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Singapore based Asian Aviation Consulting have immediate vacancies for suitably qualified aircrew. Get an Entry-Level Position as a Pilot. To accomplish these unit training requirements he/she will develop the executable Computer Generated Forces (CGF) scenarios, mission materials and briefs for the diverse aircrew training audience. Box 245. We are looking for PIC's to join our growing team of seaplane aviators. The pilots soon started their descent, calling St. Thomas control tower and crossing Buck Island at under 1,000 feet to stay clear of departing traffic at the busy airport. The landing roll was shockingly short, and the plane was almost stopped before the props were even in beta. Our company sales director started as a customer-service representative and now oversees the generation of $9 million in annual revenue.. Reliability and a self-starter attitude; initiative. .css-as7amh{font-size:var(--chakra-fontSizes-sm);font-weight:var(--chakra-fontWeights-semibold);line-height:var(--chakra-lineHeights-base);display:inline-block;}All 168, Sign in or create an account to save jobs, .css-lvyu5j{margin-right:10px;}Hexagon Geosystems.css-1t92pv{margin-right:20px;color:var(--chakra-colors-neutral-700);white-space:nowrap;}Remote.css-epvm6{white-space:nowrap;}3.5 .css-fy0zar{color:var(--chakra-colors-yellow-500);height:12px;display:inline-block;}. Knowledgeable and willing to learn how to operate and troubleshoot a DCH-2, Capable to determine if weather conditions are appropriate to fly or cancel flights, Capable of giving safety briefing on aircraft to customers. On wheels, tundra tires, skis or floats, Twin Otters can be found in just about every remote corner of the planet and with quite a few busy skydiving outfits besides. ATPL with Caravan endorsement. By signing in to your account, you agree to SimplyHired's Terms of Service and consent to our Cookie and Privacy Policy. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2cb1b799b74da7 Join our enthusiastic team that provides a one of a kind experience with seaplane flights. Ceravolo also persuaded Mattson, a retired partner from Goldman Sachs, to invest in Tropic. Salary range. 2 EMB145 - Embraer ERJ145 Regional Jets, 3 EMB120 - Embraer Brasilia 120 Turboprops, 1 DHC6 - DeHavilland Twin Otter STOL Turboprop, Back to my training., Ceravolo left the Navy Reserve in 2014 as a lieutenant commander but never forgot the valuable lessons his military training taught him. I took a couple of breaths and calmed myself down. Monitor progress against accepted construction schedule, review the general contractors progress reports, assess the progress and inform all stakeholders. To apply for the Driver/Dockhand position, please email your resume and the name of the position you are applying for to Opportunities are available to join our office team this coming summer season of 2023. Please feel free to call to discuss the positions available. Entering from the rear door, the planes utilitarian origins are apparent in the fuselages boxy shape. Every company new hire begins by completing a weeklong training class unrelated to their job. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. First-Class Benefits Careers Let's Grow Together We are changing the nature of how apps are built and scaled. My most junior employee could walk into my office today and tell me about something needing improvement and Ill gladly listen, Ceravolo said. With Chalks Flying Service having shut down four years earlier, after an accident in one of its Grumman Albatrosses, no local seaplane service existed. A&P skillset and major plus. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. It didnt work. If you've made it to the rank of the bosses congratulations! Ability to communicate effectively within the Maintenance Department, with contractors/personnel in, U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionUnited States3.9, Apply at 750 hours total time *- Applicants applying at 750 flight hours are required to obtain at least 1,000 flight hours (depending on the number of hours. Everyone is busy rebuilding, with St. Thomas and St. Croix in better shape than most, but the dip in tourism has hurt a region dependent on it. Although I was traveling on a jumpseat pass, theres no actual jumpseat but no cockpit door either, so from seat 1A, I had a great view of the proceedings. What local governments did do, though, was offer Tropic a chance to prove itself and the customer-service-focused airline Ceravolo and his supporters dreamed of. The following evening, Dawn and I invited Dennis and his wife Melissa out to Windbird. Northwest Seaplanes is a Seattle based company located on South Lake Washington in Renton, WA since 1988. Seaplane Captains . He and his wife live west of Seattle, where they are building an aviation homestead on a private 2,400-foot grass airstrip. Navy pilots study all aspects of flight operations, not just the flying. Tropic Ocean Airways is the largest seaplane operator in the Eastern United States. Airline Agricultural Cargo Corporate Charter Flight Instructor Fractional Government Privately Owned Other Clear All 4. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Minimum 500 hours Pilot in Command in Commercial Amphibian/Seaplane operations on turbine powered aircraft. It's called COCO Bahama Seaplanes, and it's the brainchild of Brian Hew, the chairman and founder. A friend of Mattsons introduced him to Ceravolo, who convinced him a seaplane would make life much easier. Must have a valid drivers license with clear driving record. Copyright 2023 Flying Media. Most our flights are operated from off-airport locations. Hardly a concern at that point was covering Veltres payroll, something Ceravolo accomplished out of his still-existing Navy pay. Contact us to learn more about us and our seaplane jobs available. Dennis is home every night, a true rarity among airline pilots. In the United States, the majors have set the customer-service bar pretty low, treating passengers like a captive audience with limited options, which happens to be closer to the truth than most of us would like to admit. Telephone. I was lounging in Windbirds cockpit, sipping coffee and enjoying the warm Caribbean breeze while planning an upcoming sail to Vieques, when an unmistakable sound reverberated across Christiansted Harbor and set my heart aflutter. Come and see specific information in the Ensure that all tools (both personal and company owned) are removed from the aircraft, aircraft engines, appliances, and components. Ability to positively accept direction and complete tasks as assigned. 1 801-401-9100 Sam Weigel. Provide planning, briefing execution, debriefing and after action activities. He had no way of knowing at the time that it would take another eight months to get the airplane added to the FAA operating certificate. Your Privacy Choices.css-65lj3z{display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;height:14px;margin-left:6px;}, Pilot--Customs and Border Protection Air Interdiction Agent, Aircraft Cleaner/Detailer-Line Service ** $2000.00 SIGN ON BONUS**, Part Time Aircraft Cleaner/Detailer-Line Service, Private Jet Charter Broker - Profit Sharing Starting at your first booking, LS - Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Mechanic, A&P Mechanic - MCO Traveling Team (Up to $30,000 sign-on bonus). 3-4 days a week. As anyone whos flown the U.S. airlines over the past few decades knows, success breeds success, if you can convince customers to return for the next flight. Ceravolo refused. +649 946 4181. What type of jobs are you most interested in? Please post any vaccances here too.It's fun helping each other out :-)After all we love seaplanes huh :-), AquaAirlinesAquaAirlines is looking for very experienced Caravan Amphibian pilots to operate in Italy.The company flies charter services connecting airports to several Mediterranean islands and coastal destination.Pre-requisites:ATPL with Caravan endorsement. Mill Valley, California 94941 Job Opportunities. Hes clearly in the right place. To apply for the Front Desk/Reservation Expert position, please email your resume and the name of the position you are applying for to (Includes base pay + daily rate in the field + per diems ($85/day)). At the seaplane base, I presented my airline badge, and Seabornes friendly agent checked me in; the Twin Otter soon returned from St. Thomas and splashed down in front of the base, once headquarters to the famed Antilles Air Boats line and its fleet of 20 Grumman Gooses and two Short Sandringhams. Have the warm fuzzies at Tropic worked? Remembering the Navys train and train and train some more concept, I wondered if we could do the same thing, so we started hiring based on attitude, willingness to work and willingness to admit to a mistake. English proficiency required, bilingual skills an asset. We are currently looking for a Class B driver to help us shuttle customers from Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco or downtown Sausalito to our seaplane base locates at Mill Valley and back to pick-up point after their air-tour is over. As a seaplane pilot at DCI you will enjoy an attractive salary, and be able to maintain a good work & life balance. I chatted with them briefly and discovered that the captain, Dennis, is a sailor, has a 35-foot Ericson in a slip down the road and wants to start cruising soon. Listening to Dennis talk about life flying floatplanes in the Virgin Islands reminded me of what I really love about being a professional pilot. At least hed already earned a seaplane rating that was something. Ability to adhere to work schedule and to work weekdays, weekends, and holidays. ao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR's), and thus in compliance with the ICAO Annexes. Then there was that serendipitous meet-up when banker Louis Beck, who not only took to Ceravolos idea of seaplanes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), but liked his vision of one day trying to establish a different kind of airline, one with commercial service to