red rubber grease vs silicone grease

For example, lithium grease can be applied both in chassis and wheel bearing applications of transport vehicles. The conventional wisdom used to be that silicone-based lubricants were not suited to metal-on-metal contact points because they would break down in the heat generated by all that friction. You will have to replace them at that time and use proper grease on the fixtures. Versachems caliper grease gains points on our list for being a great insulator. With new chemical technology, this is no longer the case, although silicone-based grease is still more likely to trap dirt and debris in your brakes. . I have a can of Kent K-44 silicone grease that is around 40 years old and it is the same now as it was then. Both are effective lubricants, but it all hinges on your safety. It makes everything run smoother. Generally, Red Rubber Grease is used to lubricate synthetic and natural rubber products. Grease is a thick and oily substance usually used as a lubricant. Completely How Long Does a Brita Filter Last? When in contact with moving parts, it wears out from friction (an o-ring against a brake caliper or cylinder piston, a dust boot against a clutch plunger) and also may rupture. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. The main difference between lithium grease and silicone grease is its structure. Youll find it in parts like clutch hydraulic mechanisms and brakes. 100% Pure Genuine RED Rubber Grease, for Brake Caliper Piston Seals and Boots, Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant, Meets Lucas Girling TS-2-34-04 spec. Unlike other types of grease, red rubber grease is resistant to hydrocarbons like diesel, kerosene, and gasoline. It is thick like grease but is really a super thick oil and no thickener. These applications are better served by silicone grease. If affected by gasoline or if lubricated with petroleum-based grease, it swells, loses its shape and does not do the work as intended. When you apply pressure to your brake pedal, that force transfers to the caliper, which squeezes the brake rotor and slows down your car. Some grease will react negatively with brake fluid, while some others will damage the plastic housing of the brake fluid. I never got around to testing, tillseveral months ago, mainly cause I didn't have the Greases, and it took a certain amount of effort to get, I gave up locally, and ordered online. This is only a good choice for you if you can't stand the squeaking of your brake pads any longer, in which you'll want to use a good copper grease to deal with the sound. The Gas Light Goes On: How Many Miles Until Empty? Select a store to see pricing & availability . Its regularly applied and used to fix squeaky and noisy faucets and so is known a lot of the time as faucet grease. It is red in color because a red dye has been added to its ingredients. 7 Things Everyone Should Know About Silicone Lubricant Grease Before . Convenience increases the likelihood that youll service your brakes before they really need it. It is also a good choice for use on brake caliper rebuild jobs. When buying grease, check to see if it contains any petroleum products. Automotive expertise from NAPA AUTO PARTS. Normal temperature greases - for temperatures from -20 C to +100 C. Permatexs brake caliper lube is an environmentally-friendly grease free of dangerous chemicals but is no less effective. The grease may also be useful in lubricating pen filling threads and mechanisms especially the fountain models. Plumber's Grease . You want to seal out contaminants such as water or dust. In industries, it is used to lubricate and preserve rubber parts that include O-rings. No problem patching tires if it gets on the tube. Jefferson operates Red Dirt Rodz, his personal garage studio, where all of his magazine articles and tech videos are produced. There is a silicone oil that is better. can it triple the life of a tube via the lubrication? Clean every surface thoroughly before lubricating it. If you use petroleum-based grease, it can affect the products integrity and stop working correctly. In addition to protection against drying-out and moving parts red rubber grease is crucial in a range of lubrication and assembly roles. Rust inhibitor (protects from oxidation and rust). The shelf life for most grease and lubricants is 5 years. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Normal grease and lithium can react with 'rubber' components depending on the make up of the. Here is a brief breakdown . Plumber's silicone grease is much more durable than Vaseline. There are a few reasons for this. In other words, red rubber grease extends the lifespan of rubber components. Silicone This grease is successful at repelling moisture because it's also waterproof. This grease is very safe to use on o-rings (rubber or nitrite), combats many harmful chemicals, and is very resilient regarding water. Red wheel bearing grease for automotive applications. 