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If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. Order samples of our sustainably sourced lighting woods in ash, oak and walnut, our furniture woods and upholstery fabrics here to see how each complements your home. By Fixed: Release in which this issue/RFE has been fixed.The release containing this fix may be available for download as an Early Access Release or a General Availability Release. Introducing our Grand Design. Find out how we're forging a path to excellence, crafting heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that inspires us. We haven't treated the wood since we finished the house and it's aged beautifully and turned a really lovely silvery hue. Make a home that will last a lifetime, with pieces that will stand t Tom Raffield Ltd received funding from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 which partly funded a new website that launched in January 2018. They have used steam-bent timber to cover their house in Cornish woodland. The idea for the building came after the pair relocated from a seaside home on the Cornish coast to a woodland plot of six acres with a small stream running through it. But the couple say it has all been worth it as they can now relax in their new home. 'It has nearly killed us. For serenity seeking spaces, the Seya Lighting Range mirrors the calm found at sunrise. Close your eyes and think luxury cabin and you're almost here!. At the heart of their home is a bespoke Scandinavian inspired wooden kitchen by Williams & Sons. Meet Tom Raffield lighting and furniture designer who crafts his award-winning steam bent wooden designs at his studio in Cornwall Landing Lighting Tom Raffield Garden Room Extensions Wooden Light Organic Form Light Fittings Bathroom Interior Design Light And Shadow Lampshades C christina griesemer saved to Style Saved from Echoing the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on the morning dew, the Seya Lighting Ranges graceful curving form invites a moment of pause. Its been over two years since Grand Designs put the house that Tom built on the map, and what a two years its been. We'll give it a coat of hard wearing wax oil to weatherproof it for the winter. It's a joy to see nature come back to life as we are less 'productive' on the site and so lovely for the children too, that we aren't planning any extensions/or outbuilding renovations anytime soon. The Tom Raffield chair collection - showcasing steam bent, ergonomic design at its very best. Blackened oak veneer brings contrast to the warmer wood tones. By continuing to browse this site you agree to the terms outlined in our cookie policy. The house is so open plan that the heat from downstairs rises and keeps the upstairs warm even in the winter. Get the timing wrong, and those bare patches will endure, Designers share with us how best to use this important interior design principle in the home and it's ever so simple. Also photographed: May Coffee Table and Beeble Pouffe in Yellow. For us, the house we built was to become our family home, that vision throughout the build spurred us on endlessly through the difficult times. When Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announced their separation in the spring of 2022, some Vanderpump Rules fans wondered if the split would throw a wrench into Katie's plans to launch a . She did an interior design course and then worked for Homes & Gardens, Country Living and House Beautiful. This house is a giant playground for a pair of steam benders.'. See Airbnbs website for details. The sculptural extension featured the exquisite craftsmanship used in their successful furniture business. We caught up with the pair to find out how their home has evolved over the past four years and how they see it continuing to flourish into the future. Finally, what advice would you give to someone planning a renovation on the same scale as yours? Working in harmony, a steam bent arch of sustainably sourced ash wood provides an aura for the dome-shaped, hand-glazed earthenware lampshade. Now the business has relocated to Falmouth, we have our woodland back! The wood cladding surrounding the bed and texture of fleece evokes a cosy Alpine setting. It's hard to put in to words what it feels to be staring back at a house you built yourself; it's a special and truly unique feeling that I don't get when I go anywhere else. Tom and Danielle Raffield transformed their tiny four-room cottage in Cornwall with a beautiful timber extension. steam wood bending live chicken hammock small business family business 27 more Plot summary Add synopsis Genres Documentary Reality-TV Certificate TV-G Parents guide Tom Raffield | Falmouth , updated Taking steam bending to new heights, pioneering bold aesthetics and channelling the essence of the Tom Raffield ethos and design, founders Tom and Danielle Raffield embarked on their biggest project to date. Select items on sale at Tom Raffield. In the kitchen, where concrete reaches up to meet wood, we wanted to reflect the architectural style in the lighting. Discover how we're finding new ways of living sustainably and harmoniously alongside the natural world. "We'd love to share the experience with you, as we look to travel away more we're now opening up our own home for other people to