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And all that bullcrap, that you knew was bullcrap. And you've got even odds. We are so with you. And let me tell you why: There is a great McIntire piece on the Blaze today. I don't know how far. Because when they got there, they realize that had one member of the Mountain Lions was actually a male. We'll never know. We get all the guys here, just put them in skirts.STU: I don't know how that would -- I mean, that might be something you like, but it's not something that I think would affect the quality of the podcasts.GLENN: No, no, no. Note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. It is a great program. China and Russia.They have already dismissed us, and anything we claim on OPEC. So if any military operations begin, it will cause a massive explosion.Keep your eye on Moldova.But here's the thing, that you must know. Is our critical infrastructure, which our government is doing nothing to prepare.All we're doing is sending our money, over to the most corrupt country in the world.And making ourselves a bigger target. Here are the TOP 5 reasons to STOP sending aid to Ukraine NOW, Here are Glenn's TOP 13 quotes from this week's radio highlights, EXPLAINED: How far-left AGENTS OF CHAOS are destroying us all, Glenn: This TAKE DOWN of a LYING nominee means NOTHING, Here are the TOP 5 reasons for sending aid to Ukraineand why they're wrong, SHOCK: How a pastor deterred ARMED robbers with PRAYER, Glenn: Its my duty to WARN YOU about THIS threat to America, Russia wants to bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER, and WE are antagonizing them to do it. He -- he believes admission is important. We are currently enrolling students for on-campus classes and scheduling in-person campus tours. People's lives. Vladimir Putin announced on the 21st, that they were suspending the participation and the new start. Say your name out loud.And then he said, you four gentlemen, can you account for yourself? And the Wuhan lab. And it's coming in, like never before.And our government and our press is telling us, the border is secure.It's not secure. People were canceled for that. So the reason why he -- they're now coming out and saying, yeah. And how dare you. And it was with Aleksandr Dugin. We're going to go in there and get it.And there's going to be this constant push to be able to hold those lines.GLENN: And they can have their constant push. | Glenn TV. And he goes through the whole segment.And he actually stops the song in the middle of it. Fauci is still saying, no. All right. Huh.She was putting books into the classroom, that were not in the curriculum, an LGBTQI2. (music)So how are you sleeping? Theyre only concerned about their own power, he explains, and theyll shut down anyone who disagrees. I want somebody that nobody even cares to meet. And he looks at them, and says, lift your voice up to God.Pray with us, will you? But mark my words, it's coming.We must stop accepting the lies. The reason why we have conspiracy theories, is, one, nobody is being held accountable. Glenn Beck, (born February 10, 1964, Mount Vernon, Washington, U.S.), American conservative political commentator and television and radio personality, perhaps best known for hosting the talk show Glenn Beck (2009-11) on the Fox News Channel (FNC). Who knows, you might like it.They transferred the girl to another class. I don't know Democrats that ask for this. So let's pray on these four.And he turns to the young men. I don't want anybody to freak out. Sixteen defined as critical infrastructure under US policy from energy to water systems.Of course, the principle is the one thing. This is a very dangerous war, since Russia cannot lose it. A cunning leader knows that power once granted, is rarely returned. 'It is, I believe, my calling to warn you of what is possibly coming,' Glenn says. Then the night before, she closes it down, so they don't have everything. Something in their waistbands as well.So he's up there. But that's not what -- unfortunately, you're not -- actually, fortunately, you're not president.Unfortunately, someone better than the current president is not president. I can't remember.GLENN: Okay. And when you walked on this ground, you walked on to the ground of the holy ghost.You step foot, on the all-creation parking lot. Storytelling, insight and compelling perspective on American culture and politics. News Politics Update frequency: every 10 hours Average audio length: 88 minutes English United States Now, he's a former police officer, and now a pastor. The podcast division. Our children's lives at stake here. Because we could bomb Israel, not us.Israel could bomb Iran today.And that could start things in motion. Blog Inizio Senza categoria glenn beck today show transcript. And subscribe now with the promo code Glenn. And white supremacists.Shut up. Elton John, I can't use that word on the air. Where is that attitude?So we are now worried about the things that are causing our instability, but we're doing a lot of the