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Within the USA, Florida had the most bites, with none of them being fatal. The swimmer, a62-year-old Monterey man, suffered significant injuries from the shark bite, and was taken to a hospital, police said. "I stood up to turn around and see what was going on because it sounded like something scared her," he said. Shark attacks increased around the world in 2021 following three consecutive years of decline, . A teen bitten by a shark off the coast of the Florida Panhandle last week is recovering in the hospital and surrounded by her family. A 10-year-old boy is "in good spirits" after having a portion of his leg amputated due to a shark attack. The girl was scalloping with her family nearGrassy Island, just off Keaton Beach, in water approximately 5 feet deep, a TCSOincident summary stated. "It's a miracle she survived this and I know if Rhett hadn't been the one that was with her when it happened we may be in a very different scenario right now.". If youre reading the newspaper, scrolling your various socail media feeds, or watching the news, it seems like shark attacks are a common occurrence during the summer months - no matter the hemisphere you are in! Earlier this week, great white shark researchers on Cape Cod warned visitors that warmer weather signals not just the start of the busy tourist season, but also thearrival of the regions famous predators. There were 32 additional bites in 2022 that fit the ISAFs criteria for having been intentionally or unintentionally provoked. Addison Bethea, left, faces a long fight ahead after she was bitten by a shark off Keaton Beach in Florida. University of Florida study shows human pee could play key role in seagrass restoration, Animal rights group files complaint against UF research ending in dog deaths, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. These smaller fishes, in turn, attract sharks, which sometimes mistake humans for prey.. Three shark bites have occurred in Florida in recent weeks. A teenage girl was seriously injuredin ashark attack in Floridaon Thursday, marking the second reported attack in just over a weekacross the nation. The exact species of shark responsible for each of these attacks is not clear. "It can sometimes seem as if there is an up tick, especially when there are three or four bites in rapid succession. When people are in the water, all pushed up close to shore. It's a small world: Tallahassee couple came across FAMU's Marching 100 while in Paris, Roe v. Wade fallout: Leon County judge rules Floridas 15-week abortion law unconstitutional. March 3 (UPI) -- At a White House meeting on Friday, President Joe Biden thanked German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for Germany's "profound" help in countering Russian aggression in Ukraine. He was wading in waist-deep water with his dad . Of these . South Africa, which averages a few bites a year, had two unprovoked attacks in 2022, both of which were fatal and likely caused by white sharks. A family member reportedly jumped in the water and beat the shark until the juvenile was free, the Taylor County Sheriffs Office said in a statement posted toFacebook. In 2021, there were 28 documented bites in Florida, followed by six in Hawaii, three in California, four in South Carolina, three in North Carolina, two in Georgia and one in Maryland. Thats also where the man from New Jersey was bitten this week. The International Shark Attack File places a strong emphasis on unprovoked bites in its annual report and does not highlight attacks that may have been prompted by mitigating circumstances, such as fishing lines cast in the direct vicinity of the incident or the presence of chum in the water. Florida was the shark bite capital of the globe, with 16 unprovoked attacks documented there last year . But why the distinction between provoked and unprovoked bites? Dozens of shark bites have been tallied up around the world since 2022 kicked off - but Florida has proved the hotspot with 11 so far, according to Tracking Sharks. Data from the University of Florida has revealed that there were 57 unprovoked shark bites worldwide in 2022, with only five of them fatal, while there were 73 in 2021 with nine deaths. Since 2013, there has been an average of 74 unprovoked bites per year. Marine coasts and estuaries are a favorite feeding ground for a variety of fishes, which take advantage of the tides to scope out new food and rummage near the shallow seafloor for plants and invertebrates, the ISAF continues. That is, amazingly, 72% of the total worldwide attacks for . Generally speaking, the number of sharks in the worlds oceans has decreased, which may have contributed to recent lulls, said Gavin Naylor, director of the Florida