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I don't usually buy slabbed cards -- only when I'm desperate for a particular card -- but now I know that the old red-labeled SCD slabs are reliable. Global Authentication was a pretty good grading company yet when they hit financial troubles in 2009, they spun off the grading company into a new unit called Global Authority. Online collecting, memorabilia, and auction news are covered each week in specially designed sections that complement columns from some of the most respected experts in the hobby . 1986 Fleer Basketball Charles Barkley PSA Mint 9. Step up to the plate and get a handle on the No. Any information about this company would be very helpful. or Best Offer. They graded very well in my opinion and were particularly harsh on back centering on some of the cards I had. Not many people can say that. Their catalog is online. Gem Grading had two services--it's core Gem Grading service and Gem Elite which offered grading with subgrades, similar to what Beckett Grading does today. Their phone number is 1 800 932 3667. Otherwise, I'd avoid these if you find themor at the very least, spend a lot more time examining the card. On Sunday, PSA will only accept same-day service orders up until 11 a.m. PSA will be encapsulating all sizes of cards, including tallboy, jumbo and thick memorabilia/patch cards. I took the GEM out of its case and to a card show. But, this note on Blowout Forums certainly does not instill my confidence in their 'trustworthiness'. Also of note, the number of collectors who submitted their Jackie . Be glad the send you pics front and back. RE: SCD grading company. This is truly the best community around, and we wanted to thank . If you continue to be blocked, please send an email to secruxurity@sizetedistrict.cVmwom with:, Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0, A summary of what you were doing and why you need access to this site. Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. Huge library of sports cards, with loads of scans. WATA graders and researchers will be on hand to talk gaming and answer questions from video game enthusiasts. They are in Canada. And eBay had banned sales of its cards following an expose in SCD which outed FGA, Gem Grading and Capitol Grading. (Available from Mon - Fri, 9am - 8pm CDT), Boston Celtics Auto's Past & Present Super Collector, Baseball (12 issues + 1yr Online Price Guide), Basketball (12 issues + 1yr Online Price Guide), Football (12 issues + 1yr Online Price Guide), Hockey (12 issues + 1yr Online Price Guide), Beckett Almanac of Baseball Cards & Collectibles,,,, They were fairly accurate when the company first started. 2015-16 UPPER DECK CONNOR MCDAVID YOUNG GUNS ROOKIE RC BGS 9.5 WITH 2- 10s! Sports Collectors Daily. AGS was related with Shop at Home early on and notorious for overgrading cards that were sold on the Shop at Home network. At a minimum, assume the card has been over graded or potentially trimmed. Here's a Lajoie T206 card that has clearly been trimmed but graded as Near Mint: I haven't been able to find much about this company and can't even find a website, but I do see more recent issued 2021 cards that have been graded by them, so I'm assuming this is a basement grader.,, "Easily the strangest Encapsulation I have ever seen. . Free shipping for many products! I admire their tenacity, but their slabs are not going to generate even close to what any of the other big three grading companies would attract. The folks at Krause were very good about preparing me for what was in store for a potential card grader. Bought Atomic Mantle in a Gem slab, gd. VHS,' ADDS MOVIE GRADING AND AUTHENTICATION. First Name * Last Name * Email Address * SIGN ME UP! From Jackson to Jeter, this magazine covers it all. We have the largest online selection of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and non-sports cards ranging in years from 1887 to the present. By that time Steve was gone and the whole idea of going up against both PSA and BGS should have been scrapped. My son is an expert iin de-slabbing cards and says GMA slabs are cheap plastic. So, I had to expand my horizons out of the world of 1987 Topps and venture into the realm of 1953 Jackie Robinsons and 1957 Johnny Unitas rookies. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site. A Show Signer special is being offered for items signed at the show for a discounted rate of $10. price guides tuff stuff. In my research, all I could find were negative comments about GradeMyCards. 95. Slab is superior! Who cares about the grades when it is likely trimmed? 