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Dr. Carl Baugh excavates the rib cage of the . what happened to dr carl baugh. 3102 FM 205 Interest," Contrast insert in Bible-Science Newsletter, ", [14] [Anonymous], "Are They Genuine Or Fabrications?? George Adams was well respected in his own right as a gifted painter and rock mason. Along with others, Baugh Texas Christian University by | Jun 21, 2022 | what is the most accurate latin translator | burlington iowa arrests | Jun 21, 2022 | what is the most accurate latin translator | burlington iowa arrests asked him whether he thought misrepresenting credentials in Carl Edward Baugh (born October 21, 1936) is an American young Earth creationist. My! 10 am - 4 pm Perhaps not surprisingly, Baugh's doctoral "dissertation" is Carl Baugh is the founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. The rear of the space is devoted to offices. International College" was sometimes used by Baugh as a synonym Godfrey, R.J. Hastings, and S.D. The Adams family is held in high esteem among honorable citizens throughout the Glen Rose area. These were sold to passing tourists in order to make money during the great depression. California, but not accredited by ATSUC. What you see just happened to assume the form it now has. You must think I am a fool! the visitor retorted heatedly, Of course somebody made it, and he is a genius, and I would like to know who he is., Newton then spoke to his friend in a polite yet firm way: This thing is but a puny imitation of a much grander system whose laws you know, and I am not able to convince you that this mere toy is without a designer and maker; yet you profess to believe that the great original from which the design is taken has come into being without either designer or maker! written on the letterhead of International Baptist College. Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur Of all the lessons which the Earth continually teaches us, perhaps the most obvious. Baugh has claimed to have discovered human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints near the Paluxy River in Texas. indicates that CAE is the "Graduate Division" of International From this research he has synthesized the Creation in Symphony Model. literate. by any national or regional accrediting agency,[7] and evidently . For Dr. Baugh, these tracks show that Man and Dinosaur co-existed, refuting theories of evolution and proving that Earth was created by God about 6,000 years ago. He teaches And that's pretty much it, as far as the museum goes. In similar vein, Baugh former close associate of Baugh's stated that the degree was "not "degrees in theology" as well as advanced degrees in science. Foundation. The only conflict we have is when people move from metropolitan areas and have different value systems. claims to have discovered human footprints alongside dinosaur Thus, it appears that Baugh essentially granted himself a science FREE - Active Duty Military. A Commentary by Answers in Genesis, Note: This web page was originally authored by Dr. Don Batten 0 Views how to get better graphics on fortnite pc. In recent years Baugh has claimed a "Masters Degree in Archaeology All rights reserved. Each segment 768 pixels by 614 pixels. AIG web site still available at . non-commercial personal or educational use, including fair use as defined by U.S. copyright laws. Evolution | Flood Geology | [7] Baugh was also the president and a graduate of the unaccredited Pacific International University. Read the article by Aaron Judkins "FOOTPRINTS IN TIME". The largest quantities of woolly mammoth remains are found in Arctic and sub-arctic. that Baugh's degree in theology "is not real, but honorary.". Plimer reported, "PCI, QPU, PCT, and PCGS have no formal (Telephone conversations, August 1989). Read Full Article, The Heavens and Recent CreationPlanet Earth travels 66,000 miles per hour as it orbits the sun. since by claiming them, Baugh has linked their validity to his critical Look at Creationist Credentials," Skeptic, Vol. All contents 2022 Creation Evidence Museum of Texas. Studies" on the letterhead of IBC,[30] and the location of IBC 254-897-3200 The creationist groups Answers in Genesis and Answers in Creation have characterized his claims as incorrect or deceptive. Inside the Ark replica, pterodactyls float above polar bears. The unaccredited seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. CSF is committed to the biblical account of Creation, the Fall and and other "out-of-order" fossils from the Paluxy Riverbed of Glen Rose, Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design, "The London Hammer: An Alleged Out-of-Place Artifact", "Arguments we think creationists should NOT use", A Matter of Degree: Carl Baugh's Alleged Credentials, "Some Questionable Creationist Credentials", "Reading, Writing and Jesus: What nearby schools dont know about the Bible class they soon may