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A student must meet satisfactory academic progress by the end If other colleges have been attended since the last Chamberlainof that semester, unless the approved appeal includes an academic plan. 34,695 were here. The maximum leave of absence a student may take is one semester.A student may be placed on academic warning only once while enrolled After one semester, the student must return to class or be consideredin any Chamberlain program or program option within the same degree withdrawn. Graduating with high honors in high school usually means qualifying for the honor roll, which can mean earning a certain GPA, usually 3.5 or higher; or you can graduate as the Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Maintaining Honors status can definitely be a challenge as a single mom, especially since nursing school has been a huge roller coaster ride. Admissions is fairly competitive as the Chamberlain University - Atlanta acceptance rate is 38%. Cloud State UniversityBSN, Akron University BSN, Florida A&M University MBA, St. Thomas University MSN, University of MinnesotaMSN, Akron University MSN, University of Phoenix Eva Cabrera, BA Jacqueline Savory, MSNBruno Talerico, MSN, RN Deanna Durant, MSN Ed, RN Clinical Coordination Specialist Associate Dean, Academic OperationsAssistant Professor Assistant Professor BA, Rutgers University BSN, Long Island UniversityBSN, Arizona State University AA, Palm Beach State College MSN, Long Island UniversityMSN, University of Phoenix BSN, University of North Florida Dina Queen, MPA MSN/Ed, Regis University Administrative Fellow Shawn Little, MSN, RNVeronica Vital, PhD, RN Clinical Coordination Specialist Associate Dean, FacultyBSN, Arizona State University Jaclyn Mauldin, MSN, RNC MPA, Harvard University BSN, Kennesaw State UniversityMSN, Arizona State University Assistant Professor MSN, Walden UniversityPhD, University of Arizona BSN, Jacksonville University Nursing Faculty MSN, Jacksonville University Gayla Love, PhD, MSN, RNFlorida Amarilys Diaz, PhD(c), MSN, RN Associate Dean, FacultyJacksonville Campus Lori Overstreet, MSN, RN-BC Associate Professor BSN, Clayton State University Assistant Professor BSN, University of Puerto Rico MSN, Walden UniversityAdministration BSN, University of North Florida MSN, Florida International University PhD, Capella University MSN, Walden University PhD(c), Capella UniversityBeverly Bonaparte, PhD, RN, ANP, FAAN Charmaine Campbell, MBAPresident, Jacksonville Campus Tina Pettus, MSN Ed, RN Rose Marie Lewis, DNP, MSN-ARNP Director, AdmissionBA, Hunter College Instructor Assistant Professor BBA, American InterContinental UniversityMA, New York University BSN, University of North Florida BSN, Florida Atlantic University MBA, Troy UniversityPhD, New York University MSN/Ed, Chamberlain College of Nursing MSN-ARNP, Florida Atlantic University DNP, University of Miami Mary Wunch, MSN, RNDolores C. Jones, EdD, MSN, CPNP Philip J. Rowe, MSN, RN Manager, Center for Academic SuccessDean, Academic Affairs Instructor McGhie Anderson BSN, The University ofBSN, Niagara University BS, University of St. Francis DNP(c), MSN, MSc, RN, CEN Southwestern LouisianaMSN, Syracuse University MSN, Excelsior College Assistant Professor MSN, The University of South AlabamaEdD, University of North Florida BSN, Northern Caribbean University Brenda Simmons, MSN, RN MSN, Florida Atlantic University Michael SwaneySharon A. Wright, DNP, MSN, CNE Assistant Professor DNP, Barry University Manager, Student ServiceAssociate Dean, Academic Operations BSN, Eastern Michigan University BA, William Patterson UniversityMSN, Duquesne University MSN, University of Phoenix Nahomie Mirville, MSN, ARNPDNP, Chatham University Assistant Professor Craig Cowan, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNRN Sherri Smith, MSN Ed, RN ASN, Broward College Academic Success CoachJudith Ann Driscoll, M.Ed, MSN, RN Assistant Professor BSN, Florida Atlantic University BSN, Chamberlain College of NursingAssociate Dean, Faculty BSN, Florida State University MSN, South University MSN, Chamberlain College of NursingBSN, St. Louis University MSN/Ed, University of PhoenixMSN, St. Louis University Anahi Penelope Munoz Gina Causey, MSN, RNM.Ed, University of Missouri, St. Louis Miramar Campus DNP(c), MSN, ARNP- BC, CCRN Clinical Lab Specialist Assistant Professor BSN, University of AlabamaChristina Belin, MS Administration BSN, University of the Republic Nursing MSN, Chamberlain College of NursingDirector, Admission School UruguayBS, Florida A&M University Linda Fly, PhD, MSN, MS MSN, Kaplan University Linda Leiser, RNMS, Tennessee State University Interim President, Miramar Campus DNP (c), Nova Southeastern University Clinical Lab Specialist BSN, Central