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His telescope starts a fire and Doug and Dolly manage to wake up the firemen in time to rush to Dalmatian Street to put out the fire and rescue Dylan and the cats. With Dolly's help, Dylan begins showering Portia with affection and she leaves. WandaVision Cleanliness, safety, sci-fi, space-related stuff, paleontology, video games, Cats (since he's allergic to them), mud, dirt, Dolly teasing him, chaos, being pranked, fleas, Dylan and Dolly surrounded by their siblings, Lets see. [1], Though the series was originally going to be released on Disney Channels worldwide,[3] on 11 June 2019, the Annecy Film Festival reported that the series would have a North American streaming release on Disney+. He dreams about being the first dog on Mars, owns a "space helmet", moon rocks and a space telescope, imagines himself as a sort of space marine while doing the household chores, and gets excited when he mistakes a garden gnome for a Martian. Realizing her mistake, Delilah reluctantly takes up Doug's offer to go to the spa with her. Fireworks: Momentous Wonderful World of Animation Wondrous Journeys Puppy Later, after making a bigger mess of the household, Dylan follows his father's advice and brings him back "with his own kind". Dolly pays no mind to Dylan's concerns and continues to take part in many of Sid's "tests" which are actually just schemes to get more nuts. "Tic Track Toe" "Lucky All Star" "Shake, Rattle, and Woof" "Cadpig Behind Bars" "Leisure Lawsuit" "Purred It Through the Grapevine" "Our Own Digs" "Goose Pimples (Goose Pamples)" "Two Faces of Anita" "The Fungus Among Us" "Market Mayhem" "Lucky to be Alone" "Four Stories Up" "It's a Swamp Thing" "Roll Out the Pork Barrel" "Alive N' Chicken" "Prima Doggy" "You Say It's Your Birthday" "Oozy Does It" "Barnboozled" "Citizen Canine" "Full Metal Pullet" "Dough the Right Thing" "Frisky Business" "Cadet of the Month" "Valentine Daze" "Close But No Cigar" "Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers" "Smoke Detectors" "Lobster Tale" "Double Dog Dare" "Mooove It On Over" "Shipwrecked" "Mall Pups" "Shrewzle Watch" "The Life You Save" "Spots and Shots" "On the Lamb" "Treasure of Swamp Island" "Lord of the Termites" "Fountain of Youth" "Walk a Mile in My Tracks" "Cruella World" "Hail to the Chief" "Food for Thought" "The Maltese Chicken" "Film Fatale" "My Fair Chicken" "Snow Bounders" "Gnaw or Never" "Poison Ivy" "Twelve Angry Pups" "The Good-bye Chick" "Robo-Rolly" "Splishing and Splashing" "Virtual Lucky" "Cupid Pups" "The Artist Formerly Known as Spot" "The Nose Knows" "K is for Kibble" "Humanitarian of the Year" "Beauty Pageant Pandemonium" "Hog-Tied" "Coup DeVil" "Every Little Crooked Nanny" "Cone Head" "Channels" "Un-Lucky" "The Making of" "Best of Show" "Walk on the Wild Side" "Horace and Jasper's Big Career Move" "DeVil-Age Elder" "Jurassic Bark" "My Fair Moochie" "Dog Food Day Afternoon" "Spot's Fairy God-Chicken" "Good Neighbor Cruella" "Animal House Party" "Dalmatian Vacation, Part I - Road Warriors" "Dalmatian Vacation, Part II - Cross-Country Calamity" "Dalmatian Vacation, Part III - Dearly Beloved" Syndicated Episodes: "You Slipped a Disk" "Chow About That?" Dolly tries to impress her crush Hansel but is too nervous. Camp Lakebottom Dizzy and Dee Dee (voiced by Florrie Wilkinson and Nefeli Karakosta respectively) are a pair of mischievous sister puppies and Dolly's sidekicks. According to the showmakers, the spot pattern on his right ear is similar to that of the constellation Canis Major (the Dog Star). They also encounter a "dumb" seagull named Chips who Dylan thinks was trying to eat Dorothy. Dylan would then bring back his helmet to his spot when it suddenly cracks. Doug and Delilah tell Dylan and Dolly about their family history with Cruella and how she plans to kill them and turn them into fur coats. Spider-Man: Freshman Year Dimitri 1, Dimitri 2, Dimitri 3, "I am an invincible warrior of the Burning Night! Unfortunately, their siblings believe the story too and they refuse to believe Dylan and Dolly's truth. After that, Dylan has a turn at shooting some kibble into a bowl, and things start to go wrong. He is very pedantic