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For challenge 2, disable autobuyers just tap the M key every few seconds, to let the production build up, completing could take a while. This increases improves the IP formula from to . When you reach 1e15 dilated time, you can get access to an upgrade that allows you to passively generate Time Theorems, based on the amount of tachyon particles. Popular music (Possible at about 1e150 EP w/active path) - At least 1 normal galaxy required, and will be able to get eventually with more EP and TT, just involves management with replicanti galaxies (180 of them to be exact). Spend your first EP on First Time Dimension. Minimize challenge times: Turn off dimboost and galaxy autobuyers, leave big crunch autobuyer on, use autoclicker + spam 'C' (don't hold, spam) plus spam left clicking on Big Crunch button. (For more details, see this spreadsheet.) <1 minute in the current Eternity, while Dilated. ** In terms of early-game achievements, "Zero Deaths" is one of the most difficult and time-consuming to obtain [[spoiler:before you get Infinity Dimensions]]. Can be completed with autobuyers or (web only) by switching from buy 10s to buy singles. However, on PC, the game window must be open while doing this. You can do a really long run overnight if you want. The first one (Max 8ths used on reset) means to always Dimension Boost until it costs more than that many 8th dimensions. ), Minimize infinity challenge times: Same as above, but leave infinity broken, leave the dimboost buyer on (just for dimensional shifts) and spam M. IC4 needs ~8 galaxies, IC8 needs ~13 galaxies. Time Dilation costs 5,000 Time Theorems (which are taken away permanently) and any necessary time studies up to that point. After getting 1e9 DT upgrade, it will be more useful to do long runs with the active path. Reinstalled the game and rejoined the server. "Never again": You need to get a sum of IC times of 0.75 seconds or less. This upgrade is very powerful. "Painful" notations are notations which also format numbers under 1,000. This one requires a strategy so here we go. The chart above is extremely useful but if you want to, feel free to experiment with time study trees yourself without help of the chart. Note that you are supposed to grind during the challenge, not outside of the challenge. The basic Goal is to reach infinity and receive an infinity point, which can be spent on various skills to increase your overall production. - Replicantis are a feature unlocked much later. If you wish to max out TS193, you will have to grind eternities, but you will be able to get a larger boost from it, taking from at least few hours to a few days. 'I brake for NOBODY!' When you reach 2 Nonillion 157 Octillion IP, you will be able to get Dimension cost multiplier increase -> 3x. Buy max 8th dimensions. This achievement reward will have replicanti galaxies divide replicanti by "Infinity" instead, (179.77UCe/1.80e308 or the maximum value in the console) rather than resetting replicanti to 1. This is a "total" requirement - it can be spread across as many eternities and sessions as needed. All Antimatter Dimensions are raised to ^1.081, Increase the multiplier per repeatable Dilated Time multiplier upgrade by 1.35. Yeah, I just tried this on Challenge 3 and going to wait awhile. You will start getting antimatter per second. Instead of spending most of your time farming IP and finding the optimal IP/min. Once you have done this, start the new challenge you will have unlocked (Infinity Challenge 1). After this, get "Buy max dimension boost autobuyer mode" for 5 B IP. 32000 to 79999: divide n by 8000 and get quotient q and remainder r, then n --> (q)^r looks like this: (4 . When time in infinity <3 minutes and in a challenge, all dimension multipliers are multiplied by. (Reality update has removed fix infinity, you now just set auto crunch to 0 and wait till it ticks to 2 million). All Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger. 54.7% Multidimensional Reach 1 T of all Antimatter Dimensions except the 8th. You will eventually get enough IP/EP to get 1e8,296,262 ticks per second, but it will take some time to get it. Each Achievement has conditions that must be met before they are earned. Get to Infinity without Dimension Boosts or Antimatter Galaxies while in a Normal Challenge. That's where the 3rd upgrade comes in. (Mobile) Have 8 Infinity Challenges completed after Crunching. DimBoosts waste time for now. The last one generates IP and is not that special. This essentially removes the 750 ms cap as it is lowered immediately after being reached. Special notes . This is sort of an important thing to do, because after study 181 is more expensive time studies (and endgame), which will require more EP and other resources. This upgrade is very powerful and you will be able to jump to 1e40 IP in minutes. After you reach around e260 IP, I recommend getting max replicanti galaxies in each infinity, as it will only take about 2 hours assuming you remember to upgrade everything (IP mult, IDs, replicanti upgrades). You did this again just for the achievement right? This process could take a while. Use the same technique as before for challenge 9. - Gain Infinite replicanti in 30 minutes, or less. The downsides include disabling the Replicanti Galaxy autobuyer in the active path and Replicanti speed 10x slower in the idle path. Like regular Challenge 9, this requires very careful planning.]]