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the tendency. C. U.S. children today report more positive self-feelings than those growing up in the 1960s and 1970s C. moderate C. learned hopelessness I would have gotten an A+ too. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Possible selves, Culture difference in a person's self concept reflect, How is self esteem different from self concept? D. low self-efficacy, The sense of hopelessness and resignation learned when a human or animal perceives no control over repeated negative events is called: B. the competitor as superior to us C. exhibit more health problems D. an external locus of control, When you give a presentation in class and feel extremely nervous you will tend to A. failure and distance ourselves from success. B. the corpus collosum You look at the restaurant listings in the newspaper and find one that is very expensive. D. he is self-monitoring, Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that the self-serving bias is adaptive? mate, we observe the false consensus effect. It Affects Future Purchases: When you are planning to take a car. B. experience great difficulty. D. nothing, there terms are synonymous, B. narcissists lack an interest in others, According to Myers, we are prone to "impact bias," or _______ the impact of emotion-causing events (such as finding out the results after being tested for HIV). The false uniqueness effect is. Brian's thinking most clearly reflects A. the false uniqueness effect. False; State True or False: ANCOVA is often used to test the null hypothesis of no intervention effect in the context of an impact evaluation using pretest-post test control-group design with a continuous dependent variable. B. low self-esteem On the day they arrive at his home to meet him, he greets them in ripped sweat pants and a stained T-shirt. D. the tendency to see oneself as superior to others. D. illusion of transparency, When we compare ourselves with others, most of us tend to: He also drives a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, and only stays at top-tier hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons. Language is richer in situation-type terms than trait terms. This common misconception stems most directly from, People who think they have a hot hand after winning five poker hands in a row tend to think that. Thus, people tend to think that they see a lesbian-AIDS relationship when in fact there is no such relationship. C. self-serving bias Suppose that Dorothy and Tim are out to lunch together, and both are on restricted-calorie diets. This bias is often measured by looking at the difference between estimates that people make about how many of their peers share a certain trait or behaviour and the actual . she makes an internal attribution for the $2000 earning, but an external attribution for the $3000 loss. the false uniqueness effect. C. individuality D. social roles, Doug explained his "A" in biology as being the result of hard work and intelligence. These people thought: "Why didn't everyone simply take the family minivan and go stay with family somewhere?" If Letha commits the one-shot illusory correlation, she will. On the eleventh flip, is it more likely to be heads, tails, or are heads and tails equally likely ? B. self-monitoring Obedience to authority is ingrained in us all from the way we are brought up. -People use themselves as an "anchor" when judging others. D. learned helplessness, Political conservatives tend to be economic _______ and moral _______. the distinction between automatic thinking and controlled thinking. D. an external locus of control, High school students who finished near the top of their class are more likely to experience a threat to their academic self-esteem if they attend a: What are the three types of social influence in regards to conformity? B. audience effect C. Most psychology research has been conducted on children from middle-income families. One's _____ makes up his/her _____. Moving to another question will save this response. He's afraid of being unemployed and alone. In other words, she is just beginning. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many people were stranded without access to food, shelter, or other resources. False Consensus Effect. Now of days, more and more car purchasers are being deceived by attempting of purchasing a used car online, As stated the study indicates that negatively valenced words are primed faster than positively valenced words. C. high A. planning fallacy The attribution theorist Harold Kelley proposed that people make use of three types of information when they make attributions for others' behaviors. Under the gamblers fallacy, the person would think that the next ou Purchasing New Cars come with a better Outcome D. lower; increase, People with high self-esteem and narcissism are _____. Wilson and Gilbert (2003) referred to this phenomenon as: The state of a "dual attitude system" exists when we have differing _______ and _______ attitudes. This is an example of what social psychology phenomenon? D. impact bias, According to Myers' discussion on social comparison, people typically _______ the standards by which they evaluate their own attainments when they experience a(n) _______ in affluence, status, or achievement. C. practice C. attempting to present a favorable image to an external audience. A. underestimate carefully and rationally thinks about each and every decision. B. skill; chance Coin tossing is a guessing game or by luck to see which comes up, heads or ta Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to navigate between flashcards; Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to flip the card; audio not yet available for this language. Why does a manager need to evaluate the solution and look for problems after a solution has been implemented? You would be correct in speculating that she likely has _______ feelings of self-efficacy. When Maya was 3 years old, she was swarmed by bees. . B. rage C. the false consensus effect. Attractive request -> more attractive request. Suppose that you meet an old man named Al. external attributions, internal attributions. We tend to think that others would agree with us or see things our way. B. clinical depression . Explain Festinger's cognitive dissonance theory. D. self-schema. You flip a coin ten times in a row. C. much less prejudiced than others He wants to be the "cool dad" but fears that he will be a harsh disciplinarian like his father was. Suppose that the campus newspaper publishes an article about it, invoking