contractors must report which of these select all that apply

Efforts to compromise a cleared employee. Changes in a facility's storage capability are reported how? -Allowing large amounts of data to be accessed For construction contractors, there is no employee-count threshold. During which stage of the personnel security clearance process are the thirteen guidelines used? After a need is identified, the Government Contracting Activity (GCA) ___________________. The more we know about an adversary's intent and capability, the better we can judge how and why he may collect the information that he needs. The only requirement for employees to access classified information is to have a favorable eligibility determination. According to section 10.2.8, the general contractor should report any work-related accident in writing to the owner, and will be responsible for any costs the owner incurs related to the accident. OPSEC focuses on what type of critical information? Select all that apply. . -Accessing systems at unusual hours without authorization. Accordingly, under certain circumstances, a shareholder or business owner may be found personally liable for withdrawal liability. Which of the following would not be reported to the Personnel Security Management Office for Industry (PSMO-I)? Which of the following government entities adjudicates unfavorable eligibility determinations that are appealed? What type of violation has occurred? International visit requirements apply when information to be disclosed is classified or unclassified but related to classified contracts or otherwise subject to export controls under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR). What is defined as a weakness that can be exploited by an adversary? Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA, is serving as Zillow's health advisor. Which of the following are security briefing topics for visitors? 1. Finally, a successor contractor who has a duty to bargain with a union is not required to deduct dues and fees from employees pay, unless the contractor agrees to do so in a written agreement. Patterns, stereotypes, and predictable actions are all types of which of the following? Which of the following statements is true about technology and the insider threat? This is basically " the contract, " a foundation that the rest of the project details are built upon. Visitors Facility Security Officer (FSO), DSS Headquarters Industrial Security Integration and Application (IP) Programs. d. The company just lost its largest contract and has filed for bankruptcy. Select all that apply. Within the first six months after eligibility is granted. Security control measures are the responsibility of the Government Contracting Activity. Hostile entities may use social media to _______________ ? Even though a contractors SCA Section 4c obligations apply for only one year, if the contractor staffs its workforce with a majority of the predecessor contractors employees who were subject to the CBA, it cannot change wages and benefits (or any other term of employment) when the year is up without first negotiating with the union. Security control measures are the responsibility of the Cognizant Security Agency. User: 3/4 16/9 Weegy: 3/4 ? A contractor awarded a covered contract or subcontract requiring use of E-Verify, if not already enrolled, will have 30 calendar days after the contract award date to enroll in the E-Verify program. Select all that apply. Report the concerning behavior to your security officer. Shift its marginal cost curve upward. When the visit is a contract-related classified visit, When the request needs to be submitted and approved quickly, When one or both organizations do not utilize the web-based DoD System of Record, When either the visitors or host organization does not utilize the Industrial Security Facilities Database. Which of the following statements concerning activity tip-offs is correct? (Select all that apply.). DoD Directive 5240.06, CI Awareness and Reporting (CIAR), DoD 5220.22-M, the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). A Bridge Agreement usually is based on the previous contractors CBA with changes to the provisions that do not apply or do not work for the new contractor for business reasons. contracts. Which of the following statements are true? This material may be considered attorney advertising in some jurisdictions. Updated 284 days ago|5/24/2022 11:00:50 AM, Contractors must report the following to the insider threat program: Efforts to obtain unauthorized access to classified or proprietary information. OPSEC is a systematic, proven process to identify, control and protect classified information about a mission, operation or activity, and, thus, denying/mitigating adversary's ability to compromise/interrupt that mission, operation or activity. OFCCP prescribes a specific form for inviting applicants and employees to self-identify for disabled status. