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You will not be disappointed. The chassis was purchased separate, it was originally from a chairside. Stripping made the top much lighter, so I sprayed on several coats of brown toning lacquer to match the dark brown of the cabinet body. Alan Jesperson has only located 5 of these in his many years of collection, restoring and selling Zenith radios. Model 6-J-230 dates from 1938 and is typical of many radios of that era. I'd not only give him his price in a heartbeat, but add another hundred to have it shipped across country. Tube complement: 6K7G RF, 6L7G mixer, 6J5G oscillator, 6K7G IF, 6H6G detector, 6J5G 1st audio, 6J5G 2nd audio, 6J5G phase inverter, (2) 6V6G push-pull audio output, 6T5 tuning eye, 5Y4G rectifier. 590.38, 737.97 for radios built through 1942, when Zenith halted Many folks think the "Waltons" TV show made these radios desirable. Perhaps chemicals were spilled on it or someone made an aborted attempt to refinish it. (20% off), Sale Price 67.04 Maybe I'll bite. Providing accurate tuning via the main tuner obviates the need for a separate bandspread tuner, as found in "boatanchor" shortwave sets such as my Hallicrafters SX-42. Here is Walter's comment on that point: Now that we have added an extra resistor, can this radio be considered "stock" or "original?" 708.45, 885.57 years. and they work just as well as square ones. Powered bySquarespace. An interesting side note, Zenith did continue to The 15U270 & 15U271 are the only 1938 15 tube Zenith radios that utilize two speakers, a 12 woofer and a 6 tweeter. Manufactured by Zenith/Herman Miller. Zenith also used this cabinet for models 6-S-229 and 7-D-229 in 1938 and 6-S-330 and 5-X-230 in 1939. Number 1 shows the ground terminal of the generator connected to the ground terminal on the radio's antenna strip. Slipping is an especial disadvantage for shortwave listening, where accurate tuning is all-important. year (1996). Radio chassis has been overhauled and is working good. and was 110 volt AC powered. Vintage Zenith Radio Knob 1930s Wood Lightning Bolt AntiqueMeUp (576) $34.99 Vintage Soviet tube network radio RECORD. Not only were there problems with signal weakness, but at one point it gave out "birdy" squeals while tuning, a symptom often due to misalignment. The next photo shows the setup for the first adjustment. Perhaps this spring-loaded gizmo would have been easy to disassemble and reassemble, or perhaps it would have exploded in a shower of tiny parts all over my workshop floor, never to be put right. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. This chassis, speaker and cabinet are a factory match. The next photo shows this radio on my workbench with everything set up to align it. (20% off), Sale Price 303.06 On to the next challenge . When the US entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor in . letter designations were used to describe Zenith's The grille cloth is a reproduction of the original pattern. Cabinet: The book matched walnut veneered cabinet is beautifully finished with a near flawless lacquer finish. The sixth tube, a 1J6, takes only one volt, however, as we can tell from the 1 at the beginning of its type number. Original Price 17.86 The underside of the chassis is plated with copper, however, perhaps to allow good ground connections for electronic components. A brand new NOS green eye tube was installed to dress up its playing and viewing appearance. 1939 Zenith World's Fair Radio Recently, there was an estate sale in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Now they're showing up more and more and I expect that to only increase. A multitester, used to measure the radio's output during alignment. In the following rear view, look at the big box on the right side of the chassis. is not correct and may lead to confusion later The chassis on this one still has it's model stamp 271. See more ideas about antique radio, vintage radio, old radios. Original Price 16.67 Introduced in June of 1937 for the 1838 model year. (1928-2014) Miller learned about radios and electronics during his service in the US Navy from 1945 to 1949. obtained an export model. that was introduced by Zenith came prior to 1936. . The radio is so large it does not fit well next to a chair as it was designed too. In other words, I could have avoided the time spent laboriously splitting and regluing the square rubber material. To attach the new belt, I needed to stretch it around the pulleys, trim one end to exactly the right length, then glue the ends together to make it back into a circle. I also had to replace the drive belt in the tuning mechanism. Airline 14WG-806A 1942 This is a wonderful wood radio with two bands, AM and shortwave. Caution: A novice should never try to align a radio "by ear." I have the 12 tube version pictured on another page. Each 1938 zenith for sale was constructed with extraordinary care, often using wood, fabric and glass. It is currently Mar Sat 04, 2023 11:02 am, http://allentown.craigslist.org/clt/4574348722.html, http://www.ebay.com/itm/371078070791?ss 1423.l2649. After I had a good color match, I sprayed one coat of clear lacquer on the top, then removed the masking and the grille cloth to expose the whole cabinet. A very nice farm set. (That is, the dial pointer did not always point exactly to the station being tuned.) This isn't absolutely necessary if you have a good signal generator, but my generator is as old as many of the radios that I own and its dial is not very accurate. the radio was found. The superhetrodyne chassis is a performer and plays full dial scale, loud and clear. The watch is priced at $2,025 due in large part to the fact that the watch is powered by an automatic chronograph Valjoux A05.231 movement. in its range (00-39) indicating a rather expensive Want to know more? This is an extremely rare 1938 Zenith model 15U271. a radio should track with the "model year" and As Number 3 shows, the signal generator's hot lead is not connected directly to the radio. tubes. Chr. This is a showpiece! The 6-J-230 is a typical 1930s superheterodyne receiver, using a power transformer and six tubes. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. This handsome set has earned a number of compliments from visitors. The 15 tube model is noticeable longer to house the large chassis. The bass from this console is unreal. Using six tubes, it covers the standard broadcast band and shortwave frequencies from 5.6 to 18 megahertz. Zenith 12S265 Console (1938) $3,300.00 SOLD Quantity Not Available We spent three months restoring this gorgeous 1938 Zenith 12S265 Art Deco console radio. (20% off), Sale Price 944.60 Since doing this restoration, I have gotten in the practice of writing down every replacement as well as the results of every test. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Unless you know what you're doing, randomly tampering with these delicate adjustments will likely mess up your radio in a serious way, requiring an embarrassing trip to an expert repairman. The rest of the cabinet was in good shape, with only a few small scratches here and there. The radio has had a complete recap electronic restoration, all the electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new production parts. uses this model numbering system and it has a suffix This radio really set in motion Zenith's sales growth that took them from around the 10th largest radio manufacture to number two by 1942. The two trailing digits of the model number describe three digit number the radio was built in later Then you turn off the digital radio, disconnect the generator's leads, and reconnect them to the radio being aligned. It is sporting, The 38-690 was Philcos top-of-the-line radio for the 1938 model year. Beginning in 1936, Zenith introduced a new model 1938 Zenith Radio - Etsy Check out our 1938 zenith radio selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Features: I too would like one but I won't spend 4 figures for one. Neither the TV show or the radio (style & circuit) appeals to me. Different connections and test frequencies are used for subsequent alignment steps, of course. It isa striking radio from top to bottom. The chassis has the 7S232 stamp just above the power cord. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. 15.18, 17.86 Number 4 shows the multitester's probes clipped to test leads in parallel with the radio's speaker terminals. Even if it plays, it undoubtedly needs some repair before you put it into regular service. The original grille cloth was still in good condition. the radio was built for the 1937 model year. Original Price 1,180.75 The belt runs inside machined brass pulleys and is held at the right tension by a spring-loaded arm. By the time I was done, the radio was playing beautifully and its dial tracking was right on the money. The large black Zenth dial is in perfect shape. It's hard to find a unit in this shape and working condition. The difference is the center section that the chassis mounts in. I purchased the empty cabinet from Alan Jesperson. Camera Portables, no more lugging around a suit case. One of the most, the life and spirit of the Jazz Age, which emerged after the First World War and found its zenith in, Out of an outstanding collection of period art deco radios is this 1938 Zenith 6S238 Wooden Chair, 1938 Zenith WALTON 12-S-232 Shutter Dial Tombstone Art Deco Radio in pristine restored condition, 1938 Zenith Walton 9-S-232 Shutter Dial Tombstone Art Deco Radio in pristine restored condition, 1938 Zenith Model 6-D-219 table top Tube Radio Bluetooth cosmetically and electronically restored, This is a 1938 Zenith 9 tube model 9S244, Zeniths most famous and collectible year. Call me.. See contact page. The tuner on this radio is well engineered and quite interesting. Before doing this, I manually turned the tuning capacitor up, putting its spring under tension. Zenith 12-S-267 (12S267) Shutter-Dial Console Radio (1938), The magnificent 12-tube Zenith 12-S-267 (12S267) console, Motorized tuning & foreign station re-locator, 12-inch electrodynamic speaker with "acoustic, Push-pull 6V6 output stage producing a room-, Robot (shutter) dial with tear-drop shaped, 5-point tone control (voice/normal/Hi-Fi/Bass/, Frequency coverage is 540 to 1752, 1740 to 5930 & 5490, the tone control offers a Hi-Fi setting, this is not, When I purchased this radio in early spring of 2006 it had. Incidentally, here is a case in which careful notes might have led me to these "hidden" capacitors sooner. Originally sold for $69.95 (higher on the West coast}. A gearing mechanism behind the dial transfers the belt's rotation to the tuning capacitor. 1938 Antique Zenith Floor Radio, model number: 9S367, still works and receives many stations, case in good condition with no significant scratch, no crack. I used a very soft brush to brush out accumulated dust, then sprayed the cloth lightly with clear water and placed it face down on a sheet of cardboard to dry. 12.14, 14.29 (20% off), Sale Price 350.10 Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. Then I super-glued two of the cut ends together, forming a single length of rubber. 