butte county incident reports

Or; . I totally agree that some Americans have brain worms. 03/02/2023-01:22 223CR0004935 March 2, 2023By Eric Tegethoff- Producer,Contact - A person fleeing law enforcement caused a crash involving multiple cars in Great Falls Friday. [39.8134, -121.4347] Administrative Unit. DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 03/02/2023 TO 03/03/2023, 03/02/2023-00:45 223CR0004934 WELFARE CHECK 1365 JOY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-01:22 223CR0004935 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-02:15 223CR0004936 T/S 2711 HARRISON TOWN PUMPBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:09 223CR0004937 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1532 ELM ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-03:33 223CR0004938 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-04:38 223CR0004939 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 1404 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-07:51 223CR0004940 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1029 NEVADA ST(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:02 223CR0004941 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:04 223CR0004942 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 942 W WOOLMAN STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:10 223CR0004943 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1115 W WOOLMANBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:17 223CR0004944 WELFARE CHECK 310 W FRONT STREETBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004945 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 18 W PACIFICBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:20 223CR0004946 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3703 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:28 223CR0004948 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 413 N MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004950 T/S MERCURY AND SHIELDS BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:30 223CR0004949 T/S BSB1 (T/S @ ), 03/02/2023-08:31 223CR0004951 BUSINESS CHECK 58 W PARK ST PARKING GARAGEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:34 223CR0004952 T/S SHIELDS AND TEXAS AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:35 223CR0004953 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 505 N WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:39 223CR0004954 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 225 N ALASKA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:46 223CR0004955 T/S AMHERST AVE AND GLADSTONEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004956 THEFT 737 W PARK BSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 03/02/2023-08:53 223CR0004957 THEFT 1370 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-08:56 223CR0004958 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:00 223CR0004959 ACCIDENT ALUMINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:04 223CR0004960 ALARM - MEDICAL ************ (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:07 223CR0004961 T/S S WYOMING/THIRD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:24 223CR0004962 T/S GEORGE AND HARRISON AVEBSB1 (T/S @ GEORGE AND HARRISON AVE), 03/02/2023-09:25 223CR0004963 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 134 CLAY ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:31 223CR0004964 T/S PLATINUM AND WYOMINGBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:41 223CR0004965 T/S MONTANA AND ALUMINUMBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:50 223CR0004966 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:55 223CR0004967 WELFARE CHECK 61 W BROADWAY STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-09:57 223CR0004968 WELFARE CHECK 800 W GRANITE STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:00 223CR0004969 T/S FARRELL ST AND ADAMS STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:04 223CR0004970 LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY 1500 FAIRMONT RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:12 223CR0004971 T/S MERCURY AND SHEILDS BSB1 (SPEEDING), 03/02/2023-10:21 223CR0004972 ACCIDENT GRANITE AND IDAHO BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:26 223CR0004973 WELFARE CHECK 1505 N MAIN STBSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-10:28 223CR0004974 T/S CONTINENTAL AND KOSSUTHBSB1 (FAILURE TO SHOW PROOF OF INS), 03/02/2023-10:54 223CR0004975 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1201 S MONTANA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:04 223CR0004976 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:07 223CR0004977 T/S TEXAS AVE AND SILVER BOW BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:16 223CR0004978 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 1619 B ST BSB3 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:18 223CR0004979 T/S FRONT ST AND DAKOTA STBSB1 (T/S @ FRONT ST AND DAKOTA ST), 03/02/2023-11:37 223CR0004980 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-11:38 223CR0004981 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-11:45 223CR0004982 T/S FARRELL ST AND HOWARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004983 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:02 223CR0004984 T/S GILMAN AND BUSCH BSB1 (OPERATING WITHOUT CURRENT REGI), 03/02/2023-12:36 223CR0004985 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-12:48 