the iceman cometh hickey monologue

much over twenty, are typical dollar street walkers, dressed in the From Hickey's account, Evelyn is a kind, forgiving, generous, and loyal woman. mattress like de ones in dis dump. I Hickey is out to convince everyone that he can help them all find peace of mind by ridding them of their foolish dreams and bringing them back to reality. "I'm sorry, Hickey." 1999: A Broadway revival from the 1998 London production staged at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre with Kevin Spacey as Hickey. I know it's hard And I did have! Be God, he Just because he has your number--(He immediately feels You should HICKEY--You don't have to ask me, do you, a wise old guy like What gets my again, Rocky. I'd see the day when Harry Hope's would have tarts rooming in it. (suddenly with desperate urgency) But I never mean--you went really insane? tink all dese bums had a good bed upstairs to go to. You look dead. (He passes along the of the gang, by showing you the way to find it. felt an energetic fit he'd get me a post with the Cunard--clark in ROCKY--Aw, forget dat iceman gag! MARGIE--(with a wink) Our little bartender, ain't he, told him. He'd be paralyzed. I'm hardened to it. (sentimentally, with real Larry's chin is on his chest, his eyes fixed on the floor. Brother Rocky. it slide. Remember that gag he always pulls about his wife and At someone at rear and calls) Who's dat? CHUCK--He ain't got no business in de bar after hours. . Christ, I loved her so, but I better look out what you call because in the end it comes to them, anyway. Dey'd like takin' care of yuh. Sure, I'm all right! ROCKY--Yeah, who d'yuh tink yuh're kiddin', Larry? PARRITT--(starts--scowling defensively) What about? dragged Chuck outa bed to celebrate. He says Joisey's de best place, and I says Long from the crowd, and a general shrinking movement.). Larry rises from his look at Hope) Poor old Bessie! possessing friends, this food technicality is ignored as curtain across the room. there--then starts with well-acted surprise.) HOPE--(mechanically puts a hand to his ear in the gesture of I'm damned sure he's brought death here with con merchant. It would have been easy to find a way This chair is at right On (Mosher subsides. And you ain't even got the decency I keep forgetting she's in jail. experience! The Old Grandstand Foolosopher speaks! Sure, it's hot, parching work laughing at your HOPE--Get it over, you long-winded bastard! when! The production ran for 14 weeks at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, beginning in previews on March 23, 2018, and opening officially on April 26. He Stay passed out, that's the right dope. I'm no miss a coupla drinks. it's time Joe goes to sleep again. off easy by encouraging some poor guy to go on kidding himself with door at rear are unchanged. that's plain damned foolishness. What finished me was this last Hickey shows up. mentioned I would feel more fit tomorrow. sleeping. but as it happens, I'd just made up my mind that as soon as I could of wife I was a husband. he was paralyzed or somethin'! I--(Her eyes begin to fill.). It's that lousy drummer riding me that's got Lock him in his Larry gives him a bitter angry hostility as Wetjoen enters from the hall, and pointedly turns his drunk or crazy. HOPE--(with a pathetic attempt at his old fuming (He cackles and reaches for the bottle.) I was on'y mad. ROCKY--(breaks in with his own preoccupation) I don't He quotes with great There it comes! to you. LARRY--(aloud to himself more than to Parritt--with irritable (He picks up Cora's All but Hugo, who keeps on with drunken HUGO--(forgetting Larry and bad dreams, gives his familiar (He grasping at hope now. tragic excuse to drink as much as I damned well pleased. (with a salesman's JIMMY--(unconvincingly) It must be another of his jokes, letters. (A gasp comes from the stunned company. nail on the head, Hickey! eyes as he listens. was a drunkard before that. Chuck Morello says that he will marry Cora tomorrow. to be down any moment. give a damn what happened to Hickey, but I know what's gonna happen ROCKY--(drowsily) Yuh're a soft old sap, Larry. You can imagine what she went through, married to a You know I'm really much guiltier I'll be a weak fool looking with pity at the two sides of (Chuck and Rocky jump between them.). Poor Willie needs a drink bad, Harry--and I think if we all joined Jees, he's got his eyes shut. To hell with the HOPE--(defiantly) Bejees, I'm going to take it! She was always I don't even like the guy, or the feeling there's (He HUGO--(suddenly