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Den er baseret p Marchen fra Selma til Montgomery i 1965 for valgret ledet af James Bevel, [5] [6] Hosea Williams, Martin Luther King, Jr. og John Lewis. Camera Shots A camera shot is the amount of space that is seen in one shot or frame. 0000006021 00000 n Custom Service Can Be Reached at 800-937-4451, +1-206-842-0216, or by Mail At. The Film Space's online resource Selma features a series of curriculum-focused and engaging classroom activities exploring different aspects of Ava DuVernay's film. Did he actually speak this sagely and ceremoniously at home? The cast. On June 18, 2008, Variety reported that screenwriter Paul Webb had written an original story about Martin Luther King Jr. and Lyndon B. Johnson for Celador's Christian Colson, which would be co-produced with Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment. These techniques help to highlight the defiance of the African Americans and the emotions throughout their fight for freedom. For Johnson and for the country, that occasion was cathartic. Taken together, the documents below are illustrations of some of the major events from the Civil Rights movement, but should not limit your discussion. But too much of the movie is like that opening: deliberate, broad, uninspired. She pays careful attention to the toll that violence and constant fear of death took on King and his wife, Coretta Scott (deftly portrayed by British actress Carmen Ejogo). When to Use Backlighting: Use backlight to accentuate the silhouette of a subject, whether it's a person or an object. Download Selma Movie HDRip. While she did not think she would "get anywhere close to just the beauty and that nuance of his speech patterns", she did identify some of King's basic structure, such as a tendency to speak in triplets (saying one thing in three different ways). There's a moment in Selma when the protester Annie Lee Cooper (played by Oprah Winfrey) is tackled by a pair of troopers. 0000007561 00000 n DuVernay drafted alternative speeches that evoke the historic ones without violating the copyright. Perhaps the best way to experience this movie, is to watch two of the best known musical numbers, "Good Morning" and "Singing in the Rain" . [20][22] On June 10, it was announced that the film's producer, Oprah Winfrey, would portray Annie Lee Cooper, a 54-year-old woman who tried to register to vote and was denied by Sheriff Clarkwhom she then punched in the jaw and knocked down. Sadly, well after the Civil Rights Act . King was one of four main roles played by British actors (the other roles being those of King's wife, President Johnson, and Alabama Governor Wallace). The Blair Witch Project might have kicked off online movie marketing, but 2008's The Dark Knight took it to new heights.. Selma, Lord, Selma, a Disney film broadcast on ABC in 1999, precedes this 'in production' film. She adjusts the neckwear. 0000105904 00000 n This film tries to capture the essence of all the opposing views on the civil rights movement so that the audience can somewhat get an accurate portrayal of the event that occurred at Selma. 4. A more generous view of events would suggest that Johnson welcomed the pressure King put on him to do what he knew was right all along. They act with the vitality of performers caught up in what Branch calls Selmas unique collaboration between a citizens movement and elected government. This particular triumph was to win blacks their voting rights while setting an example of focused, disciplined protest. Media acknowledges that we are based on the traditional, stolen land of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes, past and present. The scene is deep and revealing of the personal side of King, who is mostly discouraged and down during the conversation. This film uses the unavoidable facts about the discriminations African Americans suffered to emphasize the big ideas that African Americans have done a lot of effort to gain their freedom should always be memorable by the people of the world. 1:00:00. This movie really showed that side of urban life., In the past, there were direct discrimination toward African Americans such as police brutality and racial stereotype about African Americans. Crack destroyed peoples lives and is one of the most destructive drugs ever created. Ill admit that Selma caught me off guard. This technique can also be used on its own, without the key and fill lights if you're aiming for a silhouette. Lenhuhsantep. Its tragedy is that this inspiring episode can still be called unique., Life spans: the Scottish artist discusses Berlinale highlight, Dont look back: critics Giovanni Marchini Camia, Victor Guimares, and Frdric Jaeger join to discuss Angela Schanelecs, Earth, wind, and fire: Inney Prakash, Edo Choi, and Caitlin Quinlan join to discuss the festival's buzzy new premieres, including, Berlinale 2023: Minor Choruses, Major Films, The Film Comment Podcast: Berlinale 2023 #6, The Film Comment Podcast: Berlinale 2023 #5. 