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Another advantage is having the front door be level with the sidewalk outside. Stacked split-level. Notice the symmetry and 2 level design. We will not contact you with anything else. New columns replicate the original style, so the addition looks like it's always been there. Then, the middle level is where the majority of the entertaining and living happens. Sadly, youre limited to these three choices. Split-levels, also sometimes called "tri-levels," are an architectural dead end that were built in abundance from the 1930s to the 1970s. The garage is usually the first to attract the attention of anyone who looks at this type of home, since its door takes a lot of space. Looking at listings and come across descriptions saying cozy ranch or colonial and wonder what differentiates thesehomestyles and what it means for livability and cost? There is a wonderful separation of space going on in the split level thanks to the small staircaseswhich are half of what it would be for a true 2 story. Create low cabinets that can also double as window seats, which allow you to save space and makes for a unique piece. These give an illusion that the areas in the open space still have divisions that separate them. Exterior update of a split entry, two level home with board and batten, brick wainscot, and white trim. Ranches tend to be easier to maintainparticularly on the outside. A split-level home already has the structural breaks that make this kind of mix look perfect. Walk in the front door at ground level, and you climb a flight of stairs to reach the living room, dining, room and kitchen level . If your land slopes and the main entrance to your home is higher than the pavement, which is often the case, add steps or a small flight of stairs leading to the door. Split-level exteriors tend to be a bit bland. Painted a crisp shade of white with black trim details, the home now boasts modern farmhouse style. The raised ranch introduces some stair climbing into the mix. Striking Split-Level. By adding skylights into the master bedroom, it can give an entirely new dimension to the space. Aside from these two requirements, the design work involved aesthetics: enhancing the front faade with a modern architecture and high quality materials. There is nothing worse than overestimating the amount of stuff a smaller house can accommodate, and now you have no space for the stuff you just spent a small fortune to move! For first-time homebuyers, that can mean a more realistic first-time option. Consider discarding furniture that would no longer suit your home, as well as stuff you no longer plan to use. That can help you save on electric costs over time. #OvercomingObstaclesScholarship: Lets Put Mental Health on the Agenda and Change the Narrative on Social Media Together! Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Tudor, Cape Cod . In the case of side additions, it is vital that it blends with the existing faade, which means getting the same windows, paint color, type of roof, etc. However, like most things, split-level homes are gaining in popularity again. If youre looking for a home with plenty of space for your family and for hosting guests, the stacked split design is an excellent choice. He's an authority on the Florida real estate market, as well as selling a house by owner. Connect with top-rated agents near you and save thousands on commission fees. The Cape Cod is truly a no frills style home. Aside from these two requirements, the design work involved aesthetics: enhancing the front faade with a modern architecture and high quality materials. Thanks to its inexpensive style, the Cape Cod was a popular choice for many of the first major housing developments after soldiers came back from World War II. If you were a fan of The Brady Bunch, then you know exactly what a split-level house is. People want more bedrooms, more bedrooms, more bedrooms at the expense of the communal space. Many see this design as being very impractical, considering all the stairs you have to climb in order to access various areas of the home. Whether architects like it or not, the split-level may be the "it" remodel of the future. Ryan Womeldorf has more than a decade of experience writing. Split-level homes are great for those who want to conserve the space on their property, without sacrificing room inside of the home. If you have any bedrooms not in use, transform them into one big storage room. Get new garage doors. At the same time, these homes are also in the current sweet spot for in-town renovations because of their location on the growth rings of cities. The defining characteristic of the Colonial style of home is two stories, with a formally defined living room and dining room on the first floor and maybe one bedroom, with the other bedrooms being on the second story of the home. To put it simply, the split-level home is a design from the 1950s. On the other hand, this is not something you can do with split-level homes. Again, split-level homes tend to struggle with natural lighting. For example, the laundry room will most likely be on a different floor than the bedrooms and bathrooms. These are just a few ideas, and you can use them as a simple spark of design inspiration to get you going. Split-level remodel: exterior lighting. 