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Very pleased. I absolutely love this sword. (10% off), Sale Price 217.69 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword $39.99 Combat Commander Modern Tactical Spartan Sword - 1065 Carbon Steel $46.99 $39.98! And it's too heavy to hang conveniently. It's funny it's modeled after the spartan swords in 300 but they have a picture of Roman soldiers on the box lol. This sword is one chunk of heavy metal. Gota train with it though the thing is beastly heavy! This is a replica of the swords used in the movie "300". The handle on this sword is pure junk. The handle is a little shaky, but some work will fix that. No one knows what Leonidas' real sword looks like. It is well made, dense, and very heavy. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalized recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. Learn more. It's heavy, sharp, and the metal on the blade is neither too thin nor is it too thick. There are two things that I didn't like about it one is that it doesn't have the best handle on it the other is that it doesn't come with a sheathe so you can't carry it. Considering purchasing another awesome, cut down a 6-8" oak to test it and blade held up perfect.handle was plastic and came apart so I replaced it with friction tape from electrical supply. I just ordered the sheath today and expect it very soon. It comes at an amazing low price and came two days earlier than i expected. 102.00, 120.00 Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Massive 1/4" thk blade 25" long. On display no-one knows the difference. heavy somewhat, durable, great style. Because you will. An excellent addition to anyone's collection! !
everything feels, looks, and is solid..the picture does not give the blade itself justice, all over the sword there are little dents and nicks to give it a rugged look along with the wicked curve of the blade. This is one massive and bad**s sword. per page. But besides the negative, it is a great sword and don't let my words effect you from buying it. It stabbed a truck box camper with minimum effort. This would be my go to piece.
A solid 1/2 inch thick carbon steel sword that has zombie and boggy man waiting for the next guy to pick on. This will make a nice piece to anyones collection. Bigger than the movie, but that's to be expected for a replica. Handel was loose and the leather wrapping unrivaled after the first day. it is a good sword to use as i have on steel,NAILS as in the picture and wood up to four inches. That thing was a beast. I ordered my sword Friday and got it on wednesday. The 300 Sword of Sparta Spartan King Leonidas Sword. With a little bit of TLC and some epoxy, it was good as new (Better without the handle guard). right. Very impressive item. Great buy.
Thank you True Swords! Out of all the blades I've bought this one is the best deal, I'd easily pay $60 for this thing. For those complaining about weighthit the gym. It was in great condition and came quick! Thanks again to budk and staff!! Awesome quality, well made, and hits all the check boxes. I gave it a 3 because I like the store and the blade is nasty tough, its the handle, AGAIN that is the issue, and if the handle fails then the swing or thrust fails. Whether you want a great replica, a great looking wall hanger, or a fantastically tough and inexpensive basher, this is my top choice for the money. BUT then again this was to be a replica, not a DIY sword. Channel the legendary warriors of the Spartan 300, Heat tempered steel blade is 25 1/2" long. Very nice edge and will be scary sharp when i am done. Do not expect much out of box. Its a good product for an excellent price. Don't miss out. Just a few concerns. I got it the day it shipped out. Yes as the title says for the steel or a wall hanger. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it doesn't come with a sheathe. looks great with the more expensive one I got at a local store. And I have to say, BEST PURCHASE I've ever made. I would recommend this sword to anyone who loves a good sturdy sword to beat things up with. Even the popular enemies of the Spartans, the Persians, used these swords in battles. But the one i received is great well made sword. One hunk of metal with form that is both imposing And lethal. For 5 minutes I was swinging this sword at the box it came in Leonidus by my side all the way Buy this I promise you will not be dissapointed

NOT TO MENTION I GOT MINE IN ONLY 2 DAYS!! Absolutely amazing. It looks wicked cool, and since I LOVE the movie 300, I had to buy this dumb thing just so I could say I have props from it. I don't understand the ignorance of buyers who think this sword is to have modern characteristics.I don't care how many swords you have bought in the past, if you want moderrn buy modern. Original Price 196.78 It's the real deal so next time I watch 300 I'll be holding it. The only downside to this blade and many others I have seen is the handle. Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2020. If BudK could make this baby in a two handed open guard grip version, it would be a BIG hit. BUT I am being honest. This is a really great sword. My only real concern was that the guard was hollow. All the swords found in our functional swords section are real swords that are properly forged, tempered and made like the originals. Very attractive. Got it fast ! When you get yours, first thing you'll say is OMG !! It's heavy, sharp and deadly right out of the box. My son bought two, one for each of us and his broke at the handle. To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. Overall excellent buy and money well spent. This is a fantastic looking sword! This massive sword measures 33" overall and breathes strength. but that works great for me then the pommel, use about three drops in the pommel and on the end of tang and tada an awesomely FUNCTIONAL peice how ever do not leave it out in the my brother did and it will deveople rust quickly. The sword handle is large enough to be used two handed. However this is one bad**s monster. The blade is slightly sharp, but heavy enough to cut through most things you hit with this thing, and if it doesn't cut it, it will crush it. $79.99-$214.98 SELECT ITEMS An innovative reimagining of an ancient weapon, this sword is an exceptional addition to Honshu's rock-solid tactical line It has a 16 1/2" D2 tool steel blade, which features a blood groove and weight-reducing thru-holes in the spine (35% off), Sale Price 101.97 Original Price 166.68 I think it was worth it.The handle was kind of lose, but other than that the sword is solid.THANK YOU BUDK! It's more like wielding an axe or bat than a sword, but if the zombies attack I think this would be the sword for the job. the sheath is nice and love how i can easily draw and put the sword away while it's on my back. This sword feels and looks truly handmade, and the texture and slight warble to the blade make it all the more ferocious. So just put it on the wall and don't try tightening or loosening the handle since the nut floats freely , at least on mine. (which is why i am typing) The amount of detail and precision is aw-inspiring , i am so glad i bought this. It's really pointy and can go tho a lot of stuff, it ain't that sharp but it is easy to sharpen it though. Great buy. Sincerely, A happy customer. You just can't go wrong, especially if you like 300. I have not sharpened the sword however, it would really ruin someones day left unsharpened. The 2nd issue I have is that there is no scabbard for it, which would have been nice to help protect it. The only thing that would make it a 10 is if it was full tang, the blade sits just the slightest bit loose in the hilt. Thanks BudK!""". This sword is amazing, when I first picked it up, I was surprised to see it has a great weight, and a sharp blade. Bought it for an older friend who has always wanted a sword (54 yrs old and never had one). Good job Budk. My advice is to take off the wrapping and ty it as tight as you can arounf the handle, but if possible, you could get a big amount of real leather wrapping, given that this is synthetic leather. 141.38, 157.09 Good combo for ax, hatchet and machete. My son can actually use this monster! Came sharpened and pre oiled. Massive and heavy. this sword is sick, especially when its in your hands! If you get any sword at all. That is the only thing i found wrong with it?!!? I am more of a collector then a user. it does feel alittle loose but i got used to it. was A bit Loose, It Wobbled a Little. The blade is made well and has a nice heavy feel to it, the edge is moderatly sharp. Wholesale Blades is the top distributor of real swords for sale available at very low rates. It's a nice sword it needs a second nail to hold the leather at the bottom of the handle butt other than that it's a bada$$ sword. Anyone who wants a spartan sword need look no further. Original Price 160.72 If I need a quick sword for defense I would grab this club of metal. Its a great sword, sorry guys I have had no problem with mine.Will defiantly be back for more. It's extremely heavy and rugged (which matches the theme perfectly). these brutes would destroy just about any blade that opposes it. They were used by the entire Ancient Greek infantry and had much influence throughout the ancient world. I am an avid collector and Bud K is the best place to buy. This is a very heavy sword and can actually be swung two handed unless you have really big hands. It has e beautiful ridge in the center. I was stunned to see what a marvelous sword this truly is. as for the worse problem. Its heavy metal and comes semi sharp. The only downfall I think I can mention, as others have previously, The Handle of this particular sword is a bit lacking. It is nearly full tang through the hilt, but terminates in a rat tail tang which attaches the pommel with a nut and washer to the tang. If you're looking for a cool and usable sword for a low price, the spartan sword is what you're looking for. The 25 1/2" heat forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel. It wore me out after a few swings and can really split nails. It is as advertised. Plus, the gorilla glue expands to fill voids and sticks it all together as one unit. It'll take some modification to make hilt as sturdy as the blade proper. $ 199.00 Beware zombies or anything else for that matter that gets in the way of this beast. I purchased this item and am very pleased with it. If you get this review, please send reinforcements. Packaging and customer service was top notch. Much heavier than I was expecting, but that's a good thing. Severing a 2" sapling felt like the handle was about to pop. The sword is excellent. I bought 300 of these for me and my 'personal guard'. "I have purchased 2 the first I sharpened and torcher tested it. It came with a nice edge and fairly sharp but needs my own touch yet. i have had no major problems with the piece and i look forward to buying from budk again. $24.00 $16.00 Sale. Very pleased. Beautifully made and very sturdy. It's not razor sharp, however, I sort of suggest treating it more like an axe than a sword in this regard, a razor edge will dull quickly, a broader wedge like edge will hold its shape better and still cut well with this sword's weight behind it. (70% off), Sale Price 215.10 All I can say now, is Thanks BUD K you guys Fn rock!!! Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. It is almost as sharp as Cold Steel's Gladius. Kind of heavy but overall a very good buy. then the handle snapped off when i hit a 2X4. Actually very sharp still has oil on it from sharpening .. unless it's one of the name brands they sell I find alot on this site is dull like I said my musta samurai sword was super sharp off this for non name brand this is good quality..probably 2 lbs ..I mean a baseball bat coulda broke that brick in the video guys do it with their heads to that cheap brick but this thing is sharp ..very..I'd say it's worth the price..deff buy the sheath you will need it. This sword is amazing haha like just stunning. The leather wrap came off the first week I had it so I used gorilla wood glue on it and it never came off again. I feel powerful swinging this beast around. Finally got this sword in the mail yesterday, knowing about the looseness of the leather strip on the hilt already I tore it off right away to reglue it. LOL. It was still able to cleave most of the way through the box it came in and it cut through a water bottle with no issue. Though the blade is excellant, the tang could use improvement, by say, making out of one solid piece of metal and having a thin cylinder of wood over the handle, so if the handle splits, you can still use it and not worry about looseness. It surprised me that it was so inexpensive because it looked to be an honest forged blade. it has a look to it that makes it look as though it might've been made by a spartan soldier n could b used in battle! This site has never failed me! super sturdy, thick and can take a beating or inflict major damage to a zombie.. totally worth the money, I think i'm going to buy another one. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. It was really sharp when i got it out of the box. It is worth the money. Bought the Sheath as well which is also worth the extra 20 bucks. Real-time trigger alerts. Features a Blood Groove, as Frank Miller Wanted. Solid, wicked-looking sword. I purchased 2 of these and one is already broken and the other is very chipped. This was obviously not meant to be used, handle fell apart after two swings. I've been making Damascus blade weapons for 30+ years, and I've got dozens of original swords from 1000s of years till WWl. Everything on it holds up so far. ok guys, the grip and pommel are the only two flaws of this piece. I buy swords and other weapons often enough to say that this is crap. But don't worry, we've found a similar item that's ready to ship now. The blade has an edge but i wouldn't call it sharp. Weighs 4 lbs (for comparison, my Katana weighs 2.5 lbs), with most of the weight being at the end of the blade of course. If you try to take wide swings with it, the handle guard does tend to get in the way anyways, so it's better off without it. You will not find anything remotely close to this sword for 30 dollars. (10% off). Fix the handle with steel strips and a welder and you'll have one hell of a waylay club if the blade ever dulls just turn it around and use the blunt edge. But the biggest bonus is the fact that this sword costs less than 30 dollars which makes the 300 Spartan Warrior the best sword value in the market hands down. All rights reserved. This sword is an amazing sword as a wall hanger. I am confused looking at it now maybe buy one for my son as a gift, mine had the option then to get a heavy leather sheath with it but now i do not see that option. I'd buy again in a heartbeat. suffice to say it does build your bicep, shoulder, and chest muscles. grind down the rear of the blade and wrap it tight with desired material. It's well built and will last for years , and has a good heavy swing. It came sharp and well crafted as promised.The handle is garbage. This truly is THE SPARTAN SWORD. It looks good, very heavy, but I can tell it was not heat tempered and will break or shatter easily. Balanced and weighted to mimic a real Spartan sword, it is solidly crafted of the highest grade of polypropylene The training tool is virtually unbreakable, remarkably sturdy and will take years and years of the abuse you dish out The heavy-duty training sword features a textured handle for a secure grip, and it is 23 1/8" in overall length The best thing it has going for it is the price. It is anything but that. I just popped the pommel end cover off and tightened the nut and now it's solid. Original Price 211.55 First let me start off by saying, that this sword is very impressive for the money. this was my first time ordering a sword n i must say the delivery was VERY fast!! The large spring wont lock very well when it first pops out, but a second swing gets it locked. these things are HUGE. $56.00 $38.00 Sale. This is NOT like the Greek kopis [that's right it was not just Spartan] but is modeled upon it. I wanted a 'beater' sword, and so far looks like this one will fit the bill nicely. 300 was a great movie and this sword is just as strong if not stronger than the real one. I wouldn't put any of my precious swords up against them. It was awesome, you have my gratitude. I bought this sword with much interest in the durability of the blade. Like in the other reviews, the leather and pommel were loose and cheaply made. I got this sword for my brother, and I must say it's one of the best products I've ordered from budk. I was completely blown away by the performance of this sword. !
