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The massive explosion incapacitates Morg. ''He survived the death of a multiverse'' This has so many broad explanations that is laughable, or I am missing context here? Special worlds without a doubt but they are still part of the universe at large. After the battle, he felt a presence calling him in the now-abandoned City of Asgard. Plus all sites just seem to have an overall different standard for feats and scaling, which makes every site think every other site is absolute bunk. Old King Thor often refers to 616 Thor as his past self and has insinuated that if 616 Thor dies, so does he. Olympus in order to fight Ares. Beta and Thor formed a rivalry over Mjolnir and got the attention of Odin himself. He actually helps Surtur reach Asgard. During Dan Jurgens run on Thor, Thanos is questing after the Chalice of Tears and the Map Of All-Ending to destroy the universe. Physically stronger than either Odin or Thor, its a miracle anyone has stopped him. Golmen discovers he is the most recent reincarnation of Thor Odinson and begins his journey as the new God of Thunder. After learning about the nature of their predicament, the Avengers make their way over to Mt. Although the series was limited and fans didnt get to see much of Thor-El, everyone knows combining the might of a Kryptonian and the powers of the gods creates a force to be reckoned with. Damn near everytime the yggdrasil is in danger or at risk its always referred to be power on a multiversal scale at work in the same comic, theres just way too much evidence against your asinine claims., Incapable of feeling pain, and meant to withstand the worst attacks the Celestials could inflict, Thor can barely put a dent in the Destroyer. Rune King Thor is not multiversal. Still we can see the several lands that make up Asgard. The Silver Surfer eventually proves victorious, but realizes Loki boosted his power. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Upon landing, they maintain the contest -- only now the match has become so impressive that the two have generated enough pressure to knock the whole world out of orbit. [5] Eternity succeeded the Sentience of the Sixth Cosmos as the embodiment of the Seventh Cosmos alongside his sister-self Infinity. Using Mjolnir, Thor divides the timestream (which is itself an impressive accomplishment) and attempts to travel to the past. The Silver Surfer has come quite a way since his time spent as the herald of Galactus. Bill pleads to Sif to recruit more help and she gathers the Infinity Watch, made up of Drax the Destoyer, herself, and a couple other cosmic heroes, to stop Thor. This. Unable to sit back any longer, Beta Ray Bill enters the fight. The God of Thunder refuses to see a world full of innocents be ripped apart and takes the fight to Exitar. Shortly thereafter, the aliens attack and chaos ensues as Asgards finest battle the Super-Skrulls. In Silver Surfer #4, Loki convinces the Silver Surfer that Thor is a danger that needs to be stopped. The two gods arm-wrestle with everything they have until the plateau they are on crumbles under the force of the pressure theyre applying. The condition is being brought on by the Mind Valkyrie, who urges the God of Thunder to tear apart not only Asgard, but the entire universe. Especially one endowed with cosmic abilities. However, when it was worshipped by a magician named Feron, it took the form of the Phoenix from his daydreams. One is the God of Thunder and son of Odin, the other is a gamma-irradiated rage monster that gets stronger the madder he gets. Pretty much, yeah. Yggdrasil is simply a structure. After getting wind of whats happening, Thor steps in -- though hes actually in a weakened state at the time the events are unfolding. Despite this, Silver Surfer still managed to defeat the demon quite handily. And I say the nine realms, because as the Loom is destroyed, we can then see that Yggdrasil had always been a tool of Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. Old King Thor is the new All-Father and ruler of Asgard. During his frog adventures, Simon meets Thor, who has also turned into a frog. Celestials wouldn't plee and they wouldn't simply sit and let Thor ruin their plans. Assaulted while in his human guise, Sigurd Jarlson, Thor gets thrown off the building and is saved by Spider-Man, who happens to be swinging by. And then we already know the story. Without the help of his board, Silver Surfer managed to defeat the Red Shift within the Black Hole, proving not only is he a powerful being in his own right, but also that he is one of the most powerful heralds of Galactus. But again, all of that has been more than debunked. He broke the Surfer's board and sent him flying with a powerful telekinetic blast. Which obviously was not the case. Finally, Loki is the last villain standing and the Avengers, having caught on to his scheme, pursue the evil god. Besides, it would be weird for Thor to bring up such a fact if wasn't something significant, especially since his dialogue is basically