enjoy. I think Danie would be in agreement with me saying that the low is definitely the cleaning (although not the staircase before you ask!) The pair told Kevin that they had to do something to extend thetiny gamekeeper's lodge they had called home for three years as they had outgrown the Grade II listed property, which was built in 1882. Danie loves where the old part of the house meets the new. sustainability at Tom Raffield A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display your favourite pieces. It's true what they say, building your own home really is very hard going, especially if you have a low budget and want to do as much of the build yourselves - something I think we underestimated a little, especially when you throw in a pregnancy! Id say for the first year after we finished the house we didnt change much. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Tom, who developed the unique method for his very successful business creating steam-bent wood lighting fixtures, says: Our home is a low impact property, built from the materials that surround us, using resources from our local area, heated using ground source. What happens when you push your ideas to their limits? The low-impact home was completed to industry acclaim; blending the beauty of nature with architectural innovation and bridging the gap between honest tradition and inventive new techniques. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. Curved walls either side beckon visitors upwards, where Toms giant flock chandelier casts shapes and shadows through its feather-light wooden curls. A large-scale architectural project. Lots! Here at Tom Raffield a responsible, sustainable approach and an ambition to make a positive difference is at the heart of everything we do. Is this Britain's most despicable man? Echoing the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on the morning dew, the Seya Lighting Ranges graceful curving form invites a moment of pause. "I would say definitely having a good banter, communication, and taking adventures together," Tom explained, with Ariana chiming in to say, "I would say being friends first. Showcasing the amazing talent of our steam bending team who have been working on the new sculptural kiosks located across London's Royal Parks. Devon . I love seeing peoples reaction the first time they look up and see the Giant Flock Chandelier above them, it always creates a reaction. You have to really immerse yourself in the project and be motivated by the passion you feel for the anticipated end result. The steam-bent house has become the backbone of the Raffield woodland lifestyle, and as much of a character in their narrative as their family and business. By continuing to browse this site you agree to the terms outlined in our cookie policy. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way. Based on techniques developed in their furniture design, Tom and Danielle Raffield used steam-bent timber - a traditional way of shaping timber using heat and moisture - to cover the. The house isenclosed by a large canopy of trees and we love being surrounded by nature, come rain or shine! It also makes me believe that they truly are designs to keep for life - ones that will be moved from home to home and from one generation to the next. The Housel Shelf is named after Housel Bay near Lizard Point in Cornwallas the bay has such a sweeping half-circle shape. The house is mostly decked out with Toms curvy creations, both light fittings and furniture, with a few modern pieces thrown in for functionality. With four beautiful standard fabrics, and hundreds of bespoke, all you have to do is choose a colour Our NEW Nokori Mirror Range and Esun Shelf with Mirror. Husband and wife Tom and Danielle Raffield had already set up a successful business using steam to bend wood into beautiful furniture. We got a contractor to put up the wood and steel frame and after that we completed many of the finishes ourselves, Danielle explains. But with only 100k, have they taken on too much? And, it's got a hydrotherapy spa. On reflection, I think the tyre wall was a little ambitious. Neither of us had any experience of building a house before and we undertook the vast majority of the work ourselves. The kitchen appears to be basic and boring, until a wooden door is pulled back to reveal shelves and a sink and draining board behind it. We use to cookies to make your experience as special as our products. By continuing to browse this site you agree to the terms outlined in our cookie policy. Expires:Jan 25, 2023. together with his wife danielle, tom raffield bought the property five years ago with a view to building a dream family home. Visit our Trade Hub and download latest pricelists, CAD files, imagery, product spec sheets and presentations. Our home has become where we test and live with our new products before launching them, says Danielle. The house links old and new elements, with the back of the old bathroom outhouse opening into the vast new living area. Yes-Raquel is enjoying her villain era. Strips of ash and sweet chestnut wood evoke the relaxed cosy mood of an Alpine chalet. Also photographed: Beeble Pouffe in Earth Silver and Taffrail. The mix of wood tones in the house, along with the verdant greenery, makes the space look alive and full of life. Danielle would step back from her role running their business to be the project manager, and they would source some of the wood they would need from the woodland surrounding their home, for instance by collecting branches felled by storms. Our goal is to create new ways of living with unique, curved wooden lighting, furniture and accessories, that are inspired by nature and handmade to last a lifetime using traditional craft processes in sustainable and innovative ways.We strive to inspire a like-minded conscious community and have a positive impact helping to create a world where people and nature thrive for future generations to enjoy. He said: 'This sort of daring craftsmanship is the stuff of multi-million pound houses.'