who is jill abbott's biological mother

Ronan arrived at Colin's suite and arrested Colin for money laundering, drug trafficking, and suspicion of murder. Some people are saying that Jill's biological mother could still be alive and if that is the case why don't they hire Dame Julie Andrews to come and play her biological mother. Lorie Brooks (cousin by adoption) Devon and Hilary got married, and his entire family offered their support. Jill resented that she was being played, but after getting one up on Gloria, she decided to stay and enjoy it. Meanwhile Ji Min Kim turned up dead in his room at the GC Athletic Club. Amanda looked identical to Hilary and this caused some difficult emotions to resurface for Devon. Abby refused to believe it, went to Spain herself and returned with Chance, very much alive. . Mariah stood up for Sharon against Abby, and Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day. Later Lauren arrived at the estate to console Jill. After he stood her up for dinner, Jill decided to exercise the clause in their contract where she could take back the estate at any time for any reason, and Billy gets her suite. Y&R EP Tony Morina exits, says "it's time to move on to other things", Y&R alum Shemar Moore reveals he's about to be a first-time dad. Devon was thrilled to realize that his "cousin" Ana was his half sister and he quickly assumed the role of older brother. So, that makes Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) his great-uncle. Jess Walton took to social media to update friends, family, and fans on her husband's health status because he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his neck . Kyle moved to Italy to be with his new wife, Summer Newman Abbott (Hunter King), who has a job with an Italian design firm. Eventually Jill forgave Colin, and they left together on a trip. The alarm company called Gloria since she was their last contact as the realtor. David Mallory Brock, Nina, Amber, and Gina also came from afar, but Tucker and Mac sent their regrets. Wracked with guilt, Elena confessed to Devon after the award ceremony that she had cheated with Nate. Jill had Arthur investigated, but it only proved allegations were made but never proven, and Arthur was never charged. Cane and Lily were married in the Catholic Church, Lily in her mothers wedding gown and favorite pin in her hair. He told Nina that he justified leaving her and their son because they would both be better off without him. After many years, Devon finally played his piano once, revealing his musical abilities. Larry Warton And wanted the kid for herself as did his Great-Grandma Kay. Some people are saying that Jill's biological mother could still be alive and if that is the case why don't they hire Dame Julie Andrews to come and play her biological mother. Gloria was not totally convinced that Jeffrey wasn't lying, and flaunted her new relationship with Angelo. Afterward, when Jack's plane was ready, Womack let everyone go but Lily. Obviously, Young and the Restless spoilers tell us Chance Chancellor had a major case of SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome). Kay caught Larry leaving Jill's bedroom one morning via the trellis, and their secret was out. She suddenly declared to Murphy that she was actually Katherine Chancellor. She later romanced David Mallory, Derek Thurston, and Stuart Brooks. The Young And The Restless' Abbott Family Tree Explained. John did wonder if Billy might actually be Victor's, since he knew they had been together in September. Cane, Colin, Jill, Neil, Devon and Hilary all wake up in the snow, near the plane but Lily is missing. Being practically broke anyway having to finance the estate, Jill went for it to get her freedom. Colin jumped out from where he had been hiding, his gun on Womack, while Lily and Cane escaped. Jill began her outlandish plans to renovate the mansion to make it her own. Just in time to save them from eviction, Jeff and Gloria were overjoyed to be rich again. Victor_Newman Cane doesn't believe it because he saw firsthand how Hilary loves Devon. Kimberlin Brown celebrates 30 years at The Bold and the Beautiful, It's no dream: Patrick Duffy to reprise role as B&B's Stephen Logan. Victoria and Jill hovered over a comatose Billy who had injuries to his cervical spine and direct trauma to his skull. Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) always seemed to be the black sheep of the family. In 1973, Jill Foster was a dreamer and worked in a salon as a manicurist with the hopes of living the high life. Convinced that it was true, Jill checked him into a hospital. Grandchildren Cane, Billy, McKenzie, and Phillip received one-quarter of one percent in trust. <p>An extension of the Winters family, Ana Hamilton is Devon's biological half-sister. Tucker McCall Jill later fired Gloria for incompetence, but Gloria talked Kay into rehiring her as the Jabot receptionist. : Let us know if we are missing any information in this profile. Melinda Fee (1984) One of Jill's customers was the wealthy Katherine Chancellor, who took a liking to this poor innocent young girl, and later hired Jill as her paid companion. John had three children with first wife, Dina (Marla Adams): Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and Traci (Beth Maitland). Jill talked Billy into hiring her at Restless Style, and worked together to expose Tucker. Devon leaves to see when Hilary will be discharged and Neil returns to tell Hilary the paperwork is finished. Luckily Jill had moved back into the Chancellor mansion. Jill was very much alone and turned to the bottle a little too often. But Devon wasnt interested in their deal