Cuba, long before the Obama administration eased travel restrictions in fall 2016. English proficiency required; bilingual skills an asset. Over a cup of coffee near St. Maartens famous Maho Beach (pre-Hurricane Irma), Rob Ceravolo told me the film worked some of its magic on him and was at least partially responsible for him joining in 2001. Then his brain switched gears, and he recalled the great pilot training the Navy gave him. Assist with synthetic tactical training scenarios for advanced aircrew training and white force scenario management. How To Prepare for Your First Airline Training Program, Networking Strategies That Will Get You Noticed by the Airlines. But wait, theres more. Caravan Amphibian Chief pilot / Captain to manage all aircraft operations, hiring and training of aircrews. I want to receive the latest job alerts for caribbean aviation jobs, Use Facebook or Google to register on SimplyHired and create job alert. APPLICATION:To apply for the position of Seaplane Pilot please click here to submit your resume. Standardized versus inflexible rules, so people dont waste brainpower. Please include a full comprehensive CV with previous experience and qualifications together with a copy of relevant pilot licence and ratings. Must be an experienced pilot in the DHC-2 who is gregarious, good with people and a team player. February 10, 2017 by Seaplane Adventures. Bachelors degree in marketing or a related field preferred, however, relevant work experience may be considered. All of theU.S. Virgin Islands,the BritishVirginIslands and Puerto Rico got hammered last year by two of the strongest hurricanes in Caribbean history, Irma and Maria, only two weeks apart. I remind them that Tropic doesnt pay employee salaries, the customer does. A different crew was piloting the Twin Otter for my return leg. Engel & Vlkers Americas, Inc.New York, NY3.8, The Social Media Manager will be responsible for leading the brands social media presence, driving strategies to support business goals and will play a. First went the Jeep Wrangler, then the Porsche 911, a motorcycle, a boat, a house, a kayak and all his mutual funds. To be considered for this position, you must be a licensed Commercial Single Engine Seaplane Pilot and have a minimum of 1,000 hours of total time and at least 50 hours float time (25 hours DHC-2 preferred). The demand is clearly there. People told me the road to success was to use old airplanes and 10,000-hour pilots. The entire company got on board, with no complaints over the long hours., The CEO sometimes tells the board near-term profit margins will sometimes suffer to focus on a long-term goal. Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience (Economics, Bussiness Administration, Aviation or related field). Just like that, I had to fly! Dennis briefed the passengers and quickly spooled up the twin PT6s, andwith the right propeller in beta, the plane easily powered off the dock. Together our team supports up to 300 daily flights, serving over 450,000 passengers each year. In the Navy, pilots debriefed every flight, with no finger-pointing allowed. The new company first offered charter and later scheduled air service around South Florida and the Caribbean. (e.g. Must have valid Drivers License. Apply on recruiter website. We carried 100,000 pounds of cargo and rescued 33 people, Ceravolo said, flashing that Top Gun fighter- Move customer's vehicles to designated parking/staging area. Pilot job details:*. Friday Harbor Seaplanes operates all FAR Part 135 flights. They are often part of a flight crew with a captain and a first officer or copilot. Thats what I love about entrepreneurship in the aviation industry, he said. These operational manuals are based on the Curaao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR's), and thus in compliance with the ICAO Annexes. This time the chop was manageable, and the plane quickly got on the step and lifted off despite a full load of passengers. You can chase the money if you choose, or you can go for maximum quality of life if thats more your speed. Hiring Minimums and Preferred Requirements for all Employees Its so cool, I thought. Come join this excitement! growth plans, news articles, minimum requirements, online applications for pilots, and much more! Ceravolo knew the PR was beginning to work when people said theyd been seeing his airplanes everywhere. This ensures that each flight is unique, dynamic & exciting. AquaAirlines is looking for very experienced Caravan Amphibian pilots to operate in Italy. 