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</div></div><p><strong>BigDataFR recommends:</strong> <a title="@radar.oreilly.com - Ben Lorica - Phil Liu - Building self-service tools to monitor high-volumen time-series data" href="http://radar.oreilly.com/2015/06/building-self-service-tools-to-monitor-high-volume-time-series-data.html" target="_blank">The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast-Phil Liu, co-founder and CTO of SignalFx
Building self-service tools to monitor high-volume time-series data on the evolution of metric monitoring tools and cloud computing.
Phil Liu Building on the evolution of metric monitoring tools and cloud computing.

One of the main sources of real-time data processing tools is IT operations. In fact, a previous post I wrote on the re-emergence of real-time, was to a large extent prompted by my discussions with engineers and entrepreneurs building monitoring tools for IT operations. In many ways, data centers are perfect laboratories in that they are controlled environments managed by teams willing to instrument devices and software, and monitor fine-grain metrics.

During a recent episode of the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast, I caught up with Phil Liu, co-founder and CTO of SignalFx, a SF Bay Area startup focused on building self-service monitoring tools for time series. We discussed hiring and building teams in the age of cloud computing, building tools for monitoring large numbers of time series, and lessons he’s learned from managing teams at leading technology companies.

Evolution of monitoring tools[…]

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Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist & Director of Content Strategy for Data at O’Reilly Media, Inc
Source: radar.oreilly.com

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