external, stable attributions. Whenever you smell coconut oil, you tend to think about your recent vacation in the Bahamas (where you and your friends used lots of coconut suntan oil). Exam 1 Study Guide. Social Psychology Midterm - Flashcards Get access to high-quality and unique 50 000 college essay examples and more than 100 000 flashcards and test answers from around the world! Social psychology is the study of people in a group. D. self-presentation, After seeing a billboard for the lottery, you imagine a life of the rich and famous for yourself. In Asch's study, the correct answer/behavior was obvious and when making such judgments alone, almost no mistakes were made. Introducing Cram Folders! He then selects the 5 students with the highest scores for a special reading program. B. conservative Most psychology research has used middle-class White American respondents. Lesbians actually have extremely low rates of AIDS, but people tend to associate lesbians with gay men (who have relatively high rates). A. liberal D. self-efficacy, According to the self-serving bias, we tend to attribute our successes to ______ and our losses to _______. B. self-concept In a recent study, Gentile et al. B. negatively C. individuality C. internal locus of control B. negative By choosing (b), however, most people are committing, As a child, the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was once challenged by his older brother to remain standing in a corner until he could stop thinking of a white bear. ", In theory, it would be possible for a child to have a script of. B. collectivists; individualists She makes $2000 from one of these investments, but loses $3000 on the other one. When you go to a restaurant, you know that there is a certain sequence of things that you need to do: (a) wait to be seated, (b) order, (c) eat, and then (d) pay. It appears that people with this kind of brain damage, Research on the brain sizes of humans and other animals shows that. Sociology is interested in how the group behaves and how groups interact with each other and society. Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association. Your (false) assumption that Vlad is an athlete is MOST clearly an example of: Suppose that Mr. Yipol gives 100 students a reading exam. A. raise; decrease We weren't able to detect the audio language on your flashcards. Which of the following might be the headline of the article? Explain the difference between screening decisions and preference decisions. -both as a result of graduate training involving statistical reasoning, and when they are encouraged to carefully consider different alternatives. A. people in individualistic countries persist more when they are succeeding A. he is self-handicapping -"Another Great Professor Let Go as a Result of Budget Cuts", The term "cognitive miser" was coined to refer to. What are the three situational factors that impact conformity? A. effort and fewer self doubts will help us succeed A. self-handicapping B. overestimate Which of the following kinds of thinking can help explain the first instinct fallacy? A. a confederate D. 80%; 60%. A. self-handicapping 90%; 41% One thing you ask yourself is whether you have ever seen him explode in anger at anyone else, or in other kinds of situations. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. D. collectivists are more likely to downward social comparisons than individualists, D. collectivists are more likely to downward social comparisons than individualists, Research has found that when prisoners are given some control over their environments, such as being able to move chairs and operate the lights, they tend to: This is an example of, When William James spoke of "wakening the associations," he was referring to, According to a study in Europe, women who take their husbands name tend to earn about __ as much as women who keep their birth name, Research on the anchoring and adjustment heuristic indicates that. This happens because the responsibility for a task is spread across all members of the group. all of the cases in a group from which samples may be drawn for a study. Fritz Heider analyzed what he called "common sense psychology"the ways in which people explain everyday events. How does the just-world-hypothesis explain fundamental attribution error? A. narcissists have higher IQs B. the self-serving bias. Think of it like this. Also, participants were told either (a) that the essay-writer got to choose which side to take (pro- or anti-), or (b) that the essay-writer was ASSIGNED to one side or the other. B. low self-control Knowing what you do about individualism and collectivism, you can conclude that your neighbor is likely to be a political: Attributing failures to dispositional causes rather than situational causeswhich are unchangeable and uncontrollablesatisfies our need to believe that the world is fair and that we have control over our lives. Scarcity of resources Flashcards. C. the tendency to see our talents and moral behaviors as relatively unusual D. the defensive pessimism. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like After reading a story in the local newspaper about a recent robbery in the downtown area, Kerry remarks, "I'm not surprised he was robbed. Jan. 2014. C. average A. excel. C. independent A. the anticipation of problems to motive effective action. Joe takes on his sister's view that all people from "up north" are snobs. A. individualism C. be happier when the members of their gourd succeed A. self-schemas What is the false consensus effect quizlet? Every single time it comes up heads. A. school performance When people make external, unstable attributions for others' successes or failures, these attributions tend to concern questions of, Madisons is taking a freshman seminar at her university. How can you change an implicit attitude? the tendency to underestimate the commonality of one's abilities and one's desirable or successful behaviors. The Astroten study demonstrated the difference between what we think we will do and what we actually do in a given situation. B. denying then it is unclear what type of attributions people will make. B. pete The tendency for people take credit for their successes but deny blame for their failures is known as. D. see ourselves as better than the average person, D. see ourselves as better than the average person, According to Wilson and Gilbert (2003), people have the greatest difficulty predicting _______ of their future emotions. B. loci of control Who is likely to be more disappointed? We'll bring you back here when you are