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(sort by distance, difficulty, elevation and more). Join the road up from Thornhill and things get a little easier before the final wall up to the main road. Photograph: John Morrison/Alamy, Warning sign near the Rosedale Chimney in North Yorkshire Photograph: Mark Sunderland/Alamy, Remote pass Bwlch y Groes, Wales Photograph: Keith Morris/Alamy, The road from Cockbridge to Tomintoul, Aberdeenshire. Heres how it works. Follow the road alongside the river to Llanymawddwy, pass through and begin the climb across the Pont y Pennant. We decided to opt for an even steeper summit - Cairn O'Mount. Wales has some gorgeous road bike climbs, and Bwlch y Groes is surely one of them! We have had the great fortune of documenting the most epic and hardest climbs in Wales in both 2018 and 2022. This is the highest paved road and hardest bike climb in Wales. But its trajectory means that the damage is done on the brutally steep lower slopes. We've collected 37 of the hardest, most beautiful, steepest, highest and longest climbs in South Wales. Grid ref: NJ 252 118 (OS37) Length 3.01km Height gain 245m Approx climb time 21 mins, This is it: the Holy Grail, the toughest and wildest climb in Britain. Unceremoniously I hit the floor and proceeded to tumble southwards just missing Jess by millimeters (how she stayed upright Ill never know and sincerely I apologise for ruining her QOM attempt). F. J. The scenery gets more barren as you climb, dispensing with the trees and dry stone walls of the lower stretches and opening out into a classic Brecon Beacons landscape at the summit. before our second trip to document the UKs top climbs in 2022 -- thus, its The Real Deal! ) This climb was renowned throughout the 1970s and 80s as the most challenging climb used in the Milk Race round-Britain cycle race (Wikipedia). Holding a straight line is becoming all but impossible and the effort needed is simply unsustainable. Hit the opening 12% slope too hard and you're finished - because it's followed by a sequence of bends with gradients rising above 30%. Watch a gorgeous open up before your eyes as you tackle this country road that rises straight out of Pontardawe. It's all fairly steady going as the climb starts just off the A449. Within a few hundred feet of the start point, a switchback of over 20% warns you of the battle to come. The surface is rough at first and steep from the outset, but improves as you pass over a cattlegrid and approach the double hairpin. Thankfully it eases off as it reaches the higher levels, giving you the chance to recover before the summit while taking in stunning views of Hay Bluff and the English borders. ranks this as the hardest climb in Wales and he will get no argument from us on that front! Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Simon continues to keep riding his bike uphill and guides rides, hosts events and gives talks on climbing hills on bikes! My veins are ready to explode as I push and pull through each agonising revolution of the pedals. No part of it is easy, but it's the first of two hairpins that makes it notorious. Friends Dominic Millar, Graham Salisbury and James Findlater have returned home triumphant having completed 3,300 miles and climbed around 50 vertical miles in month-long endurance cycling . Weve been crawling skyward for about two minutes, covering just 250m of tarmac as we round bend three. | 26 regions. Ffordd Penllech in Harlech is the UK's steepest road (Pic: Stephen Elwyn Roddick, via Wiki Commons) Jenkin Road was the final climb of stage two of this year's Tour de France (Pic: Marc, via. Where Turn off the A896 and head east just before Tornapress. is the highest tarmacked pass in Wales (100 Greatest Cycling Climbs - Britain). Pass through the village, over the river, turning right to find the base of Beggarmans Road and head for the sky. A short flat section ramps up hard, then almost levels before ramping hard again. La Muerte, 9. By the end of this section, you'll have ridden c.84km from the coast and will have climbed 2,800m from sea level. The best advice for anyone heading uphill out of Aberdare - don't put yourself in the red too early. Leave the head of Loch Kishorn, turn left and you're on your way, soon passing the large sign warning of the various dangers that lie ahead. The famous hairpin means you've broken the back of it, and by the time you're onto the tree-lined final straight, you'll virtually be able to taste the ice cream from the van in the layby at the summit. The Cowlyd, 2. As Dan waltzes off ahead I am beginning to falter. With a maximum gradient of 22% and an average gradient of 8.1% youre afforded great views of Aberdare the higher you climb. In Welsh, the area is named Eryri. The Harlech Hell Climb event was held on the excruciating climb on Sunday (August 11), with riders tackling the 330 metre climb, which averages 17 per cent and reaches a maximum gradient of 37.45 . The steepest paved street in Pittsburghand one of the toughest climbs in the USmakes the top spot on our