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**************. It will be remembered for many decades as the "worst drought the people of this County have ever seen". I will be booking again to hunt the same area. We are located within the natural migration route. That should bring even more wild animals to the property. Stephanie Schaubin said on Dec 2, 2015: "I want to send my many "THANKS" for the recent successful hunt on your beautiful ranch. 3 Mountains, 8000 Acres. They packed up. Stay up to date on all Wyoming Game and Fish news either by email or text message. Our hope is that we draw your area again, so we can return. And Wyoming is tough on trespassers. It is best to make this draw deadline but at times there are left over licenses for this area after the draw is over. Once again, we had 100% success deer hunting, bagging some very respectable bucks and we got a couple bull elk, but, the elk were rather small bulls. I woke and waited for daybreak. A young bull taken by this Colorado man. I may never get to go back to Africa------getting old just ain't for sissies----but if I do get to go, it will most likely be with them again for their great plains game. For Wyoming's most up to date license fees, visit: www.wyomingameandfish.com. Guided Archery Elk Hunts Wyoming. The fee is $12.50 and the stamp will be available from 88 Ranch Outfitters when you arrive at camp. It exceeded all my expectations! I saw hundreds of deer including 3 bucks on the Cummings place that would score 180 or better and several others that would score over 150. But, once again, we got some great Mule Deer Bucks, and several nice antelope bucks. They are going to expect the same results from now on. Here at the NW corner of Colorado, we ontinued to experience the long drawn effects of a drought that is stubborn and persistent. What an experience, to be able to sit down with you, your grandson and the other hunters and enjoy the company. So, don't hesitate to call me and book your hunts on the ranch and your stay in the cabins. There was everything a hunter could ask for within the cabin. He will certainly never forget this unique experience on the "Y Lazy S Ranch" - as I remember the first buck I shot with my father as if it were yesterday. Once again, early in the year, the snowfall was minimal and therefore, we entered the summer months without any significant deep moisture in the ground. So, there you go. On this 6,500 acre privately owned ranch, with all the available feed for wildlife and as a direct result of our continuing efforts to improve wildlife habitat, there are abundant numbers of deer, elk, antelope and of course, eagles, hawks, owls, coyotes, fox etc. Being a licensed Wyoming outfitter specializing in fully guided elk hunting, whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, antelope hunting, turkey hunting and prairie dog hunting, we would love to have you come hunt with us on your next adventure! In less then a week I took a 600 class Red stag, an elk of nearly 400" and a giant fallow deer! Hours. . Excellent quality and quantity of trophy stag and other species. Call the BLM office, purchase a few maps in areas you are looking to hunt, they used to be $8.00 each. He spends his nights in his tent, with rifle on his side. My wife and I took our grandson Luke, on his first ever hunt for a Pronghorn on the "Y Lazy S" and the experience was excellent. www.spearheadranch.com. I had a great hunt. You have certainly understated on what to expect at the "Y Lazy S Ranch". per campsite (no use of bathrooms), any number of hunters. Michael brought in the New Year with an impressive display of pyrotechnics, that lasted almost 30 minutes. That animal was 17.75 " and a very high score. Just a couple of days ago, I was finally able to get the 2015 dates from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, so, here they are. These three guys came out west tu hunt ELK on the "Y Lazy S Ranch" in Craig, CO for the very first time in 2018. Bipods or sticks should be useable in both the prone and sitting positions. WELCOME TO SKYLINE OUTFITTERS we have Openings for ARea 117 Elk-2022. John Chapin and son John P. wrote: Thank you for all your generosity and kindness. Dad killed a 400 stag and a 12 inch tahr. All in all, you have a great setup for hunting, and we could certainly feel the benefit of your focus on hunting versus ranching and/or farming. Luke Dobbs said on Oct 6th, 2015 "I have been a guide for 26 years and this is one of the nicest little places I've been to.Very warm and welcome feeling and the hunting is unbelievable". And, look forward to another gret hunting season next year and hanging out with you guys again. , The best part of hunting the "Y Lazy S Ranch" is meeting the landowner, Aleka.the abundant game is secondary. and the best food Ive ever had in a back-country camp. Again, we had a marvelous time and we hope to be able to return for many years. For an economical, action-filled hunt, this is a great deal. I wish they would have stayed and taken what they came for, from such a long way away. I cant recommend them enough. . So 3 hunters, for example, with 8 points in total (4 points, 3 points, 1 point) would jointly have 8 points in the draw, meaning each hunter has 2.66 points. The late cow season, which lasts for the entire month of December, proved to be extremely successful. Serving Sportsmen for over 45 years! Since the late 1960's, we chose not to advertise; not to seek the business of hunters for only one season. ** This is not a landowner list. I was done hunting in 1 1/2 days. So, Monte and I, spent the summer remodeling that cabin. Aug 8, 2018 #2 S Stackem Member Joined May 30, 2016 Messages 54 We are still looking for some access. We still need to paint the new siding outside and lay the tile on the floor in the big room; but, that will happen, also. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPLYING! at $.95/lb. If it rains (not likely), these unpaved roads can get quite slippery. Dominick Tofolo from New York, flew into Denver, drove out to the ranch with his son and spoiled his hunt within a couple of hours, by taking a beautiful 5x5 bull, opening morning. Google them then make some calls. License draw rates vary from year to year but we hunt many areas that draw at 100%. Rockin' M Ranch. I am referring to the weather, which, without doubt is no longer the same as it used to be over the length of the time I have been here. 5-day hunt $1,495. Caught Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish. We all took our stags, boars, tahr. Erich, from California,with a real heavy mulley. All Rights Reserved. I will say that he is without a doubt the most knowledgeable PH that I have ever hunted with on 6 hunts in Africa. I'm curious too. Dec 31 was the last day for cow elk season. We offer rifle and trespass fee hunts on private land. We will have some landowner vouchers available. Thanks again. Unfortunately, Larry was unable to get a bull within rifle range. wyosteve WKR Joined Jul 1, 2014 Messages 1,629 I don't know as of 2020, but in the early 2000's, trespass fees were in the $750 to $1000 range. I truly love the property that I hunted. So many successful stories. 3rd Season 11/12-11/18. I am looking forward to seeing you next year. We are looking forward to coming back and getting the "Big One"!!!!! "I recently learnt that the "mule deer" is also called the "Burro Deer" (donkey???? (You just discovered #1 of WY Deer Hunting's best kept . It was my best hunt in Africa to date. Ralph S. Had a great elk hunt with this outfitter out in Colorado in Sept. As you know, Mike and I took some nice elk out there. Goats typically score in the 13- to 15-inch range, with a few reaching over 16 inches. Because a group of hunters from PA and WV, chose to leave early and empty-handed. The accommodations at cabin #1 were GREAT - hot showers, warm cabin, comfortable beds and great kitchen. A couple more snow storms before the third season, and we had elk running around everywhere on the "Y Lazy S Ranch". Great experience, hunted hard, felt like we were in elk - tons of sign, scat, beds,.found a couple wallows that looked like they were getting hit. Everything, from the fantastic wildlife, gorgeous views, warm hunting blinds, lodging, and let's not forget the gourmet meal you prepared and shared with us. You will only need to bring your sleeping bag, your towels and personal toiletries. I want to tell you what a wonderful time we had on your ranch, during the 2014 third season elk hunt. Non-resident Wyoming Game and Fish license fees are: Deer: $389.00 Youth Deer: $125.00 Antelope: $341.00 Youth Antelope: $125.00 Applications -Wyoming Game and Fish Dept website: January1- May 31st All hunters must have a conservation stamp. Just wanted to wish you and Monte a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019. ), do it yourself hunter. Had a great hunt. This is an all inclusive trespass & trophy fee for a 4 day hunt. It is truly rewarding to see that others also, come to know this ranh, this land and they fall in love with it much like I did fifty plus years ago. Butch, Of course, there is no hurry to rush anywhere. * Hunt Area and Dates: Antelope hunt area 28 & 29, archery dates are from the middle of August to September 30, and rifle dates are the last week in August until the middle . But, the last few years have been enormously disappointing as far as the elk migration movemement and the eventual elk hunting success. The ranch trusts us to deal with everything about the hunt, so do NOT bother them. Yes, the elk are here and their numbers are very good. Great place for spouses and families. I've never seen so many trophy animals in all of my hunts combined. They simply floated and looked. Antelope season was once again really great. Some of the hunters had to go back home emptyhanded. We always suggest buying a point between July and end of October each year. Hunters from all walks of life have been 100% successful on this unguided hunt. These four counties alone account for over 689 Boone and Crockett entries (over 22% of the entire record book for North America). Upon receipt of your full payment, Hunt Nation will also send you info on maps of the hunting area and directions on how to get there. We are very busy putting up the LODGE and as of the end of January ALL the logs are in place. 184 Kirtley Rd. So, the elk have been here since about the middle of December and they are hanging out, basking in the sun, to the torment of the "Ranching for wildlife" hunters, who cannot hunt them due to regulations, and they would not, anyway, due to the fact that, I will not do anything to get the elk moving. With more than 300,000 acres of private ranchland, we offer hunters game-rich country, years of experience, and the best guides in the business! We also offer DIY unguided drop camp hunts for the individual or group hunting either elk, deer, or antelope. Being my first bull elk I got a bit excited and he calmed me down prior to the shot at 340 yards. Also, the LOG cabins are now a place to relax and watch your favorite TV program, since there are BIG, flat screen TVs hooked to. Butch, Thanks for setting me up on a truly great Newfoundland moose hunt. Dustin Roush - Outfitter/Owner/Guide 113 Todd Road. The ladies had a ball. The outfit and the hosting was amazing from the time we arrived to leaving. In fact, I never thought any trip could equal my trips to China and Mongolia that you have sent me on -- but this one did. After all, it was still summertime in