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His examination showed the crime scene to have been staged and the bright colour of the blood hinted at the possible presence of an anti-coagulant. Meanwhile, Rebecca, aka, Becca Chambers, Michaels wife, still misses her husband. I have a feeling there were money problems (wife changing cellphone and trying to sell the truck, he stopped giving money to his son) and maybe he was fed up of his wifes affairs. Michael Chambers, 70, disappeared March 10, 2017. Chambers has not been seen or heard from since. Upon Michaels death, she would have become the sole beneficiary of his estate and more than $750,000 pension. It is open to interpretation as the reader sees fit.*. Chambers has no known health or mental issues. The information gained from Michaels cellphone records caused police to change their theory surrounding his disappearance. Where Is Becca Chambers Now? Weather was in the mid-to-high 70s, and it had not rained in the several preceding days. 115k Followers, 1,268 Following, 1,613 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bec Chambers (@becchambersfit) becchambersfit. He also claimed that Michael and Beccas relationship is what Klein describes as a bad situation.. Until that time, the family had no idea that Mrs. He is described as a creature of habit by his children and although he is 70, most days he can be found working on and restoring old cars in his work shop. Suzy contacted police about the phone call, but they were skeptical about the information, given the man was a convicted felon. Returning to the ping off Michaels cellphone, police conducted a number of dives of Lake Tawakoni, but nothing was ever found. Becca got a neighbor to help her look for him. Michael Chambers, co-founder of Aldevron, a biotechnology company that sold last year for $9.6 billion, is asking officials to reduce the tax assessed value of his residential property from. The new owner refused to cooperate with investigators in allowing the dog to search the truck for human remains scent. Who do y'all believe? (LogOut/ Chambers wife reported him missing after returning home from work that evening to an empty house, Mrs. I doubt if theh had a strained relationship to where he abused him as a child that he would say that to his own mother. Where Is Becca Chambers Now? This is so creepy to think about. He doted on her. Despite the search, investigators found zero evidence of Chambers. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Michael Chambers discover inside connections to . She claims that she was starting to struggle financially this was ONE WEEK after his disappearance. Who Killed Her. Born in Wilmington, California, Chambers is the youngest of four. Your IP: Titre de livre: Wickedly It Begins (The Wickedly Series Book 1) (English Edition) . All information that it contains is a compilation of public records, family and friends' first hand knowledge, and other sources that have been vetted and verified. Now on to the update. Becca makes some calls to Chambers daughter and his son before calling Chambers phone a couple of times to see if she can get hold of him. I'd like to believe this could be the case but he seemed really close to his family and friends. Becca Chambers is known for being the wife of missing person Michael Chambers. Colorado Spgs, CO 80920-4540 May 2017 Members of the Chambers family were subjected to a polygraph test. She also hasnt spoken with the media or helped in searches for her husband. Civil investigator believes Michael Chambers was murdered, Cooper man arrested after shooting at woman, Former teacher and coach sentenced to 10 years for sexual assault of a child, Hunt County Sheriffs office solve homicide, Quinlan Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble earn sweepstakes at UIL evaluations || Content sponsored by Quality Care ER, Senior 2023 Spotlight: Amarion Knight || Content sponsored by GEUS, Hunt Regional Healthcare welcomes The Pediatric Clinic of Greenville, Pandemic era food stamp supplements come to an end, I-30 at Dalrock Road closes for bridge beam installation. This is the last known sighting of Michael Chambers. A $25,000 reward is offered for information regarding his disappearance. He is described as a creature of habit by his children and although he is 70, most days he can be found working on and restoring old cars in his work shop. We are back with our third episode on the Michael Chambers case. Check Full Reputation Profile I had no idea, hospitals kept bags of blood from people and had their name written on it, How else could it have been Michael blood with anti coagulant in? Not one tiny bit of me would believe that that was the truth, Floyd said. On or around March 20, 2017, Rebecca Chambers cancelled/suspended the cell phone service for two of the lines on the Chambers family account with Verizon. I would be surprised to hear that his wife was not involved