[Worldfinance] Murex spearheads capital market innovation

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Interview with: Stella Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer, Murex

‘Out of the financial crisis came a common consensus that agreed capital markets must exist in a more tightly controlled risk management environment, if only to avert the calamitous events of the recent past. With this school of thought has emerged a sharper focus on innovation and technology in bringing changes to the industry. Only by incorporating the latest technological advances and partnering with capable enterprise software providers will leading industry figures acclimatise to always-complex and often-disruptive changes to the financial services sector.

Of the firms to have assisted the financial services sector in meeting more stringent risk management controls, there are perhaps none more capable than World Finance’s 2014 Best Risk Management Systems Provider award winner and enterprise software provider Murex, whose contribution to the transformation of capital markets recently is second-to-none. “Murex has been the leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and processing solutions for the financial industry since its creation in 1986”, according to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Stella Clarke. “Murex has played a key role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth and innovation in capital markets.”

Headquartered in Paris, the firm boasts as many as 17 offices worldwide, a staff of 2,000 specialists and has stayed the course in committing a huge chunk of its income to R&D. Over the past three decades, the firm has abided by two central pillars – innovation and customer partnership. By always enhancing its technological experience and expertise, Murex’s reputation in the industry is solid. Not only that, but in treating each partnership as a shared journey, the company is seen the world over as a trusted advisor and an enabler of growth and transformation. The firm strives to attract top talent and to maintain a solid culture of financial and technological expertise, and, in realising these goals, looks to IT as a major driver’ […]
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