him bragging about putting to end a being who survived all that. A Multiverse is a hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes that together can comprise anything from a comparatively simple collection of parallel 4-dimensional universal space-time continuums, to the 11-dimensional multiversal structure our reality is assumed to be in some theories, or sometimes even higher levels of reality. What are some noteworthy feats that Thor has done in the comics? comics and manga would probably be in better place if forums like this didn't exists. Flying up on the largest Celestials head, Thor summons every ounce of strength and delivers his mightiest blow. The nine realms to which Yggdrasil is linked to refers to nine special worlds/planets. Or has had Thor Force for even longer. The Mongoose is one of Thors more lackluster villains. Funny enough Loki himself had already theorized that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, were actually created through the worship of the Asgardians themselves. Old King Thor is one of the most powerful variants of the character. In spite of it, Exitar is undeterred. Now having to return to Earth, Thor and company come across the interdimensional gateway through which Ares forces invaded. RK Thor can't escape death on his own, he needs to summon the spirit of Odin to take him away from Hel. While the exploits of Thor and the Hulk have become more extraordinary over the years, their rivalry isnt as pronounced as it used to be. Yggdrasil is not a multiverse. With neigh unlimited power, the Silver Surfers abilities and powers are nearly unparalleled amongst mortals. In one final act of desperation, Thor throws Mjolnir with all his strength. TL;DR: RKT is not even universal let alone multiversal, don't let the wank mislead you. The strongest version of thor has all the power of Galactus after the latter got a power up to fight what may or may not be an aspect of oblivion. I've seen Hulk ~ SVS and thought that was ridiculous, but Hulk being greater by thousands of times? The biggest superhero rivalry in all of Marvel Comics is unequivocally Thor versus the Hulk. The Ultimate Universe was Marvels attempt at transforming their characters to be more realistic and relatable to the times. He also injured Galactus even he defeated serpent who is a Odin tier enemy. Has quite a few multiversal feats. Now Destroying the Loom is not the same as actually directly defeating Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. He simply brought down the walls that kept Asgard safe. Never seen someone claim he's multiversal, only universal. The attack is so phenomenal that Exitr, the most power Celestial, is staggered. @mama7: @alonis3612: look at this dude lmao. He has certain feats people try to wank to multiversal (using lightning to damage Amatsu Mikaboshi, briefly knocking out the Phoenix Force, etc.) In the midst of their battle the Silver Surfer surrounds Thors hammer with an impenetrable force field, but as their battle ends and Thor doesnt have to hold back anymore, he easily shatters the Surfers shield, much to the latters surprise. Galactus usually comes with a Herald, a being he imbues with power to scout and ready planets for his consumption. I'll entertain your stupidity no longer. Then you have the monster known as Mangog. Norrin Radd was pure of heart, and there is nothing Mephisto wants more than a pure soul. Yggdrasil is not a multiverse. Pushing an engine, even one with a fancy name, might not sound terribly impressive, but just hold on for a moment while we review whats going on. Wrapping around the Earth twice, the creature is nearly 900 miles wide. Thor doesn't faces Those Who Sit Above In Shadow directly. Celestials wouldn't plee and they wouldn't simply sit and let Thor ruin their plans. A character so abstract, and awe inspiring, that you cannot possibly determine his limits. Discord is even worse than Comicvine, People on discord create true forms for almost every character out there. Necro King Thor, before Aaron started the Jobber Thor saga, made Galactus crumble, so RKT could do the same, and . They are part of the universe and don't exist apart from it. The thunder god immediately throws his hammer at the creature, but its merely a projection. Disney+'s Loki featured many Easter eggs and one of the best was Throg, a frog version of Thor, who appeared in episode five of the series. Its most famous host is mutant Jean Grey but has inhabited many characters in the Marvel Universe. Sal Buscema and Steve Englehart attempted to provide a satisfactory answer in even Defenders#10. Hulk (whom Thor obviously scales to) and Ironclad matched this feat in . Moving from down to up and then down again back into the Loom. Nearly every planet is connected to the World Tree in some way. Besides being an Asgardian, not much is known about the history of Volstagg. In Journey Into Mystery #118, a big game hunter comes across the Destroyer armor in the Temple of Darkness and inadvertently sets it free, his mind waking the weapon. Instead he destroys