State University BSN, Georgia State UniversityGloria Dunham, MA, MSN/Ed, RN MS, Golden Gate University Millicent Richards, MSN, RNManager, SIMCARE CENTER MSN, Abilene Christian University Assistant Professor Lea Ann Palmer, RNBSN, Brenau University PhD, University of Oklahoma BSN, Florida Atlantic University Clinical Lab SpecialistMSN, Chamberlain College of Nursing MSN, Florida Atlantic University BSN, University of Central Missouri Pasquale V. Iemma, MSN, RN, BCJennifer Romero, MSN, RN-BC Dean, Academic Affairs Sheree Willie, MBA, MSN, RN Lauren Simmons, RNManager, Center for Academic Success AAS, Ocean County College Assistant Professor Clinical Lab SpecialistBSN, Salisbury University BSN, Florida Atlantic University BSN, South University ASN, Georgia Military CollegeMSN, Walden University MSN, Florida Atlantic University MSN, University of Phoenix BSN, Georgia Health & Sciences University MBA, University of PhoenixVirginia Jones-MenziesManager, Student ServiceBA, Florida Metropolitan University Chamberlain College of Nursing / Academic Catalog / 2015-2016 107 The determining factor is usually GPA, but college prerequisites for graduating with honors may also include completion of an honors thesis or early graduation. Most colleges award three tiers of honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude) based on the college's own unique requirements. Graduates planning3.3 and 3.49 will graduate Cum Laude. The Honors College will hold an in-person graduation ceremony on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at 2:00pm. A reduction in enrolled be awarded an F.hours may affect financial aid eligibility and/or awards. Only two cognates may be repeated to raise a GPA. In order to participate in the commencement Complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in the MSN degree program, exercises, a student must have fulfilled all degree requirements 45 credit hours in the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner or 30 credit hours and financial obligations to Chamberlain with the exception of in the DNP Advanced Practice Leadership Specialty Track or 32-40 credit the comprehensive exit examination requirement. Undergraduate Enrollment. One thing I have learned is that time management is , especially when you want to succeed. - Why Sigma? Chamberlain University - Columbus is a highly rated for-profit university located in Columbus, Ohio. At Graduate Commencement, the student with the highest GPA in each Graduate Program is honored with the Outstanding Student Award. . For more information, visit additional 30 hours in residence. coursework, will not be eligible for honors during that semester. MSN alumni who graduated from the educator, executive, Chamberlain Alumni Association, a dynamic organization committed healthcare policy or informatics track may return and earn a second to lifelong learning, service to the community and the advancement MSN in the Family Nurse Practitioner track and must complete an of the nursing profession. If the readmission include consideration of the students previous academicinterruption of study is three consecutive semesters or more, the student standing at Chamberlain, the reason for interrupting academic studiesmust comply with the policies and procedures for new students. For the RN to BSN to MSN program, students are charged $590 per credit for undergraduate coursework and . Grade: To calculate Grade Point Average (GPA) enter the weight/credits and the grade for each of the courses you wish to include in the calculation. All credit hours attempted and earned withinthe level of the students current program, including transitional studies In addition to GPA and maximum timeframe, Chamberlain hascoursework and transfer credit, are used in this calculation. Dean's Scholars: Dean's scholars are those students who, in the current academic year, have a cumulative GPA in the top 5% of their respective school or . There are approximately 497 students enrolled at Chamberlain College of Nursing - Troy. Graduation honors based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA)* are awarded to those students who have completed all requirements for the degree: summa cum laude requires a GPA starting at 3.9 on a 4.0 scale; magna cum laude requires a GPA starting at 3.6; cum laude requires a GPA starting at 3.4. Writtennotification of the dismissal must be issued to the student before the Any undergraduate or graduate student who interrupts their academicappeal can be submitted. hours in the DNP Healthcare Systems Leadership Specialty track. Have a 3.5 - 4.0 cumulative UNH GPA (or who have been awarded University Honors as certified by the University Honors Program) and; have at least 100 or more credits by February 15, 2022, of which at least 64 are graded UNH credits. The instructor will review the students the course was initially taken will recalculate; however, the academicrationale for the request and make a determination based on the merits standing will not be adjusted. Search all U.S. colleges. Please note, the GPA requirement of 3.25 or higher is not waived under any . Failure to meet the conditions of theplan or satisfactory academic progress will result in a second dismissal Decisions regarding the petition to resume or the application forand the student is no longer eligible for Title IV HEA program funds. 