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There is nothing wrong with giving your best. All you Scorpios out theredont be afraid to open up and love your Virgos. They move too fast for my tastethinking that its love or whatever when I show the slightest bit of interest. Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility in 2022. i am so disgusted & hurt, i have been here for 2 years, made my mistakes & begged forgiveness, which even tilthis day im not sure if i received! But im not afraid to admit my faults and try to change them. Before starting a relationship with . This means that both signs are open to new experiences, but both are also very critical. A Virgo woman's loyalty will give the suspicious Scorpio mind some peace . I too lost my Mother and feel an eternal pain. My Scorpio man and I have been together for 6 yrs. If you're a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man, make sure to utilize your strengths to the best of your ability. SO, he walked out, walked on foot for an hour to get home.. II just let him do whatever he wanted then. She can sometimes be very critical of him who never appreciates it; in fact it creates differences between them. When he is ready to let something go.. then he lets it go completely. So, fast-forward back to meeting this Virgo woman, it should come to no surprise then that in first meeting her I initially thought nothing of her. Virgo should also be open to trying some of the exciting ideas that Scorpio has for this relationship between Scorpio and Virgo if she doesn't want him to get bored easily. I wasnt initially going to let her back into my life so easily, but after some soul searching of which I still have so much more to do I realize that if I miss her, or any of my friends, I should probably be more open to them. In my lifetime, Ive loved a number of signs (or thought I did) this one is different. (People tell me she is 100% lesbian) but I doubt it since Ive kissed her once and she has not put a stop by saying shes a lesbian or lets just be friends. Anybody have any opinions or anything constructive to say? The Scorpio woman should limit her passionate and not overwhelm him while trying new things as per Virgo man and Scorpio woman love compatibility. She in turn is utterly . He said he doesnt feel the same, but I know that he is lying/hiding his true feelings because of little tidbits he has given me. Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. She is ambitious and can become very stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants in the way she wants it. Despite some challenges, this relationship can be fulfilling and successful with effort and compromise from both partners. Virgo. There are times I want to share my day or my issues with my Scorpio man but he can be very self-centered at times in which he would pretend he hears me but he honestly doesnt. for some naughty sensual Virgo man and Scorpio woman emotional compatibility. Then few days back, i found out that he doesnt have time for me, but has time to go out and enjoy with his friends. Whenever I fell there wasnt anyone to help me and every time even without any strength I again stand up, well I dont want same thing happen to her, hahahaaaa It hurts. I do agree with the silence thing. For now our relationship is in smooth sailing. It might just be about the right time, place and person. ( money, title on your job, or degree ) A scorpio is a actor they will only show their representative to you, you will never know who you are dealing with I know dated a male scorpio for four years. Virgo is a mutable earth sign whereas Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the Virgo woman Scorpio man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating. I am Scorpio man that is truly in love with a Virgo women. Characteristics of a Taurus Woman. 4. No I lost my trust in all men now. DXPNET. In order for this relationship to really work, she has to understand his broad range of deep, intense emotions. Women love to talk about the problem and try to fix it and men love to analyze it first then talk about it. i am loyal to a fault, until i know its your fault that i am no longer happy! Or date an air sign which would provide you lots of intellectual stimulation (air signs are very intelligent). Im a virgo girl and Ive been with my scorpio guy for about 4 months. Both are conceited pricks with big egos so its no wonder theyre friends. Now this feeling/perception on which they act can be real or imaginary. Though Scorpio man and Virgo woman share a very beautiful relationship but there are some characteristics that are troubling for both of them. Were affectionate/aggressive and we like to protect everyone we love. Once this couple get together, they will quickly become devoted to each other. Im glad you got something out of it. But, if he is not, Ive learned something about love and what it is that I want in my life. But like anyone else we are not perfect. I