32,700 SAR; Accommodation and transportation are provided; At least have 1000 hours in single engine float or 500 hours in Cessna C208 . A pilot's salary can vary depending on their years of experience, level of education, licenses and certifications earned, and specialty training. Why Is Area Forecast Discussion Important for Preflight Planning? In June 2011, Tropic Ocean Airways became the first operator to fly to Bimini in the Bahamas from Florida since Chalks shutdown. I really wanted to be a seaplane pilot, he said. TOEIC score 800 minimum or ICAO ELP level 5 minimum. Northwest Seaplanes operate scheduled and charter flights to the San Juan Islands and British Columbias Coast to popular boating, salmon fishing and tourist destinations. Thats when Ceravolo struck it rich, sort of, by hitting up his family and friends for the down payment on Tropics first Caravan on floats. Please call 415 -332-4843 or email for details. Ability to work independently, collaboratively as part of a team, and cooperatively with other departments to ensure an integrated guest experience. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid drivers license, be able to lift up to 80 lbs and ultimately be punctual for your job. P.O. Join our enthusiastic team that provides a one of a kind experience with seaplane flights. Our Amphibians are operated throughout the Caribbean & Latin America. Pilot. Current Open Positions Driver & Dockhand Front Desk & Reservation Expert Thats why most of them find other things to do when theyre out of the cockpit. Seaplane Pilot As a Seaplane Pilotat DCI, you will act as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) on one of our Amphibian Aircraft. Pilots are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of the aircraft, passengers, and crew. is a dedicated 24 hour webservice designed for the world's present and future aircrews. Seaborne Airlines, the nations only Part 121 seaplane operator, uses a DHC-6 Twin Otter on straight floats to connect St. Croixs historical Danish outpost of Christiansted with St. Thomas bustling port of Charlotte Amalie. I can think of a few North American waterfront cities that enjoy regular seaplane service namely Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria but it is surprising that its not more common in places like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Join talented teammates from across the globe and play a key role in shaping the future of our service. Seasonal Seaplane Pilot - DHC-2 Beaver. At one point in history, the Caribbean had been served by the flying boats of American operators such as Pan Am. Learn how to become a Seaplane Pilot, what skills and education you need to succeed, and what level of pay to expect at each step on your career path. Time to leave the old job and find a new one to float your boat? Seaplanes such as the Catalina, Grumman Goose, Mallard and those made by Sikorsky and Boeing have docked at the marinas and shores of the Caribbean, Central and South America from the 1920s to the 40s. Since 2014, Tropic Ocean Airways has grown from 16 employees to 75, and the fleet from two airplanes to 11, now mostly Caravans. Fax 1-305-395-5239. aviation services for their customers and create a place for employees to build long-term careers. Nearly every island weve been to has an airport many of them with very interesting approaches and runways due to the scarcity of level terrain and proximity of the serrated coastline (Google Saba Airport for an eye-popping example). See all state/provincial jobs by 2letterabbreviation, Air Carriers We are a family run business with a great group of hard working team players. Keep your options open, and you might find that rare gig thats a perfect balance between the two. 2. Valid U.S. passport and drivers license. The airlines are hungry for pilots whove passed a host of personality screenings and garnered years of the kind of training that taught them to land an F-18 on the deck of a moving aircraft carrier in darkness and bad weather. There's heaps of seaplane jobs out there for the Eager Beaver, so good luck with your search. Our minimum requirements are:5000 Total Time3000 Floats (Single Engine or Multi Engine PIC)1000 Hours Single PIC Floats required or 200 Hrs on Type (C-208). If someone comes to me with a good attitude but no resume, Ill hire them. The flying boat is indubitably another of those iconic images of the Caribbean, from the Pan Am Clippers of the 1930s to Jimmy Buffetts celebrated adventures with his Grumman Albatross, Hemisphere Dancer. SimplyHired ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on SimplyHired. Best regards,Prasad DatarH. The stall warning chirped once as the heavy seaplane accelerated in ground effect, then climbed steeply; leftover spray streamed from the big Edo floats as the harbor and its fringing reef smoothly dropped away. Its so cool building an airline and getting people excited and headed in the right direction. Pilots spend their workday selecting safe and efficient routes, performing pre- and post-flight aircraft inspections, determining risk factors in flying, keeping accurate records, and communicating with personnel in the aircraft and agencies on the ground. Experience with applicable software and systems such as R Language, C, or ROTOR. We got our toes in the water, saving lives on the sand life is good today! Bachelor Degree in aviation flight science or equivalent (preferred). I hope it survives. An ability to work in a Multi Cultural Environment is essential.Job Ref Number - 0308C208AAsian Aviation Consulting is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and is an equal opportunity employer. Commercial ASES / ASEL / instrument rating. Candidates must possess strong customer service skills, a hard work ethic, attention to detail and must be able to multi-task while having fun working closely with pilots, mechanics and line service personnel in facilitating the fun experience our customers have flying with NW Seaplanes. Copyright 2023 Flying Media. Being a pilot can be a good career for the adventurous who thrive on change. Seaplane Adventures is the most unique air tour in the State of California. Like the Navy, Ceravolo hires for attitude first. 