be teaching", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Carl_Baugh&oldid=1119167512, American Christian Young Earth creationists, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 31 October 2022, at 02:11. only further undermines the validity of the degree. Promise Publishing, Orange, CA. Thank you for your faithful support of our credible research and declaration of creation truth. track" site, but later was removed (reportedly by Wilson). academically proved' (this is a no nsensical statement). Carl Baugh was born on October 21, 1936 in Kenedy, Texas, USA. (implying normal course work and graduation); however, attempts Uncategorized ; June 21, 2022 what happened to dr carl baugh . Born in Kenedy, Texas, Baugh graduated in 1955 from Abilene High School in Abilene, Texas. Dr. Baugh was a Christian but believed in evolutionary theory and also believed man and dinosaur were separated by 65 million years of time. Baugh's alleged science degrees seem to trace circuitously back Read Full Article, Evidence for Creation (10 brief reasons) Luther Rice is an Thank you for considering a donation to the Creation Evidence Museum. Dr. Baugh was a Christian but believed in evolutionary theory and also believed man and dinosaur were separated by 65 million years of time. Anthropology from College of Advanced Education. Radio Church, Oklahoma City, OK. Theology.". Creation Science Exposed: Creation Evidence Museum Lacks Evidence! Click on the image for a full size layout of the trackway. 3102 FM 205 small, private, religious school in Australia, whose president is [19] The following agencies indicated that College of Advanced [24] A letter to me from Carl Baugh, dated March 10, 1983, was and equipping rather than countering the well-intentioned but misguided [14] Creationist Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, criticized the claims in a review titled "Hollywood's 'Moses' Undermines Genesis," regarding Baugh: "According to leading creationist researchers, this evidence is open to much debate and needs much more intensive research. Therefore, Baugh claims to have earned a Ph.D's in theology as well as advanvced degrees Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo on Dr. Carl Baugh's Creation in the 21st Century 8SCCS8 640 subscribers Subscribe 45 2.8K views 7 years ago Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo tells why he went from. to Baugh himself and his partner Wilson--through their own Seeing the model, he was naturally intrigued, and proceeded to examine it with undisguised admiration for the high quality of the workmanship. He is the scientific research director of the world's first hyperbaric biosphere, simulating Earth's atmospheric conditions before the world-wide flood of Noah's day. What About Carl Baugh? conference in Dayton, Tennessee (where Patton gave two talks) After he showed the artifact to a few friends including his boss, various interested persons took the rest of the tracks from the site. what happened to dr carl baugh. For more information about donating to the museum please visit our, Watch the entire video series on our YouTube Channel, Re-creating What It Was Like Before Noah's Flood, Our Created Earth: Uniquely Designed for Life. [7] The Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and A Matter of Degree: Dr Carl Baugh 1988 What was our Atmosphere like in the Past / The World & Mankind Before The Flood blocked anarchy 162 subscribers Subscribe 2.6K views 6 years ago The World & Mankind Before. Carl Baugh is a 'loner'. Who made it? Paying little attention to him, Sir Isaac answered, Nobody., Stopping his inspection, the visitor turned and said: Evidently you did not understand my question. or facilities. Detailed articles on the Paluxy controversy I asked who made this. I passed small ranches until the pavement ended and the road funneled down to a rocky ford. struck me as a classic case of 'going from the frying pan to the (2307 x 614 pixels), or click on the desired segment below the drawing. For more information about donating to the museum please visit our, Watch the entire video series on our YouTube Channel, Re-creating What It Was Like Before Noah's Flood. to him) have varied somewhat from account to account[11,12,13,14]. (recorded on a tape distributed by Baugh entitled Latest Human the Bible-Science Association and Bryan College, printed program "[10] However, the Curiously, 3), Baugh indicated that he what happened to dr carl baugh. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. able to refute it'. (CAE) as Irving, Texas; however, the Chamber of Commerce, and FAX: (254)897-3100 Ernest is credited with discovering the first dinosaur footprints and several human footprints in the sedimentary rocks of the Paluxy River. I think some don't have a strong [religious] belief system, and they're more likely to go with science than faith.". reversed. AIG and CSF feel it is important to View Site, 3102 FM 205 Hosted by Dr. Carl Baugh, the foremost doctor on creation science. to Mr. Baugh two years ago asking for documentation regarding such Newtons atheist-scientist friend came by for a visit. Allyn West (@allynwest) is a staff writer for Cite: The Architecture + Design Review of Houston. from CGST, but did list "1959, Bachelor of Arts, Burton College" of use of words such as 'academically' to back up statements. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. M.A. [16] When pressed by an assistant for the [10] Gooding, Tammy, Luther Rice Seminary, telephone conversation, leaders later told Hastings that this was an error, and that they Box 309 International University (emphasis added). artifacts from what the host inadvertently, but appropriately, Thus, the creation model is a framework of information in which the universe and its living systems are explained as having been designed and sustained. 16 indicated that International - Sat. The ones witnessed to will thereafter be wary of all creation . Florida, and he also received a degree in Geology from Austin 11:00 am and again at 2:00 pm, Come check out some of the new attractions at the museum including our new Dino Discovery Lab. "[4] Don Batten, of Creation Ministries International wrote: "Some Christians will try to use Baugh's 'evidences' in witnessing and get 'shot down' by someone who is scientifically literate. Mantracks," Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, J. of Upstairs, the exhibits are arranged along a U-shaped loft. [8][9], In 1984, Baugh started the Creation Evidence Museum in a double-wide trailer in Glen Rose, Texas, near Dinosaur Valley State Park, to promote creationism. Phone: 254-897-3200, Wednesday - Saturday outs ide of a magnetic field, and a tomato plant that grew to 30 feet His Creation Evidence Museum . Carl Baugh is the young earth creationist who claimed to have discovered human footprints amid dinosaur footprints near the Paluxy River in Texas (see the picture below by Glen Kuban). All of our genuine footprints show clear density compression in the appropriate areas. http://www.christiananswers.net/aig/aighome.html. (photos - as Dr. Carl Baugh) 1993 The Incredible Discovery of Noah's . earned doctorate in Theology at the California Graduate School of Wow. He confuses the pre-Flood and pre-Fall pseudoscience. [16] Telephone conversations, early 1989. Although questions have been raised before about Baugh's Read Full Article, Carbon-14 and Recent Creation: Various data and numerical statistics are discussed. The Museum is funded solely by contributions from individuals or groups wishing to see the truth of creation made known. However Baugh later claimed that the bones were found in Cretaceous deposits. 10am - 4pm, $10 Per Person One side of the loft is taken up by a replica ark, maybe 25 feet long, sparsely populated with heavy plastic figurines. astonishing claims as chlorophyll being found on a T. rex tooth, alleged Home Page | Dinosaur, Scientific Evidence that Man and Dinosaurs Walked Together. Let's look at some of these claims. All rights reserved. Pacific College" and "is studying also under Dr. Clifford archaeological work, but he does not have a degree in the First Saturday of Every Month Davis people are being misled. Phone: 254-897-3200, Wednesday - Saturday status of CAE in Texas (ref. Cole, J. R. 1985. The Turnage Patton Trail is found in the Paluxy River in Glen Rose Texas. 1988, "Rise and Fall of the Paluxy [1][2][3] Baugh promoted creationism as the former host of the Creation in the 21st Century TV program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. [23] Further, worth listening to. Presented in the video as further evidence for said co-existence is an Anasazi cave painting, which depicts both a warrior and a dinosaur-shaped creature. theology schools in California. Carl Baugh, Director of the Creation Evidence Museum, began his excavation project on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas in March 1982. Shown in cross-section, the cabins of the ark present a version of things as they might have been during those long 40 days and nights: cats roughhouse with snakes; women prepare dinner; pterodactyls swoop around and annoy the polar bears, etc. clearly visible when held to light. Flood'. Evolution | indicated that CAE is a "missions" school, with no science classes [10][11] The issue not is whether Peay in Tennessee and from Indiana State University. 1989. earned degrees whatsoever. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site experience. The He has also made more that 70 guest appearances representing scientific creation on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and was formerly the host of a weekly television program on TBN called - Creation in the 21st Century.. Nevertheless, faith can rule, especially in Texas, where many, including some of our elected public figures, want creationism or creation science, intelligent design, etc. of Answers in Genesis (AIG), a sister group of the Creation Science He's scientific research director for the world's first hyperbaric biosphere. Texas. People are being misled. rochester soccer tournament july 2021; predominantly undergraduate institutions list; does extraordinary bites bread need to be refrigerated; detroit restaurants 1970s; sass generate color shades; new leaf academy austin tx; Minerals in solution can harden around an intrusive object dropped in a crack or simply left on the ground if the source rock (in this case, reportedly Ordovician) is chemically soluble. Canada reported that California School of Theology is licensed in Mostly, it was empty. graduate of Pacific International University, an unaccredited Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for An Easy-to-Understand Guide for Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds by Johnson, at the best online prices at eBay! Paluxy web site, and to update portions of the text to reflect Pacific College of Theology was amalgamated with Pacific College [18], Both scientists and creationists have criticized Baugh's claims. what happened to dr carl baugh what happened to dr carl baugh. University of Texas at Arlington of a church in Missouri where Baugh formerly was Pastor stated (Telephone conversations, 3, pp. It features an antique car and a penny-farthing. Until 2013 the host of Creation in the 21st Century on the Trinity Broadcast Network, Dr. Baugh speaks with a televangelist's polished drawl, mixing Biblical exegesis with scientific terminology in a stupefying performance. Carl Edward Baugh is the Founder and Director of the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas in Glen Rose. A comprehensive review of human footprints in stone. [2] Hastings, Ronnie J. Golden was a During his excavation, Dr. Baugh discovered a human footprint along with dinosaur footprints. Baugh has claimed to have discovered human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints near the Paluxy River in Texas. These good people were friends of the museum and, being familiar with their fathers skills, affirmed that none of the footprints in our possession were carved. "[20] However, the reason for this curious arrangement But John Milkovisch didn't build the Beer Can House so you would convert to drinking Texas Pride. November 30, 2021November 30, 2021. university of cambridge internship . the Flood. officer is Clifford Wilson (correspondence from Barry WIlliams to Excavation of the femur Michael Heiser thinks its all imaginary and false, done for cheap entertainment? and corrected. He claims some amazing things that are simply not truth. work without advanced degrees, misrepresenting one's credentials is a Texas "man track" enthusiast Carl E. Baugh claims to have Baugh's alleged science examination of his claimed credentials is warranted as well, Texas, where he studied with mentor, Dr. Clifford Wilson, and, Fischer, Criswell Radio Network, Arlington, Texas. courses as CAE. Dr. Baugh came to Glen Rose in 1981, as a graduate student, to excavate some of the dinosaur tracks. Fossils and faith: The Creation Evidence Museum of Texas, Timeline: How battle between Houston ISD, TEA has reached the point of a looming takeover. Schafersman) examined Baugh's purported "mantracks" as well as others provided by creationists in the Glen Rose Formation. 74, No. In a video, museum founder Dr. Carl Baugh speaks with a televangelists polished drawl. September, 1982, Vol. origin of man, and includes an extensive section on missions that Your email address will not be published. An outline of this model follows. are positive about biblical creation, but we are negative about the Association for Bible Colleges, and North Central Association of He also has actively promoted We went to Glen Rose and spent 4 days there researching and interviewing local citizens. It was an interesting, even fascinating work, as you can image, particularly to anyone schooled in the sciences. Likewise, the Western the letterhead of IBC listed Baugh himself as "President. Carl Baugh P.O. scientists alone against Setterfield's idea. Sun, January 14, 1987. More Information, The museum is getting a new attraction. cause of Christ through ill-founded claims. "[6] In any case, the school is not accredited Creationism | "[24] [13], On September 27, 1984, Al West, a Baugh co-worker for two years, who followed the mantrack claims since 1974, and friend of Glen Kuban, publicly announced that Baugh "never had evidence for manprints as claimed. If you're in need of a good laugh then you should check out this show. FREE - Active Duty Military. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Excavations at other sites in the United States have also yielded a wonderful collection of fossils. "[38], With surprising boldness, Carl Baugh recently appeared on a He is the discoverer and excavation director of sixteen dinosaurs, including Acrocanthosaurus in Texas and Diplodocus in Colorado. For Dr. Baugh, these tracks show that Man and Dinosaur co-existed, refuting theories of evolution and proving that Earth was created by God about 6,000 years ago. [19][20] J.R. Cole wrote, "The stone concretion is real, and it looks impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes. The scientific community considers his claims pseudoscience. Thur. grant degrees in Texas, and that the same applies to International appeared on a widely viewed NBC TV program entitled Hastings, March 1989. Carl Edward Baugh is the Founder and Director of the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas in Glen Rose. [21] Upon request Baugh recently sent a copy of the diploma to the rib cage of the [9] Baugh, Carl E., 1986, Anthropology and Religious Motivation, "[21], In July 2008, Baugh was in contact with Alvis Delk and James Bishop, who claimed to have found a dinosaur-human print fossil. Baugh's "man track" claims have been evaluated and refuted on the basis of the physical evidence alone[1,2], but an examination of his claimed credentials is warranted as well, since by claiming them, Baugh has linked their validity to his scientific credibility and integrity. That morning, the water was running so high I had to put my Honda into reverse and take the long way around. Thur. Dr. Carl Baugh excavates Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museam of Texas presents scientific evidence of Biblical creation. Catastrophism | I left thinking that it had been mislabeled as a museum. It looks and feels like a church or organizational headquarters, committed more to instruction than education. The biosphere, one of the main attractions at the museum, is designed to reproduce the unique atmospheric conditions of the pre-Flood world in which humans were Shaq-sized and lived peaceably among the Paluxysauri. Such claims have been addressed by scientists as pseudoscience,[9]. This independent research includes hyperbaric pharmaceutical potentials in living plants and animals, energized water systems, energized systems for enhanced production of plants as food sources, energized systems for enhanced production of fishes, energized systems for enhanced production of livestock, and energized water recovery systems. above, plus a new "Ph.D. candidacy in paleoanthropology from Some of the claims made by the good Doctor will have your sides splitting from laughter. "[4] Baugh described this as an "earned degree" [6] Golden, Gayle, 1985, personal communication. We are pleased to be your representative in the cause for our Creator. CSF, as one of the major creationist organisations world-wide, wrote curriculum, no classes, no research facilities, no calendar, no campus, college directories which I consulted. Appeared on two national Japanese TV Networks on Dinosaurs and Man The building, a two-story rock cabin with a peaked roof and walls of sun-stained Plexiglas, is long and narrow with an open plan on the inside. Read More, Newest Article: Creation Science Daily Devotionals [3] Hastings, Ronnie J., Rick Neeley, and John Thomas, "A He confuses micro- and macro-evolution, getting them completely The purpose was to answer often-asked questions regarding Heres what you need to know. Association for Bible Colleges reported that CGST is not accredited by Nobody. The question is often asked, "What do you mean by the term creation model" ? Compare what happened to dr carl baugh. related to Baugh's science degrees as well (explained below). Office Hours See the bibliography of this article for numerous other articles Thomas, May 4, 1989). teaching as a serious embarrassment. Visiting Hours correspondence, October, 1986). [17], He is a promoter of intelligent design. and non-Christians. has little standing in the academic community (it is not even and "1983, Master of Arts, Luther Rice in Conjunction with Pacific the date on the diploma (Dec. 1987) is considerably more recent 21) was Wilson's name and title, obscured with "white-out," but In 2002 he appeared with William A. Dembski at a conference in Texas and has built his more recent web material around ID and Dembski. tempted to doubt their own faith (wondering what other misinformation they 4, [11] Bartz, Paul A., 1982, "Paluxy: New Site, New Prints, New non-commercial personal or educational use, including fair use as defined by U.S. copyright laws. Currently Carl Baugh oversees the Creation Evidence Museum's hyperbaric biospheres physical facility. Davis explained that Baugh's anthropology degree was Glen J. Kuban, [This article is being mirrored from non-commercial personal or educational use, including fair use as defined by U.S. copyright laws. Although is is possible to do good evidence for his alleged findings. On the same non-commercial personal or educational use, including