17, December 01 $4.99 Those are the things a grader has to determine. From my research, its sounds as if CSA has a bit of a mixed past, with negatives mostly on over grading. Collectors stand in a long line to submit cards to PSA at the 2021 National in Chicago. By SCD Staff Dec 16, 2022. . Thus, this list is a collection of our experience with other grading companies along with our research sourcing opinions from other websites such as the Net54 Forums and Blowout Forums (both unbelievable resources). Sign in or register to get started. Should I crossover? I personally don't have much experience with CTA and have never come across a holder. In addition to the latest prices, the Guide will feature an extensive array of market reports that break down . BGS BVG BCCG Please note: You can link directly to this page from your auction ads of eBay and other auction sites. I wasn't involved in the sale, but I know they bought one of SCD's two slabbing machines, all of its unused plastic, etc. They were also Shop at Home card graders. Baseball; Football; Basketball; Hockey; Soccer; Racing Then they got bought out, and the new company wasn't so good. sell, and trade cards; and information about grading and conditioning. Details. Please let us know a convenient time to call you on, (*All time slots are available in CDT zone.). choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. I remember the magazine, the cards graded were good. He had the only two examples of that card). Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. Sports Collectors Digest (Digital) 1 Issue, August 1, 2022. Thus, caveat emptor, KSA Grading - Canada outfit, fairly reputable, would trust the gradesBeckett Collector's Club Grading (BCCG) - Beckett's discount grading service. Their PSAs are good! For collectors of Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more, this guide contains checklists of every collectible card game printed in English, with accurate prices for more than 100,000 cards. Daughter has U-degree in art! Then-publisher Steve Ellingboe petitioned the company to start a grading service not long after PSA debuted. Other pricing tiers will be available starting at $1,000 per card (maximum declared value of $24,999) and capping at $10,000 per card (maximum declared value of $250,000 and up). by Sports Collectors Digest (Author) 108 ratings Paperback $121.23 5 Used from $121.23 The No. A total of 544 of the hand-cut 1969 Transogram cards have been submitted to PSA for slabbing, with just three scoring a perfect 10, along with 58 graded as 9s and 92 graded at 8. You can view available positions at the companys Careers page. If you think of it, I was probably one of only a few dozen or so graders in the world. []( Thats when turning the card on its edge came into play. Krause hired Joe Merkel, who arguably was the man who invented grading and was once owner of SBC and SGC. Notably GAI was the first unopened pack grading company and if you find a GAI graded wax pack, odds are that it is authentic and not tampered with. 1986 Fleer Basketball #26 Clyde Drexler Trail Blazers RC Rookie HOF PSA 10, 1986 Fleer Basketball #119 Bill Walton Boston Celtics HOF PSA 10 GEM MINT, 1986 FLEER BASKETBALL #32 PATRICK EWING RC PSA 9 MINT HOF ROOKIE, 1986 Fleer Sticker Basketball #1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers HOF PSA 8 NM-MT NICE, 1986 FLEER BASKETBALL STICKER #9 AKEEM OLAJUWAN RC PSA 9 MINT HOF ROOKIE, 1986 Fleer Basketball #57 Michael Jordan RC Rookie HOF PSA 8, 1909-1911 HONUS WAGNER COLGAN'S CHIPS W T206 PHOTO GRADED ORIGINAL SGC AUTHENTIC, 1909 T206 SWEET CAPORAL HEINIE WAGNER GRADED PSA 1 POOR TOBACCO CARD, 1909 T206 SWEET CAPORAL HEINIE WAGNER GRADED SGC AUTHENTIC TOBACCO CARD, T206 Sweet Caporal Nap Lajoie Vintage Pre War Tobacco Graded PSA 1.5 -POP of 5, T206 Ty Cobb Red Portrait Detroit Tigers HOF Piedmont 350-460 Subjects PSA 1, 1909-11 T206 Hindu Cigs!! Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball - Keith Miniscalco 2015-08-20 BCCG cards are terribly graded! When you purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Bunch of cards all over eBay, most via the same exact seller. Based on research sounds like a mixed experience. part 1. grading post cereal cards net54baseball forums. AUCTION RESULTS: SIGNED 1983 STAR BASKETBALL SET BREAK, 2022 NATIONAL SPORTS COLLECTORS CONVENTION. The most graded vintage card of 2022 was the 1968 Topps Mets Rookie Stars. Looking to put together a PSA 10 set. Im not sure where you come across thinking we are some sort of shill for the grading companies. I would never send a card to any grading company because of the possibility of theft by substituting a lesser card. Sports Collectors Digest (SCD) is an American advertising weekly paper published at Iola, Wisconsin. As a cocky 21-year-old kid, I had no clue what I was in store for as a card grader. GEM 10's all over the place on eBay, so I'd say they really like to hand out perfect grades. [1] When they started, they struggled as a business, due to a low demand of collectors wanting their cards to be graded. To me it looks too white on back side and shines. Hager started out by grading out his own collection and quite favorably, often vastly over grading cards, while also grading cards that had been altered significantly. about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. 