shaq's yacht is literally a floating mansion

The 272-foot Here Comes the Sun yacht that was constructed by Amels Holland has an asking price of $173 million. The 84-foot Mansion Yacht is 9,000 square feet overall. He's opening up a Big Chicken restaurant in a Baton Rouge casino. Shaqs yacht allegedly features a kitchen, a master suite and 3 state rooms for guests. The 2,300-square-foot roof is covered in solar panels and rain collectors, making the yacht completely self-sustaining with energy and purified rainwater, according to the manufacturers website. One of the mansion's huge rooms includes four television sets, two couches, another bar and a pool table. "If I hate the guy, would I have this in my house?" The retractable first-floor outdoor patio has a summer kitchen with a grill, an outdoor shower and a platform that lowers directly into the water, so guests can get out and swim or board another boat, Matouks tour shows. Others will tell you that Shaq named his yacht Shaqapulco. That first one is from a yacht called the Pepper XIII that was designed by Westport and was apparently inspired, in part, by the Weimaraner dog breeds coat. The basketball-themed floor continues into the formal dining room, where a rectangle of black paint frames a long dining table. Indoor and outdoor decks with water views allow. Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest design news. Where Can You Swim With Dolphins in Key West? There's only one eel in this tank. Shaq's yacht reportedly costs approximately 130 million dollars. Maybe he'll be moving over to Louisiana. The captains quarters on the first floor have a Murphy bed and a stone bathroom with a rain shower head. For those curious about the bottom line, Bruno Edwards of Mansion Yachts tells FOX Business said its hard to nail down an exact figure because it all depends on how often it is used. It seems like Shaqapulco is the actual name of his yacht, or at least the most likely name since that is something he has used in the past. And crew members can get not less than 1.4 million dollars every year to maintain and operate perfectly. It is actually 25 percent of the maintenance cost of a fiberglass boat, he offered for anyone who is curious about how it compares to yachts made out of a different material. Some say he has a piano and an observation area up on the top deck. Anyone who is looking to purchase a Mansion Yacht of their own will have to do so through the companys website. Additionally, the yacht features a VIP suite, three twin cabins, plus a seven-double stateroom. Although Shaq might just want to forget he ever made those movies. The home boasts an open kitchen with a long wraparound counter and kitchen island both with marble countertops and professional-grade appliances. Shaqs pad has a classy cigar bar with beautiful views of Lake Butler. Its called "The Big Podcast with Shaq," and it looks like he records it right out of this very room in his megamansion. It's possible that Shaq sold all of his furniture (it was pretty outdated), but it's also possible the furniture was removed to make for a better photo. Photos of Shaq on or near this exact yacht are actually very rare. The Orlando Magic beat the New Jersey Nets by three points. The massive home is stuffed with custom Shaq-made touches, and its on the market for a staggering $16.5 million. Shaq Enjoys Summer Aboard A Yacht With His Young NEW IG Model GF! After all, it is the opposite of the typical built-to-the-borders model of immobile houseboat and looks like anything but a converted ship of the sea.Think it, perhaps, like a personal cruise ship private parties only. Its more like a house than a boat but you never lose the unmistakable feeling that youre on the water, Derouin said. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided byRefinitiv Lipper. Consider that the only other times Shaq has been seen on a yacht it was a yacht he chartered and not the one he allegedly owns. The mansion boasts a 95-foot-long swimming pool with a swim-up bar/grilling area and waterfall features. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. An aerial view of the mansion to compare with the blueprints. Is Mexico Regarded As A Part Of The Caribbean? We cover everything from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, NHL and every random sporting story in between. Shaq is well-known to hand out cigars on the regular, and we know he likes Padron cigars from Miami. All rights reserved. Shaq's Boat - YouTube 0:00 / 0:27 21,363 views Jul 19, 2018 50 Dislike Share Primary Basketball 47 subscribers Shaquille O'neal bought a boat and tweeted out to his followers to help him find. That's big but it's nowhere near $130 million big. Shaquille ONeal is one of the greatest names in basketball history and also one of the biggest players. he asked Bensinger. This design enables the pianos tunes to travel throughout the rooms, allowing all groups in each area to enjoy it. Which makes sense. This time its the yacht he rented in Spain called the Sensation. His son Shareef also made a crack about it in a video he posted on Tik Tok that quickly made the rounds in sports and social media back in 2020. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Shaq wasnt done with the "Tanked" aquarium masters, so he asked them to come back and commission another, even bigger, tank. ", As he told YouTuber Jay Versace, Shaq's father would take away any trophy he got and put it elsewhere because "he didn't want me to be satisfied. The court measures 6,000 square feet, which is larger than a 94-foot-by-50-foot regulation-size basketball court. The walk-in humidor has plenty of room to walk. . Theres actually even a possibility that the legendary basketball player doesnt have a yacht at all. Thats big but its nowhere near $130 million big. Based on his own Facebook postings it seems like he picked up a yacht in 2018 and thats when the Free Throw joke popped up. You can rent it yourself if youre so inclined and you pick a time when its free. Jeff Bezos's yacht was allegedly $500 million but that is one of the largest in the world and clearly one of the most expensive yachts, too. One of the yachts most eye-catching features is the central spa pool within the yacht, which is placed after the main deck and is covered by a retractable glass roof. Theres no contract as of yet, so its anybodys game still, he maintained. Americans everywhere are asking if they can use their $1,400 stimulus checks to rent half a night in this Miami floating mansion. As were about to see, the amount of false info about Shaqs yacht is kind of impressive. and the disco ball. But Shaq paid several emotional tributes to Bryant in the wake of his teammate's tragic death in 2020. It can float like a boat, or rise above the waves using hydraulic pilings, for added stability in case of rough waters,. Edwards also said that the Mansion Yachts stainless steel construction is one of the reasons why the maintenance cost is so low. The Arkup can reportedly rise up to 30 feet, which is plenty for coastal waters. Shaqs shack clocks in at 31,000 square feet, with 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and 700 square feet of lake frontage on three acres. His daughter, Amirah, recently committed to Louisiana State University to play with the LSU Tigers along with her brother, Shareef, who transferred to LSU in 2020. The vessel clocks in at 84 feet in length which actually makes it rather small in the world of millionaire yachts. The $5.5 million buoyant abode was available to rent for $2,500 . Shaqs yacht also features a piano in the center with cocktail tables placed across the area. This post was originally published on April 7, 2020, but was updated after the pending sale was reported. The aquarium is built inside a real trucks facade, the bumper is real, the headlights turn on, and it even has a real semi-truck horn (which the fish probably dont appreciate). Unfortunately not all of that info is reliable and a good portion of it seems to come from misunderstandings about exactly which boat people are even talking about. It is a lot of money. Measuring 84 feet in length and 40 feet across, the Mansion Yacht can fit up to 149 people, perfect for any mogul who likes to host parties. A vessel named Mansion Yacht was shown at the 60th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October, and people have been buzzing about it ever since. Back in 2018, Shaq put his seaside Florida mansion up for sale for about $28 million. It's a floating mansion designed specifically for big men. I agree to receive emails from the site. So now he keeps all of his accolades here. Edwards told Business Insider in November that the company's base 9,000-square-foot model has an asking price of $12 million. The Arkup house yacht reaches a maximum speed of 7 knots and has a range of 20 nautical miles that can be further increased with additional battery banks or backup generators. But if that doesnt work, theres also a 10-foot privacy wall. Some sources say that ONeals yacht is just 72 feet as well, but that seems to be the Pershing 72 that the paparazzi snapped pictures of him on in Spain back in 2019, which was a charter and not his own personal yacht. While on the deck, guests can enjoy the view of the ocean and engage in fun activities. 3,300 square feet of water view deck space. Market data provided byFactset. Shaq won four NBA championships during his NBA career. Another smaller shower is positioned in a corner. Connor Toole is the Deputy Editor at BroBible. Shaquille O'Neal is in contract to sell his $16.5 million lakeside Florida mansion. Dont walk like an Egyptian here. When Shaq's in the mirrored room, an infinite number of reflecting Shaqs appear. This would also mean that many crew members are required to man the yacht of the former NBA champion and would boost the estimated cost to run it to around $2 million per year or more. There is a ton of cabinet space, and the fridge is gigantic. The ship is a luxurious venue ideal for any event, with accommodations for up to 24 guests and a crew of 40. Shaq keeps the shattered glass from one of the backboards he broke in New Jersey. Thanks to a rainwater purification system, the chances of the 4,000-gallon fresh water tank going dry are very small, so as long as you have plenty of food supplies, you can pretty much live off the grid for a long time. That movie might have sucked, but the car is cool. One of the most dominant players in the history of the NBA, Shaq's free-throw shooting . If youve seen his episode ofCribsthen you already know that Shaq likes to live large both figuratively and literally and he put his money to good use by buying a massive mansion, a fleet of cars he can barely fit in, and most notably the truly iconic 15-foot circular Superman bed in his bedroom. That man has a family! Shaquille O' Neal made close to $300 million during his 19 years in the NBA in addition to an estimated ungodly amount of money thanks to the various sponsorship deals he managed to ink during his playing days and beyond (not to mention the time he got $7 million to play a genie in the cinematic masterpiece that is Kaazam). The massive pool area is dotted with palm trees. Aug 19, 2020 - [Pics] Shaq's Yacht Is Literally A Floating Mansion 15 $65.00 $65.00. Shaq o'neal wife - who is shaquille o'neal's new girlfriend. Shareef O'Neal roasting Shaq's new boat (via @SSJreef) Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The snow room lighting system was put on the exterior of the Shaq yacht to provide a stylish look at night and to light surrounding areas. built by derecktor, she cruised under the name of cakewalk, before being sold and completely refitted. Thanks for subscribing! Its also not Shaqs yacht. The kitchen looks out to a dining area with a fireplace. e9.snackbar = true; It's being touted as the world's first yacht to be made entirely out of.

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