instability-making, you know. And there's something to gain there for the good of the United States.GLENN: Right. He may be crazy. Let me go with the woman who has lost her children, to fentanyl because of the border.VOICE: 100,000 die every year, and nothing is being done. 88 percent of respondents say they're concerned about energy shortages.79 percent say they worry about the collapse of the US government. We cannot lose. I don't care about politics.This is a universal lie. For these reasons, I will oppose your nomination. In this clip, Glenn uses recent stories to show how far-left agents of chaos are to blame. And he looks up, and he does -- he looks at me for like half a second.And then he goes right to Tania, like, come on over here, and sit on B.B. Dugin said -- and all of this is a quote. Glenn Beck. Uh-huh. Oh, the outrage.She was telling the kids, try -- try being gay. And then there was male/female. We are just starting to do what I think are the work, that this network was born to do.So join us, please. Because there's always somebody, that somebody has a problem with.Well, I don't like them, because of their race.Okay. You keep saying there's only two genders. Those are all the possibilities, and they are becoming more and more likely, because we are looking so incredibly weak.But one that I can tell you, is happening. Even pillow technology. And it is so satisfying. It's called the open source intelligence monitor. So people come in, and your private security, cannot touch or stop anyone.You can only report it to the police. Don't take Relief Sleep. Tenured, they couldn't do anything about it.Gee, teacher's unions. Radio. They fought for 11 or 12 rounds, Beck says, and Louis was the favorite. Who would do that?GLENN: This is sad. We don't know. I love the guy.GLENN: I know. And I'm sorry to do this to you. What's on your tweets?She was under oath. Who sent you here? We have a moment of, a-ha! When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard. 's lap.STU: That's an opening line right there.GLENN: And I shoved her out of the way, and I sat on his lap, and it was very nice. That's what they used to say. Cut 11, please.BIDEN: And they'll delivery much-needed humanitarian assistance, as well as food, water, medicine, and shelter, and other aids to Ukrainians displaced by Russia's war, and provide aid for those seeking refuge in other countries from Ukraine.It's also going to help schools and hospitals open. Now, all of these cyber attacks are connected to Russia, one way or another.But if you remember in June of 2021, Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin and gave him clear instructions. The Worldwide Services of Blaze Radio Network. This is GBTV and the truth lives here. As soon as there's no trust, what do they do?They have to have a war to be able to justify all of the massive changes that they're going to make to society. Right? You know, in second grade math. A federal law enforcement agency suffered a serious cyber attack. They are the best of us. And you want to be the archives of the United States. And I don't see how this stops. Oh, my gosh.It was then that the parents believed something wasn't right. The Glenn Beck Podcast Play all Glenn Beck sits down with notable guests both for their accomplishments and experience to discuss big ideas, inspiring stories and the origins of the. He seems to have, you know, less syphilis than the last mad dictator, that tried to take over the world.I don't want to give him any help. If there was a sports division, with the podcasts. Internet. Call your state legislators TODAY and tell them to pass the Fair Access bill. You say you agree this idea, you have to be a certain age to buy assault weapons in America. And now, murder rate is up. Science was never the lodestone of truth. But the pastor and his congregation used quick thinking and PRAYER to stop the potential travesty. ANNOUNCER: Today`s episode of the show GLENN BECK is brought you to by France. You racist!How dare you. You racist!All of it treks back to the same agents of chaos.All of it!When -- when are we going to get this, and all of us, Republican, Democrats, and independents say, to hell with politics. Is now banning pro-life doctors.So, again, this is like banning your free speech. How did they grow up? Below is a rush transcript of Glenn's interview with Newt Gingrich this morning. But I also don't think World War III will end well. And what did that do?Set up World War II.We're doing the same thing. Breaking the law. And that's the final straw, for Putin. It uses artificial intelligence to destroy the family, sex, and the nature of human beings. King. In a busy news cycle, you might not have heard. You can't do that. So whatever topic is on your mind. He said, the hairs on my -- back of my neck stood up. And the Chinese said that he was breaking the pot of China, which is an expression for the Chinese of don't bite the hand that feeds you.And they want him to stop drawing attention to the origins. So Hawley asks her. We're