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As of 6 December 2019, 138 episodes of The Dumping Ground have aired. 2015-02-18 20:33:19. Bailey believed that he would only be left at the Dumping Ground overnight. May-Li. Later that night, Bailey found Frank outside of the bathroom, waiting for Johnny to finish showering. ; It's All My Fault: Candi-Rose blames herself for the incident that led to her and her sister being put into care and separated. Bailey decided to enter the story writing contest that May-Li was holding, where the winner would have their story sent off to another story writing contest May-Li had received news of in the post. Relationships this.href = idConfig.signin_url; Jody is the youngest child of her mother, Denise, and lived with two older brothers, Kingsley and Luke, and her dog. The following week Bailey did indeed receive news that he would have another tryout the following week. In Somebody, Sasha brings Jody (and Jody brings Tyler) to the art exhibition so that they can be Sasha's eyes and ears because Sasha thinks Kalias has stolen her artwork. It was here that Johnny's rivalry with Bailey commenced. She loves art. At the Dumping Ground's open day, Bailey noticed that among the visiting families was fottballer Matt Brantston and his wife Stephanie. In First Past The Post Jody helps Tyler to be the council rep by being his campaign manager. Maybe she will be joined by Andrew Bailey dumping his three houses (admittedly he only owns a share of the Coromandel property), or Gerry Brownlee getting rid of his five properties. Upon advice from Tyler, Jody plays Ryan at his own game - finding unopened letters from Chloe - and speaking to Ryan about them. He will be starring as teenage "Bad . However, Jody comforted him and presented him with his football boots that he had left behind at the DG. Bailey Wharton. She is also described as moody (as shown in the episode Stuck with You. I shall see her again! This causes Jody to become angry and everyone in Ashdene Ridge begins to become fed up with her. Bailey denied this and refused Mo's help. This series was also the series in which we discovered that Bailey is dyslexic, hindering his skills to read and write. Bailey hastily ran out of the house after trashing the room, where he was spotted by Faith. Then in Auld Lang Syne both Jody and Tyler engage in a prank war with each other after competition arose between them as they were coaching Katy (coached by Jody) and Sid (coached by Tyler) to compete in the sword-dance competition against each other. Bailey was portrayed by Kasey McKellar throughout his entire run on the show. She was sitting on the sofa, feeding the baby his apricots out of a jar. Johnny is medium-height,with brown hair, dark grey eyes. 9. $(".id-cta-link").each(function () { Jody Jackson (formerly Jody Gray )is a character in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. Mr Wharton left, apparently accepting the measures that were in place. They ended up buying nothing that May-Li as Bailey did not write a list. CBBC TV Show #1. At the Dumping Ground's open day, Bailey noticed that among the visiting families was fottballer Matt Brantston and his wife Stephanie. Carmen pretends she cannot hear Jody and even goes as far as accusing Jody of "crocodile tears" after Jody's repeated attempts at filming her documentary fail. In the episode Oh, Mo! Football - Bailey is a highly skilled football player, and has even been to numerous trials to show off his skills. Jody also remarks that her and Tyler made the best of being put in care. This led to a fight with the other Dumping Ground kids in the living room when he tried to leave (which led to the television being smashed) and Faith (leaving for a morning jog) giving chase, only to be hit by a car. He was a member of a football team and aspired to be a professional footballer for Liverpool or Real Madrid. What clothing brands were popular in the 50s? Articulate's Freddy Smith, 16, has landed a lead role in the critically acclaimed CBBC hit show The Dumping Ground. He's older brother to Tee Taylor. Before Fame He began his professional acting career in 2013. June 7, 2016 An easy way to do so is by using. She likes football (as seen in many episodes) and voted for it in Endurance. Bailey has also been shown to have a sensitive side, though it is a side of himself that he often prefers to conceal from others. Actress | Cleaning Up. Co. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Dumping Ground (-S2) Biographical Information Full Name: Lily Kettle Gender: Female Birth Date: 1999 Age: 14 Years of Age (last on show) Physical Features . This is when Tyler gives Jody the necklace that is shaped as a love heart and has a 'J' in the centre. This put him in competition with Carmen, who wanted to be fostered by the couple instead of Bailey. or }); To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. graphic designer (4 episodes, 2019-2020) Catherine Mednick . However, Bailey got into a disagreement with Johnny, who thought that Bailey was infringing Johnny's space, leading to both of them losing contact with the telly when they shoved each other over, and consequently the other team winning. In Two For Joy Jody is found to be living with her brother Kingsley, who has changed his ways. As of 2021, Kasey McKellars net worth is $100,000 - $1M. This article has missing information. Please use the links below for donations: It was here that Johnny's rivalry with Bailey commenced. He also appeared as R-Marni on the series Top Boy. Floss. How old is Elektra in The Dumping Ground? It is the sequel to the multi-award-winning dramas The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns. The unrestricted dumping ground Names Dalrymple, Louis, 1866-1905(Illustrator) Collection The judge Vol. . Bailey's mum, Alison, abandoned his and Jimmy when Bailey was just a toddler. Parents in prison for scamming. Weeks later, during Lily's farewell barbecue, Bailey saw Carmen accidentally kick a ball at Johnny's window. Bailey was annoyed by this and told the other kids to stay out of his way (who in turn were annoyed that he was staying, too). Jody once had to eat dog food. After Tyler breaks up with the girl, Jody tries to convince her to give Tyler a second chance. The Dumping Ground is a British