353 pages (pdf online) Reinventing Hollywood: How 1940s Filmmakers Changed Movie Storytelling. [9] On April 15, actor and rapper Lakeith Stanfield had reportedly joined the cast to play civil rights protester Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was shot and killed on a nighttime march and whose death led James Bevel to initiate the Selma to Montgomery marches. [21] On May 30, Cuba Gooding Jr. was set to play civil rights attorney and activist Fred Gray. While the story will be an eye-opener for some, it speaks powerfully of the complexities of the slave legacy and invites viewers into the hearts, minds, and souls of a people whose lives were not their, This essay will discuss the connection between the protest movement in Selma, Alabama and the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. A hyperclassical film . The Conyers scene involved a portrayal of federal judge Frank Minis Johnson, who ruled that the third and final march could go forward. Selma - Kakvo tijelo Selma ima. It is based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches initiated and directed by James Bevel[5][6] and led by Martin Luther King Jr., Hosea Williams, and John Lewis. As well as the use of color, composition, shots and film editing. Africans were still suffering from segregation and lack of equal rights. Panning means turning the camera horizontally from a fixed position. Students like Foreman and Lewis had been organizing voter registration drives in Selma since 1963, but faced vicious opposition from county law enforcement officials and the local Ku Klux Klan that made the task exceedingly difficult. In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) accepts his Nobel Peace Prize. King and Bevel meet with Cager Lee, Jackson's grandfather, at the morgue. Selma is now playing in theaters in wide release. Hell ignore us if he can, King says in the film of President Johnsons stance on voting rights before the Selma campaign. As Dr King readies himself to lead the forthcoming rallies, he must deal with the US government as well as his own weakness and . Subsequent negotiations between those companies and Selma's producers did not lead to an agreement. The director, Ava DuVernay, cuts to the dais at a grand occasion, and King accepts the 1964 Nobel Prize for Peace. The film stars actors David Oyelowo as King, Tom Wilkinson as President Lyndon B. Johnson, Tim Roth as George Wallace, Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King, and Common as Bevel. [17] On April 25, it was announced that R&B singer Ledisi had been added to the cast to play Mahalia Jackson, a singer and friend of King. The only way to stop him from doing this is being on the front page of The New York Times every morning and on the TV news every night. In a move that angered some student organizers whod been carefully cultivating relationships there, SCLC members rapidly escalated the situation in Selma in order to put Johnsons feet to the fire. Additionally, significant events were those where Civil Rights leaders could celebrate a concrete victory, such as a court decision or a change in law. "[76] David Denby, writing for The New Yorker, wrote: "This is cinema, more rhetorical, spectacular, and stirring than cable-TV drama. [89][90][91] However, several men with kippahs can be seen in the scenes of the second march, in the front row and in the second row, near to King. [28] On June 3, British actor Tim Roth signed on to play Alabama governor George Wallace. A protest anthem, "Glory" refers to the 2014 Ferguson protests and earned both the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song[56][57] and the Academy Award for Best Original Song. It portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he fought against the government in their constant pursuit to deny the African American of their God-given liberties and American rights. King, played by David Oyelowo, and his driven supporters . [13] On May 8, Tessa Thompson was cast to play the role of Diane Nash, a civil rights activist and founding member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. is a Brooklyn-based writer covering climate and American politics. The CountySeat of Dallas County. 308 qualified specialists online. Everything else, they got 100 percent right". Lewis and Boynton are among those badly injured. Side Lighting The script depicts him simply as a beleaguered Chief Executive who stubbornly sticks to his own timetable. An answer key was added 7/24/2015. The film released in 1992, tells the story of the controversial and . Take a few screen grabs of the scene to make this easier . Selma (2014) Rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic material including violence, a suggestive moment, and brief strong language 127 minutes Cast David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Tom Wilkinson as Lyndon Baines Johnson Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King Andre Holland as Andrew Young Omar J. Dorsey as James Orange Alessandro Nivola as John Doar King, other SCLC leaders, and black Selma residents march to the registration office to register. Moreover, the organizing principles and philosophies of the movement changed as different leaders and organizations sought different outcomes through different means. The film Selma is a historical drama, released in 2014 and directed by Ava DuVernay. 