raf crash tender model boat

is molded with the keel, and also a raised gunwale rubbing strake. 9" x 4mm Prop Shaft 8mm Diameter - PR830I, 2 Bladed 40mm Propeller with M4 Thread - PR834A, 35.00 3 sets , that's 150 clips if my geography serves me well. R.A.F. From Vintage Model Works comes the new 46 largesize kit of this popular and exciting RAF craft. I found this site has very good info on RAF boats. RAF Crash Tender This fine High Speed Vosper R.A.F. The catch poles each side of the wheelhouse require replacing (no problem). Zap z poxy is what its called - Im using 30 m glue for the hull as 5 m wouldnt allow enough time to get everything clamped. For information regarding overseas orders please see Postage for further details. That's a neat idea, I had to resort to wedges and packing pieces to form parallel surfaces for the clamps to pull against. I had previously assembled and primed the anchor, having added a little additional detail to the white metal castings, as described in a previous blog update. The hull was copied from the original Shipbuilder's plans, so it has all the elegant flared hull . Crash Tender makes up into a magnificent model 34.5 in length with a beam of 10 in, thus providing a scale model of truly seaworthy proportions, ideal for radio control installation. A total of 16 window frames and 20 windows and port-holes are included in the kit. The 34" boat, I burnt out the motor some how so fitted a brushless + 2S Lipo. As well as a 46" PT 109 with a 26cc in her that also sits on the water the same way. Looking forward to you're next build. Model Trains. 1/72 Revell Sikorsky Hh-3e Jolly Green Giant Us Airforce Very Rare. Sorry to waffle on it just brings back old memories. More. Cresta Tamar Lifeboat - 12" Otter Mermaid Neptune Alma Scow - 12" Black Rose Pirate Ship - 26" Beaver Tug - 12" Original plans: 50+ range: Thames Lighter - 16" Sea Princess - 23" Elco PT Boat - 20" OSA-1 Missile Boat - 32" . It very well built, minus motor, radio, servo and battery. The boat is a credit to model making. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. . Excl VAT: 21.25, 37.64 A set of clear plastic push-fit windows and frames have been produced for the VMW 46 Crash Tender kit. BTW, real name is Steve Harvey is my cat, Harvey just come across your build blog I am a bit further on with mine, just doing some paint experiments at present.You comment about your ability level, judging by your approach to prep before gluing and your innovative solution to clamping that doesn't seem in doubt. I bought one of these for a good price. Free postage. A blue boxed battery-powered twin-screw model RAF rescue tender boat, with original box and instruction sheet. The new 46" large-size kit of this popular and exciting RAF craft. Forward and central cabin tops lift off for access, as the rear cockpit floor. RAF Crash Tender Model Boat. 30 min Glue is running a bit slow as the temperature in the garage isnt exactly warm. I know you said you have a wizard behind the scene's, ( your brother I believe ) but you have drawn up the plans and sent him. I cant wait to see her on the water performing. Price: His own label says 1952, i had a friend look over it who has built a lot of models and he . The 34" is an original that Was Released in 1994 by Aerokits on the 50th Anniversary and the 46" is a VMW kit. eBay (UK) Limited acts as a credit broker not a lender. Price: GBP 85.00. The weight of the Vosper will test it out. Free delivery for many products! The original deck was painted white and was screwed down. Whatever your age or experience level, youll be able to find something to pique your interest at Hobbies. Just in case! We will contact you before posting. ?? Hey Rob, has it got wet yet? $23.89 + $27.72 shipping . Click below to begin your paid subscription. Unless you are like me and then after a while to get a bit over confident. The Hobbyking 10mm square magnets(magnet to magnet) work well and are very cheap. A full new kit was sold here last week for $470 AU, original bought in 2011 for $600 AU. A crew of five was intended in service, construction was wood, hard chine, plywood frames and double diagonal planking. Ended: 30 Jan, 2023 04:37:47 AEDST. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. I think I will compromise, using matte dark grey. Sadly I never got to have radio control in it. Full set of new decals with a number of these installed. RAF Crash Tender (46) by Vintage Model Works. This all started about 15 months ago, when I saw a completed model at Alexandra Palace model engineering exhibition. the instructions are there and its in its original box, which is damaged. 76WOT002 Oxford Diecast 1:76 OO Gauge Ford WOT1 Crash Tender RAF Catterick (Red) Ford WOT1 (No Plastic Case) JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The bearings in the drive line are shot, so a mate is making a set and resizing to . There is order and simmetry and aesthetic realization; real outstanding work! The other five that we built he actually gave away to friends and one even went to the milkman. was 46 foot Firefloat Mk 2'. I know its a Vosper 46' RAF crash/asr/fire float , probably Mark Two. I cannot wait to see what you put out for part two of this hose. But he wasn't happy about building the original kit straight outright. I still have a 34 and a 46 inch still new in boxes. et Cie, S.C.A. I think they used to charge something like a shilling each time it was done. sheeting is also pre-cut. Firefloat No. Wow Robbob, I have just seen the video of your Crash Tender. We believe model making is not just a pastime, but also an experience to share with friends, siblings, children and grandchildren. . I wish! 37.00. The original one's are only white metal I was told and not very good!!! Useful information published by the MPBA for anyone running an event or just interested in the legal position. Our customer support and service is comprehensive, and we wont disappear after you have made a purchase. AMERICAN RIVER & LAKES 1960'S PUSHER TUG RADIO . 