[kdnuggets]BigDataFr recommends: Can deep learning help find the perfect date? #machine learning

BigDataFr recommends: Can deep learning help find the perfect date?

‘When a Machine Learning PhD student at University of Montreal starts using Tinder, he soon realises that something is missing in the dating app – the ability to predict to which girls he is attracted. Harm de Vries applies Deep Learning to assist in the pursuit of the perfect match.

One of the first things I did when I moved to Montreal was installing Tinder. For those of you not familiar with the online meat market, Tinder is a dating app showing nearby users you can like or dislike by their profile pictures.

After using the app for a while, I discovered that although I consistently disliked girls with a lot of piercings and tattoos (no offense, just not my type), the app kept showing me these profiles. It surprised me that Tinder did not use my history of swipes to learn what type of girls I like.
This observation made me think: can a computer learn to which girls I’m attracted?’

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By Harm de Vries
Source: http://www.kdnuggets.com

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