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ldy lba Yoruba names are classified into five categories - Oruko Amutorunwa or destiny names, Oruko Abiso or acquired names, Oruko Oriki or Panegyrics, Oruko Abiku, and Oruko Inagije or alias. Dada is also called Dada awuru or olowo ori and are known to be strong and stubborn; * Oke This is a child born with unrupted membranes all over his/her body; * Olugbodi This is a child born with supernumerary digits (six fingers); * Ige This is a child born with breech or footing presentation i.e. In 1826, a man named Capperton observed wives of the Alaafin of . Oye: Journal of Language, Literature and Popular Culture, y: Journal of Language, Literature and Popular Culture, Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies 11: 1, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. One blogger wrote a post with the Yoruba names of different (mostly wild) animals and it turns out that Ogidan is actually the Yoruba name for a tiger. Akanji Akanji means the one whose touch gives life. It shows (to me anyway) that you are willing to not just stand outside the box but see that theres no box. Obinrin a pa eje modi, atun fidi le le, Okunrin to t'eje lese lojo si nkan? Latosa city, the president of the country. If a child is born during a festival, the child is usually called Abiodun. This includes how a town came to be, what a town is known for and so on. Bv . A child can be given as many names as possible, but in most Yoruba families, the pre-destined (oruko amutorunwa) stands as the first name of the child. A j bba r (LogOut/ Bitter kola is for longevity and the parents prayers for the child to have long life and live after them and not for them (the parents) to bury their child. Aina is the name of a female (or sometimes male) child born with the umbilical cord around his or her neck. It is a standing ovation for my spirit. Yoruba Oriki names are names Yoruba people give to their children for symbolic reasons. 3. (LogOut/ 153 Yoruba Baby Girl Names With Meanings. Oruko Inagije meaning Alias Have you noticed something about the Yoruba language? REFERENCES Here is the ork for twins. A j jran t tbi It used to be on the seventh day of birth (for females) and the ninth day of birth (for males). It is a popular thing mostly among the people of the Yoruba descents. Required fields are marked *. View all posts by Asubiaro Toluwase. (LogOut/ There are many versions and thus renditions vary depending on who is asked. The other day, a reviewer wrote a review of my childrens book Useless Warrior Princess and stating similarities to Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I mean, using them doesnt stop you from praying according to your religious beliefs. When mothers sings the family Oriki to children depending on the child's situation it could be very soothing to the child. Change). A child that came out with the legs instead of the head is called Ige. Or after he/she drinks palm oil directly. (LogOut/ If the child is classed as an abiku(see fiction Abiku: A Battle Of Gods) then theres quite a range of names given to the child asking the child to not die again. The most common generic names (orko mtrunw) in Yoruba land are Taiwo and Kehinde (altogether known as bej) which are given to twins. No? A j jran t tbi T nyn b ti ta epo sl n ts ibi t wn ti bn tb t n n fnra r b m epo, ara r bal. After the Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony (igbeyawo) where the wife has been married with isu and oka, the prayers for childbirth begin. What category of ork would you like to learn more about? DEFINITION: Aina in Yoruba is a female child that has her umbilical cord tied around her neck at birth.Ojo is the opposite of Aina. ni a b b b k t Ork ranko (ork for animals). Then they chant the Orikis for the Orisas and petition the deities for things they desire with the hope of having thier prays answered. For orks, its most popular meaning when translated is a panegyric (at least in a good chunk of movies and general sites or applications that translate). LRUN yanu / GOD of miracles cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. It is a popular thing mostly among the people of the Yoruba descents. ORIKI: Aina orosun roolo; O ni guda ibi; A ji nawo ara; Aina keke legun; Eni a be be be ko to seso; Tibii ko je ko r'oko ni; O lepo ni kolo; O lagbagba nibawo; Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ork is a type of traditional oral poetry that is attributive and often projects praise. Really? Yorubas put a lot of effort into finding the right name(s) for their child as we believe that a person lives out the meaning of their names. Aina has special oriki (praise or poetry) that says: Aina o r'osun. I knew that isu was the Yoruba word for yam but I had no idea what oka was. Today, Nigerian culture is a colorful blend of African, European, and Arabic traditions. Aremu It means the one needing to be consoled before being picked up. To participate in the enjoyment of ork as stipulated by the culture, one must assume, in contradiction of a Yoruba proverb, that time is like an unobstructed vista and the earth is straight like the barrel of a gun.8 Structurally, however, ork texts head toward discontinuity: they rarely narrate complete accounts of "historical" events, they If a child is born when either or both parents is on a journey, the child is called Abiona. Shell give birth to boys that will live and girls that will survive. Its our combined efforts that can bring about change, Very great read!!! I am grateful. Aina according to Yoruba meaning is 'BIRTH IN PAIN', but there are many versions of Aina. These may be supplemented with praises from traditional drums notably the gangan (talking drum) by palace drummers. do koalas have poisonous claws. The Yoruba names can be nominal or sentential and the names has been classified into three: Given Names (Oruko Amutorunwa), Ascribed Names (Oruko Abiso), and Pet Names (Oriki). To be honest, I dont see what is pagan about using these symbolisms in praying for ones child. The ORK mint sugar body scrub is a natural exfoliator that gently removes pore clogging dead skin cells, oils and daily makeup residue, letting the body breathe free for a natural and healthy look. we call it LI-N-LI in my native language. (LogOut/ Ork Akinkanju (Ork for Warriors): The warriors and heroes are accompanied and welcome to and from wars or other accomplishments with their perculiar oriki. Ese pupo. Ork is used during individual or communal ceremonies, for individuals or the community. Your email address will not be published. For instance, thief (ol) has its own ork. No Yoruba naming ceremony is complete without the childs oriki (pet name). Also, you will find some interesting Yoruba Oriki names and meanings of these names that we have listed below. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But sometimes, the circumstance of a childs birth will automatically give the child a name. Lanrewaju Adepju and the Making of Modern Yoruba Poetry, Ewi, Yoruba Modernity , and the Public Space, Rabi Alaso Oke of Colonial Lagos: A Female Textile Merchant Commemorated in a Yoruba Proverb, New Voices New Media Class Sex and Politics in Online Nigerian and Kenyan Poetry, ORIN IGBE ROYAL CHANT A LAGOS ISLAND WOMEN'S POETIC FORM.pdf, THE OGUNDA MEJI TEMPLE APATA, IBADAN, AS A MODEL FOR MODERN TRENDS IN YORUBA TRADITIONAL WORSHIP, A Critical APproach to the study of oral narratives, Body Size in Indigenous Oral Knowledge among the Yorb in Southwestern Nigeria, The Transition from Yorb Metaphysics to Islamic Aesthetics in lnrewj Adep j's Poetry (YORUBA STUDIES REVIEW VOL.2, 2 SPRING,2018), Glocal Colloquys Okpewho and Soyinka.pdf. # oriki # ibeji # Yoruba culture # Yoruba # poetry # Nigeria # West africa # africa # twins # taiwo . jgb Yoruba Oriki name meaning fought to carry this child. The Yoruba people have very rich cultural oral literature, oriki is on of them. Ork akinkanju (ork for warriors). Opemipo, just seeing this now, pls. God's Names and Meanings in YORUBA Language. Nice write-up sir. This consists of attributes of God. Akangbe It means one consciously or deliberately carried. Reciting my ork gets me hype! REUTERS/AFOLABI SOTUNDE The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria are known to have a very high birth rate of twins known as ibeji in their language. Yoruba names are grouped into five categories. Though not typically part of a standard name, the Ork is often used alongside one and . Oriki -Prayer for Ori. They include: Oruko Amutorunwa meaning Destiny Names Philosophy in 'utenzi' metre. Perhaps you might have a story to share about this name, simply add something we missed, or expand a definition. Love your write up. You really cannot have too much sweetness in life I think, especially with all the bitterness in the world today. Cookies can be managed in your browser settings. Just what I needed for my aesthetics assignment. Although, oriki is a much threaten culture of the Yoruba, it is not worthy that this trend can be saved by a timely record keeping and codification of the literature and culture using the modern Information Technology resources. keep the nice job on. Extended Meaning n is an ork mtrunw ("name that is brought from heaven", usually given to a child based on the circumstances of their birth). Ork Olorun (Gods ork). Check out the new look and enjoy easier access to your favorite features It is said to be the most popular of Yorb poetic forms and is passed down from generation to generation. Contrary to the popular belief that Taiwo, being the first born of the twins, is older than Kehinde, it is said by Yoruba elders that Kehinde is older than Taiwo because Taiwo was sent by Kehinde to have a taste of the world and announce his coming as well. why some names is not been saying there meaning like Amoo my own orisi name. Thanks! Babatunde literally mean father has come again; * Yetunde This is a female child born shortly after the death of her grandmother. fn wn go wr akk d Yorb : ork orl, ork l, ork ork mtrunw, Recenziile nu sunt verificate, dar Google caut coninutul fals i l elimin atunci cnd l identific, K ni orik yi fi hn p hj abuda Amusnn, w ork: fn wn go wr akk d Yorb : ork orl, ork l, ork ork mtrunw. Meaning and Origin of Names Name: AINA Gender: Female Origin: African (Rate 1 2 3 4 5) Meaning of the name AINA : Yoruba Of Nigeria Female Name Meaning "difficult Birth," Such As A Child Born. For orks, its most popular meaning when translated is a panegyric (at least in a good chunk of movies and general sites or applications that translate). Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Orikis are praise names that express the parent's desires and hopes for the child. Yoruba - Oriki Aina (Eni ti ako gbodo na) - Nigerian History Written by Yoruba - Oriki Aina (Eni ti ako gbodo na) (The panegyrics of the Yoruba female child with the umbilical cord woven around her neck at birth) Aina orosun Aina oroyinyin O ni guda ibi A ji nawo ara Aina keke legun Eni a be be be ko to seso Tibii ko je ko r'oko ni O lepo ni kolo A gb p wn n ma n gboy bkan n ni wn ma tt bn, epo pupa s ni r bn wn. ORIKI: Aina orosun roolo; O ni guda ibi; A ji nawo ara; Aina keke legun; Eni a be be be ko to seso; Tibii ko je ko r'oko ni; O lepo ni kolo; O lagbagba nibawo; Ork Ilu (Ork for Towns and Streets/regions): It is every parents desire (I hope) that their child(ren) have better lives than they did and this is reflected in the symbolic items used in the Yoruba naming ceremony. If one is male, a praise name is usually expressive of something . It is a name given to a son that is valued and cherished because of the victory fought and overcame to have him. The Yoruba people believe, though not strongly, that if the mother of a twins should fail to give birth to another child after the twins i.e. [2] According to the Yoruba historian Samuel Johnson, oriki expresses what a child is or what he or she is hoped to become.

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