list. We asked Simon Warren to provide us with lists of both the Top 10 Hardest, and Top 10 Most Epic bike climbs in England, Wales, Scotland, and the UK. Turn left after around a mile though, and everything changes. of course, ride the toughest cycling climbs across the UK and Europe. Grid Ref: SH 913 232 (OS125)Length 3.56km Height gain 385m Approx climb time 23 mins, A true monster of a climb through the heart of the Cairngorms, the road up to the Lecht Ski Centre is a simply stunning ride. Finish at the car park at the top of the climb. I dare not look up and in a situation like this it is best not to concentrate on the finish but just live in the moment, trying to stay on two wheels, preserving forward momentum. After leaving the village, you're into open moorland but don't expect a gradient in single figures. This route is an area of desolate but beautiful countryside. We rank this monster as the #3 most difficult in Britain via the Fiets index - #2 in Wales! If someone built it we will damn well try and ride it, even if it means falling on our ass because. If there's a more brutal stretch of road anywhere in South Wales than Llanguicke Road, then it's definitely best avoided. You have to pace yourself because as the road progresses you hit a series of bends, coupled with a 30% gradient. The top few miles of the Swansea Valley take you up the steady slopes of a wide and straight main road up to the beautiful Crai Reservoir. I had to go and check it out. Grid Ref: NY 277 027 (OS90) Length 2.52km Height gain 278m Approx climb time 15 mins, This is the greatest climb in England, this is our Mont Ventoux, it has no peers, there is no comparison: Great Dun Fell is simply unique. With one and a half pedals and dented pride I manage to make it to the top to join Dan and Jess at the finish outside the water treatment works. Who knows. Not only is this listed as the #1 most epic bike climb in Wales and #2 in the UK, we consider it a Top 25 Most Epic World Climb - its THAT AMAZING!! Named Hellfire Pass by the English but better known by its Welsh name, Bwlch-Y-Groes. It's a testing drag, with the incline quickly kicking up to 9% and staying there or thereabouts much of the way to the top. The 5 hardest cycling climbs in the UK (Please link to Pedalsure.com if using elsewhere) Bealach na B Bealach-na-Ba 9.2km at 6.8% (Grid: 1 km) -25% -10% 0% 10% 25% View full details on The closest to an Alpine mountain climb that the UK has to offer is Bealach na B ("Pass of the Cattle" in Scottish Gaelic) on the west coast of Scotland. You have to take each and every opportunity to recover when it is presented, no matter how slight he says. North, as editor of the book Snowdonia (1949), states "When the Committee delineated provisional boundaries, they included areas some distance beyond Snowdonia proper." On the opposite side of the Blorenge to the more famous Tumble, Rhiwr Road makes that famous climb look like child's play. But those who want to do climbs like Penrhys are extreme even within that bracket. And Lots of them. . Its found as you head north-west out of Pontardawe. Round the end of Loch Kishorn and follow the signs to Applecross, up and over Bealach-na-Ba. This extraordinary climb is in the northwestern section of Wales in the Snowdonia mountain region. Leave the A470 at Dinas Mawddwy and head into the Afon Dyfi Valley. When you reach the open mountaintop (after 3.4 miles), the views will take your breath away. ANDY! I scream, we are coming. Almost imperceptibly, the gradient rises up until you'll suddenly feel like you're pedaling through treacle - probably just before the turn-off for Fforest Fawr. This climb is ranked #3 on PJAMMs FIETS formula-based difficulty index, as well as the UK Top Hardest Climbs list provided to us by. Believe the hype. How steep? I can now hear Jess approaching from behind, her 34 x 32 slightly more suited to the venue than my 34 x 28, judging by her colourful language I assume I am in her way. The gradient on the inside of the bend is estimated to be somewhere in excess of 30%, and while you'd be daft to try riding over that bit, the outside isn't exactly a piece of cake either. United Kingdom: Wales Hardest and Most Epic Hill Climbs. A long, long stretch of wickedly steep tarmac lies ahead, hugging the side of the mountain, with a slight levelling halfway but steeper still after that. Theres always a bigger fish. Thats what the ancient proverb says, and just when I thought Id ridden the steepest road in Britain, and put the matter of determining the country's toughest cycling climb to bed once and for all, up popped another hideous incline to further move the goalposts and redefine suffering. Named after the river beside it, the Afon Ddu (Welsh for black river) which flows down from Llyn Cowlyd I ask Dan how he first came across it. This is the highest paved road and hardest bike climb in Wales. (If you're cyclist in North, Mid or West Wales, we'll be. If you want the privilege of having ridden the highest paved road in Wales, you'll need to earn it. We believe we have located and thoroughly documented the Top 10 Hardest (by Fiets and by Simon Warren) and 10 Most Epic (Simon Warren) and these are accessed via the Map or List above on the Wales Home page just above this Climb Area Summary. Passing farm buildings and trees, the road veers left, then a very sharp 25% right a taste of what's to come before easing as the last of the trees disappear beneath you. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The maximum gradient is 13%. . Visit our corporate site. The Hardest Climbs - The Steepest Roads in the World Bikes & Gear Health & Nutrition Training Repair Exclusives Subscribe Sign In 1 Five Black Women Who Rode From NYC to DCin 1928 2 18 Best. Apagua, 5. I snapped my chain not once but twice in my attempt to conquer this vicious stretch of tarmac. The superlative Bwlch y Groes is coincidentally ranked #2 most epic hill climb in Wales and 3 in all the UK. Before the construction of the Heads of the Valleys road, this was the main road between Gilwern and Brynmawr. The photos in the collage at the top of this page are of PJAMMs Top 10 Hardest per the Fiets Index. Length: 64.8km Maximum gradient: 13% Vertical: 1,785m Hazards: Heat exhaustion and death America's Death Valley is not generally known as a great place to ride. Follow the base of the ridge until you reach Asterton then turn right past the post box and head up. It's not quite the Alps, but it's a close as it gets in South Wales. Grid ref: SO 403 918 (OS 137)Length 0.96kmHeight gain 163mApprox climb time 7 mins, You're spoilt for choice when it comes to climbing Cleeve Hill. Newly formed Denver Disruptors and Miami Nights NCL teams will make their debut at Tucson Bicycle Classic and tackle a full season of NCL and domestic racing, By Anne-Marije Rook With this in mind, I put my eyes to work scanning the gradients ahead looking for any stretch of reprieve, no matter how short, where I can take a break from the infernal torment. The 1.9 mile route is memorable for its scary hairpin climb. Where: South of Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. The distinctive remnants of an ancient quarry indicate the summit. Simon has been riding for over 30 years and has a long connection with Cycling Weekly, he was once a designer on the magazine and has been a regular contributor for many years. My knees are ready to snap. Our preloaded PJAMM Adventure App trip pages Wales and the UK are accessed by clicking the purple PJAMM Trips button above. Simon Warren has published many books on cycling climbing in the UK (e.g. The road levels slightly but the. The Tyla rounds The Blorenge Mountain from Gilwern, and its an incredibly challenging climb, mainly because of its steep lower slopes. Climb the Gospel Pass via Hay on Wye by bike. Climbing up through Bedlinog is such a challenge because its so deceptive. Another climb with a fair bit of ascent to even get to the start. In fact the Welsh flag has an imposing Dragon on it. The English name for the area derives from Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales at 3560 ft (1,085 m). Llano de las Animas, 7. Here there is another leveling, a plateau of sorts before things turn from nasty to insane. Even though its very short you have to go so slowly at first. Bwlch y Groes (SW #91), 3. If youve ever been to Manhattan and walked the streets straining your neck upwards to admire the skyscrapers, well, for a moment looking up this road it feels like that. A little bit about Simon Warren - We contacted Simon Warren with our request for his Top 10 lists because we consider him the Gold Standard and cyclist with the most thorough and comprehensive knowledge of hill climbing by bike in the UK. Newly formed NCL teams to make their debut at Tucson Bicycle Classic, Rapha launches a Film Fund, US filmmakers encouraged to pitch Living life by bike stories, Improve your performance with our expert practical, nutritional and training tips, Every week get exclusive interviews, fitness tips and product reviews. It's that steep much of the way. Start opposite the old red telephone box, past the numerous warning signs, across the cattle grid then bend slightly left. The Floor is Lava is nothing compared to this road. Passo Stelvio, Italy. Afon Ddu starts abruptly from the main road and youll need just one gear, the lowest you can fit on your bike. This gorgeous country road is testing for even the best cyclists, but it provides great views north towards the western Brecon Beacons. Zig-zag past cascading waterfalls, amidst the brief protection of rocky outcrops to exit this tangle of tarmac and round one final left hand to finish. But had this happened before I hit the deck or after? This intimidating wall achieves virtually all of its 150m altitude gain in the space of a fearsome 1.2km, at an average gradient of nearly 13%. But one thing's for sure - Wales has some great places to do it. Things start off fairly easily, but get harder and harder and harder again by the time you near the summit of Cefn Eglwysllan, with a lovely 20% ramp greeting you to the very top. It is really