. Photographs by Kirstin Prisk, Tom Raffield Visit site Tom and Danielle Raffield. Something went wrong, please try again later. Tom now spends most of his time designing products for the fast-growing Tom Raffield range and large-scale bespoke projects, including the Royal Parks kiosks and RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but also developing innovative new designs through the creative medium of hands-on making. DR:Setting out to design ourash accessorieswe sought to create a product range that was both beautiful and practical. Introducing our Grand Design. Danielle Raffield Truro. Exuding calm, the Enka Pendant celebrates the relationship between two traditional crafts. Having bought a long-forgotten 19th century grade ii-listed gamekeepers cottage in south Cornwall, Tom and Danielle set about reinventing the space, shaping an environment that would suit family life and reflect their creativity. Did you have this in mind when designing the range? The Channel 4 show followed the couple, who are currently expecting their third child, from the start to the finish of their ambitious project, for which they had a 100,000 budget. Which product in the new range is your favourite? Danielle said the cost would have been 'through the roof' if they had charged someone for everything they had done. The Gamekeeper's cottage that originally housed the whole family, now serves as extra living space and is a cosy place to enjoy evenings thanks to a wood burning stove. . Rarely has a building project seen such a Herculean effort from a husband and wife team as that of Tom and Danielle Raffields forest home. It's been two years since Grand Design's put 'the house that Tom built' on the map, and what a two years it's been. Read our latest blog post for some simple tasks to tick off now to make spring a blooming delight! Our range of mounted or plug-in wall lights provide an array of lighting effects to instantly bring your living room, bedroom or hallway to life. We've wanted to create more products using ash wood for a while now and have been exploring prototypes on a variety of designs. The 44 square metre living spacewas 'cramped and mouldy' with few mod cons. Discover how we're finding new ways of living sustainably and harmoniously alongside the natural world. We also changed a large under stairs cupboard into an en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom, the space is full of different angled wooden walls and is probably the most unusually shaped bathroom Ive seen! May 14, 2021 - Discover the story behind Tom Raffield's steam bent Grand Designs home as seen on Channel 4's TV programme to critical acclaim. The best offer you can get from Tom Raffield is The Green Range as low as 55.00 at Tom Raffield. Now they have decided to turn their talent into creating a spectacular family home with a wraparound balcony, spa-like bathrooms and glass corridors. Tom Raffield Ltd Design in our nature, nature in our design. Shop here. Pioneering bold aesthetics and channelling the essence of the Tom Raffield ethos and design. Tom Raffield's designs are sustainability personified that believes in twists and spiral molds quite unabashedly. Both designs breath light maximising functionality into scandi-inspired spaces, just in time for the beginning of a (hopefully) sunny Spring. See: Hallway ideas stylish ways to create a welcoming first impression. A house that is unmistakeably theirs. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. From the ground up, the build is truly original. 'The whole thing is gloriously beautifully done. By continuing to browse this site you agree to the terms outlined in our cookie policy. See: Kitchen ideas decor and decorating ideas for all kitchens. If you know when to overseed a lawn in spring, you can expect lush results. As with their furniture pieces, the couple used steam-bent . Made by hand in Cornwall, England. Tom said of their dream home: 'We want something that fits with the contours of the land and blends in. Pioneering bold aesthetics and channelling the essence of the Tom Raffield ethos and design. To envisage, design and build their unique family home, with every step of the journey captured on Channel 4s Grand Designs. The couple employed architectural technologist Chris Strike of RA Design to help create a wooden home that would fit with the contours of the landscape and link with both the bathroom outhouse and the gamekeepers cottage. Its child friendly, with toys, games, highchair, cot, stairgates and beach toys on request.

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