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BigDataFr recommends: Answers to your burning questions about Apache Spark

‘Widespread interest in Apache Spark was reflected in a recent CrowdChat. The discussion began with a simple question—what is Spark?—to get a sense of the audience’s understanding of Spark. This question turned out to be—not surprisingly—the most popular question among the six questions posed during the CrowdChat. By the end of the hour, the event reached nearly 3 million participants and close to 1,300 page views. Here is a summary of the questions and a few noteworthy responses.

What is Spark?

Essentially, Spark is a next-generation, cluster-computing solution; runtime processing environment; and development framework for in-memory advanced analytics. – James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist at IBM
Apache Spark is an in-memory, distributed computing engine specifically designed to perform machine learning. – Himanshu Mehra, Software Developer at InfoObjects Inc. […]

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By Louis Cherian, Digital Marketing Manager, Big Data & Analytics, IBM
Source: ibmbigdatahub.com

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