223CR0004986 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 155 W QUARTZ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:05 223CR0004987 FOUND PROPERTY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:21 223CR0004988 JUVENILE MISC 401 S WYOMINGARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (ASSAULT, SIMPLE), 03/02/2023-13:23 223CR0004989 DISTURBANCE 327 GRANITE MOUNTAIN RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-13:33 223CR0004990 PARKING COMPLAINT 814 W COPPER ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:36 223CR0004992 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:45 223CR0004993 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-14:56 223CR0004994 DISTURBANCE 2925 DEXTER BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:04 223CR0004995 THEFT 531 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004996 DISTURBANCE 2632 OTTAWA ST ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (PFMA - REASONABLE APPREHENSION), 03/02/2023-15:05 223CR0004997 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3400 HILL AVE(NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:12 223CR0004998 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:22 223CR0004999 ACCIDENT S IDAHO/W PORPHYRY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005001 WELFARE CHECK MAIN AND MERCURY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:25 223CR0005000 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-15:26 223CR0005002 WELFARE CHECK 205 W GRANITE ST #308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-15:37 223CR0005003 T/S MONTANA ST AND TECUMSEHBSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF. Butte County Sheriffs Office offer's 2 ways to get a copy of your accident report: Phone: 6058922737. Sheriff Hansen. . Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents are all a common occurrence, despite improvements in vehicle safety features, road design, bicycle and pedestrian corridors, and traffic signs. Online: Buy crash reports on NDOT Storefront. At this point, many injured people choose to hire a personal injury attorney whose job it is to handle the details and paperwork so that you can focus on recovery. According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the 5300 block of Margo Lane in Oroville around 10:40 p.m. Saturday for reports of a shooting. 08:11 911 HANGUP-OPEN LINE-UNKNOWN TROUBLE 2303010025. . Alerts, Closures & Incidents Road Condition Report Construction Report Load and Speed Restrictions. That is exactly where our work became a great, collaborative team and community effort! By retrieving and processing statistics from statewide crashes, we can better identify problems, assist in countermeasures and evaluate solutions to improve roadway safety in South Dakota. ACCIDENT REPORTS ONLINE: Butte County Crash Reports Request your Butte County Sheriff's Office crash report. Critical Incident Stress - . The 2014 Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for Bundy's use of federally owned land . SACRAMENTO - Butte County and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today that they have settled a lawsuit filed by Butte County for roadway damage resulting from the Oroville Spillways Incident in February 2017. If you would like to contact me on Facebook my name on there is Brandi Cooper Sodemann or my email is brandisodemann@yahoo.com. It has now burned 963, 276 acres with 94 percent containment. It destroyed 18,804 structures, prompted the evacuation of more than . Includes free searches of California 911 calls, police activity logs, sheriff logs, police dispatch logs, daily patrol logs and crime blotters. Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Delaware; District Of Columbia . For crashes occurring outside the city limits, or investigated by another agency, contact the Montana Highway Patrol at (406) 444-3278.. Benjamin Harrison, 41, of Butte was . Click on the image above for the audio. Crash reports are filed by the Helena Police Department for vehicle crashes within the City of Helena. BUTTE COUNTY, CA (September 8, 2022) - Monday afternoon, Barbara Harris was fatally struck in a red light collision on Highway 162. . what is critical incident stress?. The purpose of the Paradise Police Department is to serve the members of the community; to protect their lives, liberties, and property. Fire crews worked throughout Tuesday night in an attempt to slow the spread of the Dixie Fire burning in California in Butte and Plumas Counties, which is near the site of the 2018 Camp Fire. A purchased report may be downloaded for up to 24 hours. my axal broke and my tire flew off there was no cars around me i merged off to left of road as far as i could i was almost tottally off high way then i called police right. Listing for: Enhabit Inc. Full Time, Part Time position. The Sheriffs Office provides around-the-clocklaw enforcement service to every region of the county. Refer to your vehicle as vehicle number 1 throughout the report. In addition to 24 hour policing, we offer Butte County citizens a full range of services including,coroner services, civil services, court security and corrections. Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents are all a common occurrence, despite improvements in vehicle safety features, road design, bicycle and pedestrian corridors, and traffic signs. - The CAL FIRE-BCFD Auto Extrication cadre conducted a class for firefighters in Butte County on Saturday. Crash Reports by State. Butte County Public Works Department - The history . ), 03/02/2023-21:07 223CR0005029 ATL AREA OF BUTTE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-21:50 223CR0005030 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1125 S MAIN ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-22:10 223CR0005031 T/S MERCURY AND MONTANA BSB1 (T/S @ MERCURY AND MONTANA), 03/02/2023-22:12 223CR0005032 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 926 S ARIZONA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-22:20 223CR0005033 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 8 W PARK ST (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-22:46 223CR0005034 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-22:53 223CR0005035 T/S HARRISON AND CIVIC CENTERBSB1 (SPEEDING), 03/02/2023-23:07 223CR0005036 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ELDERBERRY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-23:20 223CR0005037 T/S BROADWAY AND MAIN ARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS 2ND), 03/02/2023-23:38 223CR0005038 T/S BROADWAY AND EMMET BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-23:58 223CR0005039 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/03/2023-00:15 223CR0005040 THEFT 2008 ABERDEEN BSB1 (THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE), 03/03/2023-00:35 223CR0005041 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/03/2023-02:24 223CR0005042 DISTURBANCE 205 W GRANITE ST #308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/03/2023-04:16 223CR0005043 DISTURBANCE 205 W GRANITE APT 308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/03/2023-05:28 223CR0005044 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 4655 HARRISON AVE(NO OFFENSES), 03/03/2023-07:31 223CR0005045 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 820 SAMPSON STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 03/01/2023 TO 03/02/2023, 03/01/2023-00:51 223CR0004857 UNKNOWN PROBLEM I15 AT IRON ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-02:00 223CR0004858 ASSAULT 122001 BROWNS GULCH RDBSB1 (PFMA STRANGULATION), 03/01/2023-02:23 223CR0004859 T/S MONTANA AND PARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-02:47 223CR0004860 THEFT 25 E GRANITE ST #405 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-05:18 223CR0004861 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 16 DEWEY BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-05:37 223CR0004862 TRAFFIC HAZARD LASALLE AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-07:02 223CR0004863 WELFARE CHECK CONTINENTAL AND IRENEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-07:35 223CR0004864 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-07:39 223CR0004865 HARASSMENT 4845 S UTAH AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-08:17 223CR0004867 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-08:36 223CR0004868 CITIZEN AID 1900 BLK ROBERTS AVE (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-08:46 223CR0004869 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-09:08 223CR0004870 WELFARE CHECK 3401 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-09:30 223CR0004871 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-09:32 223CR0004872 ANIMAL COMPLAINT 402 E BROADWAY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-10:13 223CR0004873 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-10:32 223CR0004874 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 3033 BUSCH ST #31 BUILDING 4(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-10:34 223CR0004875 CIVIL STANDBY 255 N ALASKA BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-10:45 223CR0004876 T/S PLATINUM AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:01 223CR0004877 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:28 223CR0004878 FIRE- GAS ODOR 1301 FOUR MILE VIEW ROAD(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:29 223CR0004879 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:37 223CR0004880 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 155 MUSEUM WAYBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:38 223CR0004881 INFORMATION ONLY 1001 S WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:55 223CR0004883 DISTURBANCE 1100 1/2 CALEDONIA BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-11:59 223CR0004884 VANDALISM/CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 245 CURTIS ST BSB1 (CRIMINAL MISCHIEF), 03/01/2023-12:12 223CR0004885 THEFT 935 16TH ST BSB1 (THEFT FROM BUILDINGS), 03/01/2023-12:13 223CR0004886 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2214 GRAND AVE(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-12:26 223CR0004887 ALL OTHER 243 MAMMOTH DRIVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-12:32 223CR0004888 THEFT 1146 E SECOND ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-13:07 223CR0004889 ACCIDENT FLORENCE AND MARCIA BSB1 (STOP SIGN VIOLATION), 03/01/2023-13:09 223CR0004890 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB2 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-13:21 223CR0004891 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-13:28 223CR0004892 CIVIL STANDBY 2017 REYNOLDS BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-13:54 223CR0004893 T/S GRAND AVE AND HOWARD AVEBSB1 (SPEEDING), 03/01/2023-14:08 223CR0004894 DISTURBANCE-NOISE 2901 SILVER BOW BLVDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-14:22 