944.60, 1,180.75 for the cabinet styles are as follows: In our example, the 12S232 would be a 12 tube Other radios in the same style and therefore also called "Waltons" are the 9-tube 9-S-232, the top of the . No lowball please. All tube shields are in place as well. This radio can be powered from household AC current or a 6-volt DC battery. Every effort was taken to reproduce original look of this fine radio. 1995-2023 Philip I. Nelson, all rights reserved. It was all original when I got it, with only minor chassis repairs done many years ago. ZENITH 12 TUBE SHUTTER DIAL: This completely restored Zenith radio was made in 1938 and features the classic Zenith shutter dial with motorized tuning control. THE 1938 ZENITH 15U269 CONSOLE - DECO TO THE MAX By Kent Martin Of all radio manufacturers during the fabulous Art Deco design years of the 1930s and 1940s, one company that has always shone brightly is the Zenith Radio Corporation of Chicago. The 10S130 is a much better looking radio, IMO. Restoring the electronics took a lot more time than touching up the cabinet. (15% off), Sale Price 15.18 The cabinet paper tag has the model 15U270 crossed out in pencil and hand writhen 271. A final alignment was in order, particularly since I had already changed the alignment earlier. The dial belt was replaced for smooth tuning. The 15 tube 'Robot-Dial' console in a walnut finish is the more common version of this cabinet style. On this set, five of the six tube filaments are wired in parallel with the pilots, but the 1J6 power amplifier tube is wired in series with them. Not really. The next photo shows the second pulley underneath the chassis. 6V27), the radio was built for At this point, the set played for the first time, but very poorly. I offer an Cleaning and recapping are standard practice, but solving the voltage problems added extra hours. Sigh. You know, these are actually not exactly rare radios. I found one of those at a yard sale two weekends ago..$50. Although there was nothing unusually hard or time-consuming about the cosmetic work, the electronics took more time than I had expected. 5 out of 5 stars (1) $ 850.00. Introduced in June of 1937 for the 1838 model year. This radio has the fabulous "Robot Shutter Dial" with a green tuning eye. The chassis would have When I queried the rec.antiques.radio+phono newsgroup for ideas, I learned that many restorers don't bother buying "store-bought" replacement belts. Put the radio right next to your favorite chair, relax and enjoy! If the prices come down due to market saturation? Craig. Receives radio stations.   Spain   |   English (US)   |   (EUR), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy, remember your login, general, and regional preferences, personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers. Then I applied a bit of liquid spray starch. 1935 remained as the model 1000 throughout production). Had I been alive and of a radio-buying disposition in 1938, I would have looked at . Antique gift. I saw this one on CL a couple of weeks ago. Cord replaced. After I reinstalled the cloth, the cosmetic restoration was complete! .No motor or tuning eye, but it has push-pull audio and runs on a 6 volt battery. Original Price 389.00 Twelve (count 'em!) Mar 24, 2022 - Explore Daniel Mumau's board "1930's - 1940's floor model Zenith radios" on Pinterest. I've only had a casual interest in these. radio, introduced as part of Zenith's 1938 line in June 1937, is a much coveted set that is an uncommon find today. For instance, my radio doesn't tune to 456 kilohertz, but it does tune to 912, double the target frequency.) Stratosphere. Great deal. With the addition of a bleeder resistorproperly positioned to avoid interferencethe radio performed quite well. The controls are quite simple. Way, way, way overpriced in my opinion. 1938 Zenith short wave radio classic antique model 6-J-257 Ad vertisement by Jasona5150. 1938 Zenith "Walton" 9-s-232 Shutter Dial Tombstone Art Deco Radio 1938 Zenith "WALTON" 12-S-232 Shutter Dial Tombstone Art Deco Radio 1938 Zenith For Sale on 1stDibs At 1stDibs, there are many versions of the ideal 1938 zenith for your home. If the letter designation is followed by a two The next phase involved "recapping" the set, or replacing all paper capacitors and the filter capacitors in the power supply. However, this one also plays perfectly on a short lead wire as well. Used to be on occasion you would see one or two. Ours is a Zenith model 6S-239, from 1938. 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All that happened was everybody horded the things. It was (and still is) missing two knobs. The, runners are in excellent condition. The paper serial number tag on the bottom of the cabinet is there as well. The preferred material seems to be rubber O-ring stock with a square, rather than round, cross-section. When I first got the radio, I thought that the chassis might be solid copper, which would be quite beautiful when polished. 