[Blue Yonder] Algorithms Are the Engine of Digitalization

BigDataFr recommends: Algorithms Are the Engine of Digitalization

At the beginning of July, we held our fourth Big Data & Analytics Congress (we call it the Datalympics), where participants learned how to better master digital change. The focus was on how companies can drive their business-process optimization, for example using automated materials planning, Industry 4.0, and dynamic pricing.

In this blogpost, I’d like to go into dynamic pricing in detail. Retail trade is one industry sector that’s coming under increasing pressure from digitalization, but where little thought is being given to how to make use of predictive applications. And this is despite the fact that consumers are now using digital technologies in their everyday lives − they shop digitally and compare prices on mobile devices.

According to the latest study by Deloitte, “Navigating the New Digital Divide,” digitally influenced sales in brick-and-mortar stores are already at about 126 billion euros (about $138 billion).’ […]

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By Uwe Weiss
Source: blue-yonder.com

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Uwe Weiss , CEO , is the visionary at Blue Yonder . His aim is to bring together the top class in Data Science and Enterprise software in an international market leader . Uwe Weiss is a passionate software entrepreneur and was among other things, co-founder of Crossgate AG ( acquired by SAP ) .

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