223CR0004895 CIVIL STANDBY 225 N ALASKA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-14:50 223CR0004896 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1515 OREGON AVE #514(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-15:06 223CR0004897 THEFT 1305 HARRISON BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-15:13 223CR0004898 STOLEN VEHICLE 1 RIVERSIDE ROAD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-15:41 223CR0004899 ABANDONED VEHICLE 305 N WASHINGTON STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-16:11 223CR0004900 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB4 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-16:24 223CR0004901 HARASSMENT 3033 BUSCH STREET BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-16:29 223CR0004902 ACCIDENT 1426 COBBAN ST BSB1 (FAIL TO STOP WHEN EMERGING), 03/01/2023-17:07 223CR0004903 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 310 W FRONT STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-17:14 223CR0004904 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-17:17 223CR0004905 DISTURBANCE 1700 BLK GRAND AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-17:36 223CR0004906 WELFARE CHECK 2011 REYNOLDS AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-17:52 223CR0004907 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY CLINTON AND COLORADOBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:16 223CR0004908 ATL 3901 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:18 223CR0004909 DISTURBANCE 222 E PARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:23 223CR0004910 ABANDONED VEHICLE 2514 BAYARD STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:31 223CR0004911 THEFT 1225 W BROADWAY BSB1 (THEFT OF VEHICLE PARTS/ACCESSO), 03/01/2023-18:34 223CR0004912 HARASSMENT 1920 ADAMS AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:46 223CR0004913 DISTURBANCE 1021 GAYLORD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:49 223CR0004914 THEFT 1365 JOY LANE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-18:59 223CR0004915 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 833 W BROADWAY ST(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-19:17 223CR0004916 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY PLATINUM AND WASHINGTONBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-19:31 223CR0004917 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:18 223CR0004918 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1474 LONGFELLOW(NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:25 223CR0004919 T/S MONROE AND LOCUST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:35 223CR0004920 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1370 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:38 223CR0004921 ACCIDENT 3700 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:45 223CR0004922 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY WASHINGTON AND MERCURYBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-20:58 223CR0004923 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-22:12 223CR0004924 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 600 BLK S COLORADOBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-22:22 223CR0004925 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 624 W QUARTZ STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-22:42 223CR0004926 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1200 BLK W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-22:45 223CR0004927 ATL 531 S MONTANA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-22:56 223CR0004928 T/S HARRISON AND CORNELLBSB1 (T/S @ HARRISON AND CORNELL), 03/01/2023-23:01 223CR0004929 T/S DEWEY BLVD AND HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/01/2023-23:43 223CR0004931 T/S MONTANA AND GOLD ST BSB1 (T/S @ MONTANA AND GOLD ST), 03/01/2023-23:53 223CR0004932 FIRE - OTHER 801 MARYLAND AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-00:13 223CR0004933 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ALABAMA ST AND PLATINUM STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 03/02/2023-02:15 223CR0004936 T/S 2711 HARRISON TOWN PUMPBSB1 (T/S @ 2711 HARRISON TOWN PUMP), DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 02/28/2023 TO 03/01/2023, 02/28/2023-01:15 223CR0004790 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 809 SILVERBOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-01:18 223CR0004791 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-01:44 223CR0004792 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-02:21 223CR0004793 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3001 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-02:22 223CR0004794 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1700 BLK WALL STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-02:37 223CR0004795 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-02:47 223CR0004796 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY BLUEBIRD TRAIL BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-03:11 223CR0004797 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY BIG M PARKING LOT UPPERARREST(s) MADE BSB1 (CRIMINAL CONTEMPT), 02/28/2023-05:11 223CR0004798 OPEN BUILDING 2500 BLK SHERMANBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-05:41 223CR0004799 T/S E PARK AND COVERT BSB1 (SPEEDING), 02/28/2023-06:05 223CR0004800 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1900 BLK GAYLORDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-06:29 223CR0004801 T/S 400 E PARK BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-06:29 223CR0004802 T/S BSB1 (T/S @ ), 02/28/2023-06:32 223CR0004803 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-07:35 223CR0004804 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY I90 MM 244 ENBD(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-08:35 223CR0004805 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 155 W GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-08:48 223CR0004806 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 222 ELDERBERRY LNBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-08:53 223CR0004807 ATL DEWEY BLVD // ROWE RDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-08:57 223CR0004808 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1221 FARRELL STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-09:10 223CR0004809 WELFARE CHECK 203 MISSOULA AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-09:31 223CR0004810 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1515 OREGON AVE #407(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-09:47 223CR0004811 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-10:48 223CR0004812 STOLEN VEHICLE 119920 RICK JONES WAY BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-11:19 223CR0004813 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 2027 UTAH AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-11:30 223CR0004814 MAN WITH A GUN ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-11:46 223CR0004815 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 3310 QUINCY STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-12:01 223CR0004816 ATL 2600 BLK HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-12:06 223CR0004817 WELFARE CHECK 400 S CLARK ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-12:45 223CR0004818 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2509 STATE ST (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-12:53 223CR0004819 VEHICLE INSPECTION 521 S DAKOTA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-13:07 223CR0004820 JUVENILE MISC ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-13:15 223CR0004821 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 739 S MAIN ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-13:52 223CR0004822 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1515 OREGON AVE #506(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-13:53 223CR0004823 VANDALISM/CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2115 S WYOMINGBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-14:03 223CR0004824 ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 2 APPE LANE(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-14:46 223CR0004825 ACCIDENT 917 EMPIRE ST BSB1 (RIGHT-OF-WAY VIOLATION), 02/28/2023-14:55 223CR0004826 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2930 HARVARD AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-14:55 223CR0004827 WANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-15:40 223CR0004828 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 2610 COLUSA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-15:53 223CR0004829 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 222 ELDERBERRY LANEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-16:33 223CR0004830 T/S FARRELL AND HOWARD BSB1 (T/S @ FARRELL AND HOWARD), 02/28/2023-16:57 223CR0004831 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1019 EMMA ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-17:18 223CR0004832 T/S SHIELDS AVE AND TEXAS AVEBSB1 (T/S @ SHIELDS AVE AND TEXAS AVE), 02/28/2023-17:28 223CR0004833 ALL OTHER 1124 IOWA AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-17:46 223CR0004834 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-18:07 223CR0004835 ACCIDENT 2900 HARRISON AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-18:12 223CR0004836 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1000 GRIZZLEY TRAIL(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-18:17 223CR0004837 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-18:31 223CR0004838 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 900 BLK SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-19:45 223CR0004840 HARASSMENT 3033 BUSCH ST #9 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-19:48 223CR0004841 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 617 W SILVER STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-20:04 223CR0004842 ALL OTHER 317 MUNICH ST I90 TOWINGBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-20:18 223CR0004843 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ARIZONA AND GRANITEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-20:44 223CR0004844 T/S FARRELL ST AND HAYES AVEBSB1 (SPEEDING), 02/28/2023-20:51 223CR0004845 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2218 ELM ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-20:53 223CR0004846 THEFT 901 E FRONT ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-21:05 223CR0004847 T/S 1000 E FRONT ST BSB1 (DRIVING W/OUT VALID D/L), 02/28/2023-21:21 223CR0004848 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-21:43 223CR0004849 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2908 WHITE BLVD(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-21:49 223CR0004850 T/S MONTANA ST AND ALUMINUM STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-21:57 223CR0004851 T/S GRANITE AND ALASKA BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-22:12 223CR0004852 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1000 GRIZZLY TRAILBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-22:38 223CR0004853 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1125 S MAIN ST APT 415(NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-22:49 223CR0004854 T/S PLATINUM ST AND IDAHO STBSB1 (T/S @ PLATINUM ST AND IDAHO ST), 02/28/2023-22:51 223CR0004855 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/28/2023-23:50 223CR0004856 ALL OTHER 2708 HARRISON #308 BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), DAILY MEDIA RELEASE FOR - 02/27/2023 TO 02/28/2023, 02/27/2023-01:04 223CR0004719 DISTURBANCE 2610 PINE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-01:13 223CR0004720 ATL UTAH AVE AND WYOMING STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-01:30 223CR0004721 DISTURBANCE 2610 PINE ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-02:06 223CR0004722 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY OREGON AND SECONDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-02:25 223CR0004723 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY CIVIC CENTER RD AND HARRISONBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-02:58 223CR0004724 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-03:11 223CR0004725 ACCIDENT PLATINUM AND WASHINGTONBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-04:24 223CR0004726 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 600 BLK S DAKOTABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-05:16 223CR0004727 ANIMAL COMPLAINT 2558 PLACER ST (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-05:21 223CR0004728 WELFARE CHECK 122 N IDAHOBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-05:22 223CR0004729 OPEN BUILDING 3440 HARRISONBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-05:49 223CR0004730 BURGLARY 640 W BROADWAY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-06:43 223CR0004731 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2201 PLACER ST(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-07:48 223CR0004732 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-07:55 223CR0004733 ALARM - BURGLARY ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-08:02 223CR0004734 STOLEN VEHICLE 22 E GALENA BSB1 (MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT), 02/27/2023-08:44 223CR0004735 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-10:17 223CR0004736 PARKING COMPLAINT 300 W MERCURY ST BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-10:23 223CR0004737 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 2420 FARRAGUT AVE(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-11:45 223CR0004740 DISTURBANCE 3302 MONROE AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-11:56 223CR0004741 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1515 OREGON AVE #301(NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-12:33 223CR0004742 PARKING COMPLAINT MCKINLEY AND MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-12:38 223CR0004743 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 2100 CORNELL AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-12:48 223CR0004744 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 3131 HARRISON AVEBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-12:49 223CR0004745 DETENTION BUSINESS ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-13:00 223CR0004746 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 722 S MONTANABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-13:13 223CR0004747 VEHICLE INSPECTION 2211 HARVARDBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-13:13 223CR0004748 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2400 BLK S PARKBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-13:41 223CR0004749 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1000 GRIZZLY TRAILBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-14:16 223CR0004750 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1012 NEVADABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-14:27 223CR0004751 SUICIDE ATTEMPT/THREAT ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:07 223CR0004752 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 1012 NEVADABSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:08 223CR0004753 CIVIL PAPER SERVICE 16 E ALUMINUM STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:09 223CR0004754 UNWANTED PERSON ************ BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:33 223CR0004755 VEHICLE INSPECTION 521 S DAKOTA STBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:37 223CR0004756 THEFT 2100 CORNELL AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:56 223CR0004757 MEDICAL - EMERGENCY 1406 SILVER BOW HOMESBSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-15:59 223CR0004758 WELFARE CHECK 2119 AMHERSTAVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-16:24 223CR0004759 DISTURBANCE 114 MOON LN BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-16:49 223CR0004760 T/S MONTANA AND OXFORD BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:04 223CR0004761 CIVIL STANDBY 1913 FLORENCE AVE BSB1 (NO OFFENSES), 02/27/2023-17:08 223CR0004762 T/S HILL AND DEWEY BLVD BSB1 (NO LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFF.

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