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The carbine version was used because it was shorter, lighter, and easier to reload quickly. Both smokeless and Triple 7 black-powder loads are available, with the black-powder cartridges producing about 1,000 fps muzzle velocity, while the smokeless loads clock in at 1,290 fps. Raising the lever chambered the next round and so on, until all the ammunition was expended. Receiver and trigger guard show areas, "Spencer Sporting rifle. That battle and the next days action at Five Forks-plus the breakthrough around Petersburg-forced Lee to evacuate Petersburg and Richmond. This year, H&R announced an expansion of its AR-15 lineup, bringing additional "retro" models to the market, including a 9 mm Luger-chambered Colt SMG clone, an M16A2-styled rifle and the carbine-size 723. Handloading the .56-50 Spencer Centerfire. The company paid Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. a royalty of 50 cents for each carbine delivered to the Ordnance Dept., and $1 was paid for the 4,000 Spencer carbines sold to military individuals and civilians. It uses a falling breechblock mounted in a carrier. Bob Meinert, FN Marketing Director, introduces FN's first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush 9Ti. Description. Lever-action rifle with 7-shot tube-fed magazine, checkered spur hammer, and adjustable ladder and fixed blade sights. The Spencer cartridges were made in three sizes: .50, .52, and .56 caliber. ARTIFACT: NATIONAL FIREARMS MUSEUM | PHOTO: ALLISON AND BRITTANY VENTURELLA, This sight was on the 1865 Spencer carbine, manufactured by the Burnside Rifle Co. The 6mm ARC Cartridge: Why the Military Needed It, SIG Sauer P322 Rimfire Pistol: First Look. About 95% original blue the barrel. In the great battle of Gettysburg those regiments achieved the most enduring renown by the success with which they foiled all the efforts of Stuart with his boasted Virginia cavalry to get into the ammunition and supply trains. ------------------------ Hickok45 videos are filmed on my own private. Camp Guns: Sometimes Perfect, Other Times Not But Often Essential! For three hours the men of the Fifth held off the Southern attacks until they started to run out of ammunition for their Spencers, which forced the Federals to pull back. The 13-tube model, when fully loaded, weighed over nine pounds - more than the carbine itself. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. PLATE SAN FRANCISCO CAL. As a result, the Army ended up ordering 94,196 Spencer carbines, at $25 apiece. HEAVY BARREL SPORTING REPEATING RIFLE MARKED A.J. Mention longarms of the Civil War and we tend to think of the 1861 Springfield and other single-shot muzzleloaders. Here is the data that was printed in the article. At 5 p.m., the order was given to advance. This effectively turned the carbine into a single-shot, the other seven cartridges being kept in the magazine in reserve - a device to warm the cockles of any penurious ordnance officer's heart. Although the article did not say so much about where to get ammo for them. Smooth action. To make things more confusing, the soft-lead bullet was actually .52 caliber but sported a Minie-ball-type cavity in its base that enabled it to expand and fill the six-groove rifling when the gun was fired. Here we present an antique Spencer Patent Burnside Contract Model 1865 Conversion to a Rifle, 20 inch blued barrel features a blade front and folding ladder rear sights with a very good bore. With the changes directed to be made to the carbines, deliveries did not start until April 15, 1865, and they continued until the end of October, with a 30,496 M1865 Spencer carbines being delivered. The War Department was directed to order the Spencer repeating rifle, and by war's end, some 230,000 had been produced, initially by Spencer and later by the Burnside Rifle Company in Providence, RI. You can certainly see why it was the most sought-after firearm of the Civil War and why it was so popular with troopers in the West. The Spencer Carbine, or Spencer Repeating Carbine, is an early American-made lever-action carbine first manufactured in 1860. The breech block offered a simple way to load cartridges into to the ready-to-fire position as well as extract used cartridges. Bob Meinert, FN Marketing Director, introduces FN's first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush 9Ti. And for the first time since the early 20th century, ammunition is again available, loaded by Ten-X (www.tenxammo.com). Standard Spencer markings on top of receiver, no v, Spencer Civil War Repeating CarbineLAYAWAY? I found these loads of high quality that offered low extreme spreads, accuracy and reliable functioning. I did encounter feeding problems due to the tightness of the action. Stabler cutoff, bore is good. M1865 Spencer carbines manufactured by the Burnside Rifle Co. and the Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces with 20-inch barrels, and they had an overall length of 37 inches. Disassemble carefully, avoid all power tools and sanding, and keep things simple with oiling and elbow grease. says that the adopted Spencer model had 6 grooves for its rifling, not three. With the start of the Civil War, Spencer quickly moved into gear, attempting to interest military authorities in his repeating rifle. This action pulled the case from the chamber by means of a thin, finger-like extractor and then popped it free of the gun by sliding it across a narrow