and threatened to take them to court! get custody of Reed. And Chelsea Lawson's his biological mom. Jill was keeping their relationship secret, after all Larry was "so below Jill's status." Conferring with Jill after being unable to contact the attorney, they could only think of Chance as maybe having an interest in doing so after so many years. Johnny is the son of Billy Abbott and Chelsea Lawson. She was born February 16 2008,at the Abbott Cabin was deliver by Billy Abbott with the help of Lily Winters.She was first played by Triplets Riley Olivia and Isabelle Jones.Cordelia was Notably Played by twins Alix and . Cane believes that Hilary only told that story to salvage Devon and Neil's relationship. However, thats pretty common for many kids on soaps. But the shooter turned out to be Sven, Jill's former masseur. Finally Colin told Genevieve that he was filing for divorce, and she reacted violently, smashing everything in sight at her mansion. Billy reunited with his mother Jill and finally met her other son, his half-brother Cane. Although broken-hearted and fearful that he was leaving them again by putting his life on the line while deployed to the Middle East, Nina, Phillip, Jill, and Katherine threw a going away Memorial Day pool party, raised a flag, and proudly sent him on his way. So she had the body exhumed again, opened the coffin and found it empty. On her way out of town, Jill considered cancelling when Lauren was arrested, then she had words with Genevieve in the park over who was the worst mother which ended up a mud fight. Cane assured them he was not, and vowed to track down his father Colin, bring him to justice, and clear his name. Neil trudges through the snow trying to find help, while everyone else waits at the crash site and worries for his safety. Carmen was later found murdered outside of Neil's club, Indigo. In 2003, Jill was shocked to learn she was adopted, and that she was actually Katherines daughter. Billy balked, but finally agreed after talking to Ashley. But surprisingly, the DNA results between Kay and Jill did not match. Meanwhile Neil found the note that Cane had left for Lily the night of his "death" which admitted that Colin was his father and that he had a twin named Caleb. However, things weren't so smooth from the start. Both Cane and Esther were appalled, but Jack made her an offer, declaring that both Katherine and John would have approved. Jill asked Esther to bring in the turkey, but Esther had not made anything because Jill had told her she was taking care of all the details. It's later revealed to be a woman named Hilary Curtis, who seemed to have a grudge against Neil. Jill told Billy that she was impressed with his podcasts, betting he found them cathartic. The institution of a restraining order - the violation of which threatened to send Dru to prison - was a particular bone of contention. But he told her it was too late now. Jill was over the moon in love again, confiding in Jack that Colin made her feel alive again, yet she knew she could never trust him. Kay is Ashley's godmother and gave Ashley the middle name of Suzanne, as a tribute to the former close high school friend of theirs, whom they thought had died. Unknown to them, Cane contacted Michael to get custody of Cordelia, and Billy contacted Rafe to see what his rights were too. Jill came home to find Billy with a bottle, saying that he had it all and lost it again, that he could care less about Brash & Sassy or proving himself to his mother. Jill was devastated when Billy was found unconscious after being beaten up and run over in the Newman parking garage on New Year's eve 2015. This is another version of the possible turn of events: Could Suzanne Be Jill's Mother? But Jill eventually succumbed to Colin's charms, and she invited him into her bed again. But Derek took Kay up on her deal. Each of them spent some final time with Liz talking mostly about the past and Jill. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and that you have read our Privacy Policy. Enter Mackenzie Browning, Kay's son Brock's long lost teenage daughter, whom Jill could not abide. Jill was excited as she walked out the front door with the music box, but was chloroformed and dragged away. Then after Gloria passed out drunk sampling the wine, Colin found a vault containing a book that listed all his bank accounts. Jill returned home with the news that she had spoken to Lauren as Snapper and Greg were preparing to leave since Liz had requested no services to be held. Then they both saw a vision of Katherine smiling at them as they hugged. Neil was none too happy to find out that Devon was going to work as a photography assistant for Neil's brother, Malcolm Winters. Malcolm and Sofia arrived at the church and took the babies home, and when they walked into the house, a gust of wind blew Canes note between the furniture and the wall. Find out what's ahead next week on Days of our Lives, Hollywood Heights, DAYS actor Cody Longo has died, Greg Vaughan shares update after receiving a phone call every parent fears, WGA Awards nominate just one soap in Daytime Drama category, OUT: DAYS alum Lisa Rinna opts out of Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Two-time Emmy winner Tamara Braun wraps up run as DAYS' Ava, Catching up with Cady McClain about future DAYS appearance, AMC memories, and more, Lamon Archey returns to Days of our Lives for the holidays, Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg to appear on Days of our Lives, GH RECAPS: What you missed the Week of February 27, 2023, GH SCOOP! When Lily married Cane Ashby, Devon brought Virginia to the wedding reception as a surprise for