2021 Donruss Optic Downtown #DT33 Trevor Lawrence RC Rookie SSP PSA 10 GEM MINT, 2000 Tom Brady Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Rc Auto Patriots, 2021 JUSTIN FIELDS Rookie Card "YOU PICK" OHIO STATE BEARS AUTO SP BASE #'D RC, JUSTIN FIELDS PSA 9 2021 PANINI FLAWLESS FOOTBALL ROOKIE PATCH AUTO 6/25 RPA, 1984 Michael Jordan Star Rookie RC #101 PSA 6 , 1958 Topps Football #62 Jim Jimmy Brown Browns RC Rookie HOF PSA 5 " PWCC-A ". 2020 Contenders Rookie Ticket Stub #101 Joe Burrow RC AUTO PSA/DNA PSA 10 POP 1, 2020 Panini Contenders Optic #111 Jordan Love GOLD ROOKIE AUTO /10 RC PSA 9 Mint, Kenny Pickett 2022 Phoenix Onyx Prime RPA /5 dual patch auto Steelers FOTL , Kenny Pickett Phoenix 5-Color Rising Rookie Materials RPA Auto Gold Vinyl 1/1, Jordan Love 2020 Contenders Optic Green Pulsar Rookie Ticket Auto SGC 9.5 /27, JOE BURROW 2020 PANINI CONTENDERS ROOKIE PLAYOFF TICKET AUTO #/49 BGS 9.5 GEM 10, Joe Burrow Origins Auto White Box 1/1 RC SGC 8 Auto 10, 2021 Panini Prizm Manga #9 Trevor Lawrence Jaguars RC Rookie SSP BGS 9 w/ 9.5, PATRICK MAHOMES 2017 Panini Limited Rookie RC Auto Jersey Patch 23/149 RPA SP, *Pop 1* BGS 10 Joe Burrow Kaboom Rookie Card K-JB2 Absolute Football. This grading company is no longer in business, and would view these as more of a cool novelty than anything else. Some folks from an old Collectors Forum post note that CSA had three different 'flips', one as above with the red and white label (in which the grading was ok, but slightly over-graded), another with an entirely blue holder (shown below with the Jordan RC) in which cards were even more over-graded. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); With all these new grading companies popping up which one do you think will be the first to end up on this list? I have had good success crossing the SCD red to PSA. A card-doctoring tactic that I previously had never heard of was a procedure that the card crook would perform with an eraser-type device in order to even off the white borders to make the card appear that it was perfectly centered. SPORTS COLLECTORS DIGEST covers every aspect of modern sports collecting, including cards, memorabilia, equipment, lithographs, figurines, and autographed material. That can help a bit when looking at cards from different or defunct grading companies. Goldin Co. My money is on Elite Card Grading Apparently the owners name was George who worked very early on for PSA. Pretty much spot on there. Track Your Collection - It's simple to track what you have and want. We will not share your information. . book values what is my book worth. I would trust your own eyes more than if the SCD label is red or blue. ), The Ultimate Guide To Michael Jordan Rookie Cards. Yes its encased in a pop riveted holder. Based on research sounds like a mixed experience.ASGA (All Star Grading) - Avoid. Get it Free! Our love of card collecting and in particular vintage sports cards drives our desire to inform others of the joys of collecting. Was there a rotary cut, guillotine cut or did the cut look unoriginal? Thanks mike 260-705-5612. SCD was started in 1973 by the Stommen family. Nice Corners, 1909 T206 Christy Mathewson Dark Cap New York Giants HOF ***CENTERED PSA 2.5***, 1909-11 T206 Cy Young Portrait PSA 2 Good. The magazine provides an avenue through which sellers, traders and avid buyers of Sports cards and other memorabilia may interact. I get questions from collectors all the time asking if they should trust so and so card in such and such holder they found on eBay. Addie Joss Portrait SGC 30 Good 2, 1909 T206 White Border Ty Cobb (HOF) Bat On Shoulder SGC 1 Baseball Card, 1911 T206 Christy Mathewson Dark Cap Sweet Caporal Card HOF - Certified SGC 1, 1909-11 T206 Joe Tinker Portrait PSA 3 VG. I will concur this Nolan Ryan is definitely at least a 4. All card graders are basically TRAINEES! However as the link above shows, SCD was hiring new graders on the spot, so they weren't necessarily impeccable in discovering altered or trimmed cards. UPDATE ON GEM: One reader had this to tell us about their experience with GEM: It appears that at one point in time, was trying to make a go of it. The other day I picked up some cards,one was a modern card graded by. it's grade is a 4. Extremely Rare T206 with a Ghost Image Back ! We're giving away free swag bags and prizes to more than 1,000 collectors! 