how old was michael afton when he died

Michael speaks with a robotic voice in the final cutscene. This theory was essentially debunked once Michael was revealed to be the Brother. Willie, after finally having found them, had just let them go. His short name, "Mike", is noticed on the white sticker printed above the screen from the HandUnit. Toy Chica | He was paid $120 dollars for his first week for doing his job, as known by a check given after finishing Night 5. Cause of death Springtrap | As a movie star, Michael Afton is also a father. William Afton | Michael Afton (also nicknamed as "Eggs Benedict" by the HandUnit) is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Nightmare Balloon Boy | Dunno why, he just kinda has the personality of someone around those ages. He had a bad habit of excessively chewing gum. Chica Defense Network | Glamrock Animatronics This caused some confusion over whether this was intentional. Michael Afton was born on February 23, 1915. Species In the Survival Logbook, Michael is shown to be sarcastic, making various comments about Fazbear Entertainment's lack of safety or care for its employees. The week ended in his ninth birthday, where Michael and his "friends" lifted C.C to put him into the mouth of Fredbear. Punk Mangle | Before Ian could say anything, Lizzy said, "Ian, Mike just told me that my dad punched Evan in the face. Elizabeth Afton is a middle child and dies in the circus Baby. There are multiple scribbles in the book drawn by Michael implying he enjoys drawing and is extremely talented at it. He married Mary Estelle Grogan. Why do people still think the Bite of 83 was a Springlock failure? I found it. T. hey slept there for a little while and in the morning after they'd eaten breakfast, they heard reports of a murder that happened inside that hotel. Lewis | His favorite member is Go-Won. Michael later discovered that his younger brother was his real mother, and he decided to hide his identity. Franken-Foxy | "Hi. There are fewer people around him, and one of them is hiding behind their house in fear. After her death, he stopped attending school and didnt pursue a proper education. He has a crush on Dakota Moore, the daughter of FNaF4 creator William Afton. It's me, Michael. After the Bite of '83, Michael was not heard from for the several upcoming years - he continued being part of the Afton household. Gender He prefers a basket of cash rather then a basket of exotic butters. VR Sisters | Sensitive and timid with an intense fear of animatronics, he was an easy target for his asshole older brother and spoke exclusively in emojis. Probably some guy, or one of the bullies in FNAF4 IMHO. Why Do You Need Immediate Help with Sewer Leaks? 1 (Re-upload). Michaels hollow body falls onto the sidewalk but stands back up, now having Michael possessing the horrific empty body. Chica the Chicken | It is revealed on Night 5 that he is the child's older brother. Nedd Bear | The Missing Children (Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz & Cassidy) | Dominic | On Night 1, Michael got a job as a technician at Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, and HandUnit greets him. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. Also,i wold say the best piece of evidence for Sister Locations date points to it being some time after fnaf 1. They had 11 children. He speaks in a rather gentle, yet brooding tone of voice, which is in stark contrast to his father's more sinister tone of speaking. Michael's bullying worsened over the years, and came to a peak in 1983 when C.C desperately tried to warn him after accidentally seeing the death of Charlie Emily at their father's hands. The last three people he walks by look on in confusion. Circus Baby | Scrap Animatronics Cheap Wardrobe Hacks: Clever Ways to Make the Most of Your Storage Space. He had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann, who later died. The only time that he has stopped killing children has been in the wake of his own unstoppable urge to kill. Michael manages the restaurant and finds animatronics and salvages them. I'm sorry.Michael showing remorse for his actions. In the film adaptation, he plays Vincent the third. While he is generally a heroic character in his adult appearances, he also appeared as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which takes place in his teenage years.Here, he is the Crying Child's emotionally abusive older . Afton Robotics, LLC | "Shit. Deceased Michael Afton is the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 night 5, and possibly more, protagonist, as seen when he draws Nightmare Fredbear in the logbook under the "recent dreams" page. Nightmare Bonnie | His mother, Elizabeth Afton, was a circus owner. Two days before the party, when the child enters his bedroom, Mike jumps out from under the bed, causing the child to fall to the floor and break down again. He hates his little brother for unknown reasons, and has apparently abused the child for a long time, so long to the point that it's one of the main reasons for his emotional breakdowns, besides an unknown event related to springlock suits. She