOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC52 Holley, B PAdult FemaleInvolveAssist Other Agency 12/01/2022Adult FemaleInvolveAssist Other Agency 12/01/2022Adult FemaleInvolveAssist Other Agency 12/01/2022Adult FemaleCompl. Police said they responded to 100 N. 11 Street at 7:40 a.m. for a disturbance. 911 Hang Up 02/12/2023Adult FemaleInvolve911 Hang Up 02/12/2023 PublicNarrative 911 Hang up reported at 420 N Arch St. 2023-002749, 02/12/2023 @ 00:49:17, 12 Shawnee Trl , HannibalNature of ComplaintMentalOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D, 2023-002578, 02/10/2023 @ 00:38:57, Highway 79 Bird St, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC62 Potter, L MAdult MaleSuspectUnnecessary Noise (Mech) Verbal Warning 02/10/2023 PublicNarrative Traffic stop at Highway 79 and Bird St for unnecessary noise. Google Mapsreports the average pedestrian could make the trek from Rookie's to the Mississippi River's banks in just nine minutes. Information 01/04/2023 PublicNarrative Information reported at 215 S 8th St. 2023-000223, 01/04/2023 @ 01:42:31, 2506 Hope St , HannibalNature of ComplaintBurglaryOfficer Assigned025 Hamm, A N Entered ByC52 Holley, B PAdult FemaleInvolveBurglary Second 01/04/2023Adult MaleVictimBurglary, HANNIBAL, Mo. The Las Vegas World News reports that Christina Whittaker's then-boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, received a call from Whittaker at 10:30 p.m. to check in with him. The ongoing investigation into family court corruption across the U.S. is racking up so many columns that it needs its own catalog page. Public Corruption; Civil Rights; Organized Crime; White-Collar . View FREE Public Profile & Reputation for Jeffrey Barton in Hannibal, MO - See Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Numbers | Personal Review | $40 - $49,999 Income & Net Worth Driver issued a citation and released. 2022-023061, 12/16/2022 @ 03:13:40, US 61 James Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned048 Grimes, S M Entered ByC74 Harp,, 2022-022980, 12/15/2022 @ 00:10:00, US 61 Fair Oaks Dr, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned048 Grimes, S M Entered ByC61 Jaworski, J MAdult MaleSuspect12/15/2022 PublicNarrative Traffic Stop initiated on US 61 near Fair Oaks Dr for speed. Official websites use .gov About two months into the initial investigation, the FBI even stepped in. 2022-021662, 11/22/2022 @ 00:26:27, Broadway S Arch, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic Crash Non-InjuryOfficer Assigned041 Borgmeyer, J, 2022-021582, 11/20/2022 @ 00:01:19, 1007 Paris Ave , HannibalNature of ComplaintAuto TheftOfficer Assigned022 Benn, D J Entered ByC46 Reynolds, S MAdult MaleCompl. Officers arrived to find a two-year-old child lying on the floor of the residence, wearing only a diaper despite cold temperatures in the home. 2023-000677, 01/12/2023 @ 00:05:14,, HANNIBAL, Mo. Again, dissonance surrounds the details. 12/02/2022Adult FemaleInvolveDomestic (No Crime) 12/02/2022Assoc. Cindy Young accused Travis Blackwell of showing no concern or emotion following Christina Whittaker's disappearance. What can you expect from the show? Entire Eastern District Court of Missouri Recused From Lawsuit Alleging Massive Family Court Corruption, AGAIN: St. Louis Guardian Ad Litem Awarded Immunity in Second Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Misconduct, Missouri Social Services Lost Foster Kids to Sex Trafficking., and All GOP Lawmakers Can Do Is Say Theyre Disappointed, Missouri Guardian Ad Litem Served in Wrongful Death Suit for Suicide of 14-Year-Old Abuse Victim Mikaela Haynes, Missouri Attorney Fights for Mikaelas Law to Remove Immunity From Family Court-Appointed Professionals. After vanishing with few traces, Christina Whittaker left behind Alexandria, her mother Cindy Young, and hundreds of unanswered questions,according to Missing Persons of America. My True Crime Stories notes that Whittaker suffered from fibromyalgia, anxiety attacks, and bipolar disorder for which she took daily medication. U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Missouri, Law Enforcement Officer Safety Initiative, Nine People Arrested Involving Hannibal Drug Trafficking Conspiracy, Man Admits Methamphetamine Sales, Gun Charge, St. Louis Man Indicted on Drug and Gun Charges, Two Indicted After Drug Shipment Intercepted on Interstate 44 in St. Louis County. Fires/Alarms 12/27/2022AdultInvolveFires/Alarms 12/27/2022 PublicNarrative Assist agency at 3939 McMasters. Albert Higdon Chief at Hannibal-LaGrange University Ralls County, Missouri, United States. Domestic (No Crime) 01/03/2023InvolveDomestic (No Crime) 01/03/2023InvolveDomestic (No Crime) 01/03/2023 PublicNarrative Domestic disturbance at 313 N 7th Apt 1. Suspicious Person 12/05/2022 PublicNarrative Suspicious person reported in the 300 block of Magnolia Ave. 2022-022322, 12/05/2022 @ 07:56:38, 220 N 10Th , HannibalNature of ComplaintStealing DelayedOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M Entered ByC69 Helton, C, 2022-022285, 12/04/2022 @ 07:49:03, Huckleberry Park , HannibalNature of ComplaintPark Patrol- HuckOfficer Assigned076 Munday, D L Entered By2635 Bounds, H WAdultCompl. Frequency. 