[airbnb] BigDataFr recommends: Aerosolve: Machine learning for humans #machine-learning

BigDataFr recommends: Aerosolve: Machine learning for humans

« Have you ever wondered how Airbnb’s price tips for hosts works?

In this dynamic pricing feature, we show hosts the probability of getting a booking (green for a higher chance, red for a lower chance), or predicted demand, and allow them to easily price their listings dynamically with a click of a button.

Many features go into predicting the demand for a listing among them seasonality, unique features of a listing and price. These features interact in complex ways and can result in machine learning models that are difficult to interpret. So we went about building a package to produce machine learning models that facilitate interpretation and understanding. This is useful for us, developers, and also for our users; the interpretations map to explanations we provide to our hosts on why the demand they face may be higher or lower than they expect. […]

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By Hector Yee and Bar Ifrach
Source : nerds.airbnb.com

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