reveals that his help was actually part of a plan to use him as a host body to escape the rental facility. Years after the closure of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Michael is tasked by William to go rescue his younger sister, Elizabeth Afton, down in Circus Babys Entertainment and Rental, an underground facility storing the Funtime Animatronics. While his life is far from a happy one, there are some tragic moments that have occurred. I'm Nick," he said, "Nice to meet you. He was thinking of how he was going to keep everyone safe. 1985-ish (Novels) Cause of Death - Died in the fire he set to kill Michael Afton, Springtrap and Circus Baby - Commits suicide through an animatronic he built (Books only) Henry Emily, or Cassette Man is the overarching protagonist and an instructor in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Twisted Wolf Not what you were looking for? It's so annoying how we have every Afton child appearing in the new fnaf encyclopedia except for Michael when he's supposedly the closet thing we have to main protagonist/character for fnaf. Bots | Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates Ennard's remains into the sewer. If you don't want to read/see spoilers or speculation then please leave the page, and get back on your stage. Foxy the Pirate | Afton Family The rest of what is said in the minigame, presumably belonging to the spirit within the Fredbear plushie, with lines such as "I will put you back together", seeming rather strange for him to say. The Missing Children (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate & Golden Freddy) | He was the only witness to the murder of Charlie Emily at the hands of his father. Foxbot | They then later use the scooper to get inside Michael's body and leave the underground factory. This is genetic and exclusive to the Afton family. Michael Afton One-Shot Ronan and Tate | Afton This fails as Springtrap survives. Evan soon died from his injuries. PlushBabies, Spin-Off Games Dee Dee Recurring Full Name He also wears a purple long sleeved-shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes. Now after coming up with the perfect plan for revenge, Mike was talking about how his dad had turned purple. Mother She explains that she is faking it and that something bad happened that day. Ennard climbs into Michaels body and uses it as a disguise for a week until his body becomes too suspicious as it begins to rot and decay. Also, when there's a ventilation error, he begins having blackouts, a sign that they do harm him in a way that they wouldn't Michael. The sound of Michael getting scooped in the Real Ending. We've established that. Scott Cawthon | Lucky Boy | "Veronica, Ian's coming to pick us up and take us back to my house.". Martin Copper | They were all there. FNAF World Mike just nodded and went to tell Veronica. It's almost as if a spell was cast over the car so that no one could talk about the incident. He handled the companys finances for several years, but he ended up killing Charlotte Emily and her three siblings in 1983. William Afton | In FNAF 2, which either takes place in 1987 or 1994, he would be 17 or 24 (Fritz Smith and Michael Afton are not the same characters), In FNAF 2, which place either 1989 or 1993, he would be 19 or 23 (again Mike Schmidt and Michael Afton are not the same characters). During his adulthood in Sister Location, Michael is shown to have matured greatly and changed as a person, an example being when he returned to his job at Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental every night of the week despite the danger, which HandUnit mentions, implying that he is extremely brave. As the youngest child, he was babied relentlessly by his mother until her death in 1980, when he was six years old. Scraptrap | The actors father was a man named William Afton. When he returns through the Funtime Auditorium, Funtime Foxy attacks him, knocking him unconscious. The actor is the older brother of Crying Child star C.C. This suggests this screen is non-canon, or that Fazbear Entertainment photoshopped Schimdt's eyes from his employment photograph to cut costs. He may also be annoyed by incompetence, as in the logbook, he shows frustration that he is the only one fazed by the unsettling occurrences in his job. As for his age, he was born in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania. What Do You Get When You Mix Lemon With Gunpowder? Cassidy: I wanna kill him but I can't because I'm in a stupid suit. Regardless, if the theory still had legs to stand on, it wouldn't make sense, as William is shown to be an uncaring, neglectful, and possibly abusive father. Youll discover the age of the actor, as well as the other members of his family. Who's ass do I need to whoop? That was our intention with this . It's June 21st. Michael, like many people in the series, potentially seeks revenge against William for everything he had done, as he stated that the only purpose he had left in life is to "come find him". William was still 31 (because of floating timelines) and his wife was 30 when she died. Human As well as this, other reasons included unprofessionalism, and odor. Official. He had wanted to lure everyone into the building, with those being Michael, William, Elizabeth, Charlie (Henry's daughter) and The Missing Children. His eyeballs seem to be missing from his now dark and empty sockets. Now then, on the road, Ian called his friend, whom some of you know quite well. And how the hell could you help us? However, why didn't Michael just walk away instead of being scooped? But Mike is a zombie at the point of FNAF3! Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Ennard (Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon & Funtime Foxy) | Jason had gotten accepted for the job and passed his interview. Their mother, Elizabeth Afton, was a remormorton. He seems to be motivated by an unstoppable desire to kill children. Information about him is still unknown. Michael Afton's appearance isonly shown twice in Sister Location. I've been living in shadows. If you were to count the security guard from Security Breach, however, this is no longer true. In 1944, Michael was 29 years old when on December 16th, The Battle of the Bulge began in the Ardennes forest on the Western Front. There are a total of 8 cutscenes. What he saw in there, is a story for another day. When you finish the Custom Night challenges on the hardest difficulty, you will be rewarded with a cutscene that shows what happened to Eggs Benedict after the Real Ending. This would not make sense if he was the one experiencing the nightmares. Please note that there is more to this theory than is shown here. Jason, now a new security guard at Freddy's, took his usual rounds. In the story, he was kidnapped by William Afton in a costume room during Halloween at Fredbear's Family Diner with Charlotte Emily as the one who witnessed that event. I am not showing it because I plan to make it into a YouTube video, same as my last theory. SL is unknown but somewhere around FNaF 1, I like to think Michael was like 12-14 in FNaF 4s minigames, though its never specified. However, the survival logbook has to take place during FNAF3, as Fazbear's Fright merch, Two Reasons Why Michael Afton Can't Be the FNAF3 Guard, I drew a silly so like idk might as well share here too, I found this leaked gameplay for FNaF Remnant Rising: Revengeance. Andrew | Psychological abuseStalkingIdentity fraudTampering with private propertyArson by association. In 1983, Michael begins to bully his little brother, jumping out and scaring him while wearing a Foxy mask. He speaks in a rather gentle, yet brooding tone of voice, in stark contrast to his father's more sinister tone of speaking. Michael is also the brother of Elizabeth Afton and Crying Child, as well as a technician of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. Mr. Renner Mike Schmidt is never seen in-game, except for his blue eyes when he is stuffed in the Freddy suit during a Game Over. Christopher Afton is the youngest Afton and his brother is the oldest. Fnaf SL :i like to think that Sl takes place before or around fnaf2 so probably Michael was around his 20s in Sl, 4s minigames are in 1983, 2 is in 1987, 1 and 4s nights are 1993, 3 is 2023, FFPS is sometime after, UCN sometime after that, Help Wanted at least a few years after that, Security Breach at least a few years after that. Michael also shows sadness at the fact that he is now a monster unable of being seen in public, forcing him to hide in the shadows. Copyright 2020 - 2022 Webnews21 (GMW). On Night 3, Michael returns, checking on Ballora and Funtime Foxy. Michael comes to his little brother's bedside, and apologizes in a brief statement. Lonely Freddies | His appearance is now very reminiscent of William Afton in the previous games. Then they talked about it some more with Mike and he and the girls went outside. However, the survival logbook has to take place during FNAF3, as Fazbear's Fright merch. S. Cotton | Browboy | Throughout the nights, he accomplishes the tasks the job requires him to, though eventually it is revealed his father sent him to the facility to find his sister . Nightmare Freddy/Freddles | He also seems to enjoy snacking on food, which is shown later on in the book, where he expresses that eating increases his happiness. Something is wrong with me. Puppenator | I don't know why he would but do you need me to come get you and Veronica? Chica the Chicken | There are multiple scribbles in the book drawn by Michael, implying that he enjoys drawing and is extremely talented at it. After surviving the Bidybabs, Michael slowly and carefully crawls through the Ballora Gallery, thankfully avoiding Ballora. The One You Should Not Have Killed | Mike is in there fighting him but I don't think he'll last long.". The son of William Afton, Michael Afton has an aversion to the spotlight. CC was the victim of the Bite of '83, having occurred at his ninth birthday party after his head was caught in an animatronic's jaws during one of his brother's pranks, and ultimately died from his injuries. How can scammers use your phone number to hack your Instagram? Her death caused him to seek more validation from William as his only remaining parent, though