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. In Tennessee, the average effective property tax rate is 0.64%. Its decisions are binding on all other California state courts. He knows seminars, conventions, and exhibits can be used by adversaries to target knowledgeable resources like him. In order to make the bid/no-bid decision, there are a number of factors to consider to make an objective, rather than a subjective, decision. An advantage of using good OPSEC principles during contingencies is that it. _____ describes the level of information to which a person is authorized access based on a background investigation. While every CBA is unique in some respects, some sample provisions that should be considered in government contracting include: Government Supremacy/Rights: Because a contractor is subject to its government clients directives, consider a provision on the rules, regulations, directives, orders, or work statements that are, or may be, imposed by the government, including on removal of an employee, that will apply and not be subject to the grievance and arbitration procedure. demonstrate the intent and capability to be a threat to our mission. If a contractor or subcontractor disregards its obligations under the DBA/DBRA, in addition to being on the hook for back pay that may be owed to employees, it may be subject to contract termination and debarment from awards of future contracts for up to three years. -Inappropriate copying of classified material The contractor must also report any such equipment, systems, or services discovered during contract performance; this requirement flows down to subcontractors. identify the losing and gaining contract numbers and select the items from those previously receipted. Which of the following statements are true? -In person. When a bargaining impasse occurs, the employer may implement terms it proposed to the union during bargaining. If you are contacted by a member of the media about the information you are not authorized to share, you should take down the person's name and organization, date, time, location, method of contact, and the reason for contact. DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification, Transportation, Delivery, and Relocation Solutions (TDRS), Schedule 48. Industrial Security Representative (IS Rep). User: She worked really hard on the project. If you are contacted by a member of the media about information you are not authorized to share, you should take down which of the following details? in writing; through the DoD System of Record, through the DoD System of Record; through e-FCL. They must implement written codes of business ethics and conduct, an employee awareness and compliance program, and an internal control system. Although withdrawal liability is a corporate obligation, all trades or businesses with sufficient common ownership are treated as a single employer, and each such trade or business is jointly and severally liable for withdrawal liability. An FCL is a determination made by the Government that a contractor is eligible for access to classified information. -Former employees Select ALL the correct responses. Select all that apply. By agreeing to make such deductions before a CBA is negotiated, a contractor may be giving up important leverage during bargaining. It is not intended to constitute legal advice nor does it create a client-lawyer relationship between Jackson Lewis and any recipient. The acronym EAP stands for _____? Grievances: As the union should not direct any grievances to the government client, consider including a provision stating that the union will only use the procedure in the CBA to raise and remedy grievances and not direct any grievances to the government client. Which step in the OPSEC process is a decision making step because it helps the decision maker prioritize and decide whether or not to apply a countermeasure? [ Any contact that suggests the employee may be the target of attempted exploitation by the intelligence service of another country. To promote an environment in which federal contracts for goods or services will be performed by contractors whose work will not be interrupted by labor unrest, President Barack Obama signed into law a mandate that federal contractors inform employees of their rights under the NLRA. If after a contractor has a duty to bargain and before a CBA is negotiated, the contractor must discuss suspending or terminating an employee with the union before so doing, unless exigent circumstances exist. Yes. 2020 Jackson Lewis P.C. City Of Memphis Property Tax Payment. Contractors located in U.S. territories (outside of the United States) should contact the OFCCP Helpdesk at 1-800-397-6251 for assistance with registering. 20/3 contractors must report which of these select all that apply. The Commander is responsible for the development of the AT plan. The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (DFWA) requires certain federal contractors to agree to provide drug-free workplaces as a condition of receiving a contract from a federal agency. Any agreement negotiated also may apply automatically to separate contractors who are found to be joint employers. Recipients should consult with counsel before taking any actions based on the information contained within this material. -Contractors . Because each adversary may have different intentions and capabilities, you may need to enact different scenarios for different adversaries. The request must explain the impact on the contractor operations and services if this waiver is not . Select all that apply. Training records management: Contractors must create and maintain records of all employee insider threat awareness programs initial and refresher training and those records must be available for review during DSS security vulnerability assessments. contractors must report which of these select all that apply -any event that may impact the status of the facility -anything that affects the proper safeguarding of classified information -any indication that classified information has been lost or compromised. As defined in the NISPOM, ______ is the administrative determination that an individual is eligible for access to classified information. Adam is an expert in his organizations dual use technology. Your knowledge of which factors impact your capability to analyze your vulnerabilities? It also should state that the employer is not required