children's drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people and their care workers in care, broadcast on CBBC.The programme began on 4 January 2013, with one series airing each year since. Jody had become friends with Tyler and often played tricks on him, such as putting Carmen's henna on top of the door of Faith's room to land on top of Faith and tricking Johnny into thinking Tyler had a dad who was quite rich . Occupation The Dumping Ground (also informally referred to as TDG) is a British children's television drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people who live in a care home with their care workers in care, broadcast on CBBC since 4 January 2013. Jody. Jody however only makes Ryan leave her alone - she didn't take the frog as was originally agreed. In The Last Dance, Jody hangs around with another boy to make Tyler jealous. He is portrayed by Kacey McKellar. The following morning, Bailey attempted to go to the football ground on his own after his dad failed to appear. Kasey Mckellar tells us about what it's like to play Bailey in The Dumping Ground. Well hide these CBeebies shows for 30 Days. During his time at Ashdene Ridge, Bailey suffered instances of bullying and racism, which were some of his most integral story lines. When told to keep quiet by Faith, Bailey countered by asking why everyone was not out looking for Frank, which prompted the others to take action. Sid, a goofy ground sloth in the Ice Age movie franchise. }); Bailey also adopted a dog called Mischief during this series, who used to belong to a homeless man that Bailey had a quarrel with. 20.4k Followers, 91 Following, 4,030 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Dumping Ground (@thedumpinggroundx) John Wesleys question to his grandmother may appear rude, but his words reflect simple logic. Jody also likes rock music. Jody is a tomboyish girl. Jody tries to persuade the others that Al is better than May-Li until Tyler shows Jody the error in her ways when Sid goes missing. Bailey went up to observe the damage, who was then seen by Johnny and was falsely accused of breaking the window and even went as far as to report him to the police. You are here: Home 1 / Clearway in the Community 2 / Uncategorised 3 / bailey dumping ground real name. ohhh this makes me suuuper sad bailey was my favourite character, It's so sad mo and Bally left and whent mischief I cryed , Comment posted by Candy Cane, at 19:16 29 Mar 2017, Comment posted by User0816296326, at 18:18 14 Feb 2017, Comment posted by PinkPanther101, at 16:15 3 Feb 2017, Comment posted by Candy Cane, at 18:57 22 Jan 2017, Comment posted by Lucky, at 11:48 22 Jan 2017, Comment posted by User0248548892, at 10:06 21 Jan 2017, Comment posted by butterflysparkle, at 09:46 21 Jan 2017. Johnny Mo offered to help Bailey by writing the story out on the computer, whilst Bailey dictated it to him. Bailey Wharton is a former resident of Ashdene Ridge. Unfortunately, Mr Wharton was told that due to the fact that he had vanished, it would be a while before Bailey could be returned to his custody. When Jimmy attempts to take Bailey from The Dumping Ground, Mike (Connor Byrne) . Laura Whitmore Male The seventh series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2019 on CBBC and ended on 6 December 2019. He often becomes obsessive when it comes to the sport, which can often lead to conflicts with other members of the house. Careworker with great advice and a hard stare. In It's Not About the Money Jody realises that Tyler and Ryan stole the computer and sold it. He instantly struck up rivalries with numerous members of the house, though most if not all of those have now been resolved. Brown 4w Reply. She leaves sometime in-between Series 9 & 10, and is now a trainee boxibg trainer. Bailey decided to write a story based on how he felt after reading the letter, making it about a girl in care. Fun sense of humour and loves practical jokes. girl in the parking area cropped. They both have also made frenemies, who they ultimately become civil with upon their departures (Johnny Taylor and Justine Littlewood, respectively). Jody is also a good boxer as shown in Snake when May-Li calls Jody a 'boxing champ'. Find out what he loves most about being on The Dumping GroundFind out more about The Dumping Ground here! All Rights Reserved. Tracy Beaker Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Report. A week or so later, Bailey's dad, having somehow found out where he was staying, showed up for him to collect him from Ashdene Ridge. How To Buy Cardano In Texas, Luckily, Mike and Bailey both showed up with the minibus in time. The following morning, Bailey was visited by Viv, having met Mike the previous day. Furthermore, Jody gives advice to PoPo and May-Li in this episode which helps them to reconcile. In Mighty Mike Milligan and The Last Dance, we see Jody worrying about Tyler going to the prom with Piper. Elektra. You've changed from the young hothead who smashed the telly and ran off with his dad, to the person that. He is known for being a troublemaker in the household, and clashes with a lot of the other residents. TV Show Premiered in 2013 #13. What is head-careworker Mike's full name? At some point, Carmen and Jody fell out with each other. Quizzes . A Good Man Is Hard to Find. We went to the mall and I saw a ARIANA GRANDE thank u next perfume and it said try me so I sprayed it on my arm and I like it. Hollie (ex-girlfriend) He was a member of a football team and aspired to be a professional footballer for Liverpool or Barcelona. Real-scale projects on the ground serve to common concern for the case of the Dinaric karst poljes improve the guidelines and tools at a regular pace. To chat about The Dumping Ground head over to The Dumping Ground Fan Club page. Jody and Carmen eventually made up with each other, where it was learnt that Jody cannot share a room with other people and so ended up getting Sapphire's bedroom. Dexter, Mischief, Mo She also has temper like fire, which doesn't help when you're not the most likable . He did not get on well with the other residents and behaved rudely to the others (such as calling Frank a loser when Frank mentioned her supported Manchester United), who in turn treated him rudely.

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