. You can buy 8th ADs in the same Infinity, as long as you have 0 when you crunch. (log10(AD1)/10)^2.4 -> (log10(AD1)/10)^2.6, or AD1^0.01 -> AD1^0.011 if you completed IC2. 90 degrees to infinity Buy an 8th Antimatter Dimension. Eternity has also introduced a new type of dimension, Time Dimensions. Refer to the table below if you want. Your IP will go up a lot due to these upgrades. This will take a while. This is because the original requirement was 1e60 Infinity Power, which was raised to the power of 4.3333. The reward, however, is similar to Time Study 143. Matter will begin to build up upon buying a second Antimatter Dimension. (Get used to it now - you'll have to get more infinities for the challenge later.) After the 2nd 3 way split, get Study 151, then 161 (162 later), then 171. Have 180 times more replicanti galaxies than normal galaxies. In the Reality Update, you can import "Galactic", "Work", "Bliss", "Blind", "Stellar" or "Blob". Can be obtained by failing Eternity Challenge 4 in under 250ms. (Since reality made break infinity upgrades cheaper, I was able to get tickspeed cost multiplier increase to 2x and dimension cost multiplier increase to 8x as well as ID1 level 2 before I went for ID3, and as a result it took less than 20 minutes to unlock ID3). Do manual boosts if you get stuck and eventually the challenge will succeed. Dimension Boosting/shifting for the 5th time also unlocks a new mechanic. Antimatter Galaxies are twice as effective. Got about to 30% after about an hour and realized it was going to take awhile. Now you're thinking with dilation! They are useless. You should see the game running through easy galaxies, and then through dimboosts to afford a couple extra easy galaxies. The Eternity milestones tab shows milestones that unlock more automation and quality of life stuff just by doing more eternities, up to 100 eternities. There are currently 32 of them in the game. Then, you will be able to buy 2nd dimensions. The exponent of Dimension/ID/TD and tickspeed multipliers are reduced to ^0.75 of the normal values while you are dilating time. Close the Hard Reset modal after typing in the confirmation. Have your Infinity Power per second exceed your Infinity Power for 60 consecutive seconds during a single Infinity. More difficult versions of EC4 require more infinitied grinding, which will take more time to unlock the challenge. - Dimension/Tickspeed: Upgrade bulk buy if it's cheap. (grinding should be preferably done right away after you get study 181, as well as the achievement - usavictor) This achievement may take longer than this duration, as it depends on the achievements you already have (which this experience had 11 rows of achievements already completed) and IP multiplier. If you had bought eternity challenges and respec your time studies when you eternity, you don't need to get the required resources for the challenge, but you cannot have 2 EC unlocked at the same time, so pick wisely for which challenge you will buy. They do not have a reward and do not apply to the row multiplier. It have several Prestige layers, bunch of upgrades, achievements, optimization. In addition to having Challenge 9's restriction, when buying dimensions 1-4, everything with costs smaller or equal increases, and when buying dimensions 5-8, everything with costs bigger or equal increases. Complete the 2nd Antimatter Dimension Autobuyer challenge (C2) in 3 minutes or less. Keep buying most of these upgrades when you can, AND the 2x IP mult. Nerfed "Gift From The Gods"'s achievement reward. This achievement had an incorrect image when it was ^345678, then was ^345578. Eternity without buying Antimatter Dimensions 1-7. Antimatter Dimensions is one of the most polished Incremental Games out there. Your achievement bonus affects Infinity Dimensions. However, they cap at 1.80e308. Get to Infinity without Dimension Boosts or Antimatter Galaxies while in a Normal Challenge. There is a point where the IP starts slowing down in production (probably after a few minutes of the infinity) with close to 1% of the IP on big crunch, but it