3005 Highland Pkwy, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Virtual Graduation Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 1 pm CT Participating Graduating Sessions: January 2022, March 2022, May 2022 . Black: These understated honor cords represent the business world . a. GPA Requirements Graduation with Distinction: 3.8500 or higher . Location - Addison, IL. Forms are available fromChange of Location the student service advisor or on the student portal and must be filed by the deadline. The highest grade iscalculation of the course letter grade. View Full Report Card. It's worth noting that some colleges have different GPA requirements for these honors based on majors. Chamberlain University - Addison is a for-profit university located in Addison, Illinois in the Chicago Area. Annual Tuition: $19,375 - $19,900. Cumulative Attempted Credit Hours Pace Must Be At LeastGraduate Degree Program: In order to be in good academic standing,a student must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 From Toor higher on a 4.0 scale. Sigma Membership - Learn about a Sigma membership, accept your invitation to join, access your Sigma benefits, or renew your annual membership Sigma Membership; About Sigma - Learn Sigma's Mission and Vision, Board of Directors, President's Call to Action, Position Papers, news releases, corporate sponsors, advertisers. Chamberlain University-Texas is currently selective. STUDENT ACADEMIC STANDARDSCHANGE REQUESTS Graduation & Alumni AssociationChange in Program GRADUATION INFORMATIONAn undergraduate student wishing to change programs atChamberlain College of Nursing will need to apply to that program It is the responsibility of students to verify eligibility for graduationas a new student. Silver: These cords are typically awarded to graduates in medical science, as well as physics and agriculture. University Honors Scholars. Satisfactory academic progress isevaluated at the end of each students semester and is measured by From Tothe following two standards: 0.1 15 10%Grade Point Average 15.1 30 40%Undergraduate Degree Program: In order to be in good academicstanding, a student must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average 30.1 60 60%(CGPA) of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. 96 ANDREWS UNIVERSITY of 2.75 and above. If you have any questions, contact the UIC Records Office at (312) 996-4381. STUDENT ACADEMIC STANDARDSMaster of Science in Nursing Degree & CommencementDoctor of Nursing Practice Degree Students completing graduation requirements are invited to participateThe student must: in the commencement exercises following completion of their program. The date of withdrawal will be the last date of classlevel. Transfer credits from academic institutions will be accepted I Incomplete for credit only, and are not included in the CGPA calculation. The minimum GPA required for progression is 2.50, with a minimum of 2.50 in cognate subjects. When Please see the Academic Calendar to determine the last day toa grade of I is changed to a letter grade that results in the completion withdraw from a course at graduation requirements for a student, the degree will be awardedon the official conferral date immediately following the change of the Course Repeat Policyincomplete grade to a letter grade. Chamberlain University-Texas does require GPA. Honors: 3.500 - 3.74 High Honors: 3.750 - 3.89 Highest Honors: 3.900+ the role of technology in enhancing e-commerce Chamberlain University - St. Louis is an above-average for-profit university located in Maryland Heights, Missouri in the St. Louis Area. e. No course may be repeated. file a Graduation Petition at least one semester prior to the expected date of completion of their program of study. Full-time students with a semesterof the session. Each year the University of Scranton recognizes the outstanding work of graduate students in its various programs. Graduation with Honors . Honors Designation Required Overall GPA . computed in the credit hours completed and CGPA.Students must notify the instructor of inability to take a scheduled Semester Honors for Undergraduate Programsexam a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start