Museum of Natural HistorysFlorida Program for Shark Research. The odds may be against being bitten by a shark, but at the same time, it certainly makes sense to take steps to further decrease those chances. Changing the environment such that sharks are drawn to the area in search of their natural food source might prompt them to bite humans when they otherwise wouldnt.. However, despite this, shark bites are rarely fatal, and remain relatively rare. The attack occurred near Grassy Island just off Keaton Beach. Two people are recovering after being bitten by sharks in Florida. Florida once again reported more shark attacks than anywhere else in the world, new data released by the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File shows, while the U.S. and Australia saw the most unprovoked shark attacks in 2022. According to the report, West was watching a school of fish and noticed some sea grass floating weirdly. Tuesday 16 August 2022 14:34. T. he incident marked only the 11thknown unprovoked attack from this species. The biological species of the sharkremains unknown, but it wasdescribed as being approximately nine feet long. READ: Rare shark usually found in freezing Arctic waters spotted in Caribbean coral reef for the first time. Florida shark bites declined in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as there were not as many tourists and people swimming in the water. Thats when bites occur.. At least 10 people have died in the wake of a severe weather system bringing fierce winds, damaging tornadoes and flash flooding to the U.S. South and Midwest. Updated August 16, 2022 2:02 PM. The number of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide decreased last year, tying with 2020 for the fewest number of reported incidents in the last 10 years. Jackie Forst, 68, was vacationing with her sister and friends July 23 when she and her sister Marilyn went for a swim before 8 p.m. Volusia County has an annual average of nine unprovoked shark attacks per year. But these annual number fluctuations can vary and are common, based in the variability in oceanographic, socioeconomic and meteorological conditions. Thursday's attack is one of the latest in an alarming pattern of similar incidents. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. In contrast, the National Weather Service estimates approximately 270 people in the U.S. are struck by lightning each year. Additionally, sharks may be moving north as climate change and rising sea temperatures push their prey north in search of cooler waters. 37. On January 22, 2022, 42-year-old Heather West was snorkeling near an uninhabited tropical island of Loggerhead Key when a 6-foot lemon shark grabbed her foot and it became another Florida shark attack. 10 Sharks Near Central Florida Beaches WATCH: Sharks biting alligators, the most epic lion battles, and MUCH more. To avoid shark bites, beachgoers should avoid swimming between dusk and dawn, swimming where people are fishing, swimming alone, and swimming around large schools of fish, Hueter says. A relaxing day at the beach quickly took a turn for 33-year-old Bryan Olivares. 1, 2022 at 4:57 PM EDT TAYLOR COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) - A 17-year-old girl attacked by a shark at Keaton Beach Thursday has a long road to . her on Twitter@nataliealund. "Then it tried to drag me underwater because we were in like six feet of water," she added. There were 7 different attacks, but the good news is most of them were minor attacks, some only requiring basic first aid. He's one of the three people in Florida who've been attacked by sharks in the last week. There's no evidence to suggest shark numbers are necessarily correlated with the number of sharks bites, he told, saying several factors could explain this drop. Especially because the bites off Long Island have not been particularly severe, it indicates that its a smaller animal.. The teenager who survived a shark attack last week near Tallahassee, Florida, now faces an upcoming surgery to amputate one of her legs. 2022 / 8:36 AM Contact Christopher Cann at and follow @ChrisCannFL on Twitter. She went into surgery around 6 p.m. and lost a portion of her leg, officials said. Hueter says that as our oceans become healthier, beachgoers may have to adjust to more sharks in the water. Heavy rainfall, storms, La Nia events, heatwaves, and COVID-19 - how that may have restricted access to the beach - depending on where they live; there are a range of factors. The combination means the number of people at beaches in Florida continues to grow quickly. . Addison Bethea, a 17-year-old high school student from Perry, Florida, was scalloping on Keaton Beach when she was attacked by a 9-foot-long shark on June 30. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey. Find her on Twitter @nataliealund. Gavin Naylor, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at Florida Museum, told Newsweek that despite this apparent flurry of attacks, the shark bite numbers for this year "are actually in line with trends over the past few years.". Shark attacks are somewhat common near the beaches in Florida. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much The phenomenon happens a lot, but the patterns are consistent with long term trends," Naylor said. The siblings' mother, Michele Murphy, praised Willingham and called her daughter's survival " a miracle. CASE: GSAF 2022.10.10.R DATE: Reported October 10, 2022 LOCATION: Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, USA NAME: Malec Mata DESCRIPTION: A 15-year-old male from South Florida BACKGROUND DEPTH OF WATER: Waist-deep NARRATIVE: Malec Mata was casting bait when the small nurse shark got wrapped up in their fishing line. The majority of shark attacks involve minor injuries and occur off the Atlantic coast of Florida, where the . International Shark Attack Files Florida Museum of Natural History Dickinson Hall 1659 Museum Rd PO Box 117800 University of Florida . They ventured into the low visibility water with pool noodles to play in the 1 1/2 to 2-foot waves. Find more information at Despite having an infamous reputation, sharks do not actively seek out humans. Enter your email in the box below to get the most mind-blowing animal stories and videos delivered directly to your inbox every day. Those incidents are truly bites, not attacks where the animal is trying to do mortal harm, Hueter said. All rights reserved. Beachgoers are more likely to be injured or killed by coastal features like rip tides and strong currents than sharks, according to the World Health Organization. Turns out the number of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide decreased last year, tying 2020s global numbers (that were most likely influenced by COVID-19s lockdowns)! There were five fatal attacks, down from nine in 2021 and ten the year before. July 1 (UPI) -- A teenage girl has lost her leg, but is alive, after she was attacked by a shark along the coast in northwestern Florida on Thursday, authorities said. By comparison, on Floridas Gulf coast, sharks have lots more territory to spread out and there are fewer human-shark encounters, Hueter says. Addison Bethea, 17, was seriously injured on June 30 when she was bitten . Small sharks feeding on the schools of fish will test bite a persons hand or foot but usually quickly let go. Treasury sanctions three Russians for imprisonment of opposition leader. If we're going to look at the patterns of shark bites, and fatal bites, we should really be looking at 10-year scales to capture that high variability., This is a BETA experience. She had to have her leg amputated following the attack. A stock photo shows a shark and a swimmer. "A family member reportedly jumped in the water and beat the shark until the juvenile was free," thereport read. Last week, a 62-year-old California man was badly wounded after being attacked by a shark in waters about 85 miles from San Francisco. Sweltering hot temperatures this summer means more people and sharks at the beach. Florida has recorded more shark bites than any other state, and since 1837 there have been 896 shark confirmed attacks there. March 3 (UPI) -- The Interior Department said Friday that it was taking new steps to restore the declining American bison population. By Keegan Sentner | Published Jul 6, 2022 6:22 PM Survival Shark attacks, while rare, can be brutal and traumatic. In 2021, there were almost 50 unprovoked shark attacks in the United States -- more than any other country. First published on July 4, 2022 / 3:57 PM. 2023 FOX Television Stations, until SAT 7:00 PM EST, Pinellas County, Coastal Hillsborough County, Coastal Manatee County, Coastal Sarasota County, St. Pete restaurant employees burned after co-worker sprays grease on them, police say, One month ago, Harriet the eagle disappeared from her famous Florida nest, Valrico man killed after driving off Selmon Expressway ramp and into nearby apartment parking lot, 3 Daughters head brewer killed in Skyway Bridge accident, company says, Tampa residents of mobile home park get more time to vacate after Hillsborough County contacts landlord, Tom Sizemore, 'Saving Private Ryan' Actor, Dies at 61 after suffering brain aneurysm, 8-year-old girl who performed solo wins big in cheer competition after team didn't show up, From Coconut Road to Moose Tracks, here's the scoop on how Publix creates its ice cream, North Port brush fire: Roads reopen after fire forces closures on I-75; schools evacuate as precaution. And the world is on track