still keep my guards up, thats just me but he lets me be who I am. No all men are the pits! 192,316. Their intuitive understanding of one another and loyal support is their strongest link. Ive been with a Virgo for a short while now but it feels almost unreal. An extent, scorpio's can definitely form a scorpio man and capricorn woman: both are greatly driven by the capricorn woman with articles, and. They have many common personality traits and can complement each other. Ive had a therapist for 7 years whom I talk to every week, to evolve myself as a man. Likewise, Scorpio would prefer to slowly get to know someone. He will do whatever to satisfy Virgo because he is exactly knew what is inside Virgo not just because of the sex. I also went out with a Gemini they are boys that never grow up! I love him, I know he loves me. Then there is the erotic side of the Scorpio man who needs to release his lust and passion in the bedroom. The Virgo womans independence allows these two to have a very manageable relationship with one another. To me, its worth the effort and the work you must put into ANY relationship to make it work. By the way my husband is a cusperian (born when the sun sign is transitioning from one sign to another)like me; were both born on the 19th day him in November mine March. All rights reserved. Help me!!!!! Scorpio is a fixed water sign, symbolized by the deadly scorpion, and is confident and passionate, while Virgo is a mutable Earth sign, symbolized by a virginal maiden, and is demure and aloof. We often seem to clash when it comes to communicating with each other. Virgo has a peaceful approach to love. Thank you so much for sharing these insights about the beautiful Scorpio man, Having been with a Virgo woman 10yrs i can say i know why a virgo would think we are manipulative dark deceitful etc . But then again the other day 3 days ago, he told me I should stop visiting him because the landlord doesnt want any visitors and we got caught I was staying there at night sleeping. I let it go because I love him.. Virgo ladies, please take heed..if you have a Scorpio man in your life, you have the BEST thing this side of Heaven-literally! Being that Ive been with my Scorpio for so long, Im learning to let him know on the spot when I feel hes not being attentive. In 2yrs he only bought me 2 gifts and only because i had to ask. If youre not willing to yourself frm the minor headaches. Mars in Scorpio man is a naturally skillful lover. Another seems to have finally gotten the hint that Im not interested since he isnt texting me 24/7 anymore, but he and the last example of a Scorpio still seem to think of themselves as being above everyone else. Hes a extremely protective of me and while I enjoy this sometimes it bothers me because hell try to protect me to the point of babying me, in which case I have to remind him that Im a grown up! I try to be, but as any Scorpio being truthful about themselves will tell you we have a lot of emotions bubbling around inside, many of which are hard to pinpoint which means next to impossible to understand. We been together for almost a year. Somehow we understand the other. You can be sure that Ill be back for more, im inlove right now to a scorpio man.. We get along very much.. we talked alot of things, love and life.. i loved the characteristic of a scorpio. This is far from accurate, I am a virgo woman that just ended my 2yr relationship with a deceitful, manipulative,cheap, vindictive scorp! Meh. Not I scorpio male love you because of your Virgo past. So you virgos back off us good scorpios. The Virgo Zodiac. I digress; I find so much in my life uncertain now. Absolutely agreed Im at Virgo woman and Im so in love my Scorpio man We have our disagreements but were so great together!! feeling so strange, yet so right, and our passion so intense. The Virgo woman and Scorpio man can make a fantastic couple, especially for the long-run. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted [emailprotected] com to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. Virgos if you have NO INTENTIONS whatsoever to devote yourself to your sexy obsessive scorpio then you should END it RIGHT THERE or prepare to suffer. Weve known each other for a year or so and weve just recently started talking and spending more time together intimately. When we recluse into a shell, watch out, we are planning a move, it is like a dog who is freaked out and slightly snarles in the corner when you approach it. I am also okay if everything goes well, but If that guy leaves her I just wont be able to withstand that, this thought wakes me up from the middle of my dream, well right now I am following her orders that we will not see each other or talk she thinks this makes me insane hahahaaaaa she is still like a kid, but I know she wont listen me so I am just waiting for her to get married properly or if needed I can always be back. He said the he loves me and i was falling for him hard. If you show any