[BBC] BigDataFr recommends: 2017 tech trends: ‘A major bank will fail’

bankBigDataFr recommends: 2017 tech trends: ‘A major bank will fail’

[…] If 2016 seemed politically tumultuous, 2017 promises to be equally tumultuous on the technology front.

The pace of change is accelerating at a dizzying rate, with profound implications for the way we work, play and communicate.

So what are the big technology trends to watch out for in 2017?


Cybersecurity will undoubtedly be the dominant theme of 2017, as all tech innovations could be undermined by data thefts, fraud and cyber propaganda.

Forget Kim Kardashian, it’s hacking that could break the internet – and much more besides.

As accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election continue to reverberate around the world, hackers – whether private or state-sponsored – would seem to be getting the upper hand.

Prof Richard Benham, chairman of the National Cyber Management Centre, gives a dire warning: « A major bank will fail as a result of a cyber-attack in 2017 leading to a loss of confidence and a run on that bank. »  […]

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By Matthew Wall
Source: mckinsey.com

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