for another very normal shark-bite year, with about 70 to 80 unprovoked attacks expected, according to Gavin Naylor, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Robert Hueter, chief scientist at shark data organization OCEARCH, tells CNN that he believes conservation success is the main factor contributing to the recent cluster of shark bites. In Florida, where the majority of US shark attacks happen, people were nearly 21 times more likely to die in a tornado (125 deaths) than a shark bite (six deaths) between 1985 and 2010. July 1 (UPI) -- A teenage girl has lost her leg, but is alive, after she was attacked by a shark along the coast in northwestern Florida on Thursday, authorities said. Still, experts say that a combination of conservation efforts and climate change may have something to do with the increase in attacks in New York. This marked the fourth attack to occur in Volusia County this year. The shark species remained unknown Friday, but it wasdescribed as being approximately nine feet long. "They've been there all along. Large sharks were spotted swimming next to the shore in Florida Saturday, prompting beach-goers to evacuate. Over the course of numerous trips, Jim has driven an RV through West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. According to the University of FloridasInternational Shark Attack File, there were a total of 57 unprovoked bites in 2022, most of which occurred in the United States and Australia. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Desperate attempt to rescue victim of fatal shark attack caught on video, Teen killed by shark while trying to swim with dolphins, Great white shark decapitates diver in first fatal attack of 2023: report, This is the creature that has great white sharks trembling with fear. They're always migrating at this point in time. 17-year-old seriously injured in shark attack off Florida 01:37. . But University of Florida's International Shark Attack File (ISAF) report has come out for 2022 and it couldnt paint a more different picture if it tried. Addison Bethea, a 17-year-old from the nearby city of Perry, was scalloping in shallow waters off the coast of Keaton Beach on Thursday when a shark suddenly approached and bit her. The group was at Little Africa Reef, which is 70 miles away from Key West.. A woman has survived a bull shark attack off Redington Shores Beach, Florida. Bull sharks and tiger sharks have a reputation for being aggressive, although attacks are rarely unprovoked. In the case of Volusia County, the Ponce de Leon Inlet has a strong tidal flow, which leads to more baitfish in the area, Naylor explains. Another recent victim was Texas-based Lindsay Bruns, 35, who had been out swimming with her family in Sawyer Key on June 29 when a shark bit her. Comments. Although he was bitten on the knee and calf, the man was not transported to the hospital by ambulance, Ocean Rescue Captain Tamra Malphurs said. Swimmers are also advised to avoid sand bars because sharks often congregate there. A SERIES of shark attacks and sightings were reported in the United States in 2022. It wasn't immediately known exactly what type of shark attacked the girl in Florida on Thursday, but authorities said it was about 9 feet long. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening injuries and was expected to survive, the Orlando-based television news station WOFL reported. Pittsburgh woman missing for 31 years found alive in Puerto Rico, School shooting survivor has emotional audition on "American Idol". A Psychologist Offers 2 Tips To Help You Succeed In A New Romance, NASAs New Moon Rocket Crackles 40 Million Times Greater Than A Bowl Of Rice Krispies, Say Scientists, A Psychologist Gives 3 Tips To Help You Design Your Perfect Work Cave, My TikTok On Friendship Breakups Went Viral. The U.S. had only a single unprovoked fatality, which occurred late in the year when a snorkeler went missing along Keawakapu Beach in Maui, Hawaii. "What's changed is our ability to get really good footage.". "Some rules to follow are: never swim alone, do not enter the water near fishermen, avoid areas such as sandbars (where sharks like to congregate), do not swim near large schools of fish, and avoid erratic movements while in the water.". After Thursday's attack, the Taylor County Sheriff's Office reminded beach-goers to be vigilant and safe. Sharks then visit the area to feed on the high numbers of baitfish. A Florida teen is in critical condition Friday after losing part of her leg in a shark attack at a popular beach, officials said. 7 Transportation Decisions Youll Need To Make Before Visiting Costa Rica, Our Favorite Hikes In All 50 States (2023), 21 Essential Pieces You Need For The Perfect Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe, Peak