703. Vehicle Service You need to be earnest in figuring out what you need this grease to do. These have a high resistance to water, but do not fare well under high heat application, such as disc brake wheel bearings. Mousse lasted until the tire was replaced. The oil gets mixed with the soap and whipped up into an emulsification, creating the semi-solid we call grease. Most common are the white Lithium and Lithium Complex formulas. Red rubber grease is the usually solution but some modern greases intended for this purpose are silicon based. We especially like how well the included applicator brush works. Automotive Grease: Whats The Difference? If not, because of the ingredients in the formulation, the plumbers grease might contaminate your water. As a true sample of grease, it must contain either oil and/or other lubricants usually mixed using a thickener, usually a soap so as to form a solid or semisolid substance. There is no need to resubmit your comment. Being that, RRG can be used where ever natural rubber is used in the car (see some applications mentioned on this site.). Its quick and effective at cutting down on brake noise and vibrations and resists corrosion over time. As long as the grease is adequately stored in its original seal, it should last around 5 years. Your email address will not be published. Silicone-based grease Works on brake calipers Rated up to 575-degrees Fahrenheit Brush included Specification Brand Mission Automotive Model Silicone Grease Weight 8.8 ounces PROS Easy to apply One jar lasts a long time Effective at reducing brake noise and decreasing stopping distance CONS Easy to apply too much Bottle sometimes dirty on arrival Sta-Lubes grease is less viscous and sticky than silicone-based options, making for a slightly more difficult application. Oil-based lubricants have historically been used for metal-on-metal contact points. It is not made to take the heat. Looks like 16oz can be had for $23 shipped , that's 5 times as much as I got for $11(red rubber grease). This red dye gives rubber grease its red color. So, it is often used in clutch applications, shock absorbers, and hydraulic brake systems. incorrect, as posted earlier " red rubber grease " is a vegitarian product ie its made from vegetable oil silicone grease is a completely different animal and should not be used anywhere near brake fluid Title: Re: Red rubber grease vs brake fluid on caliper seals Categorized under Chemistry,Hardware,Household Equipments,Industrial | Difference Between Dielectric Grease and Silicone Grease. While lithium lube is not oil-based, like oil-based lubes it cant stand up to high temperatures. Molytec Red Rubber Grease provides outstanding performance in a wide range of applications where contact with rubber compounds is likely or required. The only other thing, is wouldn't want to be in a dirty area dealing with a greased tube, attract grit like a magnet. Red rubber grease is made from vegetable oil, while silicone grease is made from a mixture of silicone, base oil, and thickener. Silicon Grease is much better than the dielectric grease and provide useful environment to the item. All Rights Reserved. In other words, RRG can be used for lubrication where there is rubber and there is no gasoline: o-rings, non-petroleum oil and dust seals, dust boots, bushings. In light of this, you can read through and get the notable differences between them. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Yes, rubber components, especially in the automotive industry, need to be lubricated to prevent the rubber from drying or hardening up over time. There is no silicone in Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon (PTFE), Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oils, Super Lube Synthetic Gear Oils, and many other Super Lube products. Caliper grease is a vital lubricant that ensures your calipers are working at peak efficiency. Silicone grease in my experience stays as grease. Since the grease is translucent, some light passes through it causing distortion. Some manufacturers, specifically Ford, require a molybdenum or moly for protection of the metal. Lets compare the two and see what will work best for you. It will decompose naturally on its own. We stock over 5,000+ products ranging from auto electrical supplies, garage accessories, hardware and workshop tools. Grease. Silicone grease is used mostly in industries, chemical laboratories, and several other consumer areas. To help make your decision easy, we have all the majortypes of grease broken down for you so you know what to buy for your next project. Copper grease is an anti seize compound, so whilst technically it isn't a lubricant, it's often used for these purposes. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Take our advice, and do not use oil-based grease for brake jobs. Below, weve put together the only caliper grease guide youll ever need. Okay than it's more suited to mounting tires & minimizing slip after it dries. Hight temperarure. Cite Common ingredients include graphite, polyalphaolefin (PAO), molybdenum disulfide (moly), and teflon, which are used in various proportions. 2. Because of a unique combination of two of its qualities: natural rubber compatibility and brake fluid compatibility the main use of Red Rubber Grease is in hydraulic brake/clutch applications. I use lots of BabyPowder when fitting my BUHD tubes. One brand of red rubber grease that offers a high level of water resistance is Castrol red rubber grease. Plumbers grease has chemical ingredients and should only be applied to plumbing that is not used for consuming water. They can be toxic, so you cant use them on particular plumbing setups. It's properties compare with Dow 111 and I use it on the spark plug boots in place of Dow.

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