Kon Leong at #CGC15: “Big Data Analytics Needs Big Data Governance”

[BigDataFR recommends] Kon Leong at #CGC15: “Big Data Analytics Needs Big Data Governance”

‘CeBIT Global Conferences 2015: Kon Leong, CEO and Founder, ZL Technologies, speaks about “Big Data Analytics Needs Big Data Governance”’

About ZL Technologies

‘Since 1999, ZL has been committed to pioneering innovative enterprise software. ZL’s team brings management and technology expertise from a variety of fields, including Fortune 500 companies and successful start-ups on the cutting-edge of software innovation.

Kon Leong

President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Kon is responsible for managing all aspects of the business, including strategy, finance, sales and marketing. Earlier, Kon was co-founder and president of GigaLabs, a vendor of high speed networking switches. Prior to that, Kon was First Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Deutsche Bank. He was at the General Motors Treasurer’s Office in New York City, where he managed GM’s venture capital investments in high tech. He also spent eight years in various IT engineering and management positions at Burroughs, Philips and Union Bank.
Kon earned an MBA with Distinction from the Wharton School and received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Concordia (Loyola) University, after completing a year at the Indian Institute of Technology.’

Sources: www.zlti.com; cebitchannel

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