12 in this case, 11 on the chassis plus an "eye" tube. We moved the pool table and cabinets and placed it in my van. 15 tube Zenith radios are not common and easy to find, but this model is the highest production model produced for the 1938 season. After those capacitors had been replaced, the radio's B+ voltage was lowered somewhat, but it still tested about 25-30% higher than indicated in the schematic. As Bob says, in a few years the market will be flooded with them. My wife and son drove the 70 miles in fog so thick you couldn't see the front of your vehicle to be the first ones at the estate sale and got it. As for the cabinet, the ranges AntiquesShopVintage (274) $140.00 FREE shipping Vintage Chrome Knob 1" Chevron V Logo Sun Burst Rat Rod Car Radio Dial Guitar Amp Boomerang Starburst Retro Camper Van Motorhome The Walton radios, (so named because of the fame this series received when one was used in the TV series, "The Waltons") are among the most popular among serious Zenith collectors. There was just enough slack in the connecting cables to let me replace those parts without unwiring all of the cables. He joined a fledging Beaverton electronics company, Tektronix, in 1951 as its 351st employee. During the restoration process these areas were repaired. 1960's Goodbye Vacuum Tubes and the End of "Made in USA". Why would a radio designer do this? The gaskets were about half the required length and twice the required thickness, but where there's a will, there's a way! The chassis is clean and rust free. Original Price 1,475.94 To do it, you first fashion a simple coil of wire, about three loops and roughly six inches across. . As you see from the pictures, the chassis has some rust spots. (10% off), Sale Price 14.17 The next step was to carefully split the rubber in half along its entire length. (10% off), Sale Price 590.38 A second, red, "split second" pointer is used for logging shortwave stations. Zenith made four different chassis to fit into this style cabinet (7J232, 7S232, 9S232 & 12S232). Using six tubes, it covers the standard broadcast band and shortwave frequencies from 5.6 to 18 megahertz. Radio production kept rising and America's love for style and form had manufacturers continuing to upgrade products. Needless to say I would not take no for an answer and kept telling him "I wanted to purchase the radio". In Each pilot lamp draws 2.9 volts. Zenith quickly became known as an innovator. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a special radioa "Glass Rod" Zenith 5R-317 that had been designed for the 1939 World's Fair. Given the extent of damage on top, stripping was the only alternative. Connect the signal generator's leads to the ends of this loop and place it near the digital receiver. This is a 1938 Zenith 12 tube model 12S265, Zeniths most famous and collectible year. The suffixes included: Zenith Radio must be picked up in Cleveland. I. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. Only $1900! Plays loud and clear as it should. In the process, however, I learned more about this type of radio and added a few new items to my bag of repairman's tricks. The spring counterbalances the weight of the tuning capacitor as the plates rise up, allowing you to accurately rest the tuner at any position. Putting on the new belt would require disassembling the geared tuning mechanism, starting with the dial pointer and dial, and working back to where the belt would be placed on the shaft. Zenith did not produce radios for the general public again until . In search of fresh answers, I opened up the large metal box containing the rectifier tube. The next photo shows the power subchassis before replacing its capacitors. This is not a put together Walton with mix and matched parts. You will also need the alignment instructions from the schematic, of course. It had an original purchase price of $169.95 and boasts the following list of features:- Motorized tuning & foreign station re-locator 12-inch electrodynamic speaker with "acoustic adapter" Push-pull 6V6 output stage producing a room- Charles Eames studies architecture at the, condition. table model built for 1938. each represented by a single letter. Zenith 1000Z Stratosphere before restoration, Zenith 1000Z Stratosphere after restoration. The radio had been serviced in the past but most of the original parts were still in place. But JLC has plenty of icons to its name, from the Reverso to the Polaris, and to only look at those models is to miss a serious value proposition by way of the Master Ultra Thin. (XG5) ~ ZENITH RADIO CO. CHICAGO. My favorite tombstone radio is the 1937 era Silvertone model 4465 as shown here. Given the model number, a repairman Instead, they get rubber stock of the right diameter, cut it to the right length, wind the length around the pulleys, then super-glue the cut ends together. (10% off), Sale Price 19.05 It included the radios of collector Glen Bricker. Inside the box are power-supply components, including the rectifier tube and (for battery operation) a vibrator. Pictured here above is the most common of the 1938 15 tube radios made. If you see this ad, the radio is available. Antique Radio Forums Index Category Online Auctions and Sales Forum, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 6 guests. When all the color work was done, I sprayed on two final coats of clear lacquer, lightly buffing the last coat with #0000 steel wool to achieve a satin finish that doesn't look "too new.". Zenith 1938 - 1940 Knob. You can feel the spring wind up if you move the tuner manually with the belt disconnected. 1938 Zenith Walton. The introduction to smaller and more efficient tubes help speed things along- rising to the peak of radio's Golden Era. The most-sought-after model today was not the top of the line, though. Oh well, this is how we learn! There are better radios, that perform better, as well have a more appealing design to me.

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