2022-021844, 11/26/2022 @ 08:34:53, Stardust Dr US 61, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M, 2022-021797, 11/25/2022 @ 06:48:48, 512 N 6Th , HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic Crash Leave the SceneOfficer Assigned045 Bergman, C M Entered ByC84 Davenport, K JAdult MaleVictimAccident Leave Scene 11/25/2022Adult FemaleCompl. Driver was issued a warning. Shelter Reservations. On November 21, 2018, the PPD posted a Crime Stoppers video about Whittaker's disappearance via itsFacebook page. 2023-003013, 02/17/2023 @ 03:27:00, US-61 James Rd, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned036 Uppinghouse, D M Entered ByC85 Venker,, 2023-002787, 02/13/2023 @ 01:37:54, 6th Broadway, HannibalNature of ComplaintCheck Well BeingOfficer Assigned022 Benn, D J Entered ByC75 Hunt, T MAdultCompl. Dog At Large 11/16/2022AdultInvolveDog At Large 11/16/2022AdultInvolveDog At Large 11/16/2022AdultVictimDog At Large 11/16/2022 PublicNarrative Animal complaint in the 4400 block of McMasters Ave. 2022-021309, 11/16/2022 @ 07:13:12, 3441 St Marys Ave ,, 2022-021233, 11/15/2022 @ 07:28:48, 163 Medical Dr , HannibalNature of ComplaintAlarm BurglarOfficer Assigned030 Mathews, V W Entered ByC47 Wallace, S BAdultCompl. She had brown eyes, red hair, and a variety of distinctive scars and tattoos, including a Care Bear with a marijuana leaf on her ankle and a large angel with a raised middle finger on her back. The Hannibal Police Department played devil's advocate, claiming neither Young nor Blackwell acted outside of the norm. 2023-001061, 01/18/2023 @ 07:52:11, 211 N Main St , HannibalNature of ComplaintInformationOfficer Assigned030 Mathews, V W Entered ByC52, 2023-000996, 01/17/2023 @ 00:29:52, Garth Ave St Marys Ave, HannibalNature of ComplaintCitizen ContactOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC84 Davenport, K JAdult MaleSuspectDriving W/O Lights Pending Investigation 01/17/2023SuspectInterfere /Resist Arrest Pending Investigation 01/17/2023SuspectPoss Drug Paraphernalia Pending Investigation 01/17/2023SuspectSeized Property 01/17/2023 PublicNarrative Citizen contact on Garth Ave and St Marys Ave. Subject fled on foot., 2023-000937, 01/16/2023 @ 01:02:57, 3840 W Ely 118, HannibalNature of ComplaintVOIDOfficer Assigned035 Tripp, A M Entered ByC75 Hunt, T M PublicNarrative Void. St. Louis, MO 63102, St. Louis: (314) 539-2200 A Hannibal man was arrested Nov. 23 for felony abuse or neglect of a child by causing serious physical injury. Information, HANNIBAL, Mo. According to the article "Alcohol and Cold," by researcher P. O. Granberg, "Alcohol is a dominant cause in urban hypothermia." -- Police officers who allowed protesters to enter a heavily guarded city park and turn a Ku Klux Klan recruiting rally into a fist-swinging melee 15 minutes into the group's first . She remains lodged in the Marion County Jail. Name Position Agency Date; Anderson, William H. Patrolman: St. Louis Police Dept. an ordinance of the city of hannibal rezoning a tract of land being part of lot 5 in the houck addiction second revision, lying in part of lots 1 thru 10 in houck addition lying in part of the east half of section 24, township 57 north, range 5 west of the fifth meridian, in the city of hannibal, marion county, missouri from b-multiple family to e-commercial zoning district . Is that cold enough to kill someone? Officers with the Hannibal Police Department were dispatched at 12:17 a.m. Saturday to a business in the 600 block of Broadway for a report of a shot fired. Community in Crisis investigates crime and corruption in Louisiana KHQA Quincy/Hannibal; Check Well Being 02/09/2023Adult MaleContactCheck Well Being 02/09/2023 PublicNarrative Check well being reported at 809 Pleasant St Apt B. Could the meds she took have interacted badly with alcohol? The Hannibal Police Office has various strength units, including Smack, bicycle watch, harbor watch, cruisers, mounted watches, and an assortment of investigator units. There were also charges against five defendants for conspiring to launder the proceeds of the narcotics conspiracy. This detail represents just one of many that has people scratching their heads. ", Whittaker also missed taking her meds, which meant further cause for alarm. A warrant was issued Thursday in the 10thJudicial Circuit Court of Marion County charging Erica R. Sydnor, 35, with trafficking drugs in the first degree. According to KHQA, Officer Doug Burgessof the Peoria Police Department stated, "We do have prostitution and drug activity. 