smith and wesson 340pd problems

posted by Toyman 02-06-2023. Editor at, Purpose: Concealed Carry, Home Protection, Personal Protection, State Compliance. Though I do not carry in this way, the Galco Ankle Glove seems to be the gold standard. The demand of new SMITH WESSON 1066 pistol's has risen 1 units over the past 12 months. (IV) Winners must undergo a background check (when required) and comply with all other federal, state and local laws. Nice touch. Wadcutter (610 fps), Black Hills 135-gr. That can be a critical thing under some circumstances. Associated taxes and fees are the responsibility of winners. Whether you're shooting a pistol, revolver, or rifle, you can be sure your Performance Center gun is made with a close . Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. It shoots great. That depends on the individual. Smith & Wesson 340PD: The World's Lightest 357 Magnum! Weighing in at roughly double the weight of the 340PD, the Model 60 in Pro Series guise was introduced in 2007. Employees and agents of Publishers Development Corp. are not eligible. The HUD Agreement hit a nerve. New York Department of Environmental Conservation, State Agency: Once we passed the Manly Magnum Test, we thankfully returned to the .38 Specials. Gun News, Gun Reviews, and Self Defense Tips, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our, ENTER TO WIN > Free Gun Friday for your chance to WIN the SIG Sauer P320 AXG Legion and Black Hills HoneyBadger Ammo, The Smith & Wesson Volunteer Series XV Pro and X 308 WIN, Wheelhouse: The Colt Python 3-Inch Revolver Strikes Again, TESTED: The Taurus 856 Executive Grade .38 Special, SHOT Show Trotted Out the Best New Concealed Carry Guns for 2023, Good Guy with a Gun: Study of CCW Holders Stopping Mass Shootings, 9mm VS 40: Why the .40 Caliber Round Fights On, Pulling Out All the Stops with the Magpul M-LOK Barricade Stop, New Concealed Carry Clothing from SHOT Show 2023, The Nighthawk Custom BDS9 Is a 1911 Built for Competition, Defendant In Case Against New York Concealed Carry Law Agrees with Injunction, The Soft Shooting RIA 5.0 Features a Patented RVS Recoil System, Fail: David Hogg Uses Twitter to Attack the Second Amendment, The American Tomahawk Company Rifleman Tactical Field Knife, Enhanced Pistol Caliber Carbine: The Aero Precision EPC-9, The SilencerCo Osprey 45 2.0: Keep Your Factory Height Sights. i have fired the 357 and 38 +p out of a 360 over a chronograph and had less than 10% difference in velocity[ 75 fps]. Description: Smith & Wesson Model 342PD Airlite, 38 Special +P, with 2 sets of grips and original factory box. Model: 632 Carry Comp Pro. Giveaway prizes may have evidence of being test fired or exhibit minor handling marks. Recoil Control: Though its a tad lighter than the .38 Special Model 642 Centennial Airweight stainless, the M&P340 has nowhere near the kick of an 11-ounce .357 Magnum Model 340PD or the .38 Special AirLite Model 342. all laws to be followed yada yada. Our price: Quantity: Buy now. Winners will be notified by certified mail on official letterhead. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, State Agency: Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Total Capacity. There are possibilities of changing a grip in the process of finding the right one. # 1187477 01/10/07. It all fits well in my back pocket. The Smith & Wesson Model 29 is the sixgun by which all other .44 Magnums are judged. (I) Giveaway ends April 30, 2023. I have a S&W model 36, from about 1969 and I love it, its my first wheel gun and I love it for carry but I really want one with an internal hammer for comfort. In 2006, the best selling firearm offered by Smith & Wesson was the Model 642, the Airweight version of the 640. What 357 or 38 Special loads are you guys running in your 340's? Smith & Wesson markets their M&P series of rifles, pistols, and revolvers towards the military and law enforcement, but they work just as well for the rest of us, and any Smith & Wesson dealer can order them for you. Winners must respond within 30 days of receiving notification or an alternate winner will be selected. If you encounter any problems with your order or the checkout process, . Prizes will not be awarded if illegal in jurisdiction of winners. Might as well buy ruger and save a few dollars. Snub-nose .38s were generally carried in holsters instead of pockets, so the snag-free hammerless design seemed less important. This is not a gun for new shooters or those who are sensitive to recoil. Deployed military should use stateside address. Shipping, insurance, and FFL handling $90.00, if less I will refund the difference. flame-cutting in the scandium topstrap. Its 10ozs(m/l) heavier, shoots easy with 125 PDs, is accurate & u can shoot all 5 fast & easy & is almost as easy to conceal. That being said, these days the Model 60 is bested in many ways by the Kimber K6S 3. Contest void where prohibited by law. I wouldn't want more power to weight than an aluminum .38 with +P rounds. Benello said: I am thinking about getting a Smith 340pd snubbie with the titanium cylinder and scandium frame. Try it unloaded and you will see. S&W would be well advised to increase the filet radius as well as improving surface finish in the filet and/or