will depend. Have your 1st ID's production be greater than your Infinity Power, for 60 seconds, while outside EC7. Overwritten by TS111. This will be important for EC12. "We could afford nine": Turn off replicanti upgrade autobuyers, and wait for your replicanti amount to hit 9, then eternity. . Keep doing single RG (replicanti galaxy) runs until you reach e240 IP, as getting all your RGs takes a very, very long time, and you should be able to reach e240 IP with 1 RG per run. By this point, your fastest infinity should be about 5 seconds. The picture for it on the web version shows a donkey ([[VisualPun aka an ass]]), and the picture on the mobile version just has the text "I can't draw this like really what do you expect come on". Due to dilated time being a currency produced by a constant source, which upgrades you spend your dilated time on first isn't a massive deal, but buy those upgrades whenever you get access to them, and I'd recommend buying the galaxy threshold multiplier decrease last for the sake of speed, so that you do not waste any dilated time and any possible dilated time upgrade. You don't need to bother to unlock replicanti for short runs to 1 EP, but eventually they will unlock automatically, due to one of the milestones. Study 181 is very powerful, as you will get a lot of IP very fast without having to Big Crunch, which is why it is required for EC4x5. ", as the game is coded in a different language (Java/Kotlin) and access to a console is not possible without developer tools. ]], ** In the late-game, there is "Long lasting relationship" which requires you to. 1e90 IP, 0 1st ADs, 0 infinities, 4 Dimension Boosts, 1 Antimatter Galaxies, and 0 Replicanti Galaxies. You will get the "Time is relative" achievement as the reward for doing your first eternity. The suggested EP and TT are sort of required for when you can finish the challenge, but if you ever can beat it with lower EP and TT than the suggested amount, the suggestions should be updated (post in comments). Tickspeed autobuyer can be on. The popup only appears when offline for over 1000 seconds (16:40) on web. - Spreading cancer: Late in this section, go to Options and set your notation to cancer for a minute. Complete all the Eternity Challenges 5 times with less than 1 second (game time) in your current Reality. Either Auto Dimension Boost, Antimatter Galaxy or Big Crunch autobuyer unlocked. Some are very simple, ensured through progression, and some are significantly trickier, needing a specific strategy to get something. 1e1,700,000: The number of antimatter required to unlock the fifth completion of Eternity Challenge 7. There is a base multiplier which comes from all the times you have boosted, purchased 10 dimensions or tickspeed upgrade, or sacrificed: [This is part is still in progress.] 3) Restart from last reset. All Antimatter Dimensions are stronger in first 3 minutes of an Infinity, but only in challenges. Gained Glyph level is increased by number of distinct Glyph types equipped. Antimatter Dimensions first released in 2016, then was updated for a few years as a web-based game. Get 308 Tickspeed upgrades (in one Eternity) from Time Dimensions. Gain more Reality Machines based on your current Reality Machines. You can only use the TD path (and since the RGs take longer to get), you have to use the passive path (middle path). EC9 will be another challenge that will have a problem with TS181 when you first buy it, but that will be explained later on. Get the 8th Antimatter Dimension multiplier to be highest, 7th Antimatter Dimension multiplier second highest, etc. Meta-antimatter effect on dimension boosts is stronger (x^8 to x^9). Tooltip has the additional disclaimer "(Your Antimatter Galaxies are reset on Infinity.)" Here is when to use each path: Use the passive (middle) path when farming EP. 8th Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger. When you can, respec out of the 21 path, get the Normal Dimension path, and get the study you were saving up for. (Mobile) Big Crunch for 1e300 or more Infinity Points. For more information, please see our Then, at 1e280 IP and 1e60000 Antimatter, unlock ID8. When you finally get the galaxies 50% stronger upgrade, you want to completely change your strategy. EC11 has all dimension multipliers disabled except from Infinity power and dimensional boosts, and EC12 "makes" the game perform at a 1,000 times slower rate (with each second counting as a thousandth of a second), but really only affects the numbers of the game. In addition to having Challenge 9's restriction, when buying dimensions 1-4, everything with costs smaller or equal increases, and when buying dimensions 5-8, everything with costs bigger or equal increases.

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