1/16" Scale 34.5". Deck is planked with recess for hatch. Only a very limited amount of time is available for editing contributions into a suitable format for placing on the website so it is important that the material is well presented, lucid and free from obvious spelling errors. is a brief history (link below). Looking forward to seeing the fully finished Crash Tender and video of her on the water. Tri-ang, Scalex Boats. This kit has been modernized to make construction easy, full building instructions are included and comes with window overlays and screen. You have put so much into her and so much detail. . 2) of this type were produced by Vospers. Looking good in this view how about adding some more pictures to show the whole boat. Full set of new decals with a number of these installed. Goes very fast! London SW20 9HN. eBay. Want the latest issue of Model Boats? material, and it differs appreciably from other published versions. Detail of twin motor installation in one of the kit models constructed by a modeller in the Welwyn Club. Awesome and a real credit to you. A very familiar sight at collectors toy-fairs today. I use some on the Sea Hornet and in the Northwind. For over 50 years, Sussex Model Centre have been serving the modeller. Require good close up pictures of the anchor, mast and the foam tubes and fittings please. Came to me in an instant while I was staring at the problem. Once again that is brilliant. No. great idea with the masking tape Rob, they look very nice. Completed model should be around 27" in length. CRASH TENDER. Is there a mast yet. It agrees with the other summary from the RAF Museum. RAF Crash Tender. Eligibility determined at checkout. this builds a beautiful model. Window overlays and screens included. The boat appears in the 1970 Rovex Tri-ang trade catalogue in the "Scalex Boats" section, listed as "Brand New for 1970", as W30: RAF Crash Tender, with the "W" presumably signifying that it was sourced from Wrenn. A very RARE MODEL VICTORY INDUSTRIES VOSPER RAF ELECTRIC CRASH TENDER (MODEL 195624626065 Dont seem big enough the whole front end - keel + breast hook are glued and screwed, this seems the likeliest place for damage and needs to be sturdy. Airfix H0/00 Scale Built Bedford K6 Fire Engine RAF Emergency Set Crash. This kit has been modernized to make construction easy, full building instructions are included This kit has been designed for the discerning modeler that has previously built boats or model aircraft. A total of 16 window frames and 20 windows and port-holes are included in the kit. You can find out more here. I had a look at your build blog on this boat and along with Robs, these are my 2 go to blogs for help. At the moment he's selling insurance for Direct Line., Anyone noticed the similarity between our Harvey Kitten and the actor Harvey Keitel ?hmmmm.I reckon it's an alias, Thx v much. Well Robbob, congratulations on whetting your baby's head, sorry, it's perfect botty . Price: don't know why I thought you where lake district? Interesting suggestionperhaps not the functional torpedo's, a bit anti social perhaps. A sort of n00b here. radio control race boat bat boat twin motors project . Not convinced? 94 entered service in about 1952/1953 and was damaged and stored at number 238 Maintenance Unit until July 1958 when it too was struck off charge. VMW with Colin Smith (Phils Son) has enlarged the original model to the increased length of 36 (1:10 scale). They have been very successfully modelled by others and there are some fine examples of their construction on this site and consequently a wealth of tips and ideas on how to make them and I have shamelessly taken the best of them to make my own. Thanks, I will have to look at the local model shop. RAF Crash Tender (46") by Vintage Model Works. RAF Crash Tender - 20" Curlew. Rob, who said I should get on with it So I have. To access our initial disclosure document, please click, Get the item you ordered or your money back. Vintage Victory Industries model Vosper R.A.F electric crash tender boat + box, 20.00. One of the kit prototypes performing realistically, The model planing at speed using a brushless motor. BOXED VICTORY INDUSTRIES R.A.F. A crew of five was intended in service, construction was wood, hard chine, plywood frames and double diagonal planking.Aft view of craft moored at PortsmouthMonitors being tested at Southampton BUY WITH CONFIDENCE HIGH STREET RETAILER FOR 36 YEARS Lesro Models Stony Lane Christchurch Dorset BH23 7LQ Opening Hours 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday Phone / 499354 Email Web site www. I have one in a offshore ABS racer and it moves!!!! I can't wait to see this beauty in its natural habitat to see how it performs. For modellers wishing to renovate old Aerokits models these may be modified for use. Excl VAT: 29.17, 7.75 Socit en Commandite par Actions Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg). I am now scared stiff of mine being a total heap of crap. Now how did I manage to get pictures up, RAF Crash Tender (46) by Vintage Model Works, Slec Ltd - Bob-A-Bout Footy Class Yacht Build. One of the distinctive features of the RAF fire boats are the suction hoses in the rear well of the boat, and they were something that I was keen to reproduce with some accuracy. I build a scratch built boat model generally over two winters. Could you announce in this blog, so I dont miss it. hi may i ask what size planking you used on the floors and how did you get the black effect between planks, many thanks colin. The kit parts are cut using our laser cutting technology, that not only gives very accurate and precise cut parts, that fit together without any sanding but also details like planking on the decks and the cabin roof . By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. This fine High Speed Vosper R.A.F. A Crossley FWD Type 4X4 Crash Tender which carried 300 Gallons (1,350 Litres) of Water, (28 Litres) of Foam Compound and 4 60Ib CO2 cylinders. Crash Tender makes up into a magnificent model 34.5 in length with a beam of 10 in, thus providing a scale model of truly seaworthy proportions, ideal for radio control installation.

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