going to pray on you.And so the whole congregation comes around, and they put their hands. And I would just like to say, Senator Hawley, I -- I mean, whatever you need. Well, I mean, they're solving more crimes, but homicides increased by 30 percent.So they're not, they're overwhelmed. All these things have happened with the exception of planes, and now we have Republicans saying, we should be sending the planes. In fact, Senator Hawley, used Shogan's tweets, PROVED before the committee that she was lying to them all UNDER OATH! Okay?This is like, you know, you'll have to meet the archivist, just to get that paper. Hello, and welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. Looked at the congregation. Yeah. Therefore, Ukraine does not actually exist. I'm neither. And you just decided, I'm just going to come on in. But I'm very conflicted.GLENN: I'm just trying to go for your wallet.STU: Okay. There's like 41 sponsors.That's it.Wait. Your kids are going to get lost, to riots in the streets, and everything else.And the collapse of the US government happens, and that's the final straw. But I do want you to be mentally and physically prepared.The Biden administration, when they came into office, they said, we're going to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the US strategy. Stay awake. Something is about to happen. Before Woodrow Wilson sent all our boys to war.We have got to wake up. However, there's something that you need to know, that tells you everything.I'll give it to you in 60 seconds. While Joe Biden voters, drank champagne in the streets, to celebrate his election. Good Continue reading They said, London will turn to dust. GLENN BECK, HOST: Coming up, President Bush addresses the U.N. . Twenty minutes to get the feeling of complete relaxation and contentment. And trying not to be canceled. 9:00 p.m. BlazeTV. And they were going to use them, but they only had a couple of them, that they had printed off. But two federal law enforcement agencies have had serious cyber attacks this last month.CNN reported that the FBI's New York field office was investigating and working to contain malicious cyber incident, a part of its computer network in recent days, involving computer systems used in investigation of images of child sexual exploitation.Then NBC News reported late yesterday, that the US marshal service, suffered a security breach over a week ago, that compromised sensitive information.In a statement Monday, US Marshal Service spokesperson Drew Wade acknowledged the breach, telling NBC News, the affected system contains law enforcement sensitive information, including returns from legal processes, administrative information, personally identifiable information, pertaining to subjects of the US marshal's investigation, third parties, and employees.Wade said the incident occurred February 17th. Glenn and Stu review a New York Times story about a parent who discovered a school allowed her child to secretly identify as transgender. Doctors. And I want you to feel comfortable, asking any question.And I want to feel comfortable answering any question. No.Because what's happening is, more people are being made racist, just against a different race.I thought the objective here was to stop racism. I've been telling you this for years.The minute America has no credibility, not only will we rapidly come under attack from everybody who has ever hated us.But the world will spiral into chaos. The damning lawsuit now wielded by her parents, claims that the teacher started call the fifth grader Leo, using he/him pronouns in class, October 21, unbeknownst to the girl's parents. You know, if there was like a -- I don't know. Because we have a lack of faith in the truth of God. Too many words in that, just cut it down. And half of the teams will just probably forfeit. And thanks to government leaders including our own continuing to escalate tension between the world's most powerful nations, it seems that we may be MARCHING toward World War III Transcript GLENN: I bet it was.STU: But so he had a song, I can't remember which one it was. But we've already warned him. Do you not think we would have gone to war?Do you not think we would have been justified to include Russia in that?Of course, we would.We have our president, in Ukraine today. You're still a regular person.And I don't like you. You can see these symptoms come out. But also the trafficking of humans.The trafficking -- you know, we know Iran has sent terrorists, that we have by chance caught. I don't know. laredo news car accident today. All right. Putin does not think so at all. And we're working hard on coming up with some new things. Yes or no?VOICE: My social media is in my personal capacity, Senator.VOICE: Yes or no, Ms. Shogan. Aired October 12, 2007 - 19:00 ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Podcast. And so did your neighbor, who is a Democrat, and voted Democrats.But wouldn't say it, couldn't say it, because they were all wrapped up in politics.So we have abandoned common