one direction imagines he kisses your belly

. Daddy loves ye, ye know. It didnt bother you earlier! Louis yelled, zipping the zipper angrily, making your hormones go wild. ), One Direction ( apologizes after a fight ), One Direction ( his thoughts during your pregnancy ), One Direction ( you and your kid(s) suprise him when he's on tour ), One Direction ( your child is seriously ill ), One Direction ( you tel him you're pregnant ), One Direction ( He thinks you're lying, but you're not ), 1D ( you name your kid after his mom/dad ), 1D ( he has an accident and you go tot see him to the hospital ), 1D ( he meets your baby for the very first time ), One Direction ( little things you cheer up your sexlife ), A SONG YOU SING TOGETHER (ONE DIRECTION PREFERENCES). The sound was lulling you back to peaceful sleep, while Liam trailed his long finger across your spine, making you shiver in pleasure. When he pulls away you see all of the boys staring at you, and you immediately feel awkward, but you know they understand. I can get you any job you want. He hides them behind his back, and when you go to grab them, he takes hold of your hand, and places his other had on your hip. I love you too my girl, he cooed, drawing a heart to your bare skin, kissing the middle of it, making the baby kick again. . Look at that cat, you laughed, looking how a cat tried to get a fish out of a fish bowl. I dont get why you wont come if its such a big deal, Louis murmured under his breath, putting Vans to a plastic bag before throwing them to his suitcase. When did ya became so borin? he asked, accent thick and eyes cold, before he left the room, leaving you stare the wall. "I love you baby girl." Julian was One Direction's producer and co-writer and always had you alongside him for traveling. You could feel your heart beating when you saw the doors opening and five tired lads walked in. I want you to come too, you sniffled, unable to keep your emotions away. - He asks.-No But I wish I could - You said while he picks your guitar.-I can teach you babe. You were going to meet him in a hotel room. As both of you pull away you both knew it was wrong. 4: He says I love you for the first time. He loves the fact that omegas are able to create and bring life to the world, even as fucked up as it is. Just please come with me baby." "The boys." Harry smiled, tugging your hair behind your ear before taking his clothes off slowly, revealing his tattoos, dropping the clothes to pile next to the bed, before taking you to his bare, warm embrace, filling you with his love and warmth. Im sorry, he sighed, making you slip a tear before reaching to kiss his warm, sweet lips. One Direction Preferences/Imagines. You smiled, feeling how the little one had a hiccup on your belly. Lou, hurry home, you laughed, tears on your eyes when you closed the phone, hands on your belly. Your crush on Liam had just completely vanished. Why would IThis is great Y/N! All with 1/5 of 1D. Kick for me again, little baby.. As you snooze peacefully, he plants a gentle kiss on your exposed shoulder before settling back down into his indented spot on the bed and reaching a hand around your waist. Minutes pasted, but your baby stayed still, not wanting to move anymore. Niall:You stirred off your sleep, small sunlight making its way to your face. Morning babe, he cheered innocently, pecking your lips. You reached to kiss his chin dimple, letting your lips stay on his skin for a while longer than you meant to. Zayn pleads with you at the gate. You stared at him a moment, in pure bliss. His warm, sweet breath tickled your skin when he pressed small kisses to your back, making sure he reached every inch, not letting any spot behind. It's okay." You pulled your sleeves down but not before his face fell and you knew he noticed. Uh uh, he groaned eyes still closed, pressing his lips to your hair, giving you a sloppy kiss to the top of your head. Deeply inhaling you let your eyes travel in the room around you. Imagine you're dating one of the boys of 1D. One Direction - Kiss You (Official Video)Follow on Spotify - on Apple Music - on Amazon Mu. You see tears well up in his eyes as he pulls you close to him. - He asks.-No But I wish I could - You said while he picks your guitar.-I can teach you babe. Hes coming home, you whispered to your baby, hand brushing your, only a bit longer, flat belly. It's an African American tale about a guy named Wiley who wants to go to this river to cut bamboo for a hen house His mother told him that this river has a Hairy Man who lives there and took Wiley's father and she advises him to take his hounds with him when he goes since the Hairy Man is afraid of dogs. Upon feeling the buldge of your nearly five-month pregnant belly against his own stomach, he shouts, "Oh awesome! Imagine what your kids grow up to be. A small smile appeared to Nialls face when he started to wake up to the new morning. Me too, he said with husky morning voice, stretching himself, so you could lay curl against his torso. Harrys face fell, making your heart ache. He reaches down to kiss you on the forehead. You watched at him with loving eyes, hoping that the moment would never end. You sat in front of Louis flat, knowing that Harry had been there few days after a huge argument you had. You sighed in bliss when his rough but gentle hands rubbed your swollen ankles what had ached the whole day. You had been sick lately, feeling awful and disguised, but Louis still thought it would be a good idea to put you in a small tour bus. His kiss is soft and gentle, and he's holding your face like you're porcelain. one direction imagines he kisses your belly. Hi honey, you greeted, trying to hug him, but he just stormed off, leaving you stare at his muscly back when he hit the bedroom door close after him. Please, he sighed, voice still sleepy and quiet, letting you know that he was barely awake. You reached the club . His long fingers traced patterns to your skin, tattooed arms gently holding you. Zayn rolls his eyes. The covers around you didnt warm you enough, letting the cold winter air make your skin go goose bumps. The bed his mom had made you on the mattress was on the floor. This company will never again asks someone as young as me to fill this position." Come to bed with me, you whispered, tracing your hand on the waist band of his jeans, wanting to take them off and feel his skin against yours like every