1909-11 T206 Nap Lajoie Portrait With Bat Psa 1.5, T206 Cy Young bare hand HOF ~~ SGC Authentic *sharp* ~~ Piedmont 150 back. 2023 Active Interest Media All rights reserved. Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. SPORTS COLLECTORS DIGEST covers every aspect of modern sports collecting, including cards, memorabilia, equipment, lithographs, figurines, and autographed material. This will help potential buyers of your BGS graded card (s) look up the important. Online collecting, memorabilia, and auction news are covered each week in specially designed sections that complement columns from some of the most respected experts in the hobby . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for STANDARD CATALOG OF VINTAGE BASEBALL CARDS By Sports Collectors Digest **Mint** at the best online prices at eBay! Quick Links: Here's a 'Gem Elite' Gem Mint graded card that definitely looks trimmed: Our friend Steve Taft had also discovered that Gem was grading fake Star basketball cards among others. PSA will also have an Autograph Booth (#5005) to authenticate autographed collectibles. Jeff Owens On-site card grading fees will start at $250 per card for PSA Collectors Club members exclusively and $400 for non-members. Sports Collectors Digest Published by Krause Publications (2016) ISBN 10: 1440247552 ISBN 13: 9781440247552 New Softcover Quantity: 1 Seller: LibraryMercantile (Humble, TX, U.S.A.) Rating Seller Rating: Book Description Condition: new. Everything came through Mantle rookies, tobacco cards; I even had a chance to examine Larry Fritschs T206 Honus Wagner and 1932 U.S. Caramel Freddy Lindstroms (Yep, thats plural. In addition to the price guide, the channel also features analysis, backgrounds, and in-depth information on a . CSG will grade sports cards on a highly accurate, industry-standard 10-point scale. (A suburb of Toledo, OH.). CSG will use world-class expertise, advanced technology, innovation and operational excellence to provide collectors and dealers with accurate, consistent and fast certification services. World Class Grading (WGC) - AvoidGMA Grading - Basement graders. If I have any card graded by a grading service, I will be there watching their every move so they cannot steal my card. Never. Heres willie mays Topps 1954. The Collectors booth (#2030) will provide show attendees with information on how the company is helping hobbyists pursue their passions. Amazing Color and Eye Appeal! They weren't around for very long and I don't know with certainty how honest they were in grading any altered cards (or counterfeits) but if anyone has experience let me know. Both Early Bird specials are only available for items with an original authentication fee of $35 or less. 7/29/2022 - 2022 NATIONAL SPORTS COLLECTORS CONVENTION 12/30/2021 - LOOKING BACK ON 2021 FOR SCN VIEW FULL BLOG: SPORTSCOLLECTORS.NET NEWS: 1 MILLION SUCCESSES!!! The Cranston Sports Card Show (CSCS) is the oldest charity sportcard show in North America since1976. This particular thread, for instance, helped me enormously! To use the service, PSA is requiring Collectors Club members to submit a minimum of 20 cards with a declared value limit of $199 per card. PSE | I handle PR and content duties for Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA and PSA/DNA), a division of Collectors devoted to authenticating and grading trading cards, tickets and autographs. The estimated turnaround time for the service is 150 calendar days. Weekly World News - 1998-01-20 Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. Tags: Sports News Sports & Recreation. CU | Bleach, egg white, Wite-Out, you name it. CSA was a franchise like spin-off of Alan Hager's ASA. autographs sports collectors digest. Your request appears similar to malicious requests sent by robots. Card crooks trying to pass their fakes through would rub dirt on the cards, bend them up, round the corners or even rub bodily fluids into the cardboard (I know thats sick, but trust me, it happens). I want to get a few of my $100-ish 90s rookies graded without breaking the bank. Weve assigned aSlab Trustworthiness Score for each grading company based on our evaluation of how trustworthy the grader was in their evaluation of cards. PSA and parent company Collectors will have a major presence at The National in Atlantic City, grading cards and educating collectors about the company's other services. Official A.A.U. Some call this one FGA (or "Forget Guaranteed Authentic") due to its association with several scammers in the hobby. However Hager's reputation as a card grader with ASA was in a nutshell - less than stellar. 