sense. Beck grew up in Mount Vernon, Washington, where his father owned a bakery. I mean, this is a very ultra competitive world there. And it is causing chaos. So what is the cause of all of this?Well, I would say the cause of it, is a lack of trust.Why? But that's not who we're getting. Then, Glenn details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. It's usually wrong. So is your posts on February 18th, 2022, bemoaning the lifting of mask requirements, for children under the age of five. So wait. They put their hands on the back of these guys. No. In this clip, Glenn details the latest in the nuclear arms racewhich America seems to be losing. No one serves a punishment, for the crime.We must understand, that what holly just did there, is so satisfying. We shouldn't have allowed that. And getting it to bomb ready. But also acknowledging it. Click on the radio listener special square. Again, too many names. You're just using hyperbolic language. You care about skin color, you have become the racist.So now, they're -- imagine where this is going.Now if you're pro-life, the college of OB-GYN doesn't want you.What will that lead to, when there's no one in that crew saying, wait a minute, can we -- can we step on the brakes here for a second?The FBI, medicine. Then, Glenn details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. DRAFT for Ukraineor does he? The Glenn Beck Program Play Newest Follow Storytelling, insight and compelling perspective on American culture and politics. We want equal justice. Okay. Some things in life are so perfect. But actively encouraged the fifth graders to try being gay. We had a little blip in the '50s, where we were putting people like Dalton Trump in jail. You had locked your Twitter account, before you came before this committee. You mentioned Crimea will not happen.But if you're a Ukrainian citizen, you're like, well, wait a minute. Because I didn't.They're ignoring us.And taking us down a path, that they are designing.And we have got to stand up, you've got to call every congressman and every senator you know. The time to act now, against Iran is almost at zero.Okay? Glenn Beck's daily spot on the nation's leading cable news station is coming to a close little more than two years after his start on Fox News. GLENN: Let me give you a couple of stories here that I think are -- say everything that you need to say.There's a new poll out. Because on her first one, they had some tweets from her, that were like, you know who I just hate? We're sending the firefighter jets. Yeah, I can't remember if we brought him on the air. It was fantastic. The Glenn Beck Program's tracks Best of the Program | Guests: Rep Thomas Massie, Rep. Chris Stewart & Ezra Levant | 2/5/20 by The Glenn Beck Program published on 2020-02-06T06:35:44Z. That's 800-4-Relief. It just happened on the 23rd, and I just got the translation for it. Ever since I've known you.STU: I have loved Weird Al. And when I say yell at people, I'm going to play some things, where it was insane. Watch The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Monday through Friday, 9am - 12pm ET on BlazeTV. And he's like, bow your heads, bow your heads. Let's first hit the -- hmm. King. Think Chinese. We have to send the jets. Not only are we sending over tanks, missiles, bullets, guns, we're now paying for their Social Security. Because they don't say the same things in Arabic, that they will in English.But I want you to be well aware, of what is being said there.There is just a -- an interview, that happened on Arabia. Listen to this. Those tweets were in my personal capacity.VOICE: No, no, no. In fact, they elected a President who said, if you elect me for a second term, I will not send your boys into war. But he's a legend, okay? I'm going to show you some things from this week, from a couple of hearings, that I just -- I mean, I cheer.We are actually starting to find a spine in this country.And that is so great! Use, and promo code Glenn, and you will save.STU: Right. And then the entire congregation surrounds these would-be robbers. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. They decided to look into her. But we don't talk about that. Sixteen specific entities. But he's lasted this long. It may be a state operation at arm's length. To buy the intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia. Oh, good. This is sad. Did you ask for this?Because I didn't. They are not undergoing some sort of dramatic crisis here.While some would expect a little more coordination between the regime and its media arm to create a smoother narrative transition, this trailing dialectic serves its own purpose.Our ruling elite secure power through constant invocation of the state of exception.In theory, we live in a democracy, where the power of the government is constrained through the structure of the Constitution, and the will of the people.In practice, however, both limiting factors can be removed in the case of an emergency.

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