sign of weakness they will use it to their advantage. I was raised by a single mom and was taught to love and respect women from an early age. No one understands why were together, but somehow in the midst of all our fuckeries, we just work., This is for Didi,you can get the information from the birth chart.There r so many of them.You can try the free one at The point about virgo ladies striving perfection is highly relevant because it seems that they cannot get over the issue that a lot of people in the world are pretty much useless or fractured in some way. This story of mine has become wordy. There were sparks, magic etc as I feel and as he explains me.. We do love each other and we fight for silly stuff.. And sometimes it gets to the point where we walked out on me at a movie theater because I got mad at him and he couldnt talk to me at all. We dont have to say the words, we just know. But hes so FINE and the sex is AMAZING!!! Especially if they are determined to get you back!) Therefore if I come across arrogant or humble means nothing to me it is just a means to an end. Its take it or leave it with them. Hang in there, and dont let one experience ruin a chance at happiness. he will talk bad about you then, when u dump himbut whenever people are not looking he will beg for you to take him back!. She should be more flexible so that the Scorpio man does not feel somewhat left out. No matter who they are they all the same. Im a Virgo woman with Scorpio man. A Virgo woman should know these are the kinds of experiences that can flow, one way or another, from a Scorpio man she loves. A Virgo woman, with her slow pace, good listening skills, and quick pattern recognition should be able to discern which is which more easily than any other woman in the zodiac. They give an exciting glimpse to all the possibilities they share in their life and also have the power to realize a satisfying approach for their once seen dream. Im a scorpio man too and i looking for a virgo in my life. I dont usually comment on posts but this one i had to , im a young virgo female 19 september 21st 1994 .. and have been with a scorpio male for almost two years now he was born november 9th 1989, I wanted to say that some of the things that people have been saying on here are true.. and some of its not .. , You cant sit there and assume that scorpio males are horrible or virgo females are horrible .. and just because you got a rotten one does not mean every single scorpio male is like that, I find that living with the man of my dreams right now is the best thing i could have ever done he has saved me from so much.. whatever happens-happens! He is a very loving and loyal guy, going to such lengths as to ride his bike hours to come see. every word defines my relationship. They deeply respect, love and cherish one another. Virgo woman and prefers to be a gemini man, sex on the gemini woman love. Therefore, want-to-know-all, and feel deeply, right man half. ETA: Both were amazing people. There are a few things about Scorps people rarely understand, in many ways there are 2 very distinct different types of us out there, within which are 2 more types. Both have to make some changes in order for the love to flow freely in the bedroom and feel the ultimate satisfaction of physical intimacy. Virgo looks for someone emotional to share a life with, and if they share this emotion of Scorpio through their sexual relations, they will both find sex between them extremely satisfying. The mental abuse has stayed even to this day not ( just not as bad & easily managable) The physical abuse started after 2nd child @ 4 mnths of age..Physical Abuse started 2 yrs & 4 mnths & 4 days after weddingchoking, punching, slapping,pulling my long hair & throwing me on the concreteSCORPIOS ARE DANGEROUS he has ALWAYS threstend to kill me still I have people who know if I come up missing it is MY HUSBAND tell cops !!! Speaking from personal experience it would either take some Jedi mind trick, hypnosis or a government mind control program to get me to waste my time on a woman until she has confirmed through her word and actions that she is worth it. Why cant they just tell you its over? Now, at the time, I was 26 (now 28 doing on 29), and my group of friends consisted and still do of 3 mid-twenty males (yes, a group of friends for me is three people). The BEST!!! Scorpio is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. If you can deal with his silence and his sometimes distant nature, trust me, you will win with him! Both of them work hard at making the relationship work, especially Virgo and that is truly cherished and appreciated by Scorpio. He changes things up quite frequently, which makes for a very exciting sexual partner. I dont profess to be the perfect Scorpio. Things had even gotten so bad in my relationship to the point of a violent fight, that my scorpio man drove 3 hours to where I was at to come pick me up! Youll find your soul mate and her sign wont matter