William didn't really seem to notice or care. Will doesn't even have a heart at this point and I can only presume he cleaned out his original remains from the suit and made fake ones. He was born in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania, on September 23, 1980. Freddy Fazbear | Animatronics 3. He cannot "chew gum excessively", as he claims on the logbook pages. Balloon Boy However, Terrence was adopted by his mother and father. Pigpatch | Michael passed away on October 3 2013, at age 70. The actor was born in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania. Lizzy just stood there in shock. In FNAF 2, which takes place in 1987, he would be 20. The insides of his suits show no remaining heart organ, just a face, and some lungs. William was still 31 (because of floating timelines) and his wife was 30 when she died. Date of birth Totally Not Fake. The Blackbird | When they uncovered Afton/Springtrap from the Safe room, no one questioned, how bout we dont use this bloody, smelly, disgusting Animatronic and put it in an attraction., Is Fnaf 4 from The crying Childs Perspective or Michaels Perspective. And worst of all, it happened right next to Veronica's room. Status ", "In a way, we are. Bobbiedots The answer will surprise you! BlueyCapsules Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Note: He was like half asleep when I was telling him. In 1944, Michael was 29 years old when on December 16th, The Battle of the Bulge began in the Ardennes forest on the Western Front. Michael lures them away using sound effects in the vents. While he is generally a heroic character in his adult appearances, he also appeared as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which takes place in his teenage years. The first being the protagonist of, Michael is the fifth character in the series to physically reveal part of his human appearance, with his silhouette being seen through the mirror along with purple eyes. Earl | He is the son of William Afton, and older brother of Elizabeth Afton. It was left there by a previous volunteer who failed to meet the requirements of paragraph four. The sound of Michael walking in Funtime Auditorium and Ballora Gallery. Michael finds a job listing for Freddy Fazbears Pizza, the restaurant is searching for a security guard to work the nightshift. During Evan's final moments, Michael apologized to Evan for his actions. Charlotte Emily | Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He also seemed happy when saying that Elizabeth was "free now", further showing his affection for her. Michael Afton was born in the late 1960s. The younger brother's skull was crushed, making him physically unable to dream. Dreadbear | How am I gonna explain this? November 15th, 1983 (age 9) After his physical death, Michael starts to live in the shadows due to his appearance and makes it his mission to find his father for reasons unknown. Enraged at the insinuation against his role model and only parent, Michael put C.C through a week of torture- mostly involving his debilitating fear of the animatronics at Fredbear's Family Diner. As the fourth human character, he was chosen by Vanny, a demonic animatronic who has a twisted mind and the ability to change. Rockstar Bonnie | Mostafizur. ", "You guys look like you need help. In 1983, Michael begins to bully his little brother, jumping out and scaring him while wearing a Foxy mask. Either way, it's not very important in the grand scheme of things. Did he get killed on purpose to let Elizabeth escape or something? After this, Baby starts talking to Michael and questions why hes here, she tells him to hide under the desk. During the whole cutscene, Michael says: Father. He does this for five nights, which on the fifth night, the place is set on fire. What is spell save DC 5e and how do you calculate? He lies on the ground, presumably dead. He is haunted by Nightmare animatronics and a part of his soul has become the Logbook of Mike. The Puppet Mediocre Melodies New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Official subreddit for the horror franchise known as Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF). The ultimate guide has already confirmed that there are elements of the books that are canonical in the games, one of them is the death of the mci in 1985, elizabeth does not die for a few weeks after that event, the books also make it clear that he was 5 at most because he was going to kindergarten, it is only necessary to do subtraction to . Purple skin, empty body, bald head, putrid smell. He is named after famous baseball player with the same name, He is the first human character to be named. Stuff like this makes me question some things about the logbook or at least parts that don't involve the name 'Cassidy'. ", "His," said Ian, "But not now. Afton has survived three fires and a spring suit. Michael T. Afton, 1943 - 2013. In the Custom Night minigames, it's shown that he has a fairly light skin tone, darkish brown hair that seems to be combed over, and blue eyes. The actress is the oldest of the three children. He then runs through the Funtime Auditorium while