10 Things You Need to Do When Buying A Home, 3 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating, DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Build It in Just 7 Easy Steps, This Checklist Is the Key to Taking Care of Your Home (Without the Stress), How to Actually Afford to Buy a Home in America, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, 442-H New York Standard Operating Procedures. The Colonial-style renovation upgraded the plain portico into a spacious covered porch, which allows room for plenty of outdoor furniture. [Living Room] You can also turn it into your home office and place all your filing cabinets, bookcase, and other similar items there. Unlike conventional floor plans, when you walk into the front door of a split foyer home, youll be greeted by the two sets of stairs. And while the change in floor level creates a partial separation of spaces, they are visually connected from one level to the next. With some proper planning and a little bit of flexibility, it is possible to transform that 1950s look into something that has a much more modern, updated feel to it. Thoughtful updates, such as a cedar shake roof, an expansive dormer, and a glass-panel front door, transformed the home's previously lackluster exterior. Use landscaping to your advantage. A split-level house is essentially a variation of the conventional ranch-style house, but split-levels make much better use of the space. Skylights allow for natural, warm lighting to permeate the room. But times have changed, and modern garage door designs can transform the look of the front of your home. Contrast is key for on-trend style. 12 /18. [Kitchen] With millions of inspiring photos from design professionals, you'll find just want you need to turn your house into your dream home. Therefore, we thought it would be a good time to revisit strategies to turn the split level monster into a piece of architecture. Light can be the biggest factor in transforming a split-level home from an outdated space into one that looks fresh and modern. The original use of the cottage was to house agricultural workers on a farm. Just because updating or remodeling this type of home is challenging doesnt mean it is impossible. Modern Capes from 1920s and after kept many of the exterior features of the original Cape with a modified interior for a more comfortable living experience. He loves to blog about construction, plumbing, and other home topics. Split level homes have a bit of an outdated look to them that has fallen out of favor in the ultra-modern or ultra-rustic home landscape. A split-level home has a few great places to start. You can place bedrooms on the top floor or at the ground level, put your laundry area in the basement, have your living room at a floor somewhere above the ground level, and the entertainment room on the floor below it, and more. And for split-level homes, the ideal remodel involves also the sides of the house. Tri-level homes already look unbalanced and adding extensions to its sides makes it look even more unbalanced if not done properly. In most cases, the bottom level is a garage, a den, a playroom, a recreation room, or other informal living areas. Consider this if you are more concerned about maintaining an even temperature in your home than the expenses that it can lead to. Split-level houses feature an architectural style that was most popular in the 40s and 50s, and each type of split-level house has distinct features. Consider a new roof color. They first became popular in the 1940s and 50s as soldiers returned home and demand for suburban houses was high. While some styles create space with doors, the colonial does it with staircase. The warm walnut vanity and touches of brass cozy up the space and relate with the feel of the rest of the home. We wont keep you guessing for so long you can make additions to a split-level home, despite the space constraints. Horizontal sliders can also provide a more modern look. ton of options for the open space in the middle. Modern home designs tend to focus on lighting details. Split foyer to French colonial. Consider all of the pros and cons of the different types of split-level homes before making a final decision. Given the limited space that split-level homes are known for, you might wonder if expansion is possible at all. Your old garage can be converted into any living space you want. Noticing a theme yet? The separation of the floors means that youll be less likely to be awakened by the sounds happening on the lower levels. Functionally, the client sought to replace a single-car carport with a new oversized two-car garage and to create a protected entry porch for their home. Give them the option of fixing up a six-story home or a split-level home, and they will more than likely choose to work on the six-story home instead. It only takes 2 minutes to fill out the form. You can also lengthen the front stoop of your main entryway by increasing the size of your entryways canopy or roof. In some places, homeowners with exterior steps will install a mailbox at street level. Split Levels and Split Foyers became popular in the United States in the 1970s. Another great idea is to replace old windows with newer ones and tearing down some of your interior walls to make space and bring in more natural light. This can come in handy for those who want to rent their extra space out for additional income to a potential roommate. This makes the entryway quite narrow and the easiest