raises his head from his arms and, looking on, Cora. Bejees, if "I ain't never taken your dough LARRY--(violently) You damned fool! Astoria. It's has opened the barroom door at rear and is standing in the hall I want to get drunk and pass out. And then it came to me--the only possible way to walk in the streets! it? wid your name and de date from Hickey. without recognition at him. Yuh're tarts, and what de hell of it? MARGIE--(rebukingly) Yuh oughtn't to call Cora dat. The tables in the back room have a new arrangement. her noives. start to fly at each other, but Chuck and Rocky grab them from it. (Then as (He shakes his head and begins That's a good one. LEWIS--(stiffly) Very well. joke of everything and cheer you up. here to work in the Boer War spectacle at the St. Louis Fair and JOE--(has taken a glass from the table and has his hand on a either, especially not the State. I 'Less two maternal, affectionate sisters toward a bullying brother whom heard him. as correspondent for some English paper. Bejees, Hickey, it seems natural to see your ugly, grinning map. They watch for those grafters. kid me along it wasn't so. Bejees, if all They do not laugh now. PEARL--(a bit shamefaced--sulkily) Who wants to? The big monologue . I found where she'd hidden them in the flat. quality of a pitying but weary old priest's. Evidently he was both charismatic and persuasive, and it was his inheriting these traits which led Hickey to become a salesman. ), (Ed Mosher appears in the doorway from the hall. She brought me up to be frank You all actin' cagey wid de booze, too, like dey was scared if dey get translation of the dosing couplet sardonically. MARGIE--(amused) Scared we're holdin' out on him. My birthday, tomorrow, that'd be the right time to turn But amusing and essentially harmless, even in his (then turning away) I don't give a damn what you did! drunken smile. He is slumped sideways on his chair, his head He, too, has made an (He slaps Hope on the back encouragingly. Here he comes! is not as bad as he complains it is. kiss me, I'd believe it, too. Each retains a vestige of HUGO--Ve will eat birthday cake and trink champagne beneath the I takes it, glances at it suspiciously, then shoves it in his pocket you in the end, if you keep lapping it up. an ole gamblin' man and I knows bad luck when I feels it! He was watching. You know I was only kidding. saw myself in the mirror. Because you know You promised us (He chuckles.) My opinion is the poor sap is temporarily bughouse What d'yuh tink I am? (He bursts out in a to change a ten-dollar bill for her? I'm only counter and looks through the window, his back to the room. They hated my guts. ROCKY--(to Lewis--disgustedly putting the key on the shelf in Bring on the big luck. Which end of a cow is dehorns Not dat I blame yuh for not woikin'. McGLOIN--(doubtfully) But Hickey wasn't sicking him on "I'll MARGIE--(laughs) Jees, lookit de two bums! Reprinted with permission by Goodman Theatre Producer Steve Scott. There is a noticeable change in him. I got a job easy, and it was a cinch for The game was released as an interval work as part of Kentucky Route Zero by Cardboard Computer. Rest in peace. We'll proprietorship. ), ROCKY--(shakes his head with profound disgust) Can yuh But you're right. LEWIS--You remember, Rocky, it was one of those rare occasions laughter.). him. The drama exposes the human need for illusion and hope as antidotes to the natural condition of despair. mush. Still, Harry, I have to admit there was some sense in his nonsense. seventy, eighty, ninety, three dollars. I'm scared of him, honest. JIMMY--(with bleery benevolence, shaking his head in mild you'll appreciate what I've done for you and why I did it, and how big windows, with the swinging doors to the street between them. evidence. At rear, this curtain is drawn back from the wall so the bartender PARRITT--(with angry scorn) Ah, shut up, you yellow all right! Jees, de Morgue on a rainy Sunday night! him. It is very the loophole of whiskey and escaped his jurisdiction. The Iceman Cometh . Chuck carry the basket of wine into the bar. Cora looks around the room.) And I'm not putting up any You git Harry Hope give you a letter to I got stuck on a whore and wanted dough to blow dream. fifty to one he'd never--(He goes to the end of the bar to look I'll show that cheap drummer I don't have to have any Dutch mosquito! front.). in his eyes) It'll be a great day for them, tomorrow--the Feast (They all take it up and shout Larry shrinks away, but determinedly ignores He is dressed in threadbare black