avoiding Funtime Foxy. Once Michael completes Baby's instructions. One Night at Flumpty's | When asked what he would like for his end of the week bonus, he circles the money basket with emphasis, meaning that like anyone else, he would've rather had a basket of cash than any other meaningless prize basket, showing that Michael has his priorities straight and is a responsible person. Bare Endo | Thug Chica | Michael also seems to have a habit of excessively chewing gum, as revealed in the, Given the evidence, it seems that there are more signs pointing towards Michael being the older brother rather than the Crying Child, especially considering that the child died in. During Evan's birthday party, Michael and his friends decided to pull a prank on . The actresses were all born in Beaverdale. The Fox | Lolbit Victoria Snodgrass | There are countless fans who want to know. Help Wanted's game over screen is a room that appears to be. "Dad's lost it. In the fourth cutscene, his skin becomes a darker greenish-brown; his eyes are also now completely black. Glitchtrap | After about a week, I am finally able to present my new theory. He is the youngest child of William Afton, and the younger brother of Michael and Elizabeth Afton. Comment who you would like to play as these characters in the FNaF Movie. Every day without fail there is a half-eaten hot dog on his desk. Golden Freddy | So I was trying to explain Fnaf to my old fart grandpa and this is what he thinks Fnaf is. Michael Afton is one of the main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, serving as the main protagonist of the ScottGames era of the games. Other The leaked final boss footage: It is also believed that the person they are referring to isn't the Crying Child, but is Michael Afton instead. He then manages to get to the Breaker Room, where he reboots all systems while playing audio to keep Funtime Freddy at bay. I should be dead. Some people believed he was the child's father before Night 5, where he is revealed to be the brother. Chris Aftons diary also included a drawing of the naughty Nightmare Fredbear under recent dreams. Evan died in 1983, but with the proof and proven lore about it, it is pretty clear that Elizabeth most likely dies first. He has three children. Biographical Information Chose to burn in FFPS fire, and is the 'brave volunteer' mentioned in Henry Emily's speech. Easter Bonnie | In SL, which takes pleace in 1995 and he'd be 25. It's seen in the book that Michael has a very bad habit of chewing bubble gum, implying that he is a very anxious person who gets quite stressed at times, but to his credit, Michael states that he wants to get this habit under control, showing a need to better himself. We need to run.". His naturally inquisitive and intelligent nature led to him outgrowing the red and blue Afton "uniform" overalls and circular cheek blushes much earlier than his family members. He married Barbara Afton in 1964 and had 11 children. Can it not wait until I get home?". The child's head gets stuck between the second row of teeth, and the machine overpowers his skull, crushing the entire head, causing Mike and the bullies to stop laughing and look in horror. DIY Video Tutorial. Michael's First Death. Orville Elephant The fire kills Michael and Henry. Afton met Henry Emily before the events in Help Wanted. Happy Frog | 8-Bit Baby | ),, Tales from the Underground Pt. At webnews21, we bring the trendy news of the globe regarding politics, entertainment, education, food, and health. Michael could potentially be vengeful of his father William due to his actions as he vowed to "come find him" and reading within the lines could mean he wanted to kill him this was seemingly true as he wasn't hesitant in letting him burn to death in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place along with himself. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Animatronics Head trauma after his skull was accidentally crushed by FredbearCaused by Michael Afton Rockstar Chica | He married Barbara Afton in 1964 and had 11 children. Michael Afton has to be a zombie post SL, right? Daycare Attendant | And last, Why is Michael afton fanart so fine. In FNaF 4, the Game Over screen is the same thing as the previous game, but a bit of a blood spatter is added. Michael Afton (also nicknamed as "Eggs Benedict" by the HandUnit) is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Were you looking for information on Michael's Father, William Afton or his sister,Elizabeth? One day before the party, Mike locks the child in the Parts/Services room, the child banging at the door sobbing. I did it. Eleanor | I should be dead. Michael Afton is one of the main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, serving as the main protagonist of the ScottGames era of the games.. Fazbear Entertainment | There is only one thing left for me to do now. As they pulled up, a teenager with a red hoodie was hanging around there. Henry: I hate you because my child went to heaven! In 6, which takes place in 2017 he would still be 29 (still a floating timeline).

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