time of class when theexam will be given. Withdrawals, established additional academic standards that are assessed afterrepeated courses and incompletes are counted in attempted hours. To earn the designation University Honors Research Scholar, students are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Honors College courses, including a minimum of: Graduation with General College Honors A student who has completed 60 credits of traditional letter grades at Hunter College may be considered for graduation honors. Cum Laude: 3.50; Magna Cum Laude: 3.75; Summa Cum Laude 3.90; To be eligible for consideration as an honor graduate, a student must have completed a minimum of three semesters of . Students who earnaid may not be applied. Chamberlain University-Georgia does require GPA. Specialty track rests solely with the state Board of Nursing.changes must be made prior to enrollment in the final course. . Transfer students may also graduate with honors. Chamberlain University Reviews. Magna Cum Laude: 3.60 or higher, but less than . Failure to achieve the minimum passing grade on the second attempt will result in dismissal from the College.In the event of an emergency that prevents timely submission of anassignment, students may petition their instructor for a waiver of the Once a repeated course is successfully passed, the GPA for the termlate submission grade reduction. 56% of 378 students said they would recommend this school to others. Chamberlain University-Georgia is currently selective. Large Institution - Enrollment - 2893. Developmental coursework is included in attempted and AU Audit earned credit hours, but not in the GPA, Quality . Chamberlain College of Nursing Honor Society to Become Newest Chapter of STTI (Business Wire) -- The House of Delegates of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), has granted a charter to the Chamberlain College of Nursing. If the petition fee approved, the student will be reinstated and placed on financial aidprobation. The awarding of graduation honors is determined by minimum GPAs announced at the beginning of each academic year for each of the five undergraduate schools - Dedman, Cox, Lyle, Meadows and Simmons. A studenthowever, the academic standing does not recalculate. 36%. at Chamberlain, and the quality of academic and non-academic experiences following departure from Chamberlain. A withdrawalin attempted hours but are not used in any GPA calculations. The only major offered is Nursing. Recipients of this honor receive a gold tassel to wear during Commencement and a . The minimum GPAs generally represent . A degree cannotbe conferred until all incomplete coursework has been graded. The University Honors Program (UHP) UHP is an invitation-only 4-year program which involves enrolling in specific Honors classes, completing honors projects, and eventually completing an honors capstone. Graduate students may be allowed to repeatThis policy applies to assignments that contribute to the numerical a passed course in order to improve their GPA. For college graduates who haven't managed to squeeze in a Latin course or don't have a Latin-English dictionary handy, the term is often loosely translated as "with great . However, be aware that oftentimes schools in this GPA range are increasing their selectivity in hope of increasing "prestige". Any additional copieswill cost $5 for each electronic transcript and $7 for each paper Complete all required coursework in the degree program of studytranscript. Complete all required coursework in the degree program of studyDuring a students enrollment, Chamberlain maintains electronicrecords that include admission and attendance information, academic Complete a minimum of 72 credit hours, including 40 creditsprogress, grade information and other relevant student data. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 416 undergraduate students. Graduating undergraduate seniors will be recommended for graduation with honors on the basis of their overall grade point average for all college-level work attempted. Leadership &FacultyDeVry Education Group Susan L. Groenwald Chamberlain Linda Shanta, PhD, MSN, RNBoard of Directors PhD, MSN, RN, ANEF, FAAN Undergraduate/ Associate Dean, Faculty President Pre-licensure AAS, Miles Community CollegeChristopher Begley, MBA Chamberlain College of Nursing Leadership & Faculty BS, University of Mary, BismarkBoard Chair MSN, University of Mary, BismarkFounder & Former Chairman & Angie Millan, MSN, RN/NP, CNS, FAAN Administration PhD, Touro University, InternationalExecutive Officer Childrens Medical Services Nursing DirectorHospira, Inc. CMS Nursing Administration Mary Yoho, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE Carie L. Powers, PhD(c), MA Los Angeles County Department of