and is the responsible one, compared to the adventurous personality of his stepsister Dolly. They end up selling really well and the dalmatians use Da Vinci to help pay for a brick wall, but soon she becomes tired of painting the same thing. Moon Knight Realizing what she is losing, Dolly finally gets rid of Big Fee at the cost of losing to Hansel. As all three characters watch the video with all of them doing the same dance move, each of them liked how the video turned out, especially Snowball, who thought that Roxy is perfectly dancing without any accidents. There is to be a total of 52 episodes, and each will run for ten minutes. Dolly's Dream #1: Dolly and Snowball try to get Roxy to dance. Contents 1 Overview 2 Cast 2.1 Main 2.2 Supporting 2.3 Guest 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Videos 6 References 7 External links Overview Due to her disregard for the rules, she accidentally gets Poodlewolf "killed", traumatizing Dylan. Nevertheless, they make it back safely. Harriet Carmichael as Clarissa the Corgi and Fetch. Dolly overcomes the embarrassment and helps Dylan "defeat" Furball which impresses Hansel, but Dolly must clean Constantin's pool as payment. As Clarissa angrily complains, pest control takes her instead. Once Dylan got so into Poodlewolf, he thought he was the character. She discovers that he is attracted to Dylan's poetry and begins repeating it to him as her own. They often had to cheat when it came down to keeping up with 99 dogs, so there are some shots where the number of puppies go way beyond 101. Protecting, caring and finding his siblings Goals Most if not are limited to due to the many various episodes: Be the first dog on Mars. 101 Dalmatian Street, London Status Active Family information Other relatives Doug (father) Delilah (mother) Dolly (half-sister) Dylan (half-brother) Dalmatian Puppies (siblings) Source Dizzy & Dee Dee are a pair of Dalmatian puppies who appear in 101 Dalmatian Street . Go Away, Unicorn Please help to demonstrate the notability of the topic by citing, Last edited on 19 December 2022, at 16:01, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, notability guideline for stand-alone lists, "List of 101 Dalmatian Street characters", "Paloma Faith to voice poodle in Disney's 101 Dalmatian Street series", "Annecy: Disney Channels Unveils '101 Dalmatian Street,' 'Gigantosaurus,' 'Space Chickens In Space', "New Voice Talent Spotted for Disney's '101 Dalmatian Street', https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_101_Dalmatian_Street_characters&oldid=1128334074. High School Musical Wander Over Yonder [3][7], 101 Dalmatian Street centers around a large family of 99 Dalmatian puppies whose names begin with the letter "D", and their parents, Doug and Delilah, the latter of whom is a great-great granddaughter of Pongo and Perdita. Elena of Avalor In modern day, the Twilight Bark has become a worldwide barking chain called the "World Wide Woof", and an American Dalmatian named Doug moves to London to become a fire dog, before meeting and marrying Delilah, a British Dalmatian who works as a nurse dog in a London hospital and is also one of the descendants of Pongo and Perdita. Because Dylan is a nerd, Fergus decides to turn Dylan into a goth so that Portia will like him. Dylan soon grows bored and learns of Clarissa's actions as well as her plan to marry him. Chowder Dawkins (voiced by Rhys-Issac Jones) is a science nerd, and Dylan's unappreciated sidekick. Dawkins and Dolly make numerous clues towards Dylan by having him believe that aliens have taken over Camden Town. The show did get a sneak peek preview on December 14, 2018, with the episode "Dog's Best Friend", "Boom Night", and "Merry Pups" on Disney Channel UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Mystery Incorporated The Bahasa Indonesia and Malay dubs and the Vietnamese subtitles imply that Dylan is older than Dolly, with Dylan referred to as. During the battle, Dylan realizes that Hunter has a dog-like personality when it's activated. Wander Over Yonder Despite taking a little bit of damage, she and her skateboard are fine. Dolly begins to envy the two of them together and tries to break them