Ana and Tyra. Lily told Cane she forgave him and loved him, and Cane breathed his last breath telling Lily that he loved her. So, its important to know who he is and how Chance Chancellor fits into the character canvas on Y&R. Elizabeth Foster (mother by adoption) Back at the hospital, Hilary cries as she remembers Devon giving her the promise ring, proving that Cane's theory is correct and she told the lie about being out for revenge to save Neil and Devon's relationship. They managed to come up with the money, thanks to Devon, and the contract was signed. "Yes, I can see. She is running Chancellor Industries, and still mourns the death of her lover, Ji Min Kim. When John passed away, he was none the wiser about his daughter's true paternity. Winston immediately realizes his error and that he has been compromised and calls for a recess. Jill used these and the crossed out Chancellor divorce property settlement to sue Kay in court, won half the estate, and moved back in permanently. Nate guessed what had transpired, but he didn't seem too upset, though he was disappointed when Elena later broke up with him. Because, his dad exited Genoa City to keep his personal life secret. Cane presented Sofia with a resume for James Collier and convinced her to hire him sight unseen, intending to do Colliers work himself, and using Colliers paycheck to pay the blackmail. But, with all those Phillips running around, its better just to call him Chance. She is pushing for a reconciliation between him and Katherine. Phyllis explained that they were in love and she was divorcing Jack, then in time the world would see her and Billy together and accept it. So did Cane, Victor and Genevieve. Billy tried to convince Cane that he didn't mind that Cane took over Jabot, and Cane talked Billy into taking the Director of Marketing position, with emphasis on the new teen line Starblaze. Kay escaped, but the roommate's body was identified as Kay because she was wearing Kay's ring. Billy confronted Chloe the next day accusing her of just wanting to bag a Chancellor. Cane assured Jill that Billy was alive and well. * Was paid to keep company with Katherine Chancellor. Jill sobbed that she would fight him in court and tried to coerce Dr. Neville into curing him. The gun went off shooting Cane in the chest, and Blake fell down the steps, breaking his neck and died as he landed. In front of everyone, Neil exposed Devon and Hilary's affair. Alone and drunk, Kay passed out and had a vision where her dear husband Rex and Grandson Phillip returned from the dead to make one final plea. As seen for years on the show, the parents raising Johnny are Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). Even so, it was pretty clear that there were still a lot of unresolved feelings between Devon and Elena. Kevin helped her once by moving Kay's car to make her think she'd misplaced it, but Jana found out and disapproved. Murphy finally arrived alone and told them what an exhilarating trip they had taken, hitting all the famous locations on Katherine's "bucket list", even including a ride on the world's tallest wooden roller coaster in Germany, dancing the flamenco in Barcelona, and zip-lining in the Sacred Valley. She started attending widow's grief counseling to be with him, but her competition was Jill, one of her few friends. After another romp in the bedroom, Jill was disappointed to catch Colin on the phone promising someone the money he owed them, saying that his wife would lead them to the "old gal's money". With her knowledge of all things in the mansion, Jill enlisted Esther to help her try to solve the puzzle ahead of Colin. Jill's teenage son Phillip returned resentful from boarding school, and ended up moving in with Jill's nemesis Kay Chancellor. Leaving the music box there, she walked away smiling. The safe deposit box it opened contained an envelope for Jill and a diamond and emerald ring. JoAnn was a tough crude woman with a police record of assault, weapons possession, and grand theft. Jill informed Billy that she was replacing him with Cane as Jabot CEO due to his lack of maturity, although Billy could still be in charge of Jabot's international sales division, but Billy quit on the spot, and told Jill that she would never see Delia again. Ever plotting against Jack Abbott, Victor offered Jabot to Jill if she would seat Billy as CEO, then all the Abbotts, including Jack, could stay on board. He was searching for his mother and came to Genoa City from Australia on her lead. Natasha is portrayed by Missi Pyle. Because Victor got Adam to disclose the sealed bids, Newman was able to outbid the Abbotts for Jabot, and Victoria was to be made CEO. Happy to hear it, Jill admitted that the necklace he held was a copy, so good that a thief would not know, and to go ahead and let them have it. Victor returned from being debilitated by Epilepsy as arrogant and controlling as ever, still intent on somehow bringing Jack down. Neil accepts and receives several hours of community service and mandated attendance at AA meetings. @DonnyBoaz is doing a wonderful job as Chance Chancellor! Cane rescued Lily just as the mansion exploded. Devon and Lily rally together to support Neil as he confesses to the accident. Chloe announced that her baby was going to be a girl and her middle name would be Katherine. Lauren Fenmore (half-sister) Jill and Kay met them at the hospital, Greg arrived later. Lily and Jill cradled Canes body and begged him to hold on as Neil called 9-1-1. However, since nobody talks about Keemo, nobody knows if he gave Jack any other grandchildren through the years.

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