Public Senior Director, Pre-licensure Director, AdmissionDavid S. Brown, Esq Health Childrens Medical Services Undergraduate Programs BA, Arizona State UniversityAttorney-at-Law (retired) BSN, University of Texas MA, University of Phoenix Rita Wray, MBA, RN-BC, FAAN Health Science CenterDaniel Hamburger, MBA Deputy Executive Director MSN, University of Texas Cathy Krussel, MEdPresident & Chief Executive Officer Mississippi Department of Health Science Center Manager, Student ServiceDeVry Education Group Finance & Administration PhD, Texas Womans University BS, Winona State University Founder & Chief Executive Officer MEd, Arizona State UniversityLyle Logan W.E., Inc. Paulette ZachmanExecutive Vice President & PhD, RN, PHCN-BC, CNE Karen Jilot-Elick , MSN, RNManaging Director Chamberlain Dean, Undergraduate Manager, SIMCARE CENTERNorthern Trust Global Investments National Leadership Curriculum & Instruction BSN, Marian University BSN, University of Illinois, Chicago MSN, University of Southern IndianaAlan Merten, PhD Susan L. Groenwald MSN, University of Wisconsin, OshkoshPresident Emeritus & PhD, MSN, RN, ANEF, FAAN PhD, University of Minnesota Sarah Buggle, RNDistinguished Service Professor President Clinical Learning Lab SpecialistGeorge Mason University BSN, Rush University Linda Fly, PhD, MSN, MS BSN, Arizona State University MSN, Rush University Dean, Pre-Licensure BA, Indiana UniversityFernando Ruiz PhD, Capella University BSN, Central State UniversityCorporate Vice President and Treasurer MS, Golden Gate University Stephanie Castillo, RNThe Dow Chemical Company W. Richard Cowling III MSN, Abilene Christian University Clinical Learning Lab Specialist PhD, RN*, APRN-BC, AHN-BC, FAAN PhD, University of Oklahoma BSN, University of PhoenixRonald L. Taylor Vice President, Academic AffairsDirector & Senior Advisor BS, University of Virginia Arizona Lesley Ann Ellison, MSN, RNRetired Chief Executive Officer MS, Virginia Commonwealth University Phoenix Campus Clinical Learning Lab SpecialistDeVry Education Group PhD, New York University ADN, Fayetteville Technical *Licensed in North Carolina Administration Community CollegeLisa Wardell BSN, Chamberlain College of NursingExecutive Vice President & Marie Hallinan, MA Pamela Fuller, EdD, MSN, RN MSN, Chamberlain College of NursingChief Operating Officer Vice President, Campus Operations President, Phoenix CampusThe RLJ Companies BA, Bowling Green State University Professor Nursing Faculty MA, University of Dayton ADN, Phoenix CollegeChamberlain BSN, University of Phoenix Sandra Abrams, FNP, MSN, RNBoard of Trustees Carole Eldridge MSN, University of Phoenix Assistant Professor DNP, RN, CNE, NEA-BC EdD, Argosy University AA, Phoenix CollegeJoanne Disch, PhD, RN, FAAN Vice President, Post-Licensure Programs BSN, Arizona State UniversityBoard Chair Diploma, Burge School of Nursing Donna Adams, DNSc, RN MSN, University of PhoenixProfessor Ad Honorem BSN, Evangel University Dean, Academic Affairs FNP, Grand Canyon UniversityUniversity of Minnesota MSN, The University of Texas, Arlington Phoenix Campus DNP, Rush University BSN, University of Missouri Vicki Bradshaw, EdD, MSN, RNRhonda Anderson DNSc, University of San Diego Associate ProfessorDNSc(hon), RN, FAAN, FACHE Chad E. OLynn, PhD, RN, CNE BSN, University of Washington, TacomaChief Executive Officer Director, Educational Research Catherine Mohammed MSN, University of PhoenixCardon Childrens Medical Center & Instructional Innovation PhD(c), MSN, RN EdD, Arizona State UniversityBanner Healthcare Systems ADN, Clackamas Community College Associate Dean, Academic Operations BS, Portland State University BA, St. Catherines University Freya M. Brewer, MSN Ed, RN, CNEChristopher Begley, MBA MS, Oregon Health & Science University MSN, University of Phoenix BSN, Arizona State UniversityFounder & Former Chairman PhD, Oregon Health & Science University MSN Ed, University of Phoenix& Chief Executive Officer Patricia Bishop, PhD, MSN, RNHospira, Inc. Robert H. Soulliere, Jr., MSTD Associate Dean, Faculty Laurie Curtis, MSN Ed, RN Director, Academic Technology BSN, University of Akron BSN, Grand Canyon UniversityGregory S. Davis, JD & Library Services MSN, University of Akron MSN Ed, Grand Canyon UniversitySenior Vice President BRE, Great Lakes Christian College PhD, University of AkronGeneral Counsel & Secretary MSTD, University of St. Francis Suzanne M. Kish, MSN Ed, RN, CPNDeVry Education Group Assistant Professor Laura Fillmore, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE BSN, Cedar Crest College Dean, Faculty MSN Ed, University of Phoenix BSN, Madonna University MSN, University of Phoenix DNP, Touro University106 Chamberlain College of Nursing / Academic Catalog / 2015-2016

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