1 source for vintage baseball cards: the Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards, 6th Edition. I think on a good day it could get a 6.". Note this snippet found on their website back in 2004 should tell you all you need to know about the grading quality/trustworthiness of GEM: Providing authentication is challenging and not guaranteed due to improved computerized printing techniques. 4 Color Patches! Been going through my '68 and '69 cards and came across 3 cards from '68 graded by Sports Collectors Digest. SIGNED MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIE CARD SELLS FOR RECORD $1 MILLION IN CHRISTIE'S AUCTION. Looking to put together a PSA 10 set. However Hager's reputation as a card grader with ASA was in a nutshell - less than stellar. Sports Cards, Pokemon & Comics Coming to Las Vegas Join us on May 27-28 in Las Vegas for a weekend of sports cards, comic books, Pokmon, Funko, action figures, toys, video games, autographs, original art and other collectibles. HGA slabs look awesome and I see a pretty good number for sale on eBay. One of its founders - Roger Hooper - was arrested for sports memorabilia fraud. Our blog posts may contain affiliate links. The original (red logo) SCD graded cards very conservatively and most will cross to modern PSA or SGC slabs . Just another bad PSA grade!!! Never heard of it Greg. We are a full time sports collectibles business with offices located at 1545 Holland Rd.- Ste. Copyright 1998-2023, All rights reserved.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of User Agreement & Privacy Policy. Wasn't familiar with this one until a reader sent me in this Babe Ruth magazine clipping. That does and has happened. This is a list of the highest known prices paid for sports cards. What's It Worth - Free Antiques & Collectables Price Guide. collecting autographs book 1981 worldcat. In the summer of 2001, I became the companys first hire as a card grader for SCD Authentic. learning about collecting historical documents. 1909-11 T206 Piedmont Factory 42 Error Ed Willetts Willett VERY RARE CARD TOUGH! [2] A lot of sports card dealers were against the idea . For more information, visit WATA pricing. Avoid.BSG Grading - eBay seller that does basement grading. Real Time Prices - ground breaking analytics determine real market prices. Collectors also will be showcasing every trading card featured in the soon-to-be-released coffee table book entitled The Diamondbacks Collection: 50 of the Greatest Cards in Sports Collecting History, which chronicles super collector Ken Kendricks world-renowned baseball card collection. premiere collectibles bestselling signed books. $10.00 shipping. The score is based on a scale of 0 through 5. I never knew they graded cards. I had a Reggie Jackson Rookie, graded 7 by GEM. Sports Collectors Digest is the hobby's oldest and largest publication, covering every aspect of modern sports collecting including cards, memorabilia, autographed material and more. Ownership dragged their feet until Beckett got into the gaem. Capitol was part of an expose back in a 2005 SCD article, which claimed that GEM grading, Capitol Grading and Foremost Grading (FGA) were involved in a big operation in which they were knowingly grading fake cards: "SCD discovered that counterfeits of 1963 Bazooka cards, 1921 W551 strip cards, 1931 W517 strip cards, 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread and 1952 Wheaties were being sold online..but also the Bond Bread and other similar cards that were targeted in that SCD investigation three years ago. Thus, there certainly would be a credibility concern about any card that you might find graded by SMA. I was super happy when I picked this up for less than PSA, BVG, or SGC 6's were selling for at the time: Thanks everyone, so should I crossover or leave it at it is? PSA 9, 2020 Panini One Precision Rookie Patch Autographs #301 Joe Burrow 15/35, 2021 National Treasures Trevor Lawrence Rookie Patch Auto /99 BGS 9 w/ 10 AUTO, 2014 Panini Prizm Mike Evans Gold 09/10 Auto BGS 9.5/10 Rookie, 2021 Panini Select #350 Justin Fields Field Level Tiger Prizm Rookie SSP Bears, 1958 Aquarela Ltd Camp. I cannot find any information on that company or to whether their gradings were ligit. If your browser is out of date, try updating it. A little late to the game on this one but I thought I would mention that I had great success when I crossed over my SCD red labels to PSA. Mike Baker was a former grader at PSA and the head of grading at GAI. Sports Collectors Digest