in the disappearance of michael chambers. If you have any information regarding the case, you can contact the Hunt County Sheriffs Office at 903-453-6800. We have begun grid searches and will conduct more searches over the next few months before spring. Am I the only one who thinks he staged this due to money problems/sick of his wife and he is now sipping on margaritas somewhere in the Caribbean? There was nothing he couldn't fix, Floyd said. We were asked to perform an independent investigation by our team of investigators from all around the United States as another set of eyes and ears outside of Law Enforcement. What Happened To Susan Powter? Learn more in our Privacy Policy. Mr. In his retirement, he spent the majority of his time restoring classic cars and was a member of The Texas Most Wanted car restoration group, where he was seen as a father figure. They believed him to only be interested in the reward money. The Unexpurgated Code is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. I mean not only should you be able to know where the hospital stores the blood but, you would also have to be able to find Michael's blood among all other persons blood. Her Partner After Opening Up As Lesbian, Ryan Popple Death Cause and Net Worth: What Happened To Former CEO of Proterra? Uma criana prodgio, Chambers entrou na . Thus, Michael Chambers was declared legally dead and soon after, Rebecca began selling off most of his possessions, his car collection, and even his house. Chambers was in fact missing. Race White. Inside of his garage there was an odd blood trail thad had been discovered, and many speculate that it was a staged crime scene. Also, on June 26, 2017, the Hunt County District Clerk received an Inventory, Appraisement, and List of Claims from Mrs. As well, we have learned that Mr. Chambers Dodge pickup truck was sold to a friend of Becca Chambers in Greenville, Texas. When searching the warehouse, police recovered a bloody dowel. Because MyLife only collects this data and does not create it, we cannot fully guarantee its accuracy. This also means, that it must be a person who have knowledge of how to get around a hospital. Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois in October 1985. The Hunt County Sheriffs Office has only responded to phone calls or emails from Mr. Chambers family sparingly. Deputies began to search the Chambers property by foot, deploying all available resources, including a helicopter. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. A well-respected member of the community, he lived with his second wife, Becca Chambers, whom hed been with for 37 years. We base our searches upon tips and evidence forwarded to us. ). Becca petitioned the court to have him declared dead, in order to start the process of selling his assets and to receive his death benefits. The Police authority never found Michael Chambers after he disappeared in 2017. I would like to know if she has taken a polygraph test ? To try and find Michaels body, investigators organized a massive search of his old property on February 10, 2018. His friends and relatives call him PawPaw. Maybe Becky knew what he did to Justin and used this to get help from Justin to kill him. In the episode, the real reason the wife got into a fight (and got the restraining order), Justin said was because he told her if she or anyone she knew had anything to do with his dads dissappearance that he would kill them. She is a cheating money grubbing whore and had him killed to collect the money. Michael Chambers, who has gone missing, is married to Becca Chambers. She stated to Ms. Edwards that Mr. In a strange turn of events, he never returned home but apparently vanished into thin air. Chambers was missing. 8:00am - Michael spoke to his wife Becca on the phone around 8am. With Stephen Brodie, Becca Chambers, Michael Chambers, Michael Hayles. Chambers to check your ditches, check your fields and check your water system holding ponds for human remains. Per the video footage at the Quinlan Walmart, Mr. Sent the husband to pick up makeup? Achievement: GM Madness - Go To Challenge Page. Without a doubt the wife did it. to see who they are and learn about them, based on information from public records and government sources. Who Killed Her? Chambers is a well-known and loved member in the community, he regularly attends local car shows. They were under the impression that selling the Mustang was the route that she was going to take. Chambers entered a Walmart store in Dallas, Texas, at 11:15 am, while Mrs. He went missing from Quinlan, Texas. Chambers have been held since his disappearance. Two days later, the family became aware that Michael had legally been declared dead that May. They do not believe he killed himself and feel Becca knows more than shes letting on. The family was only made aware of the Death Certificate filing when Suzy Losoya, Mr. Chambers daughter, received a call from one of his former Dallas Fire Department coworkers asking about Chambers being deceased. 