because youll have her heart. We have been together 30 years and no one thought we would make it past our 1st Anniversary. The truth is that this man does nothing to menot sexually, not intellectually, not emotionally, nothing. And, this is a great place to be. !I want out goin through vet assis.. to get me & my 10 yr old & 8 yr old OUT but still scared 2 ! Its like even though we were apart, our love was always there for each other. Anyway in 2010 we started talking again. If you dont show a scorpio the love/affection and time they deserve. The Virgo woman is good at being organized and disciplined, while the Scorpio man is good at being passionate and determined. Im a Virgo girl and my crush (that likes me back and we are kind of dating but kind of not) is a scropio and we really get along I think that we are what each other wants. We didnt even remember each other but, my mom worked where his Grandma worked & he says he remembers me running around as a little girl. She is also known to have a higher level of passion . Thats the Pure Love of Virgo..Cheers . They make you feel like you are the only person they care about but behind YOUR back its a different story. But He showered me with gifts and says He loved me and asked me to marry him! I simply apologized I wasnt good enough and that Im happy she is being taken care of by another man). But he's a scorpio man who will at times be more than any other dating a cancer, movies ever. If it helps, heres a free 2020 Forecast for VIRGO: Then, there is this Scorpio man (early 60s). And, guessing that I am a bit older than most of you, I will say that life is large and you will meet many people along the way. Its not that we dont understand eachother. one of the best, actually. Scorpios love finding a good challenge, not to mention I walked away with a smile every time I heard another meathead had failed. They will move on because they found someone to take your place thats WHY they pick fights. I was in a relationship (sort of) but I had been and was having problems in my current relationship when I first started talking to this scorpio man. Its like so crazy because this connection that I have with this mysterious, beautiful, genuine women is something that Ive never had and I am glad that I am going to spend the rest of my life with her. Keeping my guard up from them all. he came back after 3 days, we are happily married now.. Virgo woman here, falling quickly for a Scorpio man. Im very loyal. (Yikes! Thats more to do with the way male and female brains develop because of testosterone, rather than Zodiac Sign. I dated a Virgo for 2 years and she never let me in, she never fully trusted me even though i showed her my true self and wore my heart on my sleeve. You will lose them instantly because we love with no limit and hard. even the guy above FAILED MISERABLY to see that his Virgo female moving on was HIS fault, after his MOM died (sorry for that, but dont punish others!) Okay as a friend but thats it. Comments on the Gifts this is our LOVE language, it is sacred to us, we like to be in the moment, spontaneous and appreciated.. when something is asked for we dont feel like it is appreciated and it became a chore and a burden. He is very intense; he can reach levels of intensity that other men dont even know exists. LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT, and LOYALTY in that order. why did I have to wait so long!!! how would you like that? We have to accept what is out partners flaws and instead of criticizing them, we should support them. He wanted me to tell him all the time that where i am going and with whom, but he didnt shared a single thing to me, i didnt know anythning about his life, nothing. it always depends on the individual, and there are always other astrological factors to consider, but this pairing has a better than average shot. Wow.. I dont do things like this normally). @Sc0rp10 I wonder why it was so hard to make this step before? He works at the warehouse and I work as an associate.. Weh dated once and we fell in love right then and there.. I am a Virgo female & have found the Scorpio male to be easily misunderstood. Scorps are insanely complicated and we get even, not mad, however, sometimes we get mad and then get even. We can HATE just as much as we LOVE. Sometimes we use aggression to mask our insecurities, thats part of the perfectionist in us. But ultimately, both seem to always be withholding something from one another. Were far from perfect, we both have a lot to learn, and we both have a lot of growing to do. But I still have a lot of personal problems to work out, and shes got a boyfriend; see, flaws. Also the whole issues in the threads above about the scorpio male needing to get over themselves is very interesting to me. Good for you removing yourself from an unhealthy relationship with a man that you dont trust, forget scorpio or not. @jamie- I am totally agree wid u and every single word is correct.I felt that u r narrating ma story. The grass always look greener. He takes pleasure in spoiling me by cooking for me and buying me little things here and there. Friendship is gone! maybe for revenge hahaha funny scorp u got to love them once u understand their full of ego and emotions!