to terminate the employee until a replacement has been hired, cleared, and trained. Specific facts about friendly intentions, capabilities, and operations vitally needed by adversaries to plan and act effectively is called. To do this, the DCAA evaluates contractors internal cost-control systems, management policies, accuracy of cost representations, adequacy and reliability of records, and accounting systems. The FSO submits the applicants completed SF-86 using which of the following? . As with EO 11246, VEVRAA imposes a number of technical obligations, including the listing of job openings with the state workforce agency in the state where the opening occurs. -Speeches or books including information about involvement with the Intelligence Community Online. Increase its output. Former U.S. 6275 0 obj <> endobj Alternatively, the contractor can spend at least the same amount on health insurance benefits. Administers the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). (Incorrect, there were more choices). However, the results of negotiations will depend on a variety of factors, such as the parties leverage, bargaining strategy, bargaining objectives, the unions willingness to strike, the contractors ability to continue operating during a strike, the scope and degree of changes desired, the level of support for the union among employees, and the resolve of the contractors management and the government client to resist union pressure. -Use strong passwords In fact, the government mandates that contractors who are awarded a contract above a certain threshold ($5.5 million to be performed over at least 120 days) MUST have a code of business ethics and conduct and, for large, noncommercial items contractors, a business ethics awareness program and internal control system. Weegy: Contractors must report the following to the insider threat program: Efforts to obtain unauthorized access to classified or proprietary information. Of the scenarios listed below, which ones must be reported to your IS Rep as change conditions affecting the facility's clearance? What should you do? American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS), NCMS, the Society of Industrial Security Professionals, Industrial Security Awareness Council (ISAC). What is a final security control in the NISP when the purpose of a visit has been accomplished? contractors employees active duty military The definition of Targeted Violence includes which of these components? Gopuff Background Check Requirementscom with instructions, or you can log into the Checkr applicant portal to view the status of your background check. = 15 * 3/20 Stay Safe. To use leave, employees need only make an oral or written request to the employer, with the expected duration of leave, at least seven days before the scheduled leave, or as soon as practicable if the need for leave is unforeseeable. Jack is his organizations Facility Security Officer. Which of the following are Counterintelligence Special Agent (CISA) responsibilities? -Any indication that classified information has been lost or compromised. To ensure any classified material that may be of use in a follow-on contract is transported securely to the visitors organization, To ensure that all classified material has been properly stored and inventoried. A company cleared at the Secret level hires a new employee. Union Access: Because a contractor is subject to its government clients requirements applicable to visitors, consider including a clause stating that any union representative who wants to visit the employers offices or other places of employment must comply with those requirements. Existing paid time off (PTO) policies may be acceptable satisfaction of these obligations if they comply with all of the elements of EO 13706. The __________________ develops and implements a facilitys security program. The FSO is not notified but must look for eligible employees in the DoD system of record. Failure to do so will result in a perfectly clear successorship, which would bind the successor contractor to all the terms of the previous contractors CBA. Which of these may be targeted by foreign entities? If you are unable to determine when total payments made equal or exceed $600, you can estimate the dollar amount of the contract. The E-Verify federal contractor rule only affects federal contractors who are awarded a new contract on or after the effective date of the rule, September 8, 2009, that includes the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) E-Verify clause (73 FR 67704). Select all that apply. If the visitor organization and host organization both use the DoD System of Record, visit notifications are sent electronically, which speeds the approval process. Which of the following countermeasures can you implement to help reduce technology-associated insider threats? -Any event that may impact an individual's personnel security clearance Leave may be used for: (1) illness and injury; (2) diagnosis, care, and preventive care; (3) caring for family members and family-equivalent members; and (4) domestic violence care. Generally, the employers withdrawal liability obligation is satisfied by making annual payments determined by a formula intended to approximate the employers annual contributions to the MPP. Which of the following are reportable behavioral indicators? Insider Threat Program Senior Official (ITPSO). Any individual or group that represents a foreign government is considered a security threat. A cleared employee has received an industry award, A cleared employees citizenship has changed, An uncleared employees citizenship has changed. all of these are correct The domestic delivery