tough to crown just one climb in Wales as a favorite after riding so many over our few weeks of riding in June 2022. This mini monster was brought to my attention by hill climb master and double National Champion Dan Evans after I noticed a string of expletives in his Strava feed. The climb goes up a ridge to a small parking lot, where we saw two other cyclists. After an age on the opening steep gradient the road banks right to plateau before a brief downhill. Most local riders know its here, we gave it the nickname the Baby Zoncolan but we all avoid it like the plague. Views and scenery during the middle of the climb. Rounding the corner I spot our photographer Andy ahead and see he isnt in position. Abercynafon Our first relentless climb is Abercynafon, found between Talybont-on-Usk and Pontsticill. When we reached this last hairpin though his jaw hit the floor, he recalls. Riding from Llangadog, you'll be climbing before you realise, but the real business starts after the woodland stops and the open mountainside starts. It's all a bit of an optical illusion though. Climb summary by PJAMMs Brad Butterfield who documented this climb in 2018 and again in 2022 (Wales is one of 27 countries Brad has cycled and documented for PJAMM in addition to 16 US states). Continue on to Fell Foot Farm and start to climb as you turn past the buildings. This page provides an excellent and comprehensive summary of the top, hardest and best bicycling climbs in Wales. From there it's a steep and tough push to reach the saddle of the pass. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. This climb comes with the steepest 500 meters in all of the UK at 25%, and it comes at the beginning of the climb so be prepared to strain at the outset. TOP 3 HARDEST BIKE CLIMBS IN WALES (FIETS INDEX), This extraordinary climb is in the northwestern section of Wales in the Snowdonia mountain region. The northern ascent of the Black has a very different character to its southern counterpart. You'll find the top, most difficult, epic, scenic, hardest, challenging, extreme, inspiring, bucket list bike climbs located in Wales. The hardest, most difficult and challenging cycling climbs in Wales are, in order of difficulty, 1. We completed this jewel in August 2018 and because it is so epic, came back for a second go in June 2022. This climb is simply a monster with several stretches in the red zone - above 16%, including one massive stretch at 20% for 200 yards. The landscape is rough, its easy to see how the area gets pounded with rain and freezing temps most of the year. Approaching from either direction you see the radar station's "golf ball" glowing like a beacon on the top of the ridge. Average gradient: 6.5% Another 100 Greatest Cycling hills 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs at Amazon.co.uk Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs at Waterstones Another 100 climbs include: Longest Hill Climb Cragg Vale - The longest continuous ascent in England - 9.1 km. Simon ranked Bwlch y Groes as the fourth hardest climb in Wales (7 UK) and second most epic in Wales (after Stwlan Dam). Begin the climb across the bridge at Cock Bridge just past Corgarff Castle. A headwind, on the other hand, and it can be a real grind. Far from any major towns, the starting point is near some very old homesteads. Bwlch y Groes means Pass of the Cross.. . In fact, there is a sign at the start warning that the road is Unsuitable for motor vehicles. Although I assume this is mostly to keep tourists away as we intersected multiple residents traveling the road in their cars. United Kingdom: England's Hardest and Most Epic Hill Climbs, United Kingdom: Hardest and Epic Bike Climbs, United Kingdom: Scotland's Hardest and Most Epic Hill Climbs. Climb summary by PJAMM Cyclings Brad Butterfield - he climbed this one in 2018 and 2022. The climb lasts for almost a mile and has an elevation gain of 180 metres. Thanks to Strava for the route maps and climb profiles. The climb lasts for almost a mile and has an elevation gain of 180 metres. TOP 3 MOST EPIC BIKE CLIMBS IN WALES (SIMON WARREN), Cycling the incomparable Stwlan Dam, Wales. Turn away from the village of Knock and begin opposite a farm gate. They will help you plan, document and conquer your next adventure. This climb is ranked #3 on PJAMMs FIETS formula-based difficulty index, as well as the UK Top Hardest Climbs list provided to us by Simon Warrenbefore our second trip to document the UKs top climbs in 2022 -- thus, its The Real Deal! By the time you reach the clock tower in Pricetown, you'll have been climbing fairly constantly since Bryncethin. But the gentle appearance of the hedge-lined opening can be misleading - it's here that the damage can be done if not enough is left in the tank for the slightly more forgiving upper reaches. Between the narrow road, the rutted surface and the severity of the slope, this is one seriously tough climb. Its quite a strange effort needed to try and get the KOM, he explains. is the highest tarmacked pass in Wales (, Also known as Hellfire