0000105628 00000 n ", "Prince of Broadway An Interview With Lee Daniels", "The Sounds, Space And Spirit Of 'Selma': A Director's Take", "Hard Road To Oscar: 'Selma's Ava DuVernay On Why It Took 50 Years To Make A Major MLK Movie", "Oscars: How 'Selma' Filmmakers Made a Movie About MLK Without Using His Words", "A Vital Chapter Of American History On Film In 'Selma', "Oprah Winfrey Joins Brad Pitt as Producer of Mlk Drama 'Selma', "Paramount To Make Mlk Pic 'Selma'; Oprah Winfrey Producing", "Talented Cinematographer Bradford Young To Shoot Ava DuVernay's Upcoming Feature 'Selma', "Lee Daniels at the Oscars: New film, new shoes, new shirt", "Lenny Kravitz and Hugh Jackman Join Selma, Lee Daniels' Next Film; De Niro Confirmed", "Hugh Jackman to Play Sheriff Jim Clark in Lee Daniels' Upcoming Civil Rights Drama Selma", "Lee Daniels Confirms Liam Neeson, Cedric The Entertainer For 'Selma', "Production Begins on Paramount's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Biopic, SELMA, Starring David Oyelowo", "Paramount and Pathe Start Principal Photography on Selma", "Dr. MLK Jr. movie 'Selma' filming in Covington", "Dexter Avenue revisits the 1960s as 'Selma' begins filming in Montgomery", "Jason Moran Scoring Ava DuVernay's 'Selma', "Golden Globes: John Legend Calls 'Selma' Song 'A Labor of Love', "John Legend & Common Deliver The Anthemic Collaboration 'Glory', "Oprah Winfrey's 'Selma' Set for First Look at AFI Fest", "Timely "Selma" opens at two Atlanta theaters Christmas Day", "Many World Premieres in the Berlinale Special 2015", "Paramount to Re-Release Selma for 50th Anniversary of Historic March", "Box Office: Liam Neeson's 'Taken 3' Zooms to No. [43], In 2010, Daniels (who was the attached director at the time) confirmed that the lead role of King would be played by British actor David Oyelowo. Analysis, Pages 2 (347 words) Views. 2023 YES! The march was a demonstration against those acts of violence in Alabama. In that campaign, young white and black activists intentionally heightenedsimply by riding integrated buses from the north into the Souththe conflict with racist white mobs and law enforcement, who waited along the bus routes. Firstly, you need to identify the angle used in the scene. It wasn't like one person's pain was easier to handle than another is that's like saying Vietnam was harder on those men than on the men that stood for black rights or vice versa, everyone faced these equally hard issues. Red Ryder. Films are made in two main ways. The movie Selma was a fairly accurate representation of events that occurred in 1965. The fault, activists argued, lay with the White House: They could desegregate transit or have blood on their hands. The movie is even more evasive about the most intriguing and under-chronicled episode in the Selma voting-rights campaign: Kings decision to curtail the second try at a march to Montgomery. Filmmakers use many techniques to create a compelling narrative for their audiences. President Johnson demands that King and Wallace cease their activities and sends Assistant Attorney General John Doar to convince King to postpone the next march. The film tracks the campaigns first moves and confrontation with Sheriff Jim Clark (Stan Houston), as hundreds of black Selma residents demand entry into the countys voter registration office, which was open just twice a month. Kings marches provoke racists to behave badly so national media will take notice. Nevertheless, Douglass was an important part of Lincolns presidency. But even if you know nothing about King, both the cute business with the ascot and the dreamy escapism about a quieter life are too wispy to introduce this complex character. In fact our whole country was very involved in president elections and campaigns against the war, it seemed everyone really cared., The movie Selma that was directed by Ava DuVernay was a documentary about the. Aside from being a masterfully constructed, beautifully shot film, Selma allows viewers to imagine what it would mean toin the slightly wonkish words of SCLC organizer Bayard Rustinbreak down the institution of racism into the tangible tactics it takes to dismantle it.. (She envisions them chattering, pre-explosion, about Coretta Scott Kings hairstyle.) The second film, Malcolm X is a film directed by Spike Lee. Including those related to the lighting and sound of film, the set, props and costume design. 0000128663 00000 n 0000106182 00000 n Despite Oyelowos array of facial contortions and Ejogos haunting, tremulous elegance as Coretta, the movie leaves you with only the most general notion imaginable of Kings marital guilt. 