shot peening. As pictured, the LCP Max is so easy to fire. (III) Giveaway winner(s) chosen by random drawing. Factory warranties may apply in some cases. But for my money, the Smith & Wesson M&P340 gets my vote for best of breed.. Frame Finish. (II) Limit one (1) entry per household; multiple entries will disqualify entrants. Over the years, my M&P340 has worn several different grips. S&W M&P340 Specs Caliber: .38 Special/.357 Magnum Barrel: 1.88 inches OA Length: 6.31 inches Weight: 13.8 ounces (empty) Grip: Synthetic Sights: XS tritium night Action: DAO Finish: Matte black Capacity: 5 MSRP: $869 For more information, visit You must be 18 years of age or older to . For the senior officers in my department, the 2" barrel (often referred to as a snub nose) 5 shot revolver was a favorite "unofficial" carry pistol. I dont have a problem shooting hot loads in lt guns but the 360 is not a lot of fun but can be shot double tap with practice. Throwback Thursday: Taurus Judge Range Report, ATI Milsport SGA 410 All the Advantages of an AR in .410, Ruger SR1911 LW Commander The Lightweight .45 ACP, Rifle Hack: Sighting for 100 Yards at a Distance of 25 Yards, Throwback Thursday: All About Bullet Grain. This simplicity of course, involves the tacit acceptance youre going to be shooting a snubbie double-action anyway. The wooden round butt grips extend downwards from the frame about an inch, enough for me to just barely get all of my fingers on the grip. No purchase necessary. With decades of reliable performance to its credit the J-frame line offers models capable of firing .22 LR .22 Magnum .38 S&W Special and the more powerful .357 Magnum loads. My bet is that the failure crack originated from a tool mark left over from broaching the cylinder recess in the frame. The two combine to produce a powerful .357 Magnum revolver that is unbelievably lightweight. Giveaway prizes may have evidence of being test fired or exhibit minor handling marks. Prizes will not be awarded if illegal in jurisdiction of winners. Lately, its worn a set of Crimson Traces LG-350G Lasergrips. Of course, this model builds upon a decades-old tradition for lightweight, hammerless pocket revolvers, and I think the concept reached its apotheosis with the M&P340. Alaska Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: The extremely high cost of the M&P340s scandium accounts for a good part of that price difference, as well as the highly effective sights. October 6, 2008. You are using an out of date browser. Yes you can forget you are carrying its so light. I try to train with at least 100 rounds of full power defensive ammo in my carry pieces. Mail-in entries accepted; send postcards (no envelopes) to: GUNS Magazine, Altor Pistols, P.O. With all the modern semi-auto pistols available, revolvers often go overlooked. Joined: Aug 2003. I carry it when hiking, mountain biking, and riding my dirt bikes because it is so light. Weighing just about two ounces more than my pocket gun, the 340 M&P comes with . (IV) Winners must undergo a background check (if required) and comply with all other federal, state and local laws. Do know anything about the M&P 340 but I've shot and carried my S&W std. Box 488, Escondido, CA 92033. Quantity: Buy now. The 340 is chambered in .357; though it utilizes the classic 1950s design, it features modern innovations like a scandium frame and an XS 24/7 Tritium front sight paired with a U-Notch rear. No function. Re: Smith & Wesson 340PD revolver. I fell in love with it, mainly for its sights, and ordered one. At around $250 used it sure beats the 340 price tag of $850. This revolver is a favored back-up and concealed carry firearm due to its lightweight, enclosed hammer, and reliability. Fast-Targeting Sights: The M&P340 has a tritium XS Sights Big Dot up front, and the rear notch is deep and wide as J-Frame fixed sights go. Selected results are shown in the accompanying chart. The .357 just doesn t make sense in anything shorter than a three inch barrel, which is still quite borderline. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, State Agency: Go for it. Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight. Five-shot groups from sandbags ranged from an outstanding 1.75 (Speer 135s) to 2.25 (Black Hills 148s) to 3-3.5 for the remaining .38s. The author says the gun feels like it's made of molded styrofoam. Photo: Joe Novelozo, Well, said my shooting buddy Thomas Mackie, massaging his right hand with only a slight grimace, now I can say Ive done it.. Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: (I) Giveaway ends December 31, 2022. Remember the ammo droughts of 2008 and 2012? I usually can keep all 5 rapid shots with the Model 60 in the A zone on an IPSC target out to about 20-25 yards as well. With the full-pop SIG 125-gr. With ether one you won't be sorry. I am happy with .38 +P and the lighter weight. Check to compare Smith & Wesson 629 44 Mag Revolver 4" Barrel. Michigun Santa on May 31, 2022 at 7:43 pm. Smith & Wesson It jumps right out at you when you look down the gun. I have owned and carried several J frames revolvers. The noise will come from the cylinder. Employees and agents of Publishers Development Corp. are not eligible. Stay safe out there and at least carry something! Seriously don't beat on your gun, hold the ejector rod with your left thumb in the housing, cock the hammer enough to release the locking bolt reach around the trigger housing and rotate the cylinder counter clockwise.It will tighen the rod enough to open the cylinder. Yesterday I bought a 340pd without the ILS nib at a LGS. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! You are correct that most 357 loads even those that are advertized as for self-defense and not full-house are rough to fire but the Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 357 rounds (135g JHP) seems perfect. This M&P340 review was originally published in Pocket Pistols #186. Contest open to U.S. residents only. I chose the m&p because it did not have the ils but I really wanted a PD. So I have been hooked on and obsessed with a Smith and Wesson model 340pd revolver in .357 Magnum with a Scandium frame, Titanium cylinder and the high Viz front sight. I have a Freedom Arms 454 Casull, a custom 500 Linebaugh and some other hand canons so I am no stranger to recoil. Im not outgunned with 13 rounds of 380. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: Specifications. The more, I looked at and handled the Model 60, the more I liked it as an alternative to the 340PD. Sighting in a revolver is no mystery and mortals of ordinary dexterity are fully capable of undertaking the task. At least 8 of those rounds are from the 15 yard line and they all hit the man-size target with little effort, but I do practice often. (III) Giveaway winner(s) chosen by random drawing. I love the PD models. Having a tied-up CCW gun would be the nightmare of nightmares one from which you might not awaken. The kicker, naturally, is the 11.2-oz. Your email address will not be published. Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: However, if I wanted to load it with Magnums, I could. The most important modification is to get it Mag-Na-Ported. All came with the ILS. I hear .38 and .38+p are very tolerable and the .357's have a lot of snap to them and you don't want to spend a day at the range with only .357's. The two-piece barrel is also shrouded to protect the ejector rod. The Scandium frame and the Titanium cylinder come together to create something very special. Contest void where prohibited by law. Theres a small stainless steel insert in the topstrap right above the forcing cone, appearing to act as insurance against flame-cutting from the high pressures of magnum loads. S&Ws claim that its light weight revolvers are made with Scandium frames is a marketing gimmick. With Smith & Wesson bleeding badly, influential people in the industry tried to calm tensions and save the brand from destruction, but a large part of the gun community wasn't having it. Giveaway prizes may have evidence of being test fired or exhibit minor handling marks. Giveaway prizes may have evidence of being test fired or exhibit minor handling marks. I carry mine with CCI shot in a couple cylinders and 38 Special in the rest. UPC. I have had my 360 PD for many years now. (II) Limit one (1) entry per household; multiple entries will disqualify entrants. The .38 special loads are no big deal to shoot, but with .357s you have a handful of fire and fury!! Those years were painful ones at the range. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This happened to mine after only 25 rounds of 125 grain .357 and approximately 100 rounds of .38 125 drain +p. Actually, that LCP MAX is looking pretty good. Shotshells are probably lighter than 120gr so can they be used? My goad of self defense is to live. Elite V-Crown JHP. The scandium alloy frame is .Click for more info Seller: Guns Dot Com Area Code: 866 $1,116.99 Smith & Wesson ~ Model 340 M&P Centennial ~ .357 Magnum GI#: 102194028 Active rebates (10) Winchester Target Rifle Ammo Rebate 2023. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, State Agency: Hence the need to spend a considerable amount of time on the range learning to control shooting these lightweight revolvers. For Sale: Custom & Semi Production Knives (Dealer), KnifeMaker's Market: Knives & More for Sale, Wanted: Knifemaker / Craftsman / Related Services, Busse / Swamprat / Scrapyard Knives For Sale, For Sale: Traditionals, Slipjoints, "Old Timey", International (Non-US) For Sale & Trade Forums. The 38 is . This is something that all the 340 PD shooters need to be aware of. The pistol demonstrated superb accuracy for self-defense at close ranges. These small revolvers were designed to fire a full power round and are as simple and easy to use as they are reliable. But there is a piece of knowledge id like to share that will benefit all. No purchase necessary. 's blog. Right front pocket holster and Im dressed for peace and armed for trouble. Are they worht the $$$? At 50 feet the best .357 results were with Buffalo Bores 158-gr. Giveaway prizes may have evidence of being test fired or exhibit minor handling marks. Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield 45 ACP Conceal Carry Handgun with Night Sights and 3 . Brand Winchester Expiration date 2023-Apr-30. I am required to qualify each year with my department to keep up my CCW.

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