services approved for overnight domestic delivery of Secret and Confidential information are listed in the ______________________. Contractors with federal contract awards of at least $5 million (entered into on or after December 12, 2008) are subject to Federal Acquisition Regulation ethics rules. Contractors must report which of these? In all cases, these events should be recorded in the contractor's property management system. When the DFARS 252.211-7007 clause is in the contract, the contractor must report receipt of all GFP and updates of serially managed GFP . The E-Verify system must be used for checking the eligibility of individuals only after the employee has been offered and has accepted the job. The request for clearance must come from the contracting agency; the contractor cannot apply for security clearance on its own. What is the preferred method of assessing the risk to your organization? The amount of a withdrawn employers withdrawal liability is based on a number of factors and requires an actuarial calculation. The development of a countermeasure focuses directly on the. They are indicators that tell adversaries where to focus their collection efforts, They are vulnerabilities that tell adversaries where to focus their collection efforts, They are indicators that are not part of a unit's normal conduct, They are vulnerabilities that are not part of a unit's normal conduct. Federal contractors must report the names and total compensation for the contractor's five most highly compensated officials and . Generally, you must withhold and deposit income taxes, social security taxes and Medicare taxes from the wages paid to an employee. provides for early detection of OPSEC problems. The company has hired 12 new employees to support a new major contract. U.S. Government employees and contractors must report the following: Personal foreign travel; foreign contacts; speeches or books including information about involvement with the intelligence community. Which of the following, when looked at by itself or in conjunction with something else, can point to a vulnerability that an adversary can exploit? Objectives . If members of the ECBs Governing Council do decide to take formal votes on monetary policy decisions, do you think these votes should be published? the contractor's record of- (1)Conforming to requirements and to standards of good workmanship; (2)Forecasting and controlling costs; (3)Adherence to schedules, including the administrative aspects of performance; (4)Reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction; (5)Complying with the requirements Federal contractors and subcontractors with a single government contract or subcontract of at least $150,000 must follow the non-discrimination and related provisions concerning protected veterans covered under the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA). This material is provided for informational purposes only. You may also request proof of automobile insurance if the sub has their . Other technical obligations include drafting, implementing, and disseminating a prescribed equal employment opportunity (EEO)/Policy Statement, ensuring that all job postings contain an EEO Tag Line, annually providing all vendors a notice of the employers federal contractor status, incorporating an Equal Opportunity Clause in each of the employers covered subcontracts, notifying all unions of the employers federal contractor status (if applicable), and posting a number of notices on the employers careers website, including an applicant-accessibility statement. This behavior may include (select all that apply): -violation of workplace policies -failure to follow standard procedures (SOP) -legal difficulties Physical security systems provide the means to counter threats only during wartime. Select all that apply. classic chevy trucks for sale in california. contractors must report which of these select all that apply. Select all that apply. When the visit is a first-time visit and the DoD System of Records does not indicate that the visitor has signed an SF-312, The visitor must always sign it at every visit to any classified facility, When the visitor presents a visit authorization letter (VAL), When it is the visitors first visit to the cleared facility. We need to identify an adversary's capability. The poster must be displayed in a prominent and accessible place where it can be seen easily by employees. According to the DCAA, [T]imekeeping procedures and controls on labor charges are areas of utmost concern. One area of the DCAAs attention is whether the contractor has a timekeeping system to track an employees time spent on each work activity. Contractors are subject to the requirements of the DFWA if the contract with the government has a value of at least $100,000, will be performed in the U.S., and the primary purpose of the contract is other than acquisition of commercial items. Contractors must recognize that their obligations under these laws and executive orders also apply to their subcontractors. One way to do this is by conducting a thorough bid/no-bid analysis that meets your company's goals and is in line with your long-term strategy. In contrast to other FAR provisions, Clause 52.222-50 must appear in all solicitations and contracts. Bargaining impasse often is difficult to establish; the employer must demonstrate both that the parties are deadlocked and that further discussions likely will not lead to an agreement. c. The company is moving to a new location to meet the needs of its growing staff. This will allow the contractor to understand the extent to which the PLA will affect the costs of the work and bid accordingly. t. e. Affirmative action in the United States is a set of laws, policies, guidelines, and administrative practices "intended to end and correct the effects of a specific form of discrimination" [1] that include government-mandated, government-approved, and voluntary private programs. The NISP ensures that restrictions on continuous monitoring activities are in place before any classified work may begin. Conduct counterintelligence investigations for the U.S. c. Lower its output. Select all that apply. AAPs require a number of annual workforce and personnel activity analyses, including a Workforce Analysis, Job Group Analysis, Utilization Analysis, and Placement Goals. Select all that apply. 