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Secure payment processingWork with your banks or card processors to ensure the most trusted and validated tools and anti-fraud services are being used. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR: DELAYS OR MISTAKES RESULTING FROM ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ACTS OF GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITIES, NATIONAL EMERGENCIES, INSURRECTION, WAR, OR RIOTS; THE FAILURE OF MERCHANTS TO HONOR THE CARD; THE FAILURE OF MERCHANTS TO PERFORM OR PROVIDE SERVICES; COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FAILURES; OR FAILURES OR MALFUNCTIONS ATTRIBUTABLE TO YOUR EQUIPMENT, ANY INTERNET SERVICE, OR ANY PAYMENT SYSTEM. Please contact your product specialist for further information. FOR QUESTIONS OR ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1 (855) 553-3388. We, us, and our mean the Issuer and its respective successors, affiliates, or assignees. Under Visa U.S.A. Inc. Operating Regulations, your liability for unauthorized transactions using your Card Account that take place on the Visa system without a PIN is $0.00 if you are not grossly negligent or fraudulent in the handling of your Card. This information, along with a 12-month history of the Card Account Transactions, is also available via the MAJORITY App. We will pay the initial filing fee to commence the arbitration. The Card is our property and is nontransferable. You may use your Card to purchase or lease goods or services online, by mail or telephone wherever Visa debit cards are accepted as long as you do not exceed the value available in your Card Account, or any other limitations set our herein. Additional terms and conditions may apply. 22. In connection to these actions, we may need certain information from you, such as your full name, Card number and transaction history details. Our Privacy Statementexplains how we use cookies. The amount of the fee should be disclosed at the ATM. These may change or we may introduce new ones in the future. Additional information and applicable terms and conditions will be provided to you in the App and at the Website. If you do not promptly add sufficient funds to your Card Account to cover the negative balance, in addition to any other remedies or actions, we may cancel your Card and Card Account and pursue collection. The Card is not a gift card or gift certificate. Organizations should start mapping the existing workflow used for wire transfers and analyze in-depth their processes in order to identify potential weaknesses and enhancement opportunities, for example limiting the amount of money each executive can approve, or using authorization for wire transfers, that also includes a protocol for approvals in the specific cases where senior executives are the initiators of these transactions. You will not violate any laws, interfere or disrupt computer networks, impersonate another person or entity, violate the rights of any third party, stalk, threaten or harass anyone, gain any unauthorized entry, or interfere with the systems and integrity of the App and Website. Discover key concepts of the Marqeta platform with hands on tutorials, Issue cards, fund accounts, manage payments, and more, View filterable, curated production data and personalized insights, Explore our endpoints, make API requests, and quickly prototype your product. Macao . This free app provides you with quick access to the online banking tools you need, so you can manage your finances on the go. 2023 Sutton Bank Portions Copyright Kasasa, Ltd. All rights reserved. If we decide not to enforce our rights or charge a fee in one situation, we are not giving up our right to enforce it or to charge the fee in a later situation. All funds associated with the Card shall be held in an account with the Issuer, with the balance of such funds to be reduced through your use of such funds or through the imposition of fees and other charges in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. To earn the victims trust, this communication frequently employs persuasion, urgency, and authority. Use at Millions of Locations Worldwide. **This card is issued by Axiom Bank, N.A. If you do provide access to your Card or Card number, you are liable for all transactions incurred with the Card or Card number. For better business. You are not allowed to exceed the available amount in your Card Account through an individual transaction or a series of transactions made with your Card. The app enables you to send and receive money, purchase stocks and Bitcoin. This type of scam usually targets employees from the HR and bookkeeping departments. More than 80% of those accounts are prepaid. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ASSUME THE EXCLUSIVE DEFENSE AND CONTROL OF ANY MATTER SUBJECT TO INDEMNIFICATION BY YOU, IN WHICH EVENT YOU WILL COOPERATE IN ASSERTING ANY AVAILABLE DEFENSES. Through the Cash App Taxes feature, you can file your taxes for free and through Cash App Investing, you can make investments and buy Bitcoin for as little as $1. For Westpac issued products, conditions, fees and charges apply. The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. The Card issued to you will be in the form of a virtual card (available to you in the App) (Virtual Card) and a physical card (a plastic card, which will be delivered to you) (Plastic Card), both cards carrying and representing the same assigned 16-digit card number and Card Account. The Card is not a credit card and will not enhance your credit rating. Any funds withdrawn from an ATM or POS device are subject to the following transaction limits (in addition to any other restrictions or limitations set out in this Agreement). Over the last seven years, Sutton has focused on providing corporate banking services to fintech. You agree that we will not be responsible for temporary interruptions in service due to maintenance, App or Website changes, or failures, nor shall we be liable for extended interruptions due to failures beyond our control, including but not limited to the failure of interconnecting and operating systems, computer viruses, forces of nature, labor disputes and armed conflicts. Free ATM withdrawals if you set up direct . Card Protection. Our 5-star customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have. All software vendors regularly provide patches and updates to their products to correct security problems and improve functionality. Purchased at a Walgrens on 12/20/21 at 1:23 pm. Skip to main content . These types of transactions include (i) ATM transactions, and (ii) point of sale, PIN, PINless, automated clearing house, or other debit transactions not processed by Visa. or Sutton Bank, Members FDIC. Merchant Holds on Available Funds. For any other exception stated in our Agreement with you or by applicable law. The Revenued Business Card Visa Commercial Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. However, certain third-party fees may apply as further described below. Organizations must have complete policies and methods for communicating with their constituents, workers, and stakeholders, as well as the general public, in order to be successful. SUTTON BANK PREPAID RULE LONG FORM DISCLOSURE. An ideal card for easy and efficient business purchases. . THIS AGREEMENT CONTAINS AN ARBITRATION PROVISION (ARBITRATION SECTION) REQUIRING ALL CLAIMS TO BE RESOLVED BY WAY OF BINDING ARBITRATION. Unlimited cash back on payments: 3% on Home, Auto, and Health categories and 1% on everything else after you make payments on your purchases. We further reserve the right to offset any negative balance by any current or future funds you may load to or maintain in your Card Account or funds in any other Card Account you maintain with us now or in the future. Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for small businesses and the U.S. economy. The Card is not connected in any way to any other account. You are responsible for all transactions initiated by use of your Card, except as otherwise set forth herein. 7. The Gift Card Granny Visa or Mastercard is a prepaid Card issued by Sutton Bank. We value their cutting-edge technology, reliability, and easy to use platform APIs.. Options may vary. The Card is not a device that accesses money in an individual checking or savings account. The Gift Card Granny Visa or Mastercard is a prepaid Card issued by Sutton Bank. The Card is not a gift card. The Card is not for resale and may not be transferred or assigned. Tell me more. Apply for the right card and see what a difference we can make. All credit decisions are made by, Inc DBA finally. See our Rewards Terms and Conditions for Cash Back and the Welcome Bonus for details. The Gift Card Granny Visa Gift Card and the Virtual Visa Gift Card are issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Score Some Rewards. Administrative privileges should only be given to trusted IT staff and key personnel. The card is designed for people with fair, good, and excellent credit. The Revenued Business Card Visa Commercial Card is powered by Marqeta. $4.95 Purchase Fee. It is your responsibility to check the Agreement periodically for changes. ZA Bank (Visa Debit card) *Bank-issued American Express cards aren't supported. | The Revenued Business Card is a purchase of future receivables and not a loan. THIS PROVISION SHALL NOT BE EFFECTIVE TO THE EXTENT OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY LAW. Any transaction that could create a negative balance for your Card Account is not permitted. Better Cards. We may, subject to applicable law, deliver to you any notice of such modification to the Agreement by way of publishing an updated version of this Agreement within the App and on the Website or by delivering notice of the modifications to you electronically. . Any organization requires effective communication. If you are entitled to a refund for any reason for goods or services obtained with your Card, the return and refund will be handled by the merchant. 1. This reduced liability does not apply to PIN transactions not processed by Visa or ATM cash withdrawals (see Transactions Not Routed Through the Visa System below). A card that can help drive process efficiencies and improve control over procurement spend. You agree to sign the back of the Card immediately upon receipt. Includes prepaid. Opal cards can be ordered online for delivery to an Australian address within 5 to 7 business days. Platinum Mastercard. Leverage existing relationships with issuing banks, networks, and card fulfillment providers to go live in days not months. In case of errors or questions about your electronic transactions or Card Account, contact us as soon as you can if you think your statement or receipt is wrong or if you need more information about a transaction listed on the statement or receipt. About Your Card and this Cardholder Agreement. *The MAJORITY app facilitates banking services through Axiom Bank, N.A. Secure your networksSafeguard your Internet connection by using a firewall and encrypting information. Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, issues the Upgrade Card, which allows access to the personal credit line. Note that you may also be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer. The card was sealed in original packaging until approximately 8:45am on 09/30/2022. There is no fee for this service. Back up your dataRegularly back up the data on all computers. Most are the reloadable type. Solely for purposes of this Section 37 (Arbitration), We or Us shall mean the Issuer, and its respective successors, affiliates or assignees as well as Majority USA, LLC or any other any third party using or providing any product, service or benefit in connection with the Card. Supply Chain Risk Management. Add some flexibility to your budget with a card thats accepted everywhere. These are called split transactions. Some merchants do not allow cardholders to conduct split transactions. We must allow you to report an error until sixty (60) days after the earlier of the date you electronically access your Card Account, if the error could be viewed in your electronic history. It isn't connected to a personal bank account or another debit card. We will not charge you a fee to use your Card at any ATM owned by us (currently ATMs pertaining to the Interlink, Pulse and Plus networks), however, operators of other ATMs and cash dispensing devices, their networks, and merchants may charge you a fee. You may add funds to your Card Account, called loading, by: (i) Automated Clearing House (ACH) loads up to $5,000 per month, minimum $20 per load, maximum $5,000 per day with a limit of 5 transactions per day; (ii) credit or debit card loads up to $500 per transaction, $500 per day, $5,000 per month with a limit of 5 transactions per day and a minimum of $20 per load; (iii) direct deposit loads up to $5,000 per day, $10,000 per month, with a limit of 3 transactions per day; (iv) federal transaction direct deposit loads from the IRS Treasury up to $10,000 per day; and (v) loading cash through one of our reload locations up to $500 per transaction, $2,500 per day, $5,000 per month with a maximum of 5 reloads per day. Our Liability for Failure to Complete Transactions. Applicable law may require us to report to state government authorities any funds remaining with respect to your Card after a certain period of inactivity. Cyber-attacks are a growing concern for small businesses. Regular APR. Any claim, dispute, or controversy (Claim) between you and us arising out of or relating in any way to this Agreement, your Card, your acquisition of the Card, your usage of the Card, or transactions on the Card, no matter how described, pleaded or styled, shall be finally and exclusively resolved by binding confidential individual arbitration conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its Consumer Arbitration Rules in your state of residence at a location that is reasonably convenient for both parties. Any translation of this Agreement is provided for your convenience. 28. The Revenued Business Card Visa Commercial Card is powered by Marqeta. "There is a card number . The end goal of a BEC fraud is to persuade the target to make a money transfer or send sensitive data to the attacker while believing they are executing a legitimate and regular business operation. Control physical accessPrevent access or use of business computers by unauthorized individuals. Having at least basic email security in place and two-factor authentication is a must.

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