that which apparently fed their power. And I say lavish because Odin way of telling the story was in no way different from all the other stories. Even though Thor and Hercules are friends, the two are also staunch rivals. Yet still, neither Thor nor Hercules relinquishes their grasp and continues to arm-wrestle as they plummet to the ground. He did nothing universal, less alone multiversal. Meaning the so called World Tree wasn't what people thought it was. Essentially, its linked to all the realms, past and present, and shares the weight of every planet its connected to. Carrying over from the previous issue, Avengers #100 featured an amnesiac Hercules getting captured by the god Ares. And has already begun the initial process to begin destroying it. The powerful beams obliterated Cable's arm and knocked the mutant unconscious. Lool they instnatly shut the f*cker up and don't reply, I mean people on Discord claim that Thor, Odin, and all other Asgardians are high outerversal in their true form but they use weak avatars. Though the feat is impressive, it doesnt even faze the Destroyer. Using the power cosmic, not only can Silver Surfer overpower the Hulk, but he can also send him into unconsciousness or simply drain all of his gamma radiation, turning the green giant back into Bruce Banner. Let me say this right off the bat, No. A map that people should've never forgotten about seeing it explains much about things that happened during the events where we see Rune King Thor and his feats. Morg, another herald of Galactus, sought to kill the Surfer. Much like now during the Black Winter event we see that the Silver Surfer kept five special planets/worlds from Galactus. And he isn't multiversal because Yggdrasil unlike what some claims have been made. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. In Thor Annual #9, Thor is riding the high seas with his fellow Asgardians when they are suddenly attacked by a group of giant serpents. Note the Forgotten One has lifted the Earth and he says Thor is at least as powerful as him. So what Odin lavish story comes down to is this: When the Asgardians (and other races) already existed, His father Bor, Odin, Vili and Ve found a crack in the ground, In that crack they found a seed that clearly held great power within it, And Bor planted the seed and from the seed a tree grew. So here are RK Thor feats: Feat #1 RK Thor can't escape death on his own, he needs to summon the spirit of Odin to take him away from Hel. And from the union of Ouranos and Gaia came the Titans. @princesscadenza: Did Galactus and Franklin straight up tank the birth and death of the multiverse or was there something else that allowed them to see that? Quora has a lot of BS. Not only did he defeat another herald of Galactus, but he also destroyed an entire planet without causing himself any harm. He's traveled the universe, defeated powerful cosmic beings, and defended Earth as best he could. and our As Tyrs forces battle Odin and the rest of Asgard, its up to Thor to content with one of the largest creatures in the entire universe. Now these are not multiversal but a non holding back Thor is definitely way way beyond planet busting. Volstagg found himself worthy of this Mjolnir and gained the powers of Thor, becoming the War Thor. After Toothgnasher stepped on Mjolnir, a piece of the hammer broke off. In a surprising turn of events, Jane was able to lift the magical hammer, gaining the powers of a god. Because those five planets have special energies to them, that if Galactus had consumed them he would've become far more powerful. While Marvels versions of the old Nordic gods arent exactly accurate, they still bring joy to fans across the globe, keeping the stories of old going. Jane Foster was a nurse who worked with Dr. Donald Blake, Thors first human vessel. That was the original story of how Galactus survived and became who he is which was told in Thor #161 I believe it was. Volstagg is a member of the Warriors Three and a friend to Thor Odinson. Kinda like a self fulfilling wish, where they made Those Who Sit Above In Shadow become real. Imagine thinking any skyfather could be multiversal to begin with. Instead of killing Galactus, Norrin Radd chose to use his cosmic abilities to satiate the being's hunger, then traveled with him again, all the while sustaining Galactus with his power. Thor: Love & Thunder hit theaters July 7, which introduces Jane Foster as Thor to the MCU. Instead he can only free their souls from what they had become. Once there was even a kind of map given about it. The presence calling him was a Mjolnir from an alternate universe., A viner that actually reads comics. This would be neither the first nor the last time Thor would accomplish send Galactus tumbling. At this point, Hulk is nearly stronger than ever in his savage mode. When it looks like the Asgardians might be winning, the shapeshifters unleash their ultimate Super-Skrull, one bred to destroy Thor and who carries Stormbreaker, Bills famous weapon.

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