3)Some online and in the public believe Michael to have staged his disappearance and gone on to create a new life for himself somewhere else. to see possibly who they are and full class lists found from school records and public sources. Holmes, specifically, doesnt believe Michael to have killed himself and feels Becca knows more than shes letting on. People in his community described him as "having a heart of gold." He is the seventh missing person in Hunt County recently. That June, Becca took one as well, where investigators learnt shed had multiple affairs during her marriage to Michael and that the latest one had ended just five months before his disappearance. Michael Chambers was a 70-year-old retired firefighter when he went missing from his home in Quinlan Texas on March 10th, 2017. This has resulted in widespread media attention. Chambers alleges to have arrived home from work, and found her husband gone. Also the evidence could also pint to him accidentally falling off the bridge, being injured, and staggering off somewhere to die/be predated upon. But these senarios are mots more likely, than this " he broke into a hospital, manage to find his own blood among 1000 others, then took the car home, took a bike instead, biked for 20 miles with bad knees, and then jumped out over the bridge, WITH the bike, and neither him nor the bike has not been found floating in the river ". Rather than the new owners name, the title listed Michael Chambers Rebecca Lynn Chambers as the vehicle owner. The public wants to know where is she now. Ms. Edwards advised her to call 911 again. Chambers called 911 at approximately 6:55pm, and reported to dispatch that she was unable to find Mr. 6:15 pm, Becca returns home from work 6:55 pm, Hunt County Sheriffs Office receives a missing persons call. At least two male subjects who are acquaintances of Mrs. View court, arrest, criminal/conviction The dogs picked up Mr. Chambers scent, and trailed it to the roadway, but were unable to follow it any farther. Becca Chambers said she had spoken to her husband at around 8 a.m. that day. Chambers had given her the previous November. My dad met him. Click here to learn more. They also looked at where Michaels cellphone last pinged, which was off a tower near Lake Tawakoni, before either running out of power or being turned off. The Sheriff's Dept or The PI hired by family and supporters? After 36 years of service with the Dallas Fire Dept, he retired in 2008. However, apart from paving the way for a possible kidnapping theory, the bloodstains did not provide a valuable lead. To recap, Michael Chambers is a retired firefighter in Hunt County, TX, who has been missing since March 2017. Following the disappearance of her husband, Becca Chambers canceled his phone service within ten days. Chambers was last seen leaving his local Walmart in Quinlan at approximately 11:00am. Check Background Get Contact Info This Is Me - Edit Reputation & Background View All Public Private Chambers. However, they still searched the area, but no remains were found. Chambers is a home health nurse who sees patients for home-bound care. We flew in our cadaver dog team and searched particular areas of interest including Mr. Chambers former residence. Clare Chambers Allen Lane, 20 (cloth) "Oppressors, as a rule, deny oppressed people their own 'native' standards of beauty," Susan Sontag once wrote. His second marriage seemed quite happy, and the couple even adopted two boys. During a birthday party celebration on June 27th, Mrs. Mrs. It was as you said blood with anticoagulant in it. Where should he else have gotten it from?, do american hospitals keep personal blood bags with name on them, I simply don't get what the police mean, about where Michael should have got this bag from.) He was observed on camera making a purchase of mascara, allegedly at the request of his wife, Rebecca Lynn Becca Chambers, age 60. According to security footage, Mr. Michael Chambers was living in Quinlan, Texas at the time he disappeared. government sources. After a family discussion, it was decided that Mrs. However, she was shocked to find her husband missing when she returned home around 6:15 pm. The lead detective in the case confessed that when they took samples of his blood, they never sent it off for coagulation testing, but only DNA testing to confirm that it was the blood of Michael Chambers. Do you know where your local hospital keeps YOUR blood? What information about Becca are you looking for? Their thorough search even found them a few clues as bloodstains were noticed in Chambers workshop. The CCTV footage revealed that the 70-year-old man made his exit from the store. (Natural News) Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has made another public appearance, this time on American Media Periscope where he talked with host John Michael