Pass, Bwich-Y-Groes is the highest paved road in Wales. When is the first day of spring and when do clocks go forward in 2023? Its from here that this road separates itself from its peers, and its from here that everyone will be pushed to their limits. There's a choice towards the top between turning right down towards Llangynidr or carrying on along the road to Rassau to complete the full climb. Leaving Rosedale Abbey, a sign warns you of the one-in-three yes, one-in-three gradient to come. Now round to the right, the ever steepening, increasingly lumpy surface heads into arguably the hardest section of relentlessly steep tarmac in Britain. From the junction with Station Road, exit the village past the first 25% sign then the road bends left at a second 25% warning as if you need reminding, it's going to be hard. The sign reading 20% as you cross a stream on the beautiful valley road from Talybont-on-Usk is the first hint of the lung-busting effort that awaits you. There's something evil lurking in the woods at the top of this climb in rural Monmouthshire. The dial might touch 10% at times here, but in reality this is a fairly gentle climb that winds gracefully up for Mitchel Troy, just outside Monmouth, to its summit close to the village of Trelleck through a pleasant mix of open fields and deciduous woodland. I cant say for sure but I decide to stick with before to salvage what I can of my fragile ego. ), and I recommend parking there and not attempting to traverse any part of the actual climb route in a car. Just keep going, then head down the terrifying descent. He wasn't wrong. Baniamr Aquabah Pass, 6. We begin this climb in the midst of lush pastureland. . Below, we detail 10 of the toughest climbs in the UK, and provide links to the Strava segments to help you plan your routes. When: March 20-27, 2022. (If you're cyclist in North, Mid or West Wales, we'll be preparing similar articles for your area - and there's a form at the bottom to send your suggestions). Want the best food, film, music, arts and culture news sent straight to your inbox? For a while there I thought Id settled it. The sheer length of this steep section is what sets this climb apart, there's just nowhere to recover. . VIDEO: Snowboarder Climbs Tree To Evade Angry Moose. Where Leave the A470 at Dinas Mawddwy and head north east towards Aber-Cywarch. Photos clockwise from top left: Bwlch y Groes (Wales #1, UK #2 hardest); Stwlan Dam (Wales #1, UK #2 most epic); Entering Wales in Llanymynech; Cardiff Castle; Welsh flag flying over Cardiff Castle (center). There is still some way to go but you can click through the gears before finishing just after a gaping cattle grid adjacent to a small car park.Where Head east from the A435 through the village of Bishop's Cleeve on Finlay Way. The Great Orme from Llandudno via Marine Drive, The Great Orme from Llandudno via Ty Gwyn Road. The Rhigos is an altogether different proposition from the south, getting straighter rather than more meandering as it climbs. It never relents, never lets up until you reach the bend in the shadow of a rocky outcrop, you've still got a fair bit of climbing to reach the top, but it's not as hard now. 1. On my first climb up Bwlch y Groes in 2018 I got a flat tire on my vehicle that was parked in front of one of these homesteads and was assisted in fixing the flat by the old-timer that lived nearby. Still, that's the least of your worries as you pass a 25% sign. Once the gradient kicks in it just gets steeper and steeper, 20% past the last of the houses, then the fun really starts. An altitude gain of 620ft in just a mile gives a clue about what kind of climb this is. This was the advice of a local man as I approached the foot of this brutal climb last year. The early parts of this mountain road rarely drop below 10% as the route winds its way up through the trees. The road levels slightly but the surface is cut up and damaged. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Cycling Weekly is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Inspecting my bike it appears my right pedal has partially disintegrated. Where: Between Ystrad Mynach and Merthyr Tydfil. Ride only 600 meters but at a stunning 21.3% average grade. TOP 3 HARDEST BIKE CLIMBS IN WALES (SIMON WARREN). Youre not going to forget the name of this route, nor how it makes you feel! The bike climbs we have documented are in the slideshow above. Explore the climbing route via Google Street Views. We asked Simon Warren to provide us with lists of both the Top 10 Hardest, and Top 10 Most Epic bike climbs in England, Wales, Scotland, and the UK. Simon Warren (100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, UK) ranks this as the hardest climb in Wales and he will get no argument from us on that front! You have 50 climbs on your lists, if you want to add more you can do so with climbfinder+. - they are the Gold Standard for cycling climbing in the UK. This challenging route is found between between Ystrad Mynach and Merthyr Tydfil and is a distance of 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres). First built in 2nd century by the Romans, the pass is unbelievably tough from both directions. Bending right the slope immediately kicks up to around 25 per cent but this is mere childs play compared to what lies ahead. Stick with it, as eventually the one-in-three does turn into a relatively gentle one-in-six, allowing you to build a little momentum to drag your bike up on to the moor. Scanuppia Ride two miles gaining 1,055 at 10.3% average grade. 