[Les enjeux du Big Data]Comment KXEN et le Big Data ont fait basculer la Campagne d’Obama

KXEN, the data mining automation company™, fournit la nouvelle génération de solutions d’analyse prédictive et de data mining aux entreprises recherchant une solution compétitive.
Elle a révolutionné l’utilisation de l’analyse prédictive en environnement Big Data et a notamment fourni une aide déterminante à la campagne de Barack Obama.
BigDataFR vous propose de (re)découvrir les outils d’analyse qui ont contribué à la réélection de Barack Obama (en anglais)

KXEN’s Predictive Analytics Helps Drive a Smarter Obama Campaign


-Obama’s campaign team wanted to use data and analytics to make better decisions and run the effort as efficiently and productively as possible.
-Wanted to measure every single thing in this campaign.
-Wanted to use all the data they had to interact with their supporters – from fundraising to volunteer recruitment – in a more effective and targeted manner.
-Knew that digital channels like email, their website and social media were going to be pivotal in 2012, but needed the agility and speed to scale to the challenge of online, where data sets are huge and changing all the time.


-Use KXEN’s InfiniteInsight® as one of the tools in the predictive analytics platform to drive the modeling process.
-KXEN’s agile predictive modeling helped the campaign target voters and volunteers at scale with up to date online and offline data. This approach allowed OFA to run campaigns through email and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
-The campaign’s fundraising success was assisted by predictive models to improve frequency and timing to drive higher giving.
-Predictive insight on “big data” gave campaign strategic advantage.


-The timely and accurate insights provided by KXEN led to more effective and quicker targeting and in the end, more votes.
-Fundraising campaigns optimized by predictive models resulted in higher contributions.
-Predictive insights identified and explained segments of voters who were persuadable.
-Inviting supporters to log into the Obama campaign with their Facebook accounts allowed OFA to personalize communications and outreach which drove individuals to volunteer, register, or turn out the vote.

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Source : http://www.kxen.com/Customers/Obama+For+America

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