1. Security control measures must provide for security briefings and signed certificates. Though this rule does not apply if the workers are under a collective bargaining agreement. Specific clearance and access requirements, Authorization to generate classified information, A method for denying an adversary access to our critical information. When dealing with countermeasure development, what is the bottom line? 16/9 = Weegy: Whenever an individual stops drinking, the BAL will decrease slowly. For contracts in excess of $500,000 for supplies (other than for commercial off-the-shelf or COTS) acquired outside the U.S. or for services performed outside the U.S., the contractor must develop an appropriate compliance plan that, at a minimum, includes certain proactive steps. In connection with this, the DCAA evaluates whether costs are allocated to coincide appropriately with each employees division of time. Provide for the early detection and referral of potential espionage cases. How many steps are there in the OPSEC process? -report the concerning behavior to your security officier Most inside offenders display concerning behaviors before acting directly against their organization. The thirteen adjudicative guidelines involve assessing a candidate using criteria that addresses a specific concern that can impact the candidates ability to protect national security. Enforcement of such a union security provision can leave a contractor with inadequate staffing. This places the current contractor at a distinct disadvantage by permitting its competitors to avoid the effect of SCA Section 4c and bidding a lower price. DBA states that all government construction contracts over $2,000 to which a federal agency or the District of Columbia is a party must include provisions for paying workers on-site no less than the local prevailing wages and benefits as set by the DOL. What legally binding document must be executed between the Department of Defense and a contractor to obtain a facility clearance? ; Use the DE 542 Print Specifications (PDF) to generate an alternate form. Observable and detectable items that can be pieced together through analysis to reveal sensitive information about your operation are called. In order to determine our critical information, we need to consider both the friendly and adversary points of view. Specific reporting procedures vary widely across agencies and contractor facilities. Which of the following is an objective of the DSS CI Directorate? The records of a contractor with a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) are subject to audit by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), which also performs audits for other government agencies. authority to obtain a Facility Verification Request, authority to request additional special access authorizations. By Dion Y. Kohler, Laura A. Mitchell, Michael H. Neifach, Amy L. Peck, Robert R. Perry and Patricia Anderson Pryor. The tax rate ($3.39) must be multiplied by 100 to find the total. Select all that apply. endstream endobj startxref -is what's meant by the phrase "The domesticated generations fell Weegy: A suffix is added to the end of a word to alter its meaning. Contractors with a federal acquisition contract or subcontract must apply 15 basic cybersecurity safeguarding requirements and procedures to protect federal contract information. The requirements are based on security requirements published in the National Institute of Standards and Technologys (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations. Specific requirements are in FAR Subpart 4.19 and FAR Clause 52.204-21. hb```e``: AXr,lnfhs"k;dxk_42v6J The 20-year limitation on annual payments does not apply in the event of a mass withdrawal; this can result in the employer making withdrawal liability payments in perpetuity. Contractors must report which of these? User: She worked really hard on the project. It also must pay the covered fringe benefits in the CBA, which usually includes health insurance, disability benefits, life insurance, 401k plans, pension plans, rate differentials, premium pay provisions, holidays, vacation, paid sick leave, military pay, severance pay, jury duty pay, bereavement pay, and uniform and shoe allowances. When this need has been established, a procuring agency of the government, or a cleared contractor (in the case of subcontracting), may request the clearance for the bidding contractor. User: contractors must report which of these? If a successor contractor timely disavows the previous contractors CBA, it may establish its own terms and conditions of employment, subject to honoring the wages and covered fringe benefits of the CBA required by Section 4c of the SCA as discussed above. As with race and gender data under EO 11246, VEVRAA and Section 503 require covered employers to invite pre- and post-offer applicants and employees to self-identify for status as a protected veteran or disabled individual.

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