> not a very smart combination but one a VIRGO WOMAN can handle!. Sagittarius will likely to life, possessing the compatibility; she provides a taurus or cancer. For him, sex is a powerful experience, both physically and emotionally. I'm a Scorpio and I've dealt with 2 Virgo's. They lie a lot and cheat like it's a full time job. Virgos' ability to process minutiae makes these earth signs incredible writers, orators, and editors . She would say she was a full lesbian and that she never had a meaningful relationship with a man. I believe my thought was, just another acquaintance that is passing through; probably waiting till they find someone or something they think will be a better way to pass their time. But she began to hang out with my group of friends more and more. I observed this entry while surfing and I can say it is worth the time I spent on it. Being back with him now, its like I look back and I cant really see a time when his love wasnt their or a time when I really didnt love him. It's easy and scorpio man cancer and friendly relationship of a pisces and . Scorpios are strong and determined. But I believe Ive given a decent glimpse into, at the very least, this mans rambling Scorpio mind. 1. Something he said to me when I took the step and made the choice to be with him entirely, was if you love something, let it go, and if it comes back thats how youll know It feels to good to be true yet there is an intimate trust that comes naturally telling me it is. Scorps start off great, thats how they get you..but then as you get to know them and fall in love, they reveal their dark side, no matter how much i loved him, i never trusted him, because he was capable of lying with a straight face and turning his back on me in a second, if i upset him. Blackenedbones 7 mo. I am in a friendship with a scorpio at this time and I told him i have feelings for him. It's a capricorn woman relationship. remember this their are 3 women in the zodiacTHE rest are female animals and a thing. In work, this tandem has no equal. In contrast, the Scorpios will have consistently transformed their values through their emotional experiences in life. A Virgo man is a very concrete person with sturdy brain and thorough information of all the aspects of life. He tries really, really hard to please me in EVERY way possible in and out of the bed! I just like being judged before anyone knows me especially just because of the date i was born. I want my privacy to talk, and generally thats hard to get on a cell phone.) There is the Extrovert, then there is the Introvert. They are compulsive pathological liars, and have an addictive, self destructive personality. I told her not to worry on my end everything will be fine and shell know where to find me. But she's no pushover. hi journey in standing and came to see her just for 5 mins., sometimes used to call her without saying anything just to hear her voice, though I never said I LOVE YOU we are so close I thought she already knows, She could share everything with me for her I changed my job and came to her city I proposed one fine day then she told me she is in love with another guy. Let this be known they wont give you anything unless they feel youve earned it! That sounds strange, I suppose, and Im not lost in romantic blather, but it is what I feel. ive been punished for days, but w/the expectation that i should be perfect or always on point. There were no female friends till she came around, and to have a woman comfortable and confident enough with herself to hang out with a group of guys well lets just say she definitely had my attention from that point on. Nevertheless, once Scorpio has found a loyal Virgo mate, there's a good chance that openness becomes the norm. Whereas the way of communicating seems to be all important to the virgo. Even an unlikely outing or setting could spark a romantic mood. A Scorpio will alway try his hardest to fulfill a request given by a loved one, but he will never obey a command. When my Virgo would do something to piss me off badly enough i would take some alone time. And that I had to have some more life experiences in order for me to see this and to actually see him. thatwas unfair of you to erase HER when SHE didnt do anything wrong! its unreal. (I walked in on an old g/f in bed with another man- lets not discuss what happened but there wasnt a single gift I gave her left in the country. The attraction was immediate, and I knew from the very first date that I was in big trouble (good trouble.) Son I tried to cool it off with him but he wouldnt let me.. Scorpio dating cancer man Is the scorpio mancancer man and scorpio is quite intoxicating.

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