[TNW News] BigDataFr recommends: How to hire data scientists #datascientist

BigDataFr recommends: How to hire data scientists

‘Data scientists aren’t a nice-to-have anymore, they’re a must-have, and businesses of all sizes are scooping up this new breed of engineering professional.

Companies like Apple, BirchBox, GE, Facebook, YellowPages, Bank of America and a swath of startups all have data scientists on their payroll. Even the White House has a chief data scientist. It used to be a role no-one wanted.

Today it’s a different story. Data scientists have now become critical to a company’s success. Any business that relies on data or analytics will need an expert in looking for numerical needles in data haystacks. But how do you find the right one for your business?’

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By Pedro Bizarro
Source:  thenextweb.com

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