1. Banking right, the surface breaks up and 20% soon turns into 25%. Grid Ref: SE 720 945 (OS94) Length 1430m Height gain 179m Approx climb time 9 mins, Fleet Moss, the highest road in Yorkshire, is a beast from either direction but the greater challenge lies in the route south from Hawes. A great alternative to the Cray climb (see above) - this starts from the same point, but instead of taking the main road, bears left up a narrow lane into a desolate moment top. We participate in the Amazon Associates Program. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. Windswept and remote this climb begins in Brynamman, Carmarthenshire, and goes for 3.7 miles with a 12% gradient. It is an incredible climb both ways but the road from Tornapress, heading north-west, is just awesome. Wrong. It's a long drag, but not particularly taxing in the most part, rising through the trees with the rumbling of vehicles on the adjacent main road in the distance. Now straightening up, the next stretch is ridiculously hard, the main problem here being just staying upright while either side of the road, sheep wait to see if yet another rider falls victim to the Chimney. This leaves us with a wealth of material describing the setting and condition of the road nearly a 100 years ago (, Named Hellfire Pass by the English but better known by its Welsh name, Bwlch-Y-Groes. Length 2.25km Height gain 298m Approx climb time 15 mins, If Hardknott is the king of climbs, then Wrynose is its queen; slightly softer at the edges but no less ruthless. If you survive the absolute wall out of Pontypridd along Graigwen Road, you'll be treated to one of the most beautiful routes in this part of South Wales as the road follows a ridge high above Taff Valley to the historic church of Llanwonno. This leaves us with a wealth of material describing the setting and condition of the road nearly a 100 years ago (SpeedTrackTails). It covers 827 square miles (2,140 km2), and has 37 miles (60 km) of coastline.The park is governed by the Snowdonia National Park Authority, which is made up of local government and Welsh representatives, and its main offices are at Penrhyndeudraeth. We participate in the Amazon Associates Program. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Simon Warren for his books generally and for his contribution of Top 10 lists for PJAMM Cycling. It only takes 1 minute and it's completely free. Published 2 March 23. Read next: This spectacular virtual fly-through shows the stunning route of the 2016 Velothon Wales. Populated by wandering sheep, the road steepens relentlessly, offering nowhere to hide as you click through the gears hoping to find a large enough sprocket just to keep moving. The top 10 hardest cycling climbs around the globe, all of which we have personally documented, are: 1. It's not too steep to begin with but as the road bends hard left at the base of an almighty tower of rock, then the gradient increases. If you have any information regarding this climb, we'd like to hear from you. We've collected 37 of the hardest, most beautiful, steepest, highest and longest climbs in South Wales. It's also available via Apple Newsstand and Readly. . Let us know your thoughts about this page. Gradients of around 30% are generally only found on the inside of tight bends. "Cycling in south Wales is a completely different story. View epic images taken along the climbing route. The Guardian - Britains top 10 toughest cycle climbs, Rate climbs, post comments and share your experiences on any of our climb pages, Create bucket lists of climbs & mark the dates you complete them, Weather data for all climbs - Start & Finish, Upload photos to your member page to customize your PJAMM Cycling experience, Utilize all of our interactive tools - Profile & Routes in Area. The views? View PJAMM Cycling's collection of the highest ranked climbs in Wales. Canton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. On the west coast of Scotland, Bealach na B has the most elevation gain of any road climb in the UK, rising from sea level to 626m over a stretch of 9.2km. Best time to cycle J F M A M J J A S O N D Ranking list Wales Difficulty points Gradient Length Total ascent The Netherlands: A trip through the lowlands. #3 HARDEST WELSH CLIMB -BWLCH PENBARRA TO JUBILEE TOWER, Cycling Bwlch Penbarras to Jubilee Tower, Wales. Bwlch y Groes is rich in history and strong on inspiring, if not breathtaking, scenery. Saw signs of a moose, unstrapped and started walking down the trail and saw her about 100ft up the trail.

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