Cherry Blossom Dates Released For Washington, D.C. When The National Park Service Says You Should Visit, 10 Amazing U.S. National Parks That Promise Fewer Crowds The Least Visited Spots In 2022, This Expedition Cruise Ship To Sail Where No Cruise Ship Has Gone Before, Top 10 Most Visited U.S. National Park Sites In 2022 The 2 Unique Spots That Topped The List, For details on Quillt's privacy and cookie policies, please visit our, This May Be The One Reason Great White Sharks Attack People, Two Possible Shark Bites On Floridas East Coast In Two Days, Another Shark Bite Reported In Florida, This Time Daytona Beach Shores. I write about the latest, exciting research on sharks worldwide! According to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File, there were a total of 57 unprovoked bites in 2022, most of which occurred in the United States and Australia. The chances of being bitten by a shark remain incredibly low. That represents 60% of all unprovoked attacks across the U.S. As of August 16, there have been 32 shark . Of these, five attacks were fatal, down from nine deaths in 2021, and 10 the year prior. Naylor also noted that in the months before June there are fewer people in the water, so there "are very few bites.". "I'm out of danger. Its also a time when young sharks that were born in the spring or early summer are fairly abundant in coastal waters, in places like New York.. March 4 (UPI) -- Three children are dead and two others remain hospitalized Saturday after a domestic incident in a North Texas town, authorities said. A Florida teen who was attacked by a shark is on the road to recovery. Never miss a story: Subscribe to the Tallahassee Democrat using the link at the top of the page. Shark attacks are somewhat common near the beaches in Florida. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A 33-year-old man is recovering after he was bitten on the foot by a shark off the coast of Daytona Beach. Additionally, sharks may bite because they feel threatened and are just trying to defend themselves. Shark attack map shows six dead & 33 mauled in 2022 so far - as expert issues chilling warning . All Rights Reserved. . Bites are likely to increase during this time of year as more people are in the water. Hueter says that many of these bites occur when humans are swimming in or near large schools of prey fish. According to the Florida Museum's shark attack file, there have been eight isolated shark attacks in Collier County, eight in Lee County, and one in . The attack took place 85 miles south of San Francisco, the Pacific Grove Police Department said in astatement. Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler who's ready to cross a few items off their bucket list. But, after she was attacked by a nine foot shark . Just two days after Olivares was bitten, 13-year-old Fischer Hricko had similar experience. The man, who is from New Jersey, was bitten while fishing in waist-deep water at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. 3:09. He's one of the three people in Florida who've been attacked by sharks in the last week. March 3 (UPI) -- The Treasury Department Friday sanctioned three Russian individuals for human rights abuses against a prominent Russian opposition leader. SHARE. The family of a 10-year-old boy who lost part of his leg in a shark attack Aug. 13, 2022, in the Keys is pictured in this screenshot of a fundraising page put up by a family friend. A Complete List of Shark Attacks in Florida So Far in 2022 WATCH: Sharks biting alligators, the most epic lion battles, and MUCH more. ORLANDO, Fla. Florida is once again the shark bite capital of the world as numbers jumped globally after three years of declines, according to the annual update from the International Shark Attack File. But this month, there were five non-fatal shark attacks in Long Island within just two weeks. Primary Menu Sections Skip to search results Bethea then recalled attempting to punch the shark in its nose, but noted that she was unable to do so because of its "weird position.". The ISAF team investigated 137 alleged shark-human interactions in 2021 to confirm the 73 unprovoked bites and an additional 39 provoked bites. A teenager who was in hospital to have her right leg amputated on Tuesday after a shark bit her off Florida's coast said she . Most shark bites take place in and around surf zones. I'm lucky, but I don't know what is going to happen," Olivares said. As Schreiber explains, when sharks do attack humans, they're likely just confusing a person for food. ", "My daughter, by medical standards, should not be alive right now and I know that," Murphy said. Of Florida's 28 unprovoked shark bites, 63 percent or 17 bites were in . CDFWreportedthe victim was expected