0000171439 00000 n Dialogue: the spoken component of a screenplay which can take the form of a voice over, soliloquy or an exchange between characters. Selma is located high on the banks of the Alabama River in Dallas County of which it is the county seat. [24] On June 20, Deadline reported that Colman Domingo had been cast to play SCLC activist Ralph Abernathy. Specifically, King tries countless times to try to persuade Johnson to help King achieve voting rights for black people, but every time Johnson refuses he becomes more annoyed by Kings motivation. Having signed the milestone Civil Rights Act of 1964, the president tells King that his first priority is waging the War on Poverty to benefit impoverished blacks and whites alike, no matter what the facts are on the ground in Selma. [68] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film a rare grade of "A+" on an A+ to F scale. You'll be able to track and control your project's mise en scne throughout the process. Selma And Malcolm X: Film Analysis. Selma is a 2014 film co-written and directed by Ava DuVernay. King calls singer Mahalia Jackson to inspire him with a song. 0000106332 00000 n If he hesitated or failed, at least some of the marchers would surge through the corridor of blue uniforms toward their goal. Most of what was seen in the movie was based on real life actions of various drug dealers throughout the city. The film depicts the 1965 marches from Selma to Montgomery in support of the Voting Rights Act. They describe the strong beliefs that young people possessed at this time of confusion, passion and era of rebellion. King, after praying, turns around and leads the group away, which again draws sharp criticism from SNCC activists. King is criticized by members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). The movie Selma that was directed by Ava DuVernay was a documentary about the events that lead up to the march in Selma, Alabama, the march itself, the aftermath, and the difficulties and emotions that Dr. King faced during the time. Seeing King in this wayas a human being, with flaws and doubtswill only add to his legacy. Selma Editor Spencer Averick on the Film's Toughest Scenes to Cut February 5, 2015 By Bryan Abrams Troopers storm into a caf. [14], On May 28, Stephan James was confirmed to be portraying the role of SNCC activist John Lewis in the film. One truly tragic scene included the brutal and unfair death of Cuba Gooding Jr.s best friend, who had just gotten into college right before he was violently gunned down by a rival group of youth. Rene Rodriguez, writing in the Miami Herald, commented that: Unlike most biopics about heroic men who shaped our history or helped bring about change (such as 2013's Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom or The Butler), Selma doesn't feel like freeze-dried hagiography. As civil rights historian Emilyne Crosby points out, it was female agitator and seasoned strategist Diane Nash (played by an underutilized Tessa Taylor) who first urged organizers to take up nonviolent war, resulting in the 1961 fight to desegregate the Souths public transit system. Crosslighting: lighting from the side. DuVernay shows us just a snapshot of the work that happened in Selma, but its an important one. Sign up to receive email updates from YES! Selma: Crash Course Film Criticism #3 CrashCourse 14.5M subscribers Subscribe 4.3K 164K views 5 years ago Try CuriosityStream today: and use the promo code. Selma shows the significance of colors and slow motion effects that are two different techniques which emphasize how destructive inequality is portrayed throughout the movie. 0000003722 00000 n The images could . Selma - Movie Guide. The films chief pleasure is hearing Oyelowo deliver roof-rattling variations on the preacher/activists call-and-response style. Selma received critical acclaim, with particular praise given to DuVernay's direction and Oyelowo's performance, though it was met with some criticism for its historical inaccuracies, which largely centered on the perceived vilification of Johnson and the omission of several prominent Jewish civil rights leaders. The key politician in Kings sights is President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson). YES! Selma is home to the largest contiguous historic district in the State of Alabama. 1. King turns around and walks slowly back, amid his puzzled, angry flock. Regular protests continue for weeks, with Selma police and white mobs growing increasingly violent toward protesters. Its when King descends from the lectern that Oyelowo gets into trouble. Along with Oyelowo, and Domingo as Abernathy, they imbue the whole ensemble with comradely warmth and solidity. Selma and Lincoln are two historical movies about important events that happened in history. Like tilts and pans, Dolly Shots and Trucking Shots are slightly different filmmaking techniques: Dolly Shot: A movement where the entire camera moves forward or away from the subject. Check Fandango for showing at your local theater. This is a great fit for a unit on the Civil Rights, or the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. However, poll taxes and other bureaucratic hurdles made it virtually impossible for the vast majority of African Americans to do so. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover tells Johnson that King is a problem, and suggests they disrupt his marriage. And she seeks to emphasize the grounded political wisdom behind the high-flying rhetoric of Kings nonviolent protest. [35], In July 2013, it was said that Ava DuVernay had signed on to direct the film for Path UK and Plan B, and that she was revising the script with the original screenwriter, Paul Webb. Copyright 2019 YES! [31] In 2009, Lee Daniels was reportedly in early talks to direct the film, with financing by Path. James Bevel greets them, and other SCLC activists appear. The Age of Adaline 2015 Regarder film complet en franais gratuit en streaming The Age of Adaline 2015 Complet Movie Streaming VF en franais gratuit. In her free time, she likes baking for her friends and writing all sorts of things, including fiction. Oyelowo's stirring, soulful performance as King deserves superlatives. Source: Library of Congress. [66] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 99% based on 314 reviews, with an average rating of 8.50/10; the site's critical consensus reads: "Fueled by a gripping performance from David Oyelowo, Selma draws inspiration and dramatic power from the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr. but doesn't ignore how far we remain from the ideals his work embodied. TVManijak. Knowing they would be arrested, students publicized the rides and overwhelmed city jail systems to force otherwise passive observers to take sides: with nonviolent students or the people beating them. Learn more about our land acknowledgement. As a result, camera shots are very . "Selma," which chronicles the campaign for the Voting Rights Act, has its virtues including an excellent cast and its weak points, most notably some leaden scenes that consist of bullet-point. Hes praised his director for letting him take an extra second or two in playing out a scene, but his conversations often unfold in the same tempo as his sermons and stem-winders, especially when King is with Coretta. In the opening scenes of the film, Selma, Martin Luther King is in Oslo to receive the coveted Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. . Film Techniques in Selma Student: Instructor: Course: Date: Thematic Statement The film, Selma, that was directed by DuVernay documents the chronological flow of events that led to America's greatest march and protest for equality of rights between African-Americans and Whites. It looks very professional when the camera moves smoothly and accurately. The list below provides some of the key film techniques for writing about cinematic texts. Filmed in West Africa, Jamaica, and Louisiana, it offers a rich view of the psychospiritual baggage of the slave past. [18], Principal photography began May 20, 2014, around Atlanta, Georgia. Help us improve Click here if you liked this article 37 Khoantrang3794. The movie portrayed many historical events while also including the families and how the two were intertwined. Cut: a switch from one image to another. [65] Selma was released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 14, 2015. Once school is back in session, every junior high school class in America should take a field trip to see this movie. The motion of the camera is imitating the motion of the character's head from left to right. In the movie Selma, the lighting that is utilized the most is the natural light. Nearly 50 years after King's death in 1968, Selma-which was released in selected cities Dec. 25 and opens nationwide on Jan. 9-is the first full-length film to take a deep look at King or . By that I mean a dense, "through-composed" revision of traditional narrative strategies and film techniques, working smoothly together to create effects at many levels. It was a two fold march aimed at trying to rectify the conditions of Alabama and expose the evils that are deeply engulfed in that state., The Civil Rights Movement is understood as the collected efforts of many different groups and individuals struggling to achieve justice and equal treatment for all Americans. Instead, he acts like a man in a perpetual snit, until the president gives his stirring plea to Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. Selma; Film Analysis Directed by: Ava DuVernay Plot: Technique One: Camera- Long Shot Example: Shows white police force beating up innocent blacks during a peaceful march. Theyre like anecdotes about the human side of Great Men that educators employ to make biographies relatable. If you do know something about King, this Nobel Prize moment is inadequate. If he stepped back, he could lose or divide the movement under a cloud of timidity. DuVernay said in an interview that she did not see herself as "a custodian of anyone's legacy". 0000008201 00000 n She is a fellow at the Type Media Center and a contributing writer for The Intercept. [75], Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: "DuVernay's look at Martin Luther King's 1965 voting-rights march against racial injustice stings with relevance to the here and now. 2:57. Film Techniques/Metalanguage "Film techniques" is the term used to describe the ways that meaning is created in film. The first is through shooting and. [34] In an interview in August 2010, Daniels said that financing was there for the Selma project, but he had to choose between The Butler and Selma, and chose The Butler. Presented as a sort of intricate puzzle orchestrated by the film's villain the Joker, the campaign consisted of various websites, online and real-world scavenger hunts, "recruitment" opportunities for the Joker's gang, and photo and trailer . Coretta Scott King has concerns about her husband's upcoming work in Selma. 