all in all it's a GREAT sword! I can feel its power with every swing, and its a great workout. This sword is perfect. In fact, it is the heaviest sword I have ever handled. It is no doubt the best 30 dolars Iv'e spent on a blade. Why do I see holes in some blades? Out of the box the tip was chipped off and it looks like some one slipped with the grinder and buffed off some of the "finish" a few inches from the end. Valuable research and technology reports. 5/5 Stars! This blade may not be a historical model, but would be deadly in the hands of any Spartan. Item # NP-H-3100 King Leonidas led the Greeks into combat against Xerxes and the Persians. The only problems I had with this sword was the leather wrap moving around, and I had to pop off the handle plate on the butt of the sword to tighten it a little bit. Original Price 29.76 I purchased this sword just for the heck of it and it turned out to be a great buy. Everything came great the handle was a little loose even though its not going to come off, I wish I knew how to tighten it o_0. yes it will cut through nails, flesh, bone and put a good chip in a solid hunk of steel or another sword for that matter. Absolutely love this sword. Had to tighten up the handle. Full Tang Blade. Killer Sword! Did they drop it or just change it i guess ? Dont be discouraged I beat the roil h*** out it. Going to look great on my wall with my collection. and a long swords becomes a super wicked machete/clever. I just got it and I love it. 217.41, 241.56 Not just a good sword for the price its a very good sword and its the Lowest price.""". For the price and its unique/tactical attributes; it's a win/win! like the point and chopping edge. If you dont have a firearm and feel you need something to protect your self with this is it! It also is too long for and normal use. It tends to wobble when swinging this sword. A Variety of High-Quality, Heroic Spartan Swords At Unbelievable Prices. It will hang with my other Spartan weapons with pride. 177.10, 196.78 Then the guard came loose and the pommel. Original Price 248.94 First thing you notice is how heavy it is, like 6lbs or so, heavy enough to feel like a warrior. Thank you. no complaints! Heavy dependable killer!!! The real and historical swords that the ancient Spartan warriors used would be the Kopis and Xiphos. This item: United Cutlery Honshu Spartan Sword $85.99 Honshu Broadsword with Scabbard 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade, TPR Handle $205.99 Honshu Boshin Double Edge Sword With Scabbard $135.99 medieval sharp sword honshu tactical katana handmade sword wakizashi thorinstruments with device toledo sword full tang longsword fma training sword naval sword I will rebuilt mine for durability. It's pretty heavy for its size but a great sword and I recommend buying it if you are thinking twice. A little unbalanced but sturdy. It is heavy but just LOOKS cheap, other wise it rocks LOL. Mine is far from sharp, almost dull. It's not overly sharp, but that can be amended. This sword is absolutely amazing. I have seen knives come and go. 133.35, 166.68 Definitely worth the money. Now I have a piece of rod iron. It's a massive piece of metal that has a great look and feel. Thank you BudK.. Very impressive piece of steel. this Item looks exactly like the one from the movie and I have seen the movie over 1,000 times. Looks good though. I just got it today and i have to say that this is one of the coolest swords ever made. It is a 1 handed sword so unless you are really strong or get a lot of practice do NOT swing this sword near anything that you want to keep, and be carefull where your legs are when you swing down. It is very accurate to the 300 movie and makes you feel like a Spartan. The main annoyance is its weight. so unless they resend another one that isn't a lemon, which I would return this one, I will just look at other sites and pay the extra $ and pray. For the true 300 Spartan fanatic, this sword will make great historical significance addition to your home or office as a decoration. This thing was sharp right out of the box,cut through milk jugs like butter! but it did have some problems. Overall, it is a great buy for $50. I used a 4 in whetstone t get that nick out,BEAT THAT! Very pleased with this sword! Nearly more of a bludgeon than a sword. I really liked the sword overall, its very heavy steel wich works for me because im a big guy.the handle was absolute crap though, had to take it apart and re assemble to stop wiggling and give it a sure tight grip. Good wrap on the handle and excellent leather carrying case. Great sword, great store! Firstly the paint job, atleast on mine isn't the same as the one shown, but not an huge deal really. SPARTAN SWORDS A Variety of High-Quality, Heroic Spartan Swords At Unbelievable Prices. Not as sharp as i had hoped but thats easily fixed. The one draw back, and it's a huge one , is that the undersized handle seriously handicaps the user. Bud K remains my favorite knife and sword purchasing site. The handle features a leather wrapped grip and is framed by the distinctive guard and pommel. I am a dealer of guns and cutlery. Get a D&B . leaving that semantic aside, the weapon itself is wicked to look at, even more wicked to hold, definitely would not recommend for actual usage though, the handle is far to weak to be hacking at things, even if the blade is razor sharp. Here, at, we have quite a few Spartan swords that embody the power of this mighty tribe of warriors. Once that was taken care of, it was simply awesome. The metal of this thing is WOW. My first reaction was just d**n. This thing is massive and super heavy im using it as a wall piece but this sword is just awesome to hold the handle was solid and the blade was just perfect. sweet sword, sturdy, heavy duty.

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