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You say, God, what do You mean? This shall be a year that great awakening and salvations shall come to many upon this earth, for this is how I shall change and free nations. (VIDEO) Donald Trump Pitches Agenda 47: Create Freedom Cities. She also ministers with her husband, Hank, and they flow together uniquely in prophetic demonstrations of the gifts of the spirit. Hank Kunneman & Richard Roberts: With Hank Kunneman, Richard Roberts, Sid Roth. His long history in media allows Gene to see the history of revival as it applies to outpourings today. Rodriguez has advised Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump and frequently consults with members of Congress to advance life, religious liberty and biblical justiceinitiatives including immigration and criminal justice reform. Some shall take their lives. But God says, Watch the crowns, for there will be much, much shaking in the next two years of those who have seated themselves. And this will not always be what you will have by the way of your patterns. A large percentage of conservative Christians, especially white evangelicals, voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. Pastor Hank is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. He is the founder of the Lindell Foundation which aims to help drug addicts heal and become successful members of society. Throughout the years Lindell has started many small business enterprises, but it wasnt until 2004 when he successfully marketed the My Pillow product, which was sold across mall kiosks, trade exhibitions, and state fairs. Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and conference speaker. And they shall say, What is this with the satellite? And, God says, I will open it up even greater for the world to see. Therefore, I will shake your Senate; and as there is three in your year, there shall be three swift moves that shall come through your Senate. I thought of another Prosperity, NAR-like person. Kunneman is an American native and is of Caucasian ethnicity. With a sad face, he said, "I've just got to get this burden taken care of." It was disgusting. Hank has provided many Prophetic Word For 2020. It shall begin to come like a fury, and it will flood down on other social media outlets. Please note that you must be at least 12 years of age or older to participate. He is an international speaker, a frequent guest on numerous media outlets, and the host of the daily television broadcast Breakthrough, viewed by millions worldwide. Mike Lindell is passionate about His relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and desires for others to experience the love and redemption that he has experienced firsthand. Listen to Me: your new year will be met with abundance, for they have tried to ensnare you your economy. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto: Issue 1: The Island of Doom. "Sometimes the process is messy and complicated. Are there famous people from the Kunneman family? Intro: Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on December 31, 2022, concerning the new year of 2023. This is the rest as I rest My case, says the living God. Tony Suarez is an author and highly sought after speaker. Hank and Brenda Kunneman pastor the Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and are the founders of One Voice Ministries. God has always used Robin and the Prophetic anointing on him in connection with music. Pay attention to the media networks and social media outlets that will change, and watch the schools for a mighty put it back movement at the hand of the Lord. Watch what will begin to take place as others begin to shift from the left to the middle; the left to the right. And God says, I will show you that they will not have their agenda in the land. You will want to tune in to this special night as Pastors Hank and Brenda discuss the many prophetic words that are coming to pass on the Earth! And I bring them to My court, and I demand justice. And God says, There will be deaths. What people may not know about me:I dont talk much in the morning until I have had coffee. Together, the Kunneman's also host their own nationally and internationally televised weekly program, New Level with Hank and Brenda, airing on Daystar Television Network, Victory Television Network, and . He is the founder of various ministries, including Valor Christian College, Bridge of Hope Missions, and City Harvest Network. We invite you to become a WeLoveTrump insider. Copyright 2020 Millions of Celebs. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. This will also be a year of the Shepherds crook, as the finger of God shall hook and bring those who intentionally pushed the agenda of Hell to justice. Heserves as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the countrys largest Hispanic Christian organization, serving more than 40,000 congregations in the United States. His international bestseller,Intercessory Prayer, has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Mutzphey's Last Stand: A Mutzphey and Milo Story! The scales will begin to go towards the way of righteousness and of justice, says the living God. But watch very closely, for the media that you see today shall not be what you will see in the time that is coming of rest. God uses his uncompromising voice to stir up the body of Christ. But this popped up in my YouTube feed and I was curious enough to listen. His prophetic webpage, called Prophetic Perspectives, has been an encouragement to many. (Photo of Charlie Shamp) Miscarried Plans. Their crowns that they have put upon their heads unjustly shall be removed. FREE delivery Tue, Feb 21 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. He is an uncompromising voice that God is using to stir up the body of Christ. Kunneman seemed to be speaking of a collection of evangelical leaders and "prophets" who at one point fervently claimed God would ensure a Trump win in 2020. Kunneman height is discussed to be5 feet 10 inches tall. Hank Kunneman I recently came across his show and during one of his commercial breaks, he was pleading with people to "sow their see" to help him pay of a $300K loan by the end of the month. Hank Kunneman is senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries. The Word of the Lord does not return void! They tried to take your freedoms. Be encouraged and continue to speak boldly in agreement with the word of the Lord and His plan to bring this nation and His people into a season of divine rest. I will deliver it. Learn to communicate messages from God with precision and accuracycarrying the Father's heart as you carry His secrets. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. (Photo via Flickr). And these things will make it look as though that this is the end that this is the war of all things as there will be a certain sound thatll fill the airwaves. But God says, Do you understand propaganda? Elsie Kunneman. For I have spoken to you before, and I will speak to you again. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. All rights reserved. For in Florida you have the keys for a purpose because you dont just have it in the natural. Hank was quite hardworking and talented in his studies when he was just a young boy. Rejoice, as God has said that He is resetting many things in the earth to bring a peace and a rest to the harshness of the season that you have been in! Watch what I do to the house of cards where, God says, you think that your house stands as it is. God says, It is a house of cards, and it will crumble. Rumors Flying That "Damar Hamlin" At The NFL Game Is Democrats Hiding That John Fetterman is Brain Dead to Prevent Special Election? Hank Kunneman is currently around 60 years old as he was born in the 1960s. Pastor Hank ministers in conferences and churches both nationally and internationally and has appeared on FlashPoint, The Sid Roth Show, DayStar, TBN Praise the Lord, and other well-known television broadcasts. We value your opinions, and would love to see you add to the discussion! I cant promise to follow the majority vote, but I will be interested to read them. The nation is now in a place where we are being tested. Watch how I reset. Brenda Kunneman is co-founder of One Voice Ministries and pastorsLord of Hosts Churchwith her husband. Do you understand how the enemy is using everything he can to get you to believe, to get you to be deceived into thinking something that really isnt?, And God says, When they show the might of their armory, when they speak words and threats for it shall be [such] a year pay no attention to the Goliaths that will arise and show threats and speak threats. God says, Remember, its the year of the Cross; its the year of the crook My crook. And God says, I will show with My finger My might. And God says, My finger does not just point, but now it exposes. (Photo via Pxhere), This is the hour where God declares from His throne: I say to you, God will not be mocked, and I will not be mocked! Hank Kunneman is a trusted father and mentor in the prophetic community. What seemed even even as it was when the magicians seemed to emulate what I sent with My servant, Moses; it seemed as though things that were prophesied, things that were decreed it seemed like they were being matched, or the enemy was having the upper hand. But God says, Now watch. Where was Hank Kunneman born? Get ready for impartations of the Father to propel you to manifest for Him in this Kingdom Age. Watch as acceleration takes place. The program is currently hosted on the official Robin D. Bullock Youtube channel. Kunneman tied the knot with hiswifeBrenda Kunneman in July 1989. But now I say, as you are in 2023, notice it is no longer balanced. No, I will not allow them to continue to treat you like you are animals and herd you to the slaughter of ignorance and the slaughter of mandates. Prophecy by Hank Kunneman Word of the Lord released on February 16, 2022: "Do not believe the lies, for even over Ukraine, the media - their mouth is filled. Listen to Me, the media - their mouth is filled with war rhetoric. You say, But God, how much longer must we tarry? Oh, yes, there will be ice and there will be wind. Official Facebook page of Hank and Brenda Kunneman and One Voice Ministries. The Spirit of the Lord has declared that in the new year you will see the power of the Cross, as salvations will explode among those in sports, entertainment, and the media industries. Thank you! And you will see it with your eyes. We don't have any information on the history of the Kunneman name. Kunneman has made controversial statements in the past, including . Eric lives in Manhattan, New York, with his wife and daughter. But, there is no doubt that he is earning a decent amount of fortune from his books and shows. He also has a streaming television program called Lindell TV which focuses on providing current information about everything happening from a conservative point of view and a social media platform called frankspeech.com which advocates for freedom of speech for a community of Americans who share in preserving their constitutional right. Hank Kunneman and Richard Roberts are here to reveal how the miracle anointing and the prophetic flow together for supernatural results. He will speak of rumors of nuclear war. Phil's focus and the beat of his heart is to use the generous portion of musical talent that God has gifted him with to win souls to Christ and to spread the revelation of thepowerof sound to affect your world. Ministry: Founded Lord of Hosts on March 23, 1997, and One Voice Ministries in 1996Family: Brenda (wife, married July 1989), Matthew and Jonathan (sons)Born again: July 1984 in childhood home, Bible Character: JoshuaScriptures: Jude 1:20Book: How to Draw Cartoons by Preston Blair, The Daily Prophecy by Brenda KunnemanMagazines: Model RailroaderHobbies: Model trains, drawing cartoonsFood: Ribs and spaghetti, and of course, WendysDessert: Cookie dough ice cream and French silk pieMovies: Passion of the Christ, the Rocky series, and RocketmanRecreation: Camping and nappingSports/Team: Football and the Nebraska CornhuskersTV Show: College footballThings to do: Preach Gods Word, minister with my wife Brenda, and shop on eBayMemories: My salvation, getting married, and the births of my two sons, Things to do: Shopping and getting out of bed when its rainingSeason: WinterFood: Most seafood, olives, sauerkrautColor: Yellow, What People May Not Know About Me: I love to fire up my snow blower for the first snow, and work in the yard in the Spring. Now, 33 plus years later, through trials and triumphs, God has greatly blessed the ministry. Kunneman, who is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, which he founded in 1997, reminded viewers that after the September 11th terrorist attacks, God told him He would, "raise up a president [from New York City] who will bring this nation back on course and this president will be given two terms. "Therefore, the virus that they speak of, the bright prognostication, the diagnosis, the fear, my mercy is the quarantine that shall be greater than what they have spoken to you, United States. The Scales Are Tipping Towards Righteousness and Justice! . Hank Kunneman, a prominent Christian pastor, accused President Joe Biden of being a liar who has "darkened" people's souls. Watch upon the screens, watch upon your news the word abundance, the word great, the word feet. Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church and co-founder of One Voice Ministries. There are currently no family photos associated to the Kunneman family. Pastor Hank has also authored several books includingProphesy with the Wind of God in Your Mouth,My Heart Cries Abba Father,The Revealer of Secrets,Dont Leave God Alone, andBarrier Breakers. On Tuesday, right-wing, flag-loving, pro-Trump pastor Hank Kunneman and his wife, Brenda, appeared on pastor Benny Hinn's television program, where Hank delivered a prophetic message from God that Vice President Mike Pence will be elected president in 2024. Second, I am going to post it so we can all watch together to see if what Hank says about 2023 comes to pass. shelved 566 times Showing 24 distinct works. Hank Kunneman, the pastor of the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, is another prophet who kept moving the goalposts. Hey, its Noah and I want to make sure were connected on Twitter. ", "God has not changed his mind," Kunneman then said. And it was quite an incredible 20 minute clip. Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop. You watch what I do to shake it even more. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,600],'millionsofcelebs_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',125,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-millionsofcelebs_com-medrectangle-4-0');HankssNet Worthis being reviewed by our reliable sources right now. Kent and Candy Christmas are the founding pastors of Regeneration Nashvillein Nashville, TN. He also said that God is using Biden's time in office as a way to test Christians' faith. Pastor Brenda is a published author with both Destiny Image and Charisma House with her most recent books being The Daily Decree, The Daily Decree for Kids, The Daily Prophecy, Roadmap to Divine Direction, Decoding Hells Propaganda, The Supernatural You, and When Your Life Has Been Tampered With. Then today a new video was released from Hank Kunneman. Have information to share? The Lord of Hosts pastor then prophesied the word of "the living God" for the viewers, saying, "Do not think for a momentthat I am not working or that I have been silent. Rodriguez stands recognized by CNN, FOX News, Univision and Telemundo as Americas most influential Latino/Hispanic faith leader. . He also won with atheists/agnostics (86 percent) and those who listed themselves as unaffiliated (71 percent). he said to his congregation on Sunday. LEAST FAVORITEThing to do:Mow the lawnSound:Nails on a chalkboard!Season:Summer, summer, and summerFood:Pickles; sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, rye bread REUBENs are my ENEMY! They will open the Scriptures and teach creation, and they will teach Jesus Christ yes in your public schools. Candy has appeared on over 60 Gaither Homecoming videos and in 2004 foundedThe Bridge, Inc., anorganizationthat ministers to the homeless and hungry of Nashville. How can it be that there would be an end to the madness? And God says, 'I am not done with President Trump.'". Rodriguezis the recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Small Business. Hank Kunneman is around 50 years old. He operates heavily in the Prophetic realm. Pastor Hank is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. View and manage who you follow on Amazon. These are the earliest records we have of the Kunneman family. Have information to share? ), Empires and Allies, 2048!Recreation:Table tennis (aka ping-pong) and bowlingSports/Team:Baseball (New York Yankees),football (New York Giants, Miami Dolphins), and tennisTV Show:Anything on ESPN, Property Brothers, and Fixer Upper (Yes, Ill admit that! Its safe again and were having a lot of fun over there. People have said, God, where are You? This is the hour of justice! says the living God. Word of the Lord from Pastor Hank Kunneman given on December 31, 2022 at 7:00 PM (New Years Eve Anointing Service): This marks the time in history that shall be known as former and that which was temporary and that which shall be new in the now. His prophetic webpage, called Prophetic Perspectives, has been an encouragement to many. In 1880 there were 4 Kunneman families living in Ohio. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Ministry:Joined the Lord of Hosts Church staff in October of 1998Family:Hank (husband, married July 1989), Matthew and Jonathan (sons)Born again:November 1981, FAVORITEBible Character:PaulScriptures:Acts 10:38Magazines: Most home decorating and cooking magazinesHobbies:Home decorating and cookingFood: Lobster, steak and all kinds of olivesCandy:Red licorice andButterfingerAccomplishment:Becoming a published author, raising childrenRecreation:Camping and shoppingSports/Team:Football, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Green Bay PackersTV Show:House Hunters InternationalThings to do:Enjoying my home and getting to work full time in the ministryColor:Red, LEAST FAVORITEThing to do:Unload the dishwasher, fold socksMonth:February its usually cloudy, wet and cold and I am just tired of winterFood:Meat loaf and Hamburger Helper.

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