azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan how to use

+ Some examples: Divergent Chessboard D-1 has an excellent equipment drop. {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{\text{DamagePerTick}}&=\left({\text{WeaponBaseDamage}}\times {\text{WeaponCoefficient}}\times {\text{SlotEfficiency}}\times {\dfrac {100+{\text{Firepower}}\times (1+{\text{FormationBonus}}+{\text{SkillBonus}})}{100}}\times {\text{BurnCoefficient}}+{\text{BurnDamage}}\right)\\&\times (1+\mathrm {SkillBonus} )\end{aligned}}}. 248 , | / 1203 , | ? 14982 , 5 | Solo 5, (+..?) ( ooo !"? 100 For nodes that have multiple stages, all stages add up to the column value. Any AA guns equipped in the Main Fleet will act as though they were equipped in the escort fleet, and will only fire when there are planes in the AA region indicated by the dotted line surrounding the escort fleet. 1 ) ( What can you do to improve it?Other Accounts:Discord - https://. 100 The formula is as follows: Refer to their respective equipment pages for those values. TRPSkillBonus After entering the map, they start to fire torpedoes at enemies, prioritizing elites/humanoid targets. If a fire is started, the ship will be damaged up to 5 times, with the first instance being 3 seconds after the hit. ) + The formula for Critical Hits is as follows: i ( . Failing or retreating from Hard Mode will NOT deduct one of the daily entries. ) 0.25 1 ] Depending on the ship type this will lead to increased damage and/or faster reloading. Why is it important? 4146 , 248 : " 1 - | Black Books 1 1 | "? 0.025 f This will be explored in later sections. 100 . . DamageBonus You can also assist other people who call for help with Hiryuu 3 times a day, which is a separate limit from your own challenges. + If you play actively, combat will be the largest source of XP for ships. One week of doing two of these commissions every day will yield 1 512 000 XP. + : . DiveBombers FinalDamageReduction Tapping it will increase her affinity by 0.1 to 0.3 points. ShipLevel The last two objectives for each zone will be hidden until either they or the first three objectives are completed. TotalEvasion ] YouTube azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan . ] + 4012 , : " - ' ' '' ?+ ' ' /14F"? ( = CorrespondingStat ( ) ( A CL gun that applies a fire afterwards would replace the fire from Artillery Cover. { ( 327 , 166 : " - [] ep.1) ? It is recommended that players make their best efforts to achieve S Ranks when farming for boss node drop-only ships, such as: If it is no longer possible to achieve an S-Rank (by losing a ship or exceeding the time limit), it's possible to reset an encounter by pressing the Pause button in the top-right corner of the screen and choosing "Give Up." Port Supply Shop Shops have eight random items for sale and rotate every 3 days. ( . , 10 !"? , , vs ."? TotalEvasion Steps 10 . : " - ? "? i 7990 , | 1 !! 0 6 ( 1 < 6-1: This is the first stage that drops purple equipment plates, which are important for newer players. The damage per instance of Anti-Air fire is affected by the AA stat of your ships. , You can move your ships with the joystick at the bottom left corner of the screen, pause the game by pressing the Pause button at the top right corner of the screen, enter Auto Mode by pressing the button at the top left corner of the screen, or use special skills by pressing the three buttons at the bottom right of your screen. 0.15 4096 , 229 : " - ! . Currently, only Chapters 1-12 have Hard Mode, which are identical to their Normal Mode maps except for higher enemy levels. 1 azur lane high efficiency combat logistics plan . Reload Air Incapability AirPower All Carriers, Light Carriers, and Guided-missile Destroyers in Main Fleet mode will have a Detection gauge next to their icon (Other type main fleet ships will also have detection mechanics in Chapter 14 but do not get the hidden buff listed below). These critical hits are RNG based. The exception to this is if the event map has a favorable Siren setup, since Sirens give much better rewards than normal enemy fleets. How do you get priority ships in Azur Lane? . , 10 ! AmmoTypeModifier = ( + 1 !? If the player calls their fleet to retreat from a. the hit of the shooter (a hidden stat) and, The maximum probability of hitting is 1.0, but accuracy is floored at 0.1. Okay High Efficiency Combat Logistic Plan works in event hard mode. At the conclusion of a battle, the player receives a Rank determined by the player's combat performance. This works out to an excellent rate of 176 XP per oil, making the Dorm a phenomenal choice both in terms of ease and efficiency. . Effectively, you are getting either 1.5 (if a ship other than the flagship earns MVP) or 2 (if the flagship earns MVP) shipgirls worth of bonus XP for each battle. 0.8 {\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}{\text{FinalDamage}}&=\left[{\text{LoadDamage}}\times {\text{SlotEfficiency}}\times {\frac {100+{\text{AirPower}}\times (1+{\text{StatBonus}})}{100}}+{\text{random}}(\{0,1,2\})\right]\\&\times {\text{ArmorModifier}}\times {\text{LevelAdvantageDamageBonus}}\times (1+{\text{AmmoBuff}}+{\text{DamageBonus}})\times (1+{\text{ACVBonus}})\\&\times (1-{\text{EnemyAirDamageResistance}})\times (1+{\text{EnemyDebuff}})\\&\times \left(1+{\text{CriticalBit}}\times (0.5+{\text{CriticalModifier}})\right)\end{aligned}}}, Aircraft Bombs SlotEfficiency O Speed 196 , : " - \" ?\" , \" \""? + How do you unlock Azur Lane in Clear mode? 36 ) 4 Wisdom Cubes and 2 High-Efficiency Combat Logistics Plans have been sent out as compensation. 0.8 On the other hand, there is also no Morale penalty for being sunk in Exercises, so if you are not trying to absolutely maximize Merit and rank you could also choose a few weaker ships to be carried and pick easier opponents, or a full fleet of weak ships and accept a half-XP loss. + ( = SlotEfficiency ) (Currently broken does NOT raise affinity at all) Putting her in the Dorm might cause her to display a heart icon. . + On Clearing Mode, with only a boss node, it is feasible to use a lightweight fleet to battle the boss and use the other fleet only to fulfill Hard Mode requirements. 3856 , 7177 : " - [ EP.99]"? LoadDamage #AzurLane, HQ will also be giving out 60 High-Efficiency Combat Logistics Plans and 3 Quality Tuning Samples of each type as compensation. + Each node in the column gives power equal to the column value PLUS any stats gained from that node. ( For weapons with multiple shots/torpedoes/bombs per volley, the total damage is the value calculated here multiplied by the number of shots/torpedoes/bombs per volley. Larger normal fleets give extra XP. ) AA h Enemies who target a specific Main Fleet slot can still deal damage to these ships due to splash damage. 1165 , : " - [] ' ' SNS '' (2019.08.01//MBC)"? ( is a ) Azur Lane game features a variety of game modes such as adventure, exercise(PvP), Daily Missions, Commission(events), and much more. reloadtime N This works out to a rate of 90 XP per oil. TWITCH: http://gerdo.myspreadshop.comTWITTER: Objectives Only Explorable and Secured/Safe Zones will count towards Exploration Rewards. + The average level of ships used is greater than the required average. Reload 1 k . Azur Lane is a new 2D-Side Scrolling game for Android and iOS. ReconValue ) AttackerHit CriticalModifier When you start a normal Story mode stage that has clearing mode enabled there's a button to "select item" to the left of the GO button when you select which fleets to use.

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