4. Seaplane Pilot Jobs jobs Sort by: relevance - date 20 jobs Ramp Agent Alaska Seaplanes Juneau, AK 99801 (Juneau International Airport area) $16 - $18 an hour Full-time + 1 8 hour shift Seaplane Pilot Seattle Seaplanes Seattle, WA 98102 (South Lake Union area) Eastlake Ave E & E Garfield St $20 - $30 an hour Full-time + 1 Day shift High School or GED certification. I also believe the way we train pilots is right for the airline industry. We are hirnig for a Seaplane Pilot Job location - Saudi Arabia Nationality - Open. Time to leave the old job and find a new one to float your boat? He also maxed out his three credit cards. Pilots transport, people, military, private goods, commercial products, and other types of cargo including mail on airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Pilot License and SES Rating (Required) We are looking for SIC's to join our growing team of seaplane aviators. Maintenance Crew. We are hirnig for a Seaplane Pilot. Ultimately, you will have the overall responsibility for the safety of our passengers and must be a team player with superior piloting and judgement skills. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Seaborne Airlines, the nation's only Part 121 seaplane operator, uses a DHC-6 Twin Otter on straight floats to connect St. Croix's historical Danish outpost of Christiansted with St. Thomas'. Click here to see photo. emergencies change in workload, rush jobs or technical developments.). The general responsibilities include (but are not limited to):Reporting fit for dutyObtaining required preflight informationDetermining if the aircraft is safe for flightDetermining if the aircraft is properly loadedEnsuring proper levels of fuel & oilEnsuring passengers are safely boardedEnsuring passengers are briefed on Safety ParticularsSafely operating the aircraft during all phases of flightEnsuring passengers are safely disembarkedEnsuring baggage/cargo is properly off-loadedMaintaining Communication with Air Traffic Control Maintaining Communication with OCCLiaising with Maintenance on any Technical IssuesComplying with Company Policies & ProceduresComplying with Civil Aviation RegulationsEnsuring a Secure in-flight environmentEnsuring passenger comfortNever placing other important matters before Safety. Seaplane Captains - A highly qualified candidate would have Cessna Caravan Amphibian experience with a Commercial, Instrument, SES and SEL ratings. Only he and Veltre knew it was the same 206 on floats everywhere. It was also the year Tropic Ocean Airways lost a hundred grand. Conducts operational testing and troubleshooting of electrical and avionics systems and component. They monitor weather conditions and communicate with air traffic controllers throughout the duration of the flight and stay in close communication with copilots and flight crew. All have the same attitude and work ethic, Ceravolo says. Latin America & the Caribbean section to learn all about the operators, their fleets, their Year round employment available. Our Sausalito seaplane base has been in continuous operation since 1946, bringing over a half-century of flightseeing over San Francisco, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Website. Get the right Seaplane pilot job with company ratings & salaries. I thought, What the hell did I get myself into? Theres risk inherent in flying naval jets, he thought, remembering his anxiety about landing on the postage-stamp-size carrier deck. They are often part of a flight crew with a captain and a first officer or copilot. Tropic Ocean Airways' fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft are extremely versatile and capable of safely . 3. Applicants meeting minimum requirements of any advertised position are asked to apply in writing to the Operations Manager, Asian Aviation Consulting using as primary contact. Both pilots dressed in tropical uniforms of khaki shorts, pilot shirt with epaulets and ball caps were standing outside, greeting the passengers. SimplyHired may be compensated by these employers, helping keep SimplyHired free for job seekers. PCC maintains the most informative Air Carrier Database on the world wide web. Our minimum requirements are:5000 Total Time3000 Floats (Single Engine or Multi Engine PIC)1000 Hours Single PIC Floats required or 200 Hrs on Type (C-208) Attractive Tax Free Salary offered!

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