Chambers, whom he met at the recent Tulsa Health Freedom Conference, about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) death jab and what we can all expect from it in the coming days. To ride a bicycle this far would have taken 3-4 hours, but no witnesses saw him riding a bike on this road. In their third podcast on The Klein Files, Philip Klein and Caroline Gear dive into the case and review the evidence. The Protective Order is in place for the next two years. With Michael Chambers family still hoping for closure and the police leaving no stones unturned in their investigation, we hope the case comes to a speedy conclusion. NBC 5's Meredith Yeomans reports. I am naturally suspicious of PIs as a matter of course, and stuff like blood spatter can only really be reliably interpreted by a blood spatter expert. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. She also hasnt spoken with the media or helped in searches for her husband. They have also become divided on what happened to him. Initially, it had been suggested that Michael Chambers had, 1) walked away from life and family or, 2) had voluntarily traveled to another area and committed suicide. 8, or the email Around 6 p.m., officials started an initial grid search on his four-acre property for evidence, which lasted 12-14 hours. to see who they are and learn about them, based on information from public records and government sources. At 6:10pm, Becca arrived home to see Michaels truck parked in the driveway, but the house dark. I'm sure you will not feel boring to read. Intact: A Defence of the Unmodified Body is the Cambridge philosopher Clare Chambers's attempt to take aim at the ideal the oppressors have cooked up for women. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Even now, he is still dancing at 52. However, thats where the pings stop. The following statement is made by lead civil investigator Philip R. Klein: Over 15 months ago our firm was asked by a family member to investigate the disappearance of Michael Chambers. On June 28, 2017, the Texas Department of Transportation issued a new title on the 2014 Dodge Ram truck that had belonged to Mr. Between the times of 3:15 and 4:51 pm, her phone was off. Over the years, there have been multiple theories and persons of interest in the case. I believe the phone and maybe he was dumped in a trash pickup and dumped in a land field by the lake. Meaning, the dog did find the scent of a possible deceased human. Unfortunately, she never met her husband and is still waiting for his return. This led to the early belief that Michael might have accidentally hit his head and could be walking around disoriented. At the time of his disappearance, he was 70 years old, 63 and approximately 225 to 250 pounds. Although the search was thorough, no sign of Michael Chambers was found. After some hours, Mrs. Becca got anxious and decided to seek help from the police. Chambers entered a Walmart store in Dallas, Texas, at 11:15 am, while Mrs. He would've had to ride 20 miles on his bicycle from his house to the lake with bad knees, and the drop from the bridge into the lake is only 9 feet which is obviously not enough to be lethal. Join Facebook to connect with Oscar L Chambers Jr and others you may know. Chambers, circa 2017. Before police arrived, Mrs. After interviewing more than 100 witnesses, friends, family, neighbors, timeline witnesses and many acquaintances, as well as obtaining voluminous pieces of evidence, the investigative team has ruled out a walk-away or suicide. This section can be locked, requiring permission to This time, the True Crime Broads interview Lisa Swiney, who was Becca and Mike's housekeeper for 8 years. DNA testing confirmed it to be Michaels. View the profiles of professionals named "Rebecca Chambers" on LinkedIn. She claims Michael knew of the affairs but never confronted her about them. Justin Chambers, Rebecca Chambers, Michael Chambers, John Chambers and Crystal Livingston, and many others are family members and associates of Becca. This profile was gathered from multiple public and All rights reserved, Search For Missing Retired Firefighter Turns Up Nothing, Family of Missing Quinlan Man Continues Quest for Clues, 3 Children Killed, 2 Wounded in Ellis County Home; 1 in Custody: Sheriff, Actor Tom Sizemore, of Saving Private Ryan,' Dies at 61. The investigation company recently aired a podcast in which they reviewed the evidence and released new information regarding the case. Tlchargez ou lisez le livre Wickedly It Begins (The . On the morning of March 10, 2017, Michael bid farewell to his wife, who had to work, and began getting ready for his day. As Klein reviews in the podcast, the day he went missing, the last footage seen of him is at Walmart around 9 am, where he went to buy his wife, Becca, mascara. Based on the new evidence, they now believe him to have died by suicide on or near his old property. We use cookies to personalize & enhance your experience. Plus, if he killed himself and rode his bike there, where is the bike? If you have information regarding Chambers whereabouts, Sheriff Jones encourages citizens to call the Hunt County Sheriffs Office at 903-453-6838 or they can text or submit online, their anonymous tip to Hunt County Crime Stoppers in any of the following ways: CALL: Hunt County Crime Stoppers 903-457-2929 or LOG: onto and click submit a tip.. He was a deacon at his local church, and was a member of a gospel band that would perform at nursing homes and various churches. Performance & security by Cloudflare. After these phone calls, her phone quit pinging to cell towers. When the Death Certificate was filed, the Dallas Fire Department pension board was notified. True Crime. Further examination found that nothing in the garage appeared to be disturbed and his truck console held $1000 in cash. So ok, lets say you wanna kill you self, lets say you want to hide it from the family, that you commit suicide. ( Source : investigationdiscovery ) On March 10, 2017, Mr. Since her fathers death, she moved from north Texas to a picturesque property in the Hill country. Becca had multiple affairs outside her marriage to Michael. To me, if what Klein says is true, this is huge. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is a gold member challenge. Height and Weight 5'10 - 6'3, 220 - 230 pounds. He typically wears a Dallas Fire Rescue t-shirt and baseball hat. The exact reason is unknown. Floyd says its given her new hope her family may one day get answers. Chambers was at the home of family friend, Penny Edwards. Chambers waited outside. Required fields are marked *. At 2:30pm that day, he went to the location once more. She does this is so she can sell his truck and other possessions to pay bills. One of the theories they began looking into was whether or not Michael staged the crime scene in order to walk away from his life. Mrs. Furthermore, we urge landowners within a 3-mile radius of the former home of Mr. Most people keep their loved ones phone on! He grew up in a small town, but a community with a diverse mix of ethnic groups and cultures. They have ruled out Michael being in the lake. We are back with our third episode on the Michael Chambers case. | Photo: Getty Images. Floyd and her family rejected the idea Chambers killed himself, then and now. His friends at The Texas Most Wanted believe someone hid in the woods located on his property, killed him and disposed of his cellphone in the lake. Philip Klein rejects this theory, stating that he believes his personal items were thrown over the bridge. Chambers entered a Walmart store in Dallas, Texas, at 11:15 am, while Mrs. Security cameras from the grocery store confirm this, and footage from stores along Michaels route home show nothing out of the ordinary. That is where ihis phone was lasted pinged and pinged earlier that day. Awarded to all players scoring 900 points in a round. Retired Dallas firefighter Michael Chambers, who went missing on March 10, 2017. The other alternative was for Mrs. view. And she had the motive and opportunity to make him disappear. Having last spoken to Chambers at 8 am that day, wife Becca Chambers reported him missing after coming home to an empty house. I agree this needs to be looked into. --- Send i. Bloodhounds were called in to conduct a more thorough search of the 10-acre property. During this investigation, they interviewed over 100 people, performed extensive ground searches, and collected evidence. More than 75 individuals from the Hunt County Sheriffs Office, Hunt County Sheriffs Posse and Rockwall Sheriffs Posse joined with Community Emergency Response Teams from EastTex Regional CERT, Allen CERT and Rowlett CERT joined Mark9 K9 and the Child Abduction . Following the recovery of this evidence, Becca Chambers gave police a detailed account of her day. We are asking for the Texas Rangers to take over the investigation into the disappearance of Michael Chambers. On the eve of the four-year anniversary of his disappearance, the Hunt County Sheriffs Office released the following statement from the new Sheriff, Terry Jones: The Hunt County Sheriffs Office continues to follow up on every lead into his disappearance. Within 15 minutes of it pinging towers again, is when Becca says she arrived home and found Michael to be missing. Chambers claims to have observed several quarter sized blood droplets on the floor of the workshop where he housed his classic cars. He looked at the amount of blood on the ground and felt it wasnt enough for the wound to have been fatal. Klein made it sound like it couldn't be confirmed because that was when her phone went dark, but I'm not totally sure about that. Chambers family members spoke with Mr. Dunn during this time. He was already in his 70s, which led people to think that he was mentally abnormal.

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