0000151102 00000 n This year's WSU MLK celebration theme is "Selma to . Directed by the talented Ava DuVernay, the first African-American woman to win the 2012 Sundance Film Festival's Best Director award, Selma was filmed in Alabama and Georgia - at locations where a few of the real events actually took place. Neither a great man history of Martin Luther King Jr., nor a tale of forgotten underdogs, Selma is about skilled activists building a movement. The march on the highway to Montgomery takes place, and, when the marchers reach Montgomery, King delivers a speech on the steps of the State Capitol. Backlighting creates a halo effect for increased impact. Selma gives King and only King the moral high ground. Our experts can deliver a Oppression of African Americans in the Selma Film essay. The supporting actors bring oomph to their small roles and are dead ringers for their historical counterparts. Selma premiered at the American Film Institute Festival on November 11, 2014, began a limited US release on December 25, and expanded into wide theatrical release on January 9, 2015, two months before the 50th anniversary of the march. And his organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC, was a well-oiled machine, driving confidently into Selma to make good on his promise of forcing then-President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) into the voting rights debate. Technique Two: Dialogue Example: Sherif of police force telling other Officers to attack. Selma is the great-granddaughter of one of the musical's stars, Lionel Jeffries (1926 . King speaks to ask people to continue to fight for their rights. Selma gives King and only King the moral high ground. When he spins out his blue-sky ideal about taking a calm job as a minister in a college town, Coretta looks pleased and then wistful, as if her husband has pulled this nostalgic number on her once too often. 0000008951 00000 n Page 3/6. Selma's director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). The civil rights leader, of course, was a magnificent orator. Glory from movie Selma at Oscars 2015 - John Legend & Common perform Glory at the Oscars 2015 Glory from movie Selma. Those are the dues African Americans have to pay, and they suffered all these terrible acts of the white people in order to survive in the United States. Contrary to The Helps tagline, transformative change does not begin with a whisper orhistoricallywith a white woman bonding with her black maid. Here are 10 points to keep in mind about Selma's civil rights history. Instead, he acts like a man in a perpetual snit, until the president gives his stirring plea to Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. Recommended for you Packed with incident and overflowing with fascinating characters, it is a triumph of efficient, emphatic cinematic storytelling."[74]. Publishes Quarterly in February, May, August, and November. In this movie, the president finally gives King exactly what he wants because he doesnt want to be seen as a small-minded cracker like Roths George Wallace. "Selma" is based on the 1965 voting rights march from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery, which was led by civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hosea Williams. [80][81] The film was criticized by some for its omission of various individuals and groups historically associated with the Selma marches, while others challenged how particular historical figures in the script were represented. June 14, 2022; pros and cons of stem cell therapy for knees . We will go back to the church now! shouted King, turning around. Another biographer, David J. Garrow, says that King had cut a deal with one of LBJs emissaries to stop until the march was cleared in federal court. It is a light hearted comedy, it has a wonderful score, the camera movement is astute and effective. When seized by the moment, he entered a zone that was at once spiritual and sensual. Her pastiches lack the sinewy religious texture of Kings own writing, but their sleekness allows Oyelowo to connect with youthful, secular audiences whove never read the King James Bible. My first thought, seeing its star, David Oyelowo, adjust his tie in the opening scene, was Thats Dr. King. Few movies have brought Martin Luther King Jr. to the silver screen, Ali (2001) and The Butler (2013) being the most recent exceptions. Selma adalah film biografi drama sejarah Amerika Serikat-Britania Raya tahun 2014 yang disutradarai oleh Ava DuVernay dan diproduseri oleh Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner dan Christian Colson.

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