ramp that dropped down into a groove on the top of the block. The results of Spencer's chutzpah paid off handsomely. Military Rifle Early Repeater Famous During Civil War & Wild West. It speeded up loading time a good degree, but soldiers complained of the boxes being somewhat cumbersome. The Confederates opposing them believed that they had been fighting an entire brigade. Spencer Carbine Conversion to Center Fire Questions. After waiting for invitee Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton - who was ultimately a no-show, saying he was too busy to attend ("They do pretty much as they have a mind to over there," quipped Lincoln) - they put the Spencer repeating rifle through its paces. When restoring a Spencer Carbine, let "less is more" be your guide. Buy Spencer 1866 - Repeating Rifle Co. CA. The Blakeslee Cartridge Box, a bulky, leather, over-the-shoulder affair, was an attempt to alleviate the ammo shortages, as it permitted a soldier to carry 10 to 13 extra loaded tubes, but it was heavy and unwieldy, especially under battlefield conditions. In December, the contract was revised to state that the U.S. The Carbine Repeater is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. Gen. Eli Longs Division of Wilsons Cavalry. By not using a tape primer or percussion caps, the carbine functioned a lot faster than others. Taurus Marketing Manager Caleb Giddings highlights the features of the new Taurus Raging Hunter 460 Magnum, a purpose-built revolver with a 10.5-inch barrel and an effective recoil-taming brake, with Guns & Ammo Executive Editor Joe Kurtenbach. While the Colt Model 601 was the first AR-15 to be mass-produced, there were several design variations that came before during the platform's development. It has a cut-off stabler device. He buried one of his loaded guns, then dug it up, soaked it in salt water and proceeded to fire it 250 times without cleaning it. Firing forces are contained by the receiver at the rear of the breechblock. His seminal design was simply nothing short of revolutionary and the best firearm of its type to be fielded for a good number of years afterward. One of the largest Indian raids into Texas occurred in July 1870. The .56-50-cal. In no time, orders were forthcoming from commanders wishing to equip their units with it. Interestingly, .56-50 ammunition continued to be made into the 1920s- evidence of the proclivity of the Model 1865. SN: 36895. Notes: The .56-50 Spencer 20-inch barreled carbine was imported by Cimarron F.A. RARE SPENCER .50 CAL. By September 1864, 9,000 Spencer carbines were in field service for the Union, and they were highly regarded. This is a post-Civil War carbine, built with the Stabler cut-off, and retains a stunning amount of the original, bright color ca, "Serial No. LAYAWAY?.. Late in the war the Ordnance Dept. The Burnside Rifle Company created 30,496 Spencers that were purchased by private funds for state troops. There is even a good case to be made for the Spencer repeating rifle being responsible, in some part, for General George Gordon Meade's victory over Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg, where, according to a period account, "The daring and dashing feats of the 5th and 7th Michigan cavalry [armed with Spencers], under the lead of the intrepid [Custer], have become historic. Spencer Model 1865 Saddle Ring Carbine by Burnside Rifle Co. This is a NEAR VERY GOOD example of the US Model 1860 Spencer Carbine. The Spencer carbine was the first of the successful repeaters, and was afterwards thought to be the most finished and ready weapon of the Civil War., -- William Addleman Ganoe, History of the United States Army, p. 247, This gun was All Rights Reserved. to manufacture 30,500 .52-cal. That means that if you have a loaded magazine in the buttstock and try to fingerload a round in the chamber, the Spencer will jam as you raise the lever. Using bullets from Buffalo Arms flatnose cast. In an attempt to enter the civilian market, Spencer turned to Sporting Rifles. Indeed, by now the war had escalated to mounted battles, and although Army and Navy rifles were produced, the carbine was favored. Action fine. Bore is good overall, with foggy appearance and good rifling.&n, PRE BUY, AVAILABLE AROUND MARCH 10th.LAYAWAY?..m1860 Spencer Civil War Carbine 56 caliber. 20" round barrel with single spring retained barrel band. They just sort of tumble out, unless you snap down the lever smartly, and even then it is best to angle the muzzle up to ensure that the cases clear the receiver. One dropped a number of cartridges, nose-first, into the magazine. Customer experience was, and still is, the primary focus, a key to the firms longevity and success. Some were even manufactured under contract in Belgium. His idea for a lever-activated, rotating-block, seven-shot repeater loaded via a spring-powered magazine tube in the buttstock was granted a patent on March 6, 1860, the eve of the Civil War. I'm sure General Custer would not have approved. Dixie Gun works maybe, especially if you are reloading them, which it sounds like you do. When the Spencers did get to the front lines, they saw plenty of action in the Battle of Antietam at Gettysburg under Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer and with the 7th Connecticut Cavalry at the Battle of Olustee. They were commanded by one of the Souths best generals, Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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