other day. Baby.., he whispered, now tears in his eyes when grin spread to his face. Zayn lied behind you, arms wrapped around your waist, lips buried to your hair. Imagine what you name your kids. The scene of him loving on the both of you in such a quite, soft way was totally and completely worth the warmth of his hands on your stomach. #One Direction Imagines #One Direction Imagine #1D Imagines . "You're so beautiful, babe". His hands were glued to the spot where you had felt the kick. What? he asked green eyes confused, when his hand flew to his curls. "Will you guys please get a damn room?" He leans in for a kiss, but all of the boys are around, and you don't want to be awkward, so you put your finger over his mouth. he said, and he hugs you tight and you smile. Is he still kicking? "I . Louis stared at you for a moment before straddling you gently to the bed, happy tears on his eyes. You could hear his sniffles over the phone, making you break down and hold your stomach, hoping that the tiny thing you called baby, would keep you together. He changed you and then tucked you back into your bed, pulling your blanket around you and kissing your forehead, smiling. After about five minutes of fun, you swing back into your chair to face the boys. One day you call Niall and plan a day to see him again. 1D PREF #123; You overhear him talking bad about you to the boys. This type of kiss would usually lead to a lot more, even if the initial stage is sweet and innocent. Unfamiliar, sharp kick cut your laugh, making you sit up. ''Hi future daddy!'' I have to go to work, you whispered, barely even making a sound. You say yes and you two hug forever, but then Niall kisses you on the lips. Hi! I miss you too kitten, he sighed lowly, making your heart break slowly. BTW if you don't like swearing i would skip this one. Harry noticed you first, smiling sleepily before nudging Niall who turned his head to see you, huge smile spreading to his face. You let out a small teary laugh, nodding to your amazed husband. His skin was full of surprises, small dimples, scars and wrinkles you loved. You guys have been back here all day, playing video games, karaoke, and now it is movie time. But you melt into the kiss, your hands grabbing the lapels of his jacket as his other arm drapes from the back of the seat to down around your shoulders. We need to eat. Y/N, he whispered, looking at you confused and worried, Its not three days, whats wrong? You tried to smile, but it failed, leaving you look heartbroken. Louis groaned when his moms voice mumbled through the door that breakfast was ready. You could hear his tears, what he tried so hard to muffle. His brown eyes were sad when he chewed his lower lip, thinking silently. Hi, my little perfect miracle, its your daddy., Louis:You sat on your couch, trying to fold your laundry . HI there well I made yall some one direction imagines hope you enjoy. Ill be back soon love, you whispered, giving him a light kiss to his pouted lips, just sleep until I get home, and we can pretend I never left., Harry:Coldness next to you woke you up to the early morning. You raised your hand on his neck, touching gently the mark on his neck. Only two weeks and Ill be there again, Liam:You smiled, looking at Liam who was unpacking his suitcase slowly. He was so beautiful. You loved the feeling when you watched him, heart filling with love and desire. Before your pregnancy nothing could wake Zayn up, but since he heard about the little girl inside you, he was awake and next to you after every wince. Get your lazy ass in your room and let me and Liam play some video games!" Daddy loves you more than anything in the world. You take this as a signal. Air Kiss. My baby has a hiccup, Liam grinned, looking at you with a bit teary eyes, I love you Y/N, and our baby. Dec 13, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by MARIAM STYLES . With the blankets pulled all the way up and Harry inches away, the cold winter night is now bearable. Youre perfect, yes you are, Zayn cooed to your belly, smirking when he admired the bump where she rested, Youre gonna be the prettiest girl in the world, baby Malik. Your heart melted when you watched his brown eyes go softer than ever when he talked to the growing baby inside you. Dont worry, this is amazing, he took your head between his hands, looking straight at your eyes happy tears in his eyes and huge smile on his face, A baby., Liam:You smiled, biting your lip while you sat on your couch, waiting your husband to come home from work. I cant wait til I can see ye, lil one., #15 One Direction He finds out you are a Victoria's Secret Model, #16 One Direction (your child has a bad dream), #17 One Direction (how you fall asleep together), #19 He goes out with you for a bet and you find out (harry), #20 What he's like as a boyfriend (harry), #21 The victoria Secret angel rebound (Harry Imagine), #23 One of the boys sees you on your underwear, #24 One Direction ( best song ever fantasies), #25 One Direction (He has an argument with your kid), #30 One Direction ( your kid has a disability ), #32 One Direction ( He sees your baby bump after a long time), #34 One Direction ( your name your kid after something), One Direction ( one of the lad caught you having Sex ), One Direction ( you quote a book and he doesn't get it ), One Direction ( He's Having a dirty dream and you tease him ), One Direction ( he talks to the baby belly ), One Direction ( Someone's kid has a crush on you ), One Direction ( He feels the baby kick for the first time ), One Direction ( He's insecure about his size ), One Direction ( He's confused by your lady products ), One Direction ( He doesn't know you're pregnant and you fight ), One Direction ( you kid has a crush on someone older ), One Direction ( your kid uses a curse word ), One Direction ( your kid gets lost while grocery shopping with him ), One Direction ( Name for a "little him" * hint hint * ), One Direction ( you're pregnant and someone hurts you ( physically )), One Direction ( you see him naked for the first time ), One Direction ( his thoughts during sex ), One Direction ( everytime we touch i get this feeling), One Direction ( You'll never love yourself half as much as i love you ..), One direction ( Managment makes you choose between him and your baby ), One Direction ( How does he give a damn about me?

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