My first National could be the thrill of a lifetime BASEBALL ART 1933 BABE RUTH CARD SELLS FOR $4.2M NEWMAN COLLECTION TOPS $21.5M IN MEMORY LANE AUCTION JOE PEPITONE SUING BASEBALL HALL OF FAME OVER HISTORIC MICKEY MANTLE BAT MILE HIGH AUCTION FEATURES EXTENSIVE ALI COLLECTION, VINTAGE BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY If you have a collection for sale- regardless of size- please give us a call at (866)861-2330 to set up an appointment. Kendrick, the managing general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, owns an incredible assortment that includes: a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner card in PSA 8; one of three 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards in PSA 10; the only 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle card in PSA 10; one of two 1954 Topps Hank Aaron rookie cards in PSA 10; and many more high-grade vintage rookie cards. Only 16 complete boxes have been sent in for grading, and the highest mark handed out to those specimens was a PSA 5 for the Harmon Killebrew statue. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Promotional Material Group of 9 (20th Century Fox, 1975) Condition: Avera. Given Hager's checkered past with grading, I'd find it hard to believe that CSA was any better. Net54baseball Vintage (WWII & Older) Baseball Cards & New Member Introductions, Net54baseball Sports (Primarily) Vintage Memorabilia Forum incl. The company is also hiring and will be meeting with qualified candidates at the show. GMA cards are accurately graded for the most part! Capitol Grading and FGA (Foremost Grading Authority) holders often contain fakes, too". We respond to emails very quickly. I haven't seen them grade many fake cards, but trimmed cards have received numerical grades. comic book collectors, dealers and historians returns with its 51st edition. ! But slabs can be faked! Love '83 Topps. this edition is perfect for fans and collectors alike. They charge to much for these services and what makes them any better than a previous service. And it's true what others have already said -- the SCD graders were very conservative in their numbers. 6gtp4n7c.jpg "") Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. PSA is also accepting drop-off submissions for take-home service levels with an Expedited Lane for less wait times. SGC 60 EX 5. MTK, The only Gibson rookie you show on this site is the first one! Merkel is a very interesting guy and one of the most detail-oriented professors Ive ever dealt with. Guide, 1982-83 Sports Collectors Digest Baseball Price Card Guide National Hockey League Official Guide and Record Book 2002 The Sport . 10 Card is very nice and measures exact including the diagonals! I find WCG, Mint Grading, CSA Grading and Advanced Grading are better then you claim they are. Zero meaning that the grader was a complete sham setup to enrich its founders and associates to a 5, meaning that collectors should have full confidence that the grade is nearly 100% accurate. Sports Collectors Digest, the most respected sports collectibles magazine in the hobby, keeps you informed about every aspect of sports collecting, including trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, online auctions, grading, and authentication. JOE BURROW 2020 Chronicles Prizm Black Gold Vinyl RC AUTO 3/5 PSA 10 DNA 10, Joe Burrow 2020 Panini Prizm SILVER Rookie PSA 10 GEM MT #307 RC, 2021-22 Panini Immaculate Jalen Green Rookie Patch Auto RPA /99, 1986-87 1986 FLEER BASKETBALL STICKER #8 MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIE PSA 7, 1986 Fleer Basketball Sticker #8 Michael Jordan Rookie Card Graded PSA 9 MINT, 1986 Fleer Basketball Sticker #8 Michael Jordan Rookie Card RC Graded PSA 9 MINT, 1986 Fleer Basketball Sticker KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR TUFF GRADED #1 Lakers HOF M3, 1986 FLEER BASKETBALL MAGIC JOHNSON #53 BGS 8.5, 1986 Fleer Basketball Pat Cummings #19 BGS 9.5 Quads W/10 (VERY LOW POPULATION). Collectors owns PSA, the hobby's largest grading and authentication company, as well as WATA, Goldin Co. and other companies in the sports collectibles industry. All End of Show orders must be submitted and received by Saturday, July 30 at noon ET. I thought I knew it all. Nothing you have said is proof that you know anything about card grading. Thus, I would have a lot of trust in GAI graded cards and packs, however, Global Authority graded cards should be avoided. Get your copy today! Game Used, 1887 Kalamazoo N690 #26 grading eligable questionHelp Im new to this, SF Bay Area Sports Collectors Show November 28. See his Frank Thomas card below.

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