2023-002527, 02/09/2023 @ 05:26:43, 3902 Evans St , HannibalNature of Complaint911 Hang UpOfficer, 2023-002455, 02/08/2023 @ 00:11:38, 216 Huck Finn Shopping , HannibalNature of ComplaintRepossessed VehicleOfficer Assigned035 Tripp, A M Entered By035 Tripp, A MAdult FemaleInvolveRepo Vehicle 02/08/2023AdultCompl. Of course, hindsight proves 20/20, as they say. You can find her books on Amazon here: https://a More from Medium Olive Barker in She. Note: Some towns do not have their own police departments. Hannibal is a city along the Mississippi River in Marion and Ralls counties in the U.S. state of Missouri.According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population was 17,312, making it the largest city in Marion County. Upon arrival, police determined that Jon R. Morton, 37, of Hannibal had been involved in a disturbance and was inside of his apartment. According to a later interview, Young said the other family members at the house included Whittaker's brother and his girlfriend. A Glock nine millimeter was seized during his arrest. This case was investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force, Quincy Police Department, Troy Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriffs Office, Adams County Sheriffs Office, Hannibal Police Department and the Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force. From: Hannibal Police Department Date: January 4, 2023 Phone: 573-221-0987 Fax: 573-221-3966 Contact: Chief Jacob Nacke Man Arrested for Assaulting Officer and Striking Patrol Car On Wednesday January 4th 2023 a warrant was issued in the 10th Judicial Read More. According to Capt. Suspicious Auto 12/06/2022 PublicNarrative Suspicious Vehicle reported at 114 S Arch Street 2022-022375, 12/06/2022 @ 01:02:10, US 36 Munger Ln, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M Entered, 2022-022321, 12/05/2022 @ 06:53:07, 300 Magnolia Ave BLK, HannibalNature of ComplaintSuspicious PersonOfficer Assigned030 Mathews, V W Entered ByC52 Holley, B PAdultCompl. Contact Information 636-458-9194 WildwoodNPO@stlouiscountymo.gov 16860 Main Street Wildwood, MO 63040 Home Precincts Wildwood Precinct Captain James Mundel, Commander Grote remarked, "They said we had done more than what they would've done in some instances. Former Center, MO, city clerk pleads guilty to assaulting law enforcers. The driver was issued a citation and was released. 2022-021798,, 2022-021770, 11/24/2022 @ 07:35:43, 728 Hickory St , HannibalNature of ComplaintCivil DisputeOfficer Assigned039 Lakenburger, C M Entered By039 Lakenburger, C MAdult MaleInvolveCivil Dispute 11/24/2022Adult FemaleCompl. She was last seen outside Rookies Sports Bar on Broadway in Hannibal, Missouri. 90 were here. 535 Maine, Suite 4A Washington: Guardian Ad Litem Shannon Moreau Asks Judge to Deny Press Access to Recordings of Her Threatening a Father. Driver issued warning and released. The informant claimed a group of men dealing in sex work and drugs had trafficked Whittaker to Peoria, Illinois, where she worked in the sex trade. Charging documents also accuse Kennis Body of involvement in aconvenience store shooting. The disappearance of Christina Whittaker from Hannibal, Missouri, is the subject of a new true-crime docuseries on discovery+ titled "Relentless." It details a filmmaker's obsession with. 2022-000947, 01/19/2022 @ 05:10:19, 417 Clinic Rd B, HannibalNature of Complaint911, 2022-021458, 11/18/2022 @ 00:08:42, US 61 Fair Oaks Dr, HannibalNature of ComplaintTraffic StopOfficer Assigned040 Hoebing, J M Entered ByC61 Jaworski, J M PublicNarrative Traffic stop at US-61 and Fair Oaks for speed. In March 2020, Rallo was sentenced to 17 months in prison. Unnecessary Noise 02/25/2023AdultInvolveUnnecessary Noise 02/25/2023Adult MaleContactUnnecessary Noise 02/25/2023 PublicNarrative Noise Complaint reported at 401 N 3rd St 2023-003439, 02/25/2023 @ 02:49:47, 12 Chloe Place , HannibalNature of ComplaintDomestic DelayedOfficer Assigned039 Lakenburger, C, 2023-003387, 02/24/2023 @ 00:20:03, Grand Ave Bird St, HannibalNature of ComplaintDisturbance In ProgressOfficer Assigned031 Kuhlman-Pfeiffer, Z W Entered ByC84 Davenport, K JAdultCompl. Suspicious Activity 11/20/2022Adult MaleCompl. She begged people for a ride along the way. 2023 City Hall Holiday Schedule Read More Driver released with a citation.

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