November. Hunting. Food, accommodations, guide and equipment all excellent. We hope that 2013 will be a whole lot snowier, so that we can have some kind of crop, anyway, and that the snow will cover the ground early in October, so that it will drive the elk to the lower country about the middle of that month. Top hunting guides, high success rates. I have a friend with a few points, so maybe I can talk him into it for next year and I can use his points to draw. Needless to say, he was very excited as were we. The accommodations were excellent with the cabins being in great condition and super clean. I work very hard, as you well know, to get ready for the few days you will be here. I am writing to let you know that I had the time of my life with Francois, Reino, Matthew, Saar and the entire family and his staff.. From start to finish (and what a finish it was), the entire experience was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time for me. The years are going just too fast. The hunter is ALWAYS responsible for applying for his own license. If there are NO available accommodations, hunters may stay in town at their own cost or take advantage of our CAMPING spaces available WITH FULL & UNLIMITED USE OF HOT SHOWERS & BATHROOMS AT THE HEADQUARTERS. It is not because we got our deer so early the first morning, either. I have hunted nearly 80 days per year since 1984 all over the world, and this guy is one of the best guides I have been fortunate to hunt with. The hunting was a little tougher this year than in years past; I think this was due to the fact that there was good food and water everywhere. With the Special, you may draw at 3 or 4 points or even fewer. The rooms were not large but the bed was comfortable, clean, and it had a private bath and shower. So you have a choice of either a 3-day or a 5-day hunt now. It has not been easy. I am touching base with you on our recent Namibia experience. BOX 1304Craig, CO 81626-1304United Statesaleka@ylazysranch.com. The ranch offers deer and elk hunting, trespass fee hunts, semi-guided hunts, private land hunts, archery hunts, muzzle loading hunts, and rifle hunts. I killed a 390 stag and a record book tahr. We always had respectable bucks here, but, this year, the number of aged and bigger bucks was indeed impressive. This Safari was in short the best hunt I have ever been on with an outfitter, they are without a doubt an excellent experience and I would highly recommend them to any of my hunting friends. Wyoming is a premier Trophy Hunting destination for Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope. It would not have bothered me, had I not been alone. Enjoyed the facilities and pool the rest of the time. But, to my pleasant surprise, Vince has already made reservations for next year, and plans to do that same hunt again!!! Dear Butch, SPECIAL NOTE: The numbers of the animals are unbelievably high, the elk are comfortably resting on the "Y Lazy S Ranch", and since the season is long, we can space the hunters so while they are here hunting, they don't have to compete with others. I have hunted all over, on many guided hunts, and this PH of yours is hands down- the finest I have ever known! There are campgrounds in the area, too. He has the best eyes, even better than his trackers, and can track an animal better than any PH that I have ever been with. Alex and I want to say a big "Danke" and "Thank you" once more for this wonderful hunt that led to Alex's first ELK harvest. And yet, I would never trade this, my beautiful home, for any other place on the face of this earth.. BOOK A TRIP NOW! Our clients have proven that several hundred times! I cannot think of a better place to spend a week. The cabin that came along with the property was highly outdated and in need of a serious facelift. I cannot "Thank you" enough for the opportunity to hunt the "Y Lazy S Ranch". Lots of BLM land to hunt on, without the need to pay a fee. A laser range finder is also highly recommended. Budget Breakdown: $585; Camping in national forest: $0 Food (10 days at $25/day): $250 Elk tag, hunting license, archery permit: $591.50 Meat processing: 300 lb. I want to thank BMOA for setting everything up, and I'll be in touch in the future. Here are a couple pics of the bucks we got today. 3-day hunt $1,095 We host many hunters, which have become our friends. A very special treat for two friends, Dave Thomas and Paul Rodondi. One of my most memorable hunts ever, a real dream come true. Learn More About Our Gillette Wyoming Hunts. was acceptable for my 18-year old daughter. I made a good stalk and a perfect shot. If there are NO available accommodations, hunters may stay in town at their own cost or take advantage of our CAMPING spaces available WITH FULL & UNLIMITED USE OF HOT SHOWERS & BATHROOMS AT THE HEADQUARTERS',. Ya gotta love Wyoming for speed goats! It was an experience that every hunter to Africa needs to see and experience----I am glad I went, although, it was a very taxing hunt (in the Swamp ) for this 72 year old hunter. tel 303.297.1192 www.cpw.state.co.us/CPWshop, Please, do NOT forget the application DEADLINE, SO, let's dream and plan. I believe that, it is solely the management of allocating tags that is responsible for the bigger and better bucks we saw in 2012. Rawlins, WY Visit Website Peak View Outfitters - Baggs Offers rifle hunts during the month of October for elk and deer on private property. But, since the construction of numerous top quality log cabins now we are ready to offer you top quality accommodations in our cozy, heated log cabins, offering you a hunting experience like none else. Last year, 2014, was another markably drought stricken year that disappointedly, did not allow us to harvest a crop.

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