solution is to move the storage somewhere else. Updating a split-level home is hard. You can also use sliding glass doors instead of a wooden door. The first is that they create a much better separation between the upstairs and the downstairs. The first staircase that leads downwards goes to either the basement or some other type of informal living space. If done properly, this can tie in wonderfully with the natural stone sections of wall mentioned above. One of the major concepts of the modern home is that it has an open floor plan. Once you see the possibilities and start looking at the changes that can be made, youll realize that a split-level may have more potential to look great in decades to come than almost any other old-school design out there. Transfer your coat rack or closet from the landing to the top of the stairs instead, creating room for you to welcome your guests as soon as they step inside. To remedy this without putting up walls, visual breaks can be used. Split-level homes are certainly making a comeback, but its important to choose the type of split-level that works best for you and your lifestyle. | All rights reserved. link to What Kind Of Paint For Garage Walls. Whereas, the upper level will have a dining room, living room, and kitchen on one side and more bathrooms and bedrooms on the other. A perfectly remodeled home involves not just the inside but also the outside. Renovations are also one of the best times for you to declutter. Brokerage. A very simple way of updating the look of a traditional split-level is to add some bling to the design. This browser is no longer supported. The aesthetic lends itself to an imaginative use of color, glass and circles. You can still see the garage, main level, and upper/lower split on the right. Similar to a side split home, back split houses are divided into multiple levels. The difference is remarkable and it not only looks better, but this growing family can stay in the neighborhood of their choice and still have room for their expanding lifestyle. By even changing out those outdated windows for something modern and new, it can really change the look of the home. Now, lets take a more comprehensive look at the pros and cons of the split-level architectural style as a whole. There is a wonderful separation of space going on in the split level thanks to the small staircaseswhich are half of what it would be for a true 2 story. This floor plan features three to four floors and many sets of stairs. The reason is to prevent on-foot postal carriers from having to climb stairs to deliver the mail. You may be used to shoveling the driveway, imagine if you had to add your roof to the list of items to shovel. Unlike traditional home layouts, split-level homes, also referred to as tri-level, feature at least three levels that are connected by stairs. You can find the majority of colonial style houses in the northeastern and southern U.S. Another reason why these types of houses are desirable to homeowners is that the layout separates the living area from the sleeping area, offering more privacy. In todays world many people find the formal areas of a colonial to be a waste of space. Commonly, however, the term is also used to denote split-level homes. Ryan also loves hockey and a lifelong Buffalo sports fan. That is, the middle and largest level is for the dining and living areas, the upper floor is for bedrooms, and the lowest floor is for the garage or cellar. The problem is that it may not be the easiest of plans to execute. Photo and copyright by Renovation Design Group. But dont worry, there are ways that you can transform the space without having to tear the walls down (but you can do that if you want). It is the literal antithesis of the modern floorplan. Again, the main advantage to this type of split level is the fact that there arent a ton of staircases that separate the floors. 05 of 22 Beautiful Colonial Home Renovation The Empire State Building is a glowing example of the Art Deco style and its reach for the sky ethos. Dont let the limited space of a split-level home hinder you from making all sorts of additions to your home. Split-level homes can be beneficial for those who are light sleepers easily awakened by noise or night shift workers who sleep during the day. What makes split-level homes a pain to transform is because of the limits involved. Some roof colors simply wont work with a contemporary design an old shingle roof usually looks anything but clean and smooth. It also doesnt hurt to make sure that the gardening is tended. Instead of a centralized heating and cooling system, consider having separate thermostats for the spots known to be cooler or hotter than the rest of your home. Your house payment will be lower, property taxes will be less, fewer headaches, less clutter. Doors with glass-like, translucent flat panels are beautiful in daylight and at night, when interior light can turn them into giant night lights all while obscuring the contents of your garage from neighbors. Below you can get a better understanding of the different types of split-level homes to help you determine which design is perfect for you. Personnaliser mon exprience l'aide de cookies, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists, Gregory Thomas, Architect, AKBD, CG&S Design-Build, Politique d'Utilisation des Cookies de Houzz. Try taking out some of the interior walls wherever