up, unaware of the fact that Roxy had prepared an apology tent for her. The official premiere of the show was on March 18 in the UK and France, while airing on March 25 for other areas of Europe, and April 1 in Africa, with Latin America and Brazil in June. Constantin, an Asian cat who is similar to, Miriam Margolyes as Bessie the Cornish Cow, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Snowball the Pomeranian, This will be the twentieth 2D animated television series to be based on a Disney animated feature and/or its characters, after, This is also the second cartoon to be based on, This is the second animatedDisney show to air on the three main Disney Channels on cable television:Disney Channel, Disney Junior, andDisney XD; the first being. The two Dalmatians both have their own litter of puppiesfrom previous marriages, with their combined litters making99 puppies. Andi Mack It later aired on Disney XD in the United States from 29 March to 22 November 2021. Bunsen is a Beast Dolly gets Dylan to get the puppies to all work together to drain out the house and clean it up with Dylan and Dolly agreeing that both deserve to be top dog. The home is full of wacky inventions to make the dogs' lives easier, and they can order whatever they need, with a running joke at how the house is a nightmare for the mailman.[8]. "A Date with Destiny Dallas and Dj Vu". He is the eldest of Doug and Delilah's puppies. Delilah sticks her neck out for Dolly when Clarissa insults them. Dylan, adorned with a helmet to protect from his cat allergies, heads over next door to get Deepak back, but Constantin insists that he partake in a series of challenges to get his little brother back. Dylan is pushed to his limits on babysitting, especially when Dolly shows no restraint on how to take care of their younger siblings. The Mandalorian Phineas and Ferb Occupation However, Dallas and Destiny started to argue over a. Dylan was going to Mars in his spaceship, but Dorothy is ruining his trip to the planet. When Hugo complains on the phone to pest control while at the hospital, Delilah takes an unconscious Doctor Dave and speeds across Camden Town using the World Wide Woof to warn her children of pest control. Clarissa (voiced by Harriet Carmichael) is a very mean-spirited, spoiled rotten. Part 1: At night, all of Doug & Delilah's pups are asleep. While he enjoyed the festivities, Dylan prefers to stay at home. Doing Chores. She tries to energize the firemen, but she puts them all to sleep. The dalmatians prepare for the arrival of the Royal Corgis in their caravan, but Clarissa's owner Hugo has made a deal with the government to allow himself to build a viewing wall that blocks the viewpoint of the dalmatians. When Dylan fails to defend his next door neighbor cats from Dmitri 1, 2 and 3's insults, Deepak, the peaceful pup, decides to leave and move in next door with them. Los Casagrandes Destiny and Dallas are upset that their older siblings do not get them while Dj Vu seems to get along well with Diesel's impromptu planning. Upon seeing Dizzy and Dee-Dee acting like her, she reverts to her wild self and gets dirty with her siblings with the other dogs, minus Clarissa, following suit. However, they are shocked to find that Cruella De Vil has moved in next door. D.J. Dotty Dancing Yappily Ever After D-Factor Puppy Dreams Dante's Inferno Better the De Vil You Know The De Vil Wears Puppies, Animated Storybook: I Love Fur Puppies, Oh, Puppies Twilight Bark Up the Stair Cover Yourselves with Soot Scooby Doo! To get out of the rain, he gets on a cat lady's barge, but it begins to take off. Deepak gets Dolly's skateboard after his balloon popped. Sid, a squirrel who has an obsession with nuts and is part of Fergus' Canal Crew. Mixels After that, Doug and Delilah let Dolly off the hook as soon as Hugo recovers. Most of her fur is grey, but she has white legs and a black pattern on her head. A total of 15 shorts were released worldwide so far, but only 4 were released in the UK. The family rescues her, but the snow melts into mud which still does not prevent them from having fun. Dylan has a talent for writing poems. Video game characters: Patches Wheels for back legs!!! G-glad to see ya here" "Hi everybody! Gravity Falls They take him to 101 Dalmatian Street, much to Dylan's surprise as he tries to get him out of the house. Amphibia Alvin and the Chipmunks Pest control arrives, but they do not find any wrongdoing. Craig of the Creek The two Dalmatians both have their own litter of fifteen puppies from previous marriages, with their combined litters, another litter of fifteen, and adoptions from strays or shelters adding up to 99 puppies. Hannah Montana Other relatives It is produced by London's Passion Animation Studios, written by Maria O'Loughlin, and directed by Miklos Weigert.