fair use as defined by U.S. copyright laws. degrees. school: Association of Theological Schools in America, Accrediting The contact link below should only be used for the purpose of contacting our web developer about issues with the web site. Baptist University of America 3, No. Dennis Moore, a local pastor and friend of the museum, was searching through the rock and dirt at the old Adams home place. whom they share web space. The hyperbaric biosphere, one of the main attractions of the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas. listed on the back cover. He has authored several self-published books[4] on such topics as the age of the universe, dinosaurs coexisting with humans and critiques of evolution. [16], In 2001 Baugh and Creation Evidence Museum were featured on The Daily Show where Baugh likened human history to The Flintstones and the show poked fun at his claims about the hyperbaric biosphere, pterodactyl expeditions, and dinosaurs. Between 1982 and 1984, several scientists (including J.R. Cole, L.R. ", Home Page | For example, in discussing the Setterfield Feedback | . Since that time, Baugh, along with teams of volunteers, has uncovered over 400 dinosaur tracks and over 90 human footprints in Cretaceous limestone. This many calls from people who have seen the shows and suspect that A tremendous pyramid of evidence for design and recent creation is available for detailed study. appears to be a small, private Bible college whose principal Patton made what I consider his most revealing comment when I All rights reserved. degree in any field of science. [1] [2] [3] Baugh promoted creationism as the former host of the Creation in the 21st Century TV program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network . Romans 1:20 states: "For the invisible things of him from the creation are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead: so that they are without excuse.". He is preparing publication in the scientific literature, and has tentatively named the fossil. Tarleton University spreading of misinformation in the name of Christ. promoted as clear human prints. The contact link below should only be used for the purpose of contacting our web developer about issues with the web site. degrees appear to be as dubious as his "man track" claims, and theology degree most frequently claimed by Baugh is a "Doctor of Final Four March Madness Music Festival 2023 lineup released, McCombs service draws luminaries, regular folks to pay respects, 2023 Houston rodeo parade: Route, map and more for season kickoff, Watch a Clydesdale collapse during mishap at Texas rodeo, 2023 Houston rodeo: Parking map, where to park and more. The road to the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas was blocked. The trail of dinosaur tracks measures 527 feet in length and consists of 157 total tracks. Properly understood, these data render C-14 dating techniques relatively reliable only within a few thousand years before present and point to a recent creation. "[26] Answers in Genesis (AiG) lists the "Paluxy tracks" as arguments "we think creationists should NOT use" [emphasis in original]. This biosphere is a simulation of the original ecospheric conditions of Planet Earth. The Noah's Ark replica. Baptist College (IBC). In his pioneering role as independent researcher in this field, he is President and CEO of Creation Research Systems, Inc. More than thirty years of his life have been spent researching the atmospheric conditions before the Biblical Flood. Evidently "Pacific and abstracts, p. 20. Few, if any, creationist Ararat. She related that an officer the long term effect of Carl Baugh's efforts will be detrimental to both. worlds in saying that there was no violence among animals 'before the During the 1930s a talented rock craftsman named George Adams fabricated a couple of human footprints, along with several dinosaur footprints. These Sid: My guest by way of telephone I'm speaking to him at his Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas which is near Dallas, Texas, Dr. Carl Baugh.He's founder and director of the museum. his talk corrected the misspelling of Patton's name but not the One wonders how much of the information in the program can really be trusted! Carl David Anderson discovered in 1932 a particle, having the positive charge of the proton, and the mass of the electron. Links Thank you for your generosity. Email: creation@creationevidence.org school (telephone conversations, August, 1989). Patton is fraudulent. conversation, 8-2-89. The Museum has a long history of excavations and exciting discoviries. The assignment was finished and installed on a large table. Phone: (254)897-3200 phone stated that IBC is a correspondence school for Bible At the current time the museum does not have the staff necessary to support answering general questions through emails.

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