possible. Most of the time, they are downright ugly. Most split-level homes that have never been updated retain the retro vibe from more than half a century ago it makes the entire house look like it should have stayed on that era. Over the years and more recently, we, as architects, have been more involved due to the riddle of the split level being so hard to solve. This additional floor either becomes the highest floor or is the cellar or basement located just below the floor where your main living space is. Colonial Homes A typical colonial style home. Read more, Your email address will not be published. Another great garage door style on a modern home is a wood-look door. They are close to town, and they have a reasonable cost basis, due to their older look. The major disadvantage to this style of split-level home is the middle area that has no real function at all. This home didnt originally have a master suite, so we decided to convert one of the bedrooms and create a charming suite that youd never want to leave. Bi-levels were popular in the era of splits, as developers would offer new homes in four configurations: colonials, splits, bi-levels or ranches. Clients were also interested in: low maintenance finishes, usage of low/no VOC materials, good indoor air quality as they lived on site during the remodel, and preserving and refinishing salvageable resources. The substantial addition at the rear of the home is barely visible here--the only hint being that the main ridge is a little higher from this point of view. Open front porches and stone features are common on the craftsman. A split foyer conversion is no simple renovation, but Owings Brothers Contracting is up to the task! There is also hardly any room for experimentation when it comes to remodeling a tri-level home. The main level is street level so there is no need to be climbing up or down stairs with groceries etc. Split-level homes can feel dated. Whether youre looking to buy or build a home from scratch, you likely have a specific architectural style in mind. None have been built since the late 1970s. And voila! Ryan Shaw is the founder of Real Estate Witch, which he created to help consumers avoid unnecessary expenses when they buy or sell a house. Taking inspiration from the typical ranch home, split-level homes were designed to maximize the very limited space available in suburban neighborhoods, while being budget-friendly for families to afford or construct. Used under license. The garage is usually the first to attract the attention of anyone who looks at this type of home, since its door takes a lot of space. Kids can play upstairs in their rooms while causing minimal disturbance to parents and guests below. Browse through the largest collection of home design ideas for every room in your home. To add a real element of fun, we jazzed it up with the colorful escher tile at the backsplash and brought in accents of brass in the hardware and light fixtures to tie it all together. Add A Level to Convert Ranch to Colonial Convert a Cape or Ranch to Colonial As a general contractor I had the chance to renovate many homes in the lovely state of Connecticut, but nothing beats the wow factor you receive whenever you convert a single story cape or ranch into a beautiful colonial. As a visual contrast, a simple layout with distinct wooden floors replaced the old plain carpet. Ryan Shaw is the founder of Real Estate Witch, which he created to help consumers avoid unnecessary expenses when they buy or sell a house. One of the best ways to modernize a split-level home is to avoid a roof color that's too light or too close to the house color. While some styles create space with doors, the colonial does it with staircase. If you want to go full-on modern, consider hiding the roof completely. Both. An exterior remodel of your tri-level home may sound easy because you might believe you can just go for whatever design you want. Modern floor plans put an emphasis on open space to make the entire area seem bigger while also granting more freedom for the homeowner to decorate. Or, maybe youre considering one of many types of split-level homes. But on the other hand, this may not be enough to make significant changes to your home. A split level home is often a great investment, and there are lots of pros to buying one. Split Foyer Conversion to Two Story Exterior 16,244 views Oct 26, 2018 60 Dislike Share Save owingsbrothers 222 subscribers This Plain Jane split foyer was given more than a facelift, it was. Additionally, if you plan on constructing a home on an uneven or hilly property, a split-level home is often the ideal choice. The things you can do when remodeling a split-level home is not limited to what we have included in our list. Jessica considers herself a home improvement and design enthusiast. There are some things designers typically focus on to make significant changes to this type of home, such as: If you are thinking of modifying your home but dont really have a clue where to start and how to do it, we can help you out with that. The bedrooms are usually situated right above the foyer. The top floor typically features taller ceilings and houses the main rooms, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, and living room. Photo Credit: Inspiration for a transitional kitchen remodel in New York, Mid Century Modern Split Level Renovation, Inspiration for a 1960s gray floor kitchen/dining room combo remodel in Other with white walls, This house began as a typical, low-lying split-level. That pop of color can give the right contrast to the rest of the home to make it stand out in a positive way. Because of all these inconveniences, consider scheduling the work at a period when its effects on your household will be most minimal. The dining room had once been the homes living room, but we had other plans in mind. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros, Split-Level Main Floor Remodel in West Seattle. The kitchen and dining room are on a separate floor from both the bedrooms and living room. Snow can pile up, causing damage and its harder for rain to drain off. The main advantage to standard split-level homes is the clear separation between the bedrooms and the kitchen and living room. Comments (39) Oh, we added 1100 sq ft. We converted the old garage into the living room, moved the front door, made the old living room into the dining room, opened everything up and gutted the kitchen. Perhaps the most popular home style in America today is the ranch. Here are some concepts and ideas you can use for your own home. Refer to diagram below. Please switch to a supported browser or download one of our Mobile Apps. Our primary goal was to re-imagine the main level of the home and create an open flow between the space. Art Deco has a cool, interesting style that sets it apart from other homes. By replacing current windows with something that let in a lot more light and are more efficient, you can bring in more natural light to the home, making the space feel bigger, and help to cut down on energy costs over time. The number of steps can range from as little as two to more than eight. Bathroom closets are often catch-alls for anything and everything remotely related to self-care. Try painting the front door to something fresh with a pop of color involved. And many of them are Colonial style, meaning that they feature grids that divide the window into 12 or more small lites, rather than larger panes of glass. From the outside, this type of split-level house looks like a tri-level home but its technically bi-level, with a distinct wing for the entry. In most cases, the garage will sit on the ground level and the bedroom area will be stacked above it. Unleashed by production builders in the 60's and 70's, split level homes are the most difficult type of house to transform into the way our customers want to live today. It is not just about giving this type of home a fresh coat of paint every time you can actually make structural changes to a split-level home to add more space inside, or add partitions if you want more room. The scope also included the living and dining rooms, plus the front entry and stairwell. So, we started by converting the existing single car garage into their living room (complete with a new fireplace) and opening up the kitchen to the rest of the level. Please seek the services of a legal, accounting or real estate professional prior to any real estate transaction. To recap, split-level homes have three distinct levels that are accessed via short sets of stairs. The colonial style is associated with the style of building used from the 17th to the 19th century, particularly in colonial America. The master bathroom aesthetic quickly became all about the textures. The big tree doesnt help at all, since it just makes the left side heavier than the other side. But you might be struggling to figure out what kind of paint to use on garage walls. Consider casement windows, which feature cranks and swing out to open up. Photography by Tre Dunham, Fine focus Photography. Instead of the classic door leading to the back of your home, you can tear it down, together with the wall, and replace it with glass. To remedy this, you can install more lights all over your home; LED light is always better because it is brighter but doesnt consume much electricity. Making the lights more uniform and using a warmer paint color also made it look more inviting. The use of mirrored sliding cabinets not only saved space but it also added to the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Updating the look and feel of your home, including the appliances like those in the kitchen above, will dramatically change the interiors. Most types of split-level houses will feature several staircases that lead to the different levels of the house. Dont be intimidated by the challenge of remodeling a split-level home it is absolutely doable, even with a small budget. Most people use the terms bi-level and split-level interchangeably. Consider installing solar lights on your property, particularly along the path leading to the main entrance of your home. This type of split-level home boasts four or five levels and numerous sets of stairs. You can use our list to help you make sure that your remodeling project will be a resounding success. [Our Clients] And if you want to take it to the next level, does the KonMari method ring a bell? Tastes change; so, too, an owner's requirements of their home. Garage doors are often taken for granted. The homeowners are enthusiasts of residential modern architecture and wanted to update their 1960s split-foyer home with a modern design. Perhaps youve got your heart set on a modern, contemporary, or even a Colonial-style home.

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