to recover. Shark attack survivor Addison Bethea and her brother Rhett Willingham spoke to CNN from her hospital bed on Monday, July 4. I felt like I stepped on a knife. Dozens of shark bites have been tallied up around the world since 2022 kicked off - but Florida . The country is warmer than its ever been. Just know that large sharks are here, she said. ISAF had only recorded 12 unprovoked bites in New York's history prior to 2022. I'm still going to do what I love, don't just let fear overtake your life.". COCOA BEACH, Florida - Florida accounted for 39% of all shark attacks in the U.S. and 28% of the world's total in 2022 according to the University of Florida International Shark Attack File (ISAF) 2022 Worldwide Shark Attack Summary. Take precautions Sharks are far from the . By Robyn White On 7/11/22 at 11:16 AM EDT. Australia had nine confirmed unprovoked bites, and single bites occurred in New Zealand, Thailand and Brazil. None of Floridas 16 unprovoked bites were fatal, but two likely from bull sharks required medical treatment resulting in amputations. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) The remains of a man who had disappeared in southern Argentina earlier this month appear to have been found inside a . Last year, about 60% of all unprovoked shark attacks in the United States -- and almost 40% of all attacks worldwide -- occurred in Florida. A relaxing day at the beach quickly took a turn for 33-year-old Bryan Olivares. . The U.S. continues to lead the way globally with by far the most shark attacks - 41 confirmed cases in 2022, a drop from 47 in 2021. Last week, on June 22,a shark attacked a swimmeralong the central California coast. Whats more, its still highly unlikely beach goers in the area will be bitten by a shark. The attack happened near Keaton Beach and after several . The number of shark bites occurring in Florida this year are in line with long term trends, despite a recent . The girl was wading in 5-foot waters in Taylor County around 3 p.m . He's now recovering at home after getting 10 stitches in his lip. In addition to writing, he also enjoys traveling--particularly in an RV. The group released its annual report this month and found 73 documented attacks last year, a stark contrast from 2020s total of 52. If youd like to learn more about shark bites, as well as how to avoid them, be sure to read: Jim Fulcher has been a writer and editor his entire career. Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 10:07 AM PST. This Sunday, a group of divers went in search of scallops, lobsters and other marine life off the coast of San Miguel . She was airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and was in surgery around 6 p.m., said TCSO spokesperson Gina Deeson. When you enter the water, remember that there's always a risk of a shark encounter, along with other predators. When this happens the news stories get amplified, generating the false perception that 'things are different this year.' A relative frantically entered the surf and battered the shark until it released the bloodied girl from its grip. 2. Theyre a constant presence from June to the fall.. On February 27, 2022, the third US shark attack was reported off San Miguel Island, California. Her brother, Rhett Willingham, helped rescue her. | 27018 Views | 11 min read. Shark assaults are common in the Sunshine State, which accounts for 40% of all bites worldwide. A Texas woman is still recovering from a shark attack that occurred in the Florida Keys last week. 3 children killed, 2 hospitalized in North Texas domestic incident. The Taylor County Sheriffs Office warned swimmers to exercise caution in the wake of the incident, advising kids to never swim alone and to avoid making sudden movements in the water. Around 57 unprovoked shark attacks were reported in 2022, and five of them were fatal. THE LATEST: 'She is a trooper': Doctors will amputate Taylor Co. girl's leg following shark attack. Published: Jun. A 21-year-old man was bitten by a shark in a part of Florida unofficially known as the "Shark Bite Capital of the World" earlier this week. Everyone Practices Cancel Culture | Opinion, Deplatforming Free Speech is Dangerous | Opinion. Shark attacks increased worldwide in 2021, . Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. 2023 Cable News Network. The sharks have always been there to some extent, but their numbers have been much lower than they are right now because of overfishing over the last 30-40 years, he said. She is expected to survive, according to WCTV. None of these incidents were fatal. Addison Bethea was out hunting for scallops in the waters off Keaton Beach, Florida, on Thursday when a shark latched onto her flesh.

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