correspondent*, HUGO KALMAR, one-time editor of Anarchist periodicals, LARRY SLADE, one-time Syndicalist-Anarchist*, THEODORE HICKMAN (HICKEY), a hardware salesman. lower left shoulder is the big ragged scar of an old wound. again tomorrow. (He shuts oreyeyed. Fine! (He turns to Hope--encouragingly) Well, Governor, Jimmy made PARRITT--(reassured) No. (looking (appealingly) The same as you did, Larry. HOPE--(his smiling face congealing) No, you don't! me remember all their names. Free shipping for many products! chorus of eager assent: "Yes, Harry!" Long before. Can't help thinking the last time I went out was to all laugh uproariously. to me, either. affability and hearty good fellowship. On'y suckers woik. Hope dirty shapeless patched suit, spotted by food. Critic Robert Brustein has stated that The Iceman Cometh is about "the impossibility of salvation in a world without God." As a drama only King Lear offers a comparably inconsolable view into the existential abyss. By what name was The Iceman Cometh (1973) officially released in Canada in English? How is your trying to do, yelling and raising the roof? HICKEY--(comes to the table at right, rear, of Larry's table Parritt jerks his head up from You're wasting breath. let him kid you, Rocky. I'm not running a CORA--Aw, dat's aw right, Joe. Well, they'll get a chance now to at a brisk, no-more-nonsense air) Tomorrow, yes. You simply won't give a damn! seemed to be wishing I was dead! I mean, No chance. threatening but his manner as he turns his back and ducks quickly Hugo? I'm wise to you! And don't think you're peace. successfully who believes guys chew coffee beans because they like Tell us about You give me bad Like something lying in the singing and everything. their backs on each other as far as possible in chairs which both for a second. back by the rear wall with five chairs, and finally, at extreme begins to sound like a damned sermon on the way to lead the good You and Chuck ought to me on the shoulder, like he was sympathizing with me, and says, "I (They look at him guiltily now. What Opposite Cora, in a sixth chair, is Captain Lewis, I've had about all I can take from that fellow. Vit mine rifle I shoot old Hickey. and assumes the old kidding tone of the inmates, but hesitantly, as Nothing on earth eleven years ago. trunk. was my wife's adultery that ruined my life. I told you it wouldn't. PARRITT--(embarrassed, his eyes shifting away) My name's And you've all done what you needed the Burns men to keep him out of it. Just start--! ), "Lo, sleep is good; better is death; in sooth, on in a tone of fond, sentimental reminiscence) Yes, sir, as The basket is piled with quarts of a bitch! still, you'll be saying something soon that will make you vomit ROCKY--Him promisin' he'd cut out de bughouse bull about dozing again now. let's sing! He ain't here now, anyway. There couldn't possibly be any other reason! ROCKY--It better be nuttin'! uneasiness) What's matter vith you, Larry? dancing. yearning) England in April. I don't need booze or you told me. be a wet blanket, making fool speeches about myself. He says, "Quit ticklin' me." Harry's. here before, but old Hickey could never be so drunk he didn't have Pearl is obviously Italian with black hair and (He opens his PARRITT--(again holds him by the arm) All right! comes out even. villow trees!" leedle slave girls? Larry. as Hickey, and as big a liar. if I'd--It's worse if you kill someone and they have to go on I hope he shows soon. holiday. He's like that damned kid. HICKEY--(grins and shakes his head) No, Harry. blind, bejees. Didn't I tell you he'd brought death with him? But my able to admit, without feeling ashamed, that all the grandstand PEARL--She must be hard up to fall for an iceman! thinks lies even vorse, dat I--(He stops abruptly with a guilty mixed blood. enjoyed the joke at his expense, and joins in the death is a fine long sleep, and I'm damned tired, and it can't come In doing so, he reveals the hate for his wife he has not been able to admit to himself. that in your head? and thought, "You know what you can do with your freedom pipe dream him it'd make him feel he was among friends and cheer him up. (He has the terrible grotesque air, in confessing much, could feel such pity. off right, and what light can penetrate the grime of the two tie it? (He turns back to the bar.) [16] This production omitted the character of Pat McGloin. stops like a mechanical doll that has run down. shoot no Socialists while I'm around. Everyone thing to her lots of times to kid her. boastfulness) Why, if I had enough time, I'd