done. D. no different about their speech, B. better about their speech and appearance, Which of the following is FALSE? That is, he was challenged to engage in. C)Volunteering to give blood. The overestimation could be explained in terms of, Social cognition refers to a movement within social psychology that focuses on. The false-uniqueness effect is an attributional type of cognitive bias in social psychology that describes how people tend to view their qualities, traits, and personal attributes as unique when in reality they are not. C. thoughts Which of the following is an explanation for the false consensus effect, but not an explanation for the false uniqueness effect? D. social identity, Blaming the tree for getting in your way after you crashed the car is an example of: B. unrealistic optimism. When people make the fundamental attribution error about entire groups of people (as opposed to individuals), psychologists say that they are making the ultimate attribution error. B. collectivism The fact that we usually attribute more responsibility to our partners than to ourselves when problems arise in a relationship is an example of how: Paul commutes to and from work each day. Question 20 The false uniqueness effect is: A. the anticipation of problems to motivate effective action. You have just spent the afternoon volunteering in the post-anesthesia recovery unit at the local hospital, helping patients with a variety of ailments. How did Asch's study prove the concept of normative social influence? Researchers have called this misperception a false social reality, a form of pluralistic ignorance. B. self-efficacy When she goes to college, she meets a Hispanic student. A. strong the tendency. That is, both of them seem to be engaging in, Sometimes people blow on dice when playing a board game to make sure they get the numbers they need to advance in the game. What did the "Astroten" study demonstrate? . A. high; high The false consensus effect refers to the tendency for people to. Attitudes are evaluative reactions toward things, events, and other people. D. adjusting one's behavior in response to external situations to create the desired impression, You notice that your niece is unusually persistent when working on her homework. C. independent More conformity is observed from a person that is of lesser status than the other group members. A. decreases A. hoped-for possible self Jorge just received an A+ on a physics exam. , _____ is the gradual increase in skills and . When actually asked such questions, women more often experienced: D. either excel or fail, depending on the situation. Even though Vlad never actually exercises, you have always assumed that he is an athlete because he hangs around at the gym (like other athletes), drinks bottled water nonstop, and wears sweat suits everywhere. A. personality Psychology questions and answers. A)Lying to a friend to avoid embarrassment. It is often attributed to a desire to view one's thoughts and actions as unusual, arising . B. collectivists; individualists The ultimate attribution error is similar to the fundamental attribution error except that it refers to attributions that are __________ as opposed to __________. The three factors that impact conformity are unanimity of the group, mode of responding, and status of group members. She rarely claims that she is unable to complete an assignment and is academically successful. Your general understanding of what a tropical island is all about is MOST clearly an example of, Harold Kelley's attribution theory is sometimes called, The state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic is known as, According to the false consensus effect, most people. That is, it can be __________ in different ways. Infosys Interview Questions and Answers Infosys. D. feared possible selves; hoped-for possible selves, Jack is very nervous about meeting his future in-laws for the first time. the false uniqueness effect. She therefore has a(n) _______ locus of control. You have created 2 folders. C. the tendency to see our talents and moral behaviors as relatively unusual, Greenberg (2008) argues that, to manage their fear of death and feel that their lives are not in vain, people seek to pursue self-esteem by meeting the standards of their society. A. effort and fewer self-doubts will help us succeed Although he drives by himself he often speeds along in the carpool lane on the highway. It seems as though both Jules and Jim are "seeing" different things when reading the book review. Suppose that you have a certain idea about what a tropical island should be like: It should be a tourist destination, have palm trees, enjoy a warm climate, and contain plenty of bars that serve cocktails with paper umbrellas. D. an internal locus of control, Carmen was assigned a term paper at the start of her Social Psychology class. She is just beginning to understand concepts such as "dog," "cat," "chair," and "sofa," and to understand how these concepts differ from one another. Zimbardo's study shows that even emotionally stable, normal young educated people are vulnerable to the power of the situation roles (police, prison guard). He tells Kirk, If you dont start working out soon, you are going to die young and leave your children without a father! Dr. Canne is using a(n). Which of the following is NOT an explanation for the fundamental attribution error? Suppose that Greg and Marsha both apply for a prestigious scholarship program, and both get rejected. A. attempt to control other aspects of their lives, such as how often they outside When confronted with his behavior he argues "Well, half the drivers in that lane are alone too." C. progressives; traditionalists C. possible self B. self-monitoring C. self-efficacy Later, Joe learnsthat his sister's opinion was based on the fact that her boyfriend from "up north" recently dumped her. The Stroop test is a psychological test that highlights. A. chance; skill C. defensive pessimism A. self-interest colors our social judgment. -overestimate the degree to which others share their attitudes and opinions. Social loafing is the tendency for people to exert less effort when working toward a common goal in a group than when working individually. D. overestimating, You overhear a neighbor say that she believes gay marriage should be legal, and she opposes tax cuts for the wealthy. C. rewards and distance ourselves from punishment C. the self-deprecating bias B. compared to 20 years ago, fewer love songs today are considered "sappy love songs"

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