[siliconangle.com] Meg Whitman keynote promises new computing architecture for Big Data era

HP CEO and President Meg Whitman kicked off HP Discover’s keynote by highlighting the company’s strategy, key focus areas, and new products and solutions to be released. The keynote of the 2013 edition of this Barcelona event has been broadcast live by SiliconANGLE’s flagship video production, theCUBE.

One of the main issues HP is concentrating on, according to  Whitman, is energy savings in the data center. HP intends to revolutionize the energy consumption of servers, she said. In that regard, the company has released the Moonshot server, “a truly revolutionary innovation” that requires 80 percent less energy than traditional servers. “No other company is taking on the data center dilemma the way we are,” Whitman said.

“We are looking ahead to assess future needs.” Whitman stated. ”The foundation of this new style of IT, we are all defining it together. We’re providing comprehensive solutions for this foundation for the new style of IT. Our company strategy is to provide solutions for the new style of IT. HP is the only company with breath, depth, innovative products to help you succeed,” she stated.

Another issue HP is addressing is the demand for storage, which is growing at lightning speed. Through its cloud system offerings, HP is “the trusted partner and market leader in the private cloud.” HP has 1,100 customers, with 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies using its converged cloud solution.

“We have a cloud that enterprises rely on. No other company can provide that connective tissue for companies that are transitioning to the new style of IT. We make it, we back it, we service it,” Whitman said.

“The fundamental architecture of computing hasn’t changed very much in 60 years,” Whitman pointed out. This computing architecture is just inefficient. Ninety percent of energy is used to move data from memory to storage and back again.

“As the new style of IT takes hold, we are quickly reaching the limits of the architecture. We need a computing architecture for the Big Data age,” an architecture able to turn structured and unstructured data into “actionable information at the speed of business,” said Whitman.
Up next: new architecture

“What is coming next is a new architecture,” Whitman stressed. This new architecture will be based on HP Memristor and Photonics (using light to transmit data between the separate circuit boards), building on top of the HAVEn platform. “We’ve got a solid road map to get 6 terabytes per second over the photonics network,” she added.

Another focus area for HP is 3D printing where it is hard to separate the hype from the reality. “HP Labs is on the case,” Whitman said, providing 3D technology that overcomes the two biggest obstacles – speed and quality. “You’ll soon hear about the new solutions that HP is developing for this space.” HP has been the leader in breaching the physical and virtual world and “we’re going to bring that to 3D.”

“The most credible spokespeople for our strategy are our customers,” Whitman said. One of the customers she chose to highlight their accomplishments is a Fortune 15 company, with over 275,000 employees in more than 650 different sites, that manages over a billion products and service around the world. That customer happens to be HP. The company has 41,000 servers, over 60 petabytes of storage deployed. “I am asking our IT department to enable our company to grow and change in the new style of IT.”

By Alina Popescu
Source: siliconangle.com

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