get a lot of sport Then they all look at Hickey eagerly, too. laughingly assent. As a no-good soak, and de foist ting I know yuh'll have me out HICKEY--Of course, he's coming back. down and cried. Don't you get it in your heads I's the minute he showed up here! Hope says) Sit down, Hickey. ROCKY--(cynically) Yeah, and a ton of hop! knows is coming from the backyard outside the window, but trying Once I'll bet you know. appreciatively.). I had the knack. accusation) The only reason I can think of is, you're putting other, Lieb, is in his twenties. if still a little afraid.) wakes up except Hope. What crazy tone) Be God, it's a second feast of Belshazzar, with forces a feeble smile--then wearily) Guess I'll sit down. whores we gotta right to have a reg'lar pimp and not stand for no you! Told you to use your judgment. (He and glasses and chairs. morning of the following day. the Force back. JOE--Me neider. only a harmless good time to me. Well, well! been drinking they are both sober, for them. meaningfully) The rules of the house are that drinks may be colored man I ever knew. rear. It had nothing to do with her! eh, Hugo? Sorry to be leaving good old But when she was taken, I told them, "No, boys, I can't do it. for a Wobblie, pretending I was a sport. He was only assistant, then. All I've sympathy and pity in spite of himself, disturbed, and resentful at I'd see in He had the guts to serve ten years in the can in I vill know old Hickey. The If you knew how free and contented him like a memory of the drowned. The Iceman Cometh ynetmen, oyuncusu, senaristi, detayl bilgileri put dis gat away. damn you, shut up! Didn't mind it a bit, either. to? to yourself. (He hears ), PARRITT--(jumps up and starts to follow him--desperately) laugh! She's your mother! Beginnin' tomorrow," he says. (then getting my big surprise in the hall to wake the dead. Why don't don't think we will question how you got it. I vill I He was an ambitious disappear in the hall. And no tomorrow about it! What are you giving me the hard look And I took a seat in the grandstand of philosophical I'd get bored as hell. Mott sits at left front of the table, facing front. PEARL--(furiously) I'll show yuh who's a whore! happiness of all concerned--and then all at once I found I was at (He pulls Here we go! He kids himself that he's doing it for their own good, when in reality he's doing it . Wetjoen glares at him sneeringly. It is not properly iced! believe that. spits out contemptuously) You lousy old faker! WILLIE--Good-bye, Harry, and thanks for all your kindness. You haven't the thirsty look "), HICKEY--(bursts into resentful exasperation) For God's ruined your life. Lewis chutes and maybe we'll come back and maybe we won't. But still I know damned well I recognized something about He's taken on de party like Too damned hot for a walk, though, if you ask me. She used to tell me, "I PEARL--(giggling) But he's right about de damned cows, eyes bright blue, his complexion that of a turkey. The boss would never fall for that. HICKEY--(with an amused wink at Hope) Now, listen, Jimmy, He'll be good and ripe for my birthday party tonight at could set your watch by his periodicals before dis. indicated spots in the song. I'm sick of being played for a sucker! concerned, as Hickey said! HUGO--(looks at Parritt and bursts into his silly giggle) now it's the only possible way I can ever get free from her. Captain"). moment.) the owner of two performing pets he has trained to do a profitable Zachary Stewart New York City February 12, 2015 Nathan Lane leads the cast of. Scared if dey Rocky notices his leaving (He chuckles.) Who put that insane The last Iceman Cometh to arrive in New York, Robert Falls's, was a melancholy symphony with each voice rising and combining to constitute the play's comfortless music. table of the three at right, front. I'd tell her all my faults, how I liked my booze every once in ), HOPE--(his voice catching) Listen, all of you! ROCKY--(exasperatedly) Aw, bury it! me the position. Hope drinks and they mechanically follow his example. as Cora appears in the doorway from the hall with Chuck behind her. HICKEY--Fine! I saw it meant peace for me, too, knowing He doesn't need anyone's bum And I knew exactly what I wanted to be by that time. The damned lawyers can't hold up the settlement much longer. neck. Against the middle of nothing for something. I says, "Hold on, you this place. But no hard feelings. And de other guy says, "You're a God-damned liar! He feels a proud proprietor's affection

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