[1]. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! The series is set almost 60 years after the original 1961 film, 101 Dalmatians, and follows a large family of 101 Dalmatians who live at the title address in Camden Town, London. Owner(s) Welcome to the Wayne. ", "The Arts Show, 11/04/2019, Conor MacNeill - An Irish Fonze", "Home & 101 Dalmatian Street, Rufus Jones is busy! Hope you enjoy your stay, and make sure you read the guidelines before editing! They all live at the titular 101 Dalmatian Street in Camden Town, London, UK . Maria O'Loughlin writes, Miklos Weigert directs.[1]. It's unknown, though, if the poem is a recent one or not. Video Games: Animated StoryBook: 101 Dalmatians Math Antics with Disney's 101 Dalmatians Disney Hotshots: Disney's 101 Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue 102 Dalmatians: Activity Center 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure Kingdom Hearts Season One: "Dog's Best Friend" "Boom Night" "Power to the Puppies" "Who The Dog Do You Think You Are?" One Hundred and One The Creation of Cruella De Vil. Anyone opposing him is immediately kicked out of the house. orb named Fetch and becomes attached to using it for chores around the house. Harvey Beaks Later, Dorothy is seen chewing on Clarissa's prized diamond necklace and believe that she somehow stole it. Both he and Dolly look after their younger puppy siblings while their parents are busy at work. 102 Dalmatians: Chloe Simon Kevin Shepherd Jean-Pierre Le Pelt Dottie Little Dipper Domino Oddball Fluffy Drooler Chomp Digger Waddlesworth Ewan Following the events of "Winter Funderland", London suddenly has a snow day, but Doug and Delilah want to prep all of the puppies so that they can prepare for the weather. Fuzzy outside by stealing his phone and bringing it to the park, where the human meets a vendor from a dating app he was using and the two look into each other's eyes. Home Hugo is then free from Dylan's helmet with Hugo's underwear now hanging on a tree branch. The Lion Guard Nevertheless, Triple-D go to their next commercial shoot where they hang out with a contest winner named Hunter. ": Dolly joins Dylan's Poodlewolf gameplay session so that she can be with Hansel. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Siblings 101 Dalmatian Street "It's My Party" Season 1 Number 27 Episode information Written by Suzanne Lang Storyboards by Krystal Georgiou Directed by Jez Hall Original airdate September 21, 2019 (Disney Channel UK) May 10, 2021 (Disney XD) Source " It's My Party " is the twenty-eighth episode of 101 Dalmatian Street. However, Dylan is horrified with how violent and dangerous it was and insists that they be protected. Coop and Cami Ask the World The series aired on Disney Channel in the UK and Ireland on December 14, 2018 as a sneak peek, and officially premiered in 2019. 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, https://family.disney.com/articles/101-dalmatian-street-and-bluey-to-release-in-u-s-on-disney-plus/, https://www.laughingplace.com/w/news/2019/06/11/101-dalmatian-street-bluey-coming-disney/, https://www.awn.com/news/new-voice-talent-spotted-disneys-101-dalmatian-street. The animals would always win, Dylan and Dolly continued to chat about the subject, until Dolly gives out a "trigger word", as the pups would hug Dylan and Dolly. Triple D